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Saturday, May 18, 2019

IF YOU WATCH THESE VIDEOS, YOU WILL KNOW WHAT IS COMING - Recent Jonathan Kleck DECODINGS - I The Son of Man, do hereby fully endorse Jonathan Kleck as A SERVANT PROPHET OF GOD, for he is the REAL DEAL. - The most renowned worker of The Sword of The Spirit (The Word of God) That I Have Found, Sincerely, Jeff Dougherty (The Son of Man, formerly known, as Sun Tzu)


Think David Beat Goliath??? Uh YEAHHH !!! Round 2 EVEN WORSE!!

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire
The Son of Man say:
"I came out publicly and announced my presence on April 11th, 2019.  The next day the satanists sacrificed a girl who went to my high school by pushing her from a bell tower at Fordham university, her name was Sydney Monfries.  The day after that Notre Dame was burned.  Notre Dame Cathedral was the predesignated signal fire to announce the Messiah had arrived, yours truly had announced my presence, and they responded with a sacrifice and then a torching of the Cathedral.

What The Hell Is This Below The Vatican List of the Popes Memorial

The Wizard of OZ is completely encoded with Bible Prophecy, MIND BLOWING
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The Devil Impregnated Eve With Cain, Starting the Satanic Government – ‘The Deed: Eve & Adam Plus Serpent Equals Cain’ [Documentary]

 The End Time 'Sign of the Prophet Jonas' Has Come to Fruition! Major Prophecy Fulfilled (Video)

Revisiting The Warlock

 JESUS CHRIST is "The Snare" that turns the world Upside Down!

Scriptural Dynamite

Jonathan Kleck's Personal Testimony:

Jonathan Kleck: The Cabballist

Jonathan Kleck's Channel - GREAT VIDEO:

Kingdom Divided, Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Oscars End Time Event Confirmed and Re-Confirmed - The end time event on the horizon

911 is Nothing Compared To What Is Coming Next


WHOA !!Jaw Dropping Confirmation.. This is IT,,Final Sting (BY JONATHAN KLECK)

Jonathan Kleck - Michelle Obama

CHECK OUT THE SCARED CABAL Trying To Label Jonathan Kleck as a Satanist, TAKING IT ALL OUT OF CONTEXT:
The Son of Man say:
"This guy is exposing more evil than anyone who has ever existed before on earth, to my knowledge.  He is most certainly fighting for The ONE, Infinite Creator, and Jonathan Kleck is most certainly of the most well adapted Servant Prophets of God on earth at this time.  He is very well developed his abilities of discernment.

Jeff Dougherty (Formerly known as Sun Tzu)
The Son of Man, returned, along with 144,000 Servant Prophets of God, to destroy Satan

CONFIRMATION of Jonathan Kleck by another viewer: