Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jade Helm: This Could Get Me Killed! … 09/01/2015 (Confessions of a Veteran)

There are some things you just don’t talk about… Then there are things that you are required to talk about because it is in the best interest of mankind. This story is one of those things… I’m still not sure which one it is.
While making these videos I was hit with the reality that this isn’t just another normal YouTube to enlighten and bring knowledge that will hopefully inspire change. No… This was something so much more. I immediately started to feel uneasy.
Everyone loves a little recognition. Usually people like recognition more when they are actually seeking it. Just ask a beautiful woman. lol. Coincidentally I am not a beautiful woman, nor am I attention-whoring for all the benefits that come with earth shattering information like this. So sorry trolls.. This article may not suit you well. It’s just a bunch of factual information that anyone with time and an AOL-speed connection can check. If you didn’t smile, laugh, or smirk at that last comment, leave now… You might be in over your head with this article. LOL.
I have to lighten the mood because what you are about to learn about me and this world will forever change your views about what you think you know. Our allies are our enemies and our enemies are our enemies… This is a 2-hour long twisted tale that starts with me as a Specialist in the United States Army. Working as an Information Systems Analyst provided me with some exclusive access… I’ve never talked about what I learned because I never felt the need to…. Until now.

Jade Helm has the internet going crazy. You still can’t go a day without another theory popping up about martial law and FEMA camps. While I understand the panic and concern, I urge everyone to do their research before they accept anything as fact. I also encourage you to do research on all of my sources for yourself. You will undoubtedly find a ton more than I will be able to cover in these two short videos.
Remember… The purpose of these videos are just to deliver the truth. There is a TON more to this story. I am giving you a direction so you can start to effect change within your own life and prepare for what is to come in the future. Take your time watching this. All I ask is that I am properly credited for my work if anyone uses it. Feel free to post this wherever you’d like. Get the word out and let folks know that we’ve been DUPED! These videos will open your eyes to the scary truth that’s been staring us directly in the face all along. ~Sincere
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PART I: JADE HELM: This Could Get Me Killed… 09/01/2015

PART II: JADE HELM: This Could Get Me Killed… 09/01/2015 

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