Monday, July 23, 2018

How Much Would You Sell Your Soul For?

I’m embarrassed to say 
I sold my soul for $20. And no,
it’s not the price I received 
that is embarrassing. 
It is the act itself. 
For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, 
and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?
Mathew 16:26
“All nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain, and in the race for it, will not take note of their common foe.”   Protocols of Zion 44
by Henry Makow Ph.D

It was a classic moral dilemma for the inventor of Scruples.  I was browsing through the seafood counter at the supermarket when I came upon a large package of fresh scallops selling for only $5. There was at least $25 worth of scallops. But they had mis-priced them as “fish heads and trimmings.” The supermarket is staffed by new immigrants who might make such a careless mistake, I thought. 

I pondered whether to buy the scallops or inform the store. I like scallops. But I still have thrifty habits ingrained over eight years as a graduate student living on a modest stipend. I wouldn’t spend $25 for these scallops although I can easily afford to.  But $5?

What would Jesus do? 

I poked a hole in the plastic and smelled the scallops. They were still fresh. Should I take advantage of this mistake? I am ashamed to admit that I did. I guess this kills my career as a would-be spiritual avatar.  

No sooner had I cleared the cashier, I was wracked with guilt. 

Not exactly. 

I had misgivings. I don’t expect the store to cheat me and I should not have cheated the store. 

I tried to rationalize.

“If you’re good all the time, you get taken for granted.”

“Do I have to be %100 moral? How about 80%?” 

“Evil is the spice of life.” 

No one saw you. It’s a secret. But in the eyes of God, I have diminished myself. 

I told my wife. She chided me but ate the delicious meal I prepared. The only serious fight we have had in 18 years of marriage is when I parked in a family-and-baby parking spot.  

Later, lying on the couch, contemplating my iniquity. How stupid of me to sell my soul for $20.

It’s worth at least $100. (Just kidding!)  

Can you be a little evil? Can you be 75% good?  It’s all or nothing. You have to be as pure as possible. I resolved never to repeat my scallops mistake.


and I found myself at the same fish counter. Low and behold I came across some salmon marked “fish heads and trimmings.” $25 worth of salmon, going for 5$. 

I shuttered with temptation. But damn it, I remembered my resolution and decided to show the salmon to an attendant. 

“You’re mis-pricing your seafood,” I said. 

No, she replied. This is just a way of marking down fish close to the due date.

OMG. I was relieved.  I was not a sinner.

But I was.  Even though I wasn’t cheating, I thought I was.

Recently, I did a poll on this site that showed that 50% of my readers spent 50% or more of their time thinking about sex and/or money. This is how I define satanic possession: seeking happiness outside of yourself. By getting instead of giving.

The rich person never thinks about sex or money, no matter how little they have. But we are socialized into seeking our satisfaction from the world. 

In 2013 Business Insider  estimated that the market value of a soul is between $.5m and $8 million. As I have shown by my example, the price is much less. 

Our whole society is based on a swindle. We have allowed Satanists to control the money supply. Our society has literally sold its soul to the devil.  

The CIA’s Philip Graham estimated that the price of a journalist was less than a whore. You could say the same of politicians. Everyone makes compromises. 
As individuals:  Would you buy a video gaming stock guaranteed to double even though you disapprove of what video-games do to children? Would you sell your hot pharma stock when you learn they sell oxycontin? Do you repay your student loan even when they lost track of it? 
Do you phone your elderly parent regularly even though s/he berates you? Would you eat the scallops if your spouse confessed they were mispriced?

Are we allowed to be imperfect? Is it Ok to be a little evil? Are we good people? 



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