Tuesday, May 8, 2018

ALERT: Notice to the American people regarding unlawful IMF procedures

Message to William Mount, Christine LaGarde and President Donald J. Trump

This letter is self-explanatory for anyone who has been following this story for the last several years. It is our intent to sue for the liquidation of the IMF for criminal activity and malfeasance if this nonsense of them setting up Offices in North Carolina and pretending to operate our government does not immediately cease.

From James Clinton Belcher

May 8, 2018

To All Concerned: 

We have learned this morning that the IMF has falsely presumed that our government is not in operation and that our international claims are not in place and that the IMF is free to act as the Priority Creditor of the United States Corporation(s). 

This is not the case.  

Ms. LaGarde and President Trump and all the Principals have been given full Due Process and have cause to know that the States and People of this country are the Priority Creditors of the United States and its Corporations---- all of them. 

Any further encroachment upon our sovereignty by these incorporated entities will result in their liquidation and the forfeiture of their assets for making unlawful false claims and serving as accomplices to Breach of Trust, fraud, and unlawful conversion of assets. 

All IMF Offices recently opened in North Carolina need to be summarily shut down and the IMF needs to retreat to its Washington base pending our assignment of Bankruptcy Trustees. 

When the United States entered international bankruptcy all three levels of the Federal Government we established were vacated and the delegated powers reverted to the Issuer of those Powers: The United States of America (Unincorporated).  

We have been in business since 1776, so this is not presumed to be any big news to any of you. 

Thank you. 

James Clinton Belcher
Head of State
The United States of America (Unincorporated)
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Christine LaGarde                                                    President Donald J. Trump
IMF                                                                           Office of the Chief of Protocol
700 19th Street NW                                                  2201 C Street NW, Room 1238
Washington, DC 20431                                            Washington, DC     20520  

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Anonymous said...

Why should either Ms LaGarde or President Trump pay attention to a self-styled "Head of State" who lists his address as a box number?