Monday, January 23, 2017

ALERT! 'SOON' Coming Calamity for America

Top Government Agent Reveals 'SOON'
Coming Calamity for America 
It's TIME to GET READY church!
Martial Law AFTER Trump Gets Elected 
To Begin in the BIGGER CITIES

Published on Dec 31, 2016

When Joanie Stahl worked at an elitist club where slews of top government officials hung out, the near-future fate of America was revealed to her by one of Obama's top officials. And, during the time she worked at this club, which was an elitist-freemason club, she witnessed demonic manifestations. 

Boehner gives her 'advice' .........
Have 3 months food supply
Get Ready!
"Get ready for Iran to bomb the hell out of Israel"
Boehner left US and moved to Belgium at time of Trump 'winning election'
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Anonymous said...

'Boner'is an alcoholic 'girly man'- So, now, where's the 'calamity'?With any luck, they'll all leave before they all hang-