DESTROY your "LEGAL FICTION" corporation, WRITE your NAMES in the BOOK of the LIVING

Friday, May 24, 2019

Through The ONE Infinite Creator, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE - Even Tornado(s) by Request, SENT TO THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS (Washington D.C.) aka The District of TREASONOUS TRAITORS,_D.C.
Only God can send Tornado(s) to the District of Criminals by request of The Son of Man.  Satan cannot do this.

ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD, drop down on your knees and proclaim aloud that The ONE Infinite Creator is the ONLY GOD and that are NO OTHERS and NEVER SHALL BE OTHERS, and then pledge your life to God, that you shall abide by God's commandments of how to live your life and which states what NOT TO DO, and then ask God for mercy, AND YOU SHALL HAVE IT.  Because our God, which is your Creator, and which is your GOD, is A LOVING GOD, and God is The ONE, Infinite Creator, no matter which faith, nor being called by which tongue, it matters not, there is only The ONE.

Praise God, All The Glory Is God's Forever, and Ever!

So Be It,  Amen.

I am, The Son of Man
Jeffrey Dougherty
formerly Sun Tzu