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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Oh Great, ONE, Infinite Creator - Please Hear My Prayer - PLEASE SEND A TORNADO TO THE CAPTAL TO MOW THROUGH THE WHITE HOUSE - Please help me save as many as we can, please help me tell them, "To Bend The Knee," but if it please you, leave the sinners be, and harm the trees, the land, and the White House, and whatever else it would please you to tear up in a swath through the Capital of the District of Criminals

Oh dearest love of my life, oh ONE, Infinite Creator of mine, if it is thy will, as my will is thy will, but if it would please The ONE, Infinite Creator, to send a massive wake up to the entire world, to show that God's judgement has come, and that all should bend the knee and pledge their oaths and fealty to you... please send a tornado to strike the White House in Washington D.C., to show the world that supporting Satanist FAKE JEWS who've stolen your kingdom by murdering the real Jews, and stealing their estate, "The Promised Land," like a thief that murders a family and assumes their name and assumes their estate, so have the FAKE Jews, the SO-CALLED ZIONISTS, so have they done just as that thief.   And the United States, which only has jurisdiction inside the District of Criminals (Washington DC), so have they supported these FAKE Jews, these ZIONIST NAZI BLACK SUN WORSHIPPING SATAN WORSHIPPING JEWS, so has the United States crime syndicate subsidiary "Contract Corporation," been supporting these FAKE Satan worshipping Jews in their attacks against the world, and their persecution of the God fearing God loving Muslims, we all know that the rockets from GAZA are nothing more than a MOSSAD FALSE FLAG, to provide excuse to bomb and rocket real GODLY men and women of faith (THE REAL TARGETS ALWAYS, IN EVERY CONFLICT, THE CRIME SYNDICATES MURDER MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN OF FAITH).

If it pleases the ONE, Infinite Creator, please use my voice to the world to send your message, to bend the knee, and to ask for forgiveness, and to forgive all transgressions, to love they neighbor as thy love thyself, and so that they might know to immediately start following your commandment, If it please you, please strike the White House with a tornado in Washington DC.  A nice F5 right through the Capital to draw a nice line to show how you are here and that you are going to DIVIDE THE NATIONS which have criminally been joined together to rob nations of their sovereignty, and that you are going TO DIVIDE GOD'S LAMBS FROM satan's GOATS, and that you are going divide the WHEAT, and the TARES.

If you wish to remain more subtle, I will understand, but personally, I would love your flock to be as large as possible, and I desire to save as many as I can, as I believe that everyone could be great if they found your love like I have.

Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
All the Glory is yours, forever and ever.

You, oh ONE, Infinite Creator, are the Truth, The WAY, and The Life.

I greet you, The ONE, Infinite Creator, in your love and light,
In service to ALL, in service to the ONE.

So Be It.  Amen.

This prayer was finalized at:
12:15 Tuesday, May 21st

A quick look up of the time to see if God sent us a message:
By searching, "Strongs 1215" we get a list of search results for the 'Biblical Concordance of the number being searched, where every word in the bible is given a number, and those numbers can be reverse-searched to find encoded messages, the elite love to encode secret messages, marching orders, and satanic identifier tags to let all of Satan's minions know that a Satanic Sacrifice Just Happened.  Everyone should know that any one particular search for a single numeric string of numbers will most likely have multiple potential messages, because each different Bible has a Biblical concordance; Greek Bible, Hebrew Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, etc...

So, "Strongs 1215" and we get: 
"To Deliver A Public Address"
Which may very well contain a message from God.  However then i also get this:

This may be a message from God saying that the ONE, Infinite Creator does wish to send an F5 through the Capital because the gains of the flock of God growing by ever more slaves kneeling before God, that these gains would have been made at the expense of violence.  To that I would ask, is not a giant wheel of fire of the same nature? (see footnote) . 

Perhaps, if an F5 is too large, perhaps a smaller tornado, perhaps a funnel that drops down out of the sky and hits the White House, avoiding the swath, all the world shall still know that the ONE Infinite Creator has left the Creator's den, come to bring judgement on Babylon The Great and all the world and judgement against man kind.

Either way, I believe it is good for people to see how you and I communicate with each other.  So that once they begin to believe, they will have a tool to communicate with you as well.

Your will be done, forever and ever.  All the glory is yours forever.  And I am always your extremely humbled little servant, one of the many, servant prophets of God.

So Be It,  Amen.

Nibiru, The Destroyer, is a giant planet that is a wheel of fire, that passes by the earth every so many thousands of years, and lays waste to the earth, and causes calamities like Noah's Flood, which always happens on PASSOVER, refer to the homepage, www.NesaraNews.Blogspot and watch the Kolbrin Bible video, its the Egyptians account of "WHAT Killed the First Born of every family, and a lot more, like Pharaoh's army, and it was the "THE CROSSING OF PASSOVER, THE CROSSING OF NIBIRU, THE DESTROYER."