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Saying a prayer, asking GOD if this paragraph is approved for publishing, upon saying, "SO BE IT, AMEN," the time on the clock read, "12:36pm," and to decode GOD's message hidden in the "TIME (GOD controls the TIMING of all things), we perform an internet search for "STRONGS 1236" which gives us the "Strong's Exhaustive Biblical Concordance" of the TIME, "12:36,"
GOD leads us to spiritual nourishment, GOD leads us to a new site when "THE ENEMY" shuts off Public Access to GOD's WORD on this site, GOD shall lead us to "THE PROMISED LAND.  Prepare for the EXODUS.  YOUR KING, our GOD, calls you to SERVE, the FINAL WAR to DESTROY EVIL and THROW DOWN the CROWN of PRIDE has ARRIVED.  FAILURE to ANSWER the CALL of your KING, your CREATOR, who gave you breath, who gave you life, SHALL RESULT IN EXILE, and IMPRISONMENT.  DECLARE YOUR COVENANT to SERVE GOD, and do it NOW, for you MAY DIE THIS VERY MINUTE, Evil POURS OUT of the BOTTOMLESS PIT.  Now that TRIBULATIONS have begun (nearly 1000 tornados, 6 tornados hitting District of Criminals, number "6" = TO PERISH), now that TRIBULATIONS  begun, there is "NO MORE REINCARNATION" if you DIE NOW without A COVENANT declared to SERVE GOD, and to Minister to GOD's FLOCK, you go to "THE PIT," = EXILE, IMPRISONMENT, for TREASON ("giving shelter to THE ENEMY," by failing to stand against THE ENEMY) and FAILURE to SERVE YOUR KING, our GOD, our CREATOR.

GOD, to DESTROY state of OHIO, USA, destruction COMING, CLEAVING the HOLLOWS 
Word of GOD printable Lawful Public Notice (to give to family/friends/neighbors)

PROOF-Enslaved=FAKE-for-profit-corporations-foreign-owned, posing as lawful governance
Above link takes you to the PROOF documents!  Proof you are enslaved, illegally, converted into THINGS and BEASTS, and PROOF the WORLD is ENDING!

|   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
FRAUD of FEDERAL IRS TAX CODE  - never pay taxes again, get last 3 years refund
The Document That Restores YOUR POWER, never hand your I.D. to a FAKE COP AGAIN
Duplicate copy here, since GOOGLE is TREASON:

?  Where WGOne WGAll  ?
What does WWG1WGA really mean?


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(GOD forewarned, TORNADOS, FLOODING, are back AGAIN, because we DID NOT LISTEN TO GOD!
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God Pours Out All The Secret Knowledge Upon You:
FLAME of GOD was FOREWARNED:  Philly Refinery Explosion, announced by God day before:
GOD is the CENTER of "THE MAZE," ("Maze" from TV show, "West World")
I am not THE Messiah, I am "the noose." But, "THE ONE" to come, I am not worthy to tie HIS sandals.
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Matthew 12:18


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America's secret contract gave the capital (D.C) to a foreign corporation, making D.C a foreign country, see "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia, 41st Congress, Session III, chapter 62.  (run the Biblical concordances of those numbers, it will amaze you).  FYI, the enemy has always been speaking in HEBREW Biblical Concordance except when it is referencing "Abaddon," the name of the king of the fallen angels in THE PIT, see (Revelation 9:11)

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Google's MURDER porn:
Google's RAPE porn:
Google's BEASTIALITY porn (killing animals by penetrating them = SATANIC
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Message from the Ghost-writer

Ghost-writer wrote:
In the US the leaders of the country gather together to pass laws – supposedly for the benefit of the citizens of the country – these lawmakers are a foxy bunch – at present doing their best to push through a law which will devalue the currency of the country hidden within another law, so the nation will not notice!
Nice isn’t it; that these same people have exchanged and sorted out their own house, got it all in perfect order and placement and well protected; having diversified their currencies and hedged their bets. Now they wish to turn the screw on the nation unsuspecting. This shenanigans has been noticed - it will not succeed!
Dinarland is filled with so much speculation about the RI which Maliki has supposedly announced. There are many looking for this, especially in the M.E., after close analysis with contacts in Iraq, Jordan and Dubai the answer to that is there hasn’t been one, and we haven’t seen it as of yet!
If it was announced, Iraq would have wanted the info out and about, to put pressure on everyone, so it is logical that ME neighbours should know and beat the drum for they too gain from the GCR, and an Iraqi RI, so they would be informing us of this info. As of this moment nothing has popped into public domain other than the dinar guru info.
The west must be careful of some informants whose analogies and information are not of a realistic nature, they give out information based on someone else agenda. There is a plan already in place, and that there are no changes whatsoever.
The UST has given a official date to all US and world banks, a certain individual from a Island in the Caribbean who has never mislead any Dinarian has said the specific date to all on his site. That date comes directly from the UST, by the efforts imposed by the BIS and the IMF; All banks have gotten the email or memo and are on notice, exactly two weeks ago today.
So expect a very high RV announcement promptly, expect a new PM for Iraq and if you stick to the original plan you shall be received with the upmost respect, you shall be treated with the best of all professionalism and you shall receive the highest of all rates available according to the original plan.
What is expected to be received has already happened and we now await the lawmakers of the USA to. Their sly and underhand and frankly wicked agenda has been uncovered. Their gold backed currency has already a sly little cowardly implanted law which devalues it, but they shall not succeed.
Time to be, time to live, time to prosper.
From..... Ghost-writer
Visit stage3alpha at: http://s3alpha.net/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Free Energy Live In Action! This Is Breathtaking As Science Is Being Re-Written

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 
Free Energy Live In Action! This Is Breathtaking As Science Is Being Re-Written
Posted By: pax [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 30-Apr-2014 18:54:53

Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) OPEN SOURCED
Video Below
As Promised, here are the open sourced documents for a quantum energy generator. This has been made possible by the people and for the people. It is freely given to the world.
An average modern household requires 5-10KW of power to operate.
A conventional generator needs 15KW to produce 10KW of power.
To produce these 15KW of power we rely on gas, diesel, propane, coal or other products that can be metered creating profits for the oil industry.
130 years ago Nikola Tesla invented and patented an energy generator. This is a resonance machine that only needs 1KW of input power to produce 10KW of output power. His patents are now in the public domain.
The Fix the World Organization has reproduced Teslas design with a few modern twists to generate the same results. Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for less than 1KW input, which it supplies to itself.
We have freely given this technology to the people of the world. We’ve open sourced a full set of instructions, user manual, schematics and parts list for any engineer to follow and reproduce the same results.
How the QEG works:
First we use a starting power source, such as an outlet or a crank to power the 1 horsepower motor. This motor spins the rotor in the generator core. The unique oscillator circuitry configuration in the generator core causes resonance to occur. Once the core achieves this resonance it can produce up to 10KW of power, which can then be run through an inverter to power the motor that spins the rotor. You can then unplug the motor from the original power source and the generator will power itself.
Cottage Industry Community Units specifically for the production of QEG’s are NOW developing in communities in 30+ countries. The People are making their own free energy devices.
The QEG belongs to humanity now. Many will make further improvements and we will all co-develop this practical bridge technology together.
The QEG: For the People and By the People
Fix the World is currently traveling to Taiwan, London and Morocco for the month of April to help communities build QEG’s. Everything we have accomplished has been made possible by the donations of people like you. If you would like to help keep us going, every little bit helps! Please consider giving back and making a donation of any amount to the Fix the World Organization. By Clicking here:

You tube video by Justin Julian http://youtu.be/_7--G5qSDag
Also see: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/04/30/free-energy-live-in-action-this-is-breathtaking-as-science-is-being-re-written/

Collateral Accounts nfo

Re: White Spiritual Boy
Ok what I found out that White Spirit Boy is Anthony Martin ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP chaired by him which has an Official International Registry no. ASBLP - 120005 - BASBLP - 10 is a mandated Institution in the world that having an extraordinary vision and mission to save mankind from financial trouble. He is a trustee of these funds.

First of all after some research I have found out that there are another 6 Antony Martins around the world all purporting to be him!! The real guy lives in the Phillipines, as far I am aware. Is he the real Mr Martin??...I honestly do not know for sure...I'll dig some more when I have time.

Last night we exchanged a few emails and this is what he said

He stated that we all need to pray for the 'funds' to be released...

He stated that St Germaine is invloved but interlocked to one Holy God our Father's Account under controlled by the Committee of 300 & under my trusteeship.

I asked him when the funds would be distributed he stated here... We cannot predict time as God controls everything, what you should be able to do is to kneel our knee & pray before God & have faith on him & let he (God) do his will for us, I am only a poor trustee begging divine help from our Creator who owns these Spiritual Accounts as you said all Spiritual Terminologies are linked together & protected & controlled by the Committee of 300 not all human beings are good but not all are bad. The Right Wing Parties of the Committee of 300 are doing all their best to use this but they've also waited for the right time & will of our Holy God in Heaven. I'm asking you to pray always. Thanks & God bless.

I have copied and pasted some information for reading and also a link below for further reading ...
One of the Core and Top Secret Priority Issues of the Summit of G8 is how to make an arrangement and deal with ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP when late Pres. Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, as Confirmed in the Last Will and Testament executed dated December 20, 1985 in the Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippine Islands, handed over his Full Power of Authority to the Humble King.

There are 6 Fake Anthony Santiago Martin are going around the world and in the Malls of Metro Manila to Claim that they're the Genuine Anthony Santiago Martin while the Real One still maintained himself in his Registered Address at no. 133 Rizal St. San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan.

ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP is one of the Top Financial Organization of the Committee of 300 for having an Infinite Treasuries that could save our ailing world from Financial Crisis.

The Filipino People particularly the Hagoenoes (Hagonoy, Bulacan Citizen) are so lucky enough for having a Humble King in replacement of Former and Acting Pres.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo which was been informed by the United Nation Organization to Step Down upon move of any portions of the account of the Humble King. Since US $ 700 B Bailout was been rescued by the Emerging Sacrificial Funds of ASBLP and this sacrifice caused as substances of proof that the hidden truth beyond US$ 110,000,000,000 (One Hundred Ten Billion US Dollar) Payment of the Philippine Credit with Payment Receipt Control no. ASBLP - 0001 dated January 4, 2005 was Officially Confirmed.

The People of the Philippine Islands, moreover, are very aware to this information that some are believed and some are dare to oppose.

Here's the Development Program that wanted to implement by ASBLP Group of Companies and Bank of ASBLP that was been Approved by the Committee of 300 and United Nation Organization as prepared to Implement within the Philippine Islands under the rule of law:

Humanitarian Economic Development Program:



Health Care

Annuity Assistance for the Married Mother with children and Senior Citizens.

National Economic Development Program:





Aforesaid Programs were been recorded in the United Nation Organization.
Quote Collateral Accounts

The Trillenium Trilateral Tripartite Commission
by supreme600
December 24, 2008

from YouTube Website

In 1875 the wealth and assets of the royal families and nations held under colonial rule were centralized into one combined account to be used to the benefit of all nations of the world.

This is known as the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. Within its ledger is Saint Germain's Foundation Divine and World Trust which is now worth $1 quatrodecillion dollars. This money will be used to bankroll NESARA and the prosperity funds.

Extensions of this agreement were expanded through international treaties, some of which are still classified as top secret, including:

Jekyll Island Treaty (1910)

The London Treaty (1920)

The Second Plan of the Experts (1929)

The Hague Agreement (1930)

The Far East Combined Depositories Agreement (1932 1945)

The Bretton Woods Agreement (1944)

The B.I.S. / Allies Agreement (1948)

The Green Hilton Agreement (1963)

The Schweitzer Conventions (1968)

The Election / Appointment of Sole Arbiter Agreements (1995)

The Washington Panel (1998)

The Treaty for Respecting the Rights (2003)

These treaties were ratified by the sovereign nations of the world and not their fake corporate government counterparts.

Proof of such is recorded in every nations charter of the U.N. The USA charter is based on the constitution and thus subject to constitutional law. Only Kings or Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and in some cases Ministers of Finance or Foreign Affairs are granted access to these accounts.

Verification is undertaken through a specific office under specific protocols dictated by the Head Office of the United Nations.

After World War II, from 1945 to 1995 the assets in the Collateral Accounts were managed by The Trillenium Trilateral Tripartite Commission representing,


the United Kingdom


The commission selected the dollar an international reserve currency and they gave the CIA legal responsibility to protect the collateral assets.

Countries which did not want a permanent CIA presence on their soil would be allowed to subcontract the protection under the same terms and conditions of the treaties. Soon after, the CIA began to steal assets from the collateral accounts and use them for every New World Order pet project imaginable.

To curtail these illegal activities in 1995, the Trillenium Trilateral Tripartite Commission was stripped of its power and placed under the control of the International Treasury Controller and the Office of International Treasury Control at the United Nations.

Additionally, they now have jurisdiction over,

the IMF

World Bank

Bank for International Settlements,

...which are all part of the Collateral Accounts.

Despite this, the IMF, World Bank, and BIS continue to use the assets illegally for their own financing without giving any thought to the needs of the people of the world.
This video was originally made for Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Queens, and the heads of national banks, but now you can see it too.


further info here

and here

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Obama-Biden vacation tab reaches $40 million --- $2.9 million alone for two Obama 2014 golf outings

Obama-Biden vacation tab reaches $40 million --- $2.9 million alone for two Obama 2014 golf outings

BY PAUL BEDARD | APRIL 30, 2014 AT 10:33 AM 

Photo - The first couple in Florida in March. AP PhotoThe first couple in Florida in March. AP Photo
The travel costs for vacations taken by the first family and the Bidens have reached over $40 million with the Air Force's revelation that two golf outings by President Obama this year cost $2.9 million, according to the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch.
The group said that the Air Force provided documents and records that put the price of the first family's trip to Key Largo, Fla., in March at $885,683 just for flying Air Force One. The travel costs to golf in Palm Springs, Calif., in February, where the president also met with King Abdullah II of Jordan, was $2,066,594, said the Air Force documents, according to Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch has been filing repeated Freedom of Information Act requests for travel costs and the Air Force has provided many documents during the administration.
So far, Judicial Watch said that it has tabulated vacation travel costs, mostly just Air Force jet time, at over $40 million. Far more money is spent on accommodations, communications, rooms and cars for staff, security and U.S. Secret Service protection, Navy and Coast Guard ships offshore and the prepositioning of cars and helicopters, but those costs are not usually revealed.
“It is clear that the Obamas continually abuse the perks of the president’s office at taxpayer expense,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton in a statement to Secrets. “And it is particularly interesting that Obama has chosen to take not one but two luxury vacations back-to-back while inveighing against ‘income equality.’ President Obama’s waste of the hard-earned tax dollars of working Americans on unnecessary luxury travel is an abuse of office.”
Editor's note: Judicial Watch is representing the Washington Examiner in the newspaper's federal lawsuit seeking access to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau records under FOIA.
Below is the full release provided by Judicial Watch:
Judicial Watch Obtains Records Revealing Obama’s 2014 Palm Springs and Key Largo Golf Outings Cost Taxpayers $2,952,278 for Flight Expenses Alone
(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today, it has obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that President Obama’s February 2014 Palm Springs, California, and March 2014 Key Largo, Florida, golf outings cost the taxpayers $2,952,278 for flight expenses alone.
According to the Department of Air Force documents, the flights to and from, Palm Springs for the February 17 – 20, 2014 trip totaled 9.8 hours at $210,877 an hour, which comes to a total of $2,066,594.60 in flight expenses. The records came in response to a Judicial Watch Freedom of request filed on February 18, 2014.
Also according to the Department of Air Force documents, the total cost for flights to and from Key Largo, Florida for the March 7 - 9 trip totaled 4.2 hours at $210,877, which comes to a total of $885,683.40 for flight in expenses. The records came in response to a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act request filed on March 10, 2014.
Though the administration billed the President’s Day weekend trip to California as an effort to highlight the state’s severe water drought, the White House official schedule showed the president spent just four hours at three drought-related events on the afternoon of Friday, February 14. He then spent much of the next three days playing golf at some of Coachella Valley, California’s, most exclusive golf courses, which, according to Fox News, “consume roughly 17 percent of all water there, and one quarter of the water pumped out of the region’s at-risk groundwater aquifer.” Each course uses nearly 1 million gallons of water a day.
During March 7 – 9, the First Family spent Spring Break at Key Largo, Florida’s, exclusive Ocean Reef Club, where members must have a minimum net worth of $35 million to join. According to its website, “the Club boasts two championship 18-hole courses, a rarity in the Florida Keys … a salon and spa, more than a dozen restaurants, a 175-slip marina, a private airport, and so much more.” The costly Spring Break vacation took place on the heels of Obama’s State of the Union Address in which he focused on income inequality.
According to records obtained by Judicial Watch, through FOIA requests and subsequent lawsuits, the Obamas and Bidens have spent more than $40 million taxpayer dollars on trips since 2009, beginning with the Obamas' much-publicized New York City "date night" in 2009 up through the president's most recent Palm Springs and Key Largo golf outings. The most lavish expenditure so far on record was for the Obamas’ 2013 Africa trip and Honolulu vacation, which cost taxpayers $15,885,585.30 in flight expenses alone. The single largest expense for accommodations was for Michelle Obama's side-trip to Dublin, Ireland, during the 2013 G-8 conference in Belfast, when she and her entourage booked 30 rooms at the five-star Shelbourne Hotel, with the first lady staying in the 1500 square-foot Princess Grace suite at a cost of $3,500 a night. The total cost to taxpayers for the Obamas' Ireland trip was $7,921,638.66.
Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted atpbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.

RT: Obama makes South China waves, by Pepe Escobar

RT: Obama makes South China waves, by Pepe Escobar

Posted on by Jean
Pepe Escobar is the roving correspondent for Asia Times/Hong Kong, an analyst for RT and TomDispatch, and a frequent contributor to websites and radio shows ranging from the US to East Asia.
Published time: April 26, 2014 15:59
US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping (AFP Photo)
US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping (AFP Photo)
Pivoting and pivoting like a widening gyroscope, to paraphrase Yeats, US President Barack Obama’s current tour of Northeast and Southeast Asia hides an invisible dragon in the cockpit: China.
It’s all about China, whose “trade bullying” and “military belligerence” a benign US empire swears to protect its Asian allies from.
After eating hopefully non-Fukushima radiated sushi in Tokyo with nationalists/militarist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Obama – quite undiplomatically – took no time to favor Japan over the serious Senkaku/Diayou islands dispute, referring to a dodgy security treaty which allows the US to aid Japan in case of a foreign attack.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry’s response was swift – identifying the treaty as “a product of the Cold War era” that “cannot be aimed at a third party and ought not to harm China’s territorial sovereignty.”
News agency Xinhua’s response was characteristically blunt: this is all part of “a carefully calculated scheme to cage the rapidly developing Asia giant” (referring to China).
In Japan, Obama’s focus was essentially on the corporate-negotiated (in secret) Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which, any way one looks at it, is all about US Big Business finally opening the heavily protected Japanese market. Abe did tout the TPP as the “third arrow” of his economic revival of Japan. It’s more like the arrow of death. Still, there’s no way for TPP to happen without a previous, bilateral US-Japan pact – and here problems remains intractable.

Now for the hidden agenda

When Obama hits the South China Sea things will get even choppier. The South China Sea is the heart of Eurasia’s naval hinterland– through which flows a third of the global naval action and of course all those millions of tons of oil being transported from the Indian Ocean across the mega-strategic Malacca strait and then the South China Sea towards East Asia (including, crucially, 80 percent of China’s oil imports.)
The hidden agenda here is for the US Navy to forever remain as the hyperpower in the South China Sea – without allowing Beijing as much as a possibility of reaching parity with it. Thus the Pentagon’s carefully orchestrated propaganda selling the myth that the South China Sea without the hegemonic US would be a hellish chaos.
Obama is visiting Malaysia and the Philippines, two Southeast Asian nations at opposing poles. Malaysia, for starters, sits between the Middle East and China, at the heart of complex global trade networks. In many aspects, Malaysia may be seen as the heart of Asia.
U.S. President Barack Obama inspects an honor guard during a welcoming ceremony at Parliament Square in Kuala Lumpur April 26, 2014. (Reuters)
U.S. President Barack Obama inspects an honor guard during a welcoming ceremony at Parliament Square in Kuala Lumpur April 26, 2014. (Reuters)
Unlike Vietnam – which is hyper-nationalist – Malaysia, crucially, does not want trouble with China. US warships already “visit” Malaysia at least 50 times a year – and that includes nuclear submarines hanging out in ports in Borneo.
Two French-Spanish submarines bought by Malaysia are stationed at a base in Sabah, near the Spratly islands – where Malaysia claims 12 islands or rocks.
The global war on terror (GWOT) was the perfect pretext for the Pentagon to extend to Malaysia some state of the art radar equipment. So, in a nutshell, after Singapore – which could easily be described as a corporate-friendly US aircraft carrier positioned near the Malacca strait – Malaysia is in fact a very reliable US ally in the South China Sea.

That beautiful, and messy, archipelago

The Philippines are immensely messier. To start with, the archipelago of 7,000-plus islands is roughly divided into three groups.
In Luzon in the north people speak Tagalog. In Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago in the south there are plenty of Moro Muslims – culturally they have more to do with Malays and Indonesians. And then in the middle sit the Visayas, which include Cebu. The whole thing accounts for no less than 35,000 kilometers of coastline to be patrolled, and that in a very poor country.
China is the Philippines’ third largest trading partner. The Chinese diaspora is extremely influential in trade and commerce. The Philippines import all their oil by sea – so the possibility of exploring new oil and gas reserves in the Spratlys and in the fiercely disputed Scarborough Shoal are a matter of national security.
The Spratlys – 150 rocks or islands, only 48 of them above water all the time – were named in 1843 after the master of a British whaler, Richard Spratly. Yet Filipinos call them Kalayaan (“Freedomland”). There’s even a mayor of Kalayaan.
What Obama is getting from Manila is an agreement for greater access for US ships and planes to military bases, after the Pentagon convinced the locals to focus on “maritime domain awareness” with the purpose of – what else? – containing China.
So expect “rotational” US presence in Philippine ports, and even transforming pristine Ulugan Bay on the Western Philippine island of Palawan – very close to the Spratlys – into a future naval base, to the utter despair of environmentalists.
So gone will be the (sovereign) days when Washington was forced to surrender the sprawling Subic Bay base in 1992 (before that, Manila received $200 million annually in military aid from Washington.) There’s a consensus in Manila that the only possible leverage against China’s claims in the South China Sea is an alliance with the US – and that in itself is also asymmetrical. Still, they do want US ships in their waters – following the Singapore (and Vietnam) model; let’s build ports for the Americans, and they will come.
Filipinos are positively paranoid about the Chinese prying everywhere across what they call the Western Philippine Sea – in places like Woody Island and Douglas Bank – planning to take over any particle of rock above sea level. Why? According to the Filipino version, because Beijing badly needs and wants to take over Filipino-owned oil and gas.
No wonder the US Navy was quick to exploit high-level Filipino insecurity to forge what amounts to a neo-colonial relationship.
U.S. President Barack Obama (front R) walks with Malaysia's King Abdul Halim of Kedah (front L) as they participate in a welcoming ceremony in Parliament Square in Kuala Lumpur April 26, 2014. (Reuters)
U.S. President Barack Obama (front R) walks with Malaysia’s King Abdul Halim of Kedah (front L) as they participate in a welcoming ceremony in Parliament Square in Kuala Lumpur April 26, 2014. (Reuters)

What about the Law of the Sea?

The Obama administration’s “pivoting to Asia” – as in containment of China – always eludes the key question; for Beijing, a coalition of small Southeast Asian powers allied with the US is absolutely anathema. If that’s the case, expect major fireworks.
Washington – as usual – extols the rule of international law, but the US has not even signed the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.Beijing wants a regional order – after all it is the dominant regional power. And it’s adamant on its historical claims – facts on the sea happening way before the Law of the Sea.
Meanwhile, it is a claiming free for all. For example, China claims the waters where one finds the Filipino natural gas fields of Malampaya and Camago.
The current exclusive economic zones, imposed by everyone, led to every player getting in theory energy-wealthy shallow areas near coastlines, while China south of its coastline didn’t get much apart from Pratas island, Macclesfield Bank and Scarborough Shoal.
Still, no matter what they could possibly extract and market, Malaysia and Philippines would still have to import oil and gas. So the South China Sea will remain crucial as much as a possible repository of oil and gas riches as for its increasingly congested transit sealanes.
As for the US invoking a legal mechanism to protect “freedom of navigation”, that’s rubbish; the real thing for the Americans is the state of the art Chinese submarine base in Hainan island which houses diesel-electric submarines and nuclear ballistic missile submarines. That’s the real secret of the Southeast Asian leg of Obama’s “pivoting to Asia”. And that was instrumental in the launch of the pivoting itself in 2011.
There is a solution for the South China Sea; deal after deal after deal. They ought to be negotiated in the cadre of the 10-member Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) – even considering that Beijing can, and does, explore internal divisions.
In a non-Hobbesian world, the ideal, realistic solution would be manageable to the benefit of all players, so everyone would be able to prospect for oil and gas. But the problem is that every player – except Malaysia – is juggling hardcore politics with deep emotional, nationalistic overtones. And in this environment only one external player really benefits; the United “Pacific nation” States of America.
The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.


Welcome to the reign of the heavens society.

Welcome to the reign of the heavens society.


How would the members of the reign of the heavens society desire to be identified?

Please look around for very informative videos:

The Articles of Confederation, as amended May, 19th, 2013
The Articles of Confederation, as amended May, 19th, 2013
The ROH Trust
The ROH Trust
The reign of the heavens society has been receiving some
odd questions.It is best to answer those questions on the
front page. The reign of the heavens society is not a
church nor a religious society. The reign of the heavens
society is a part of a 2000 year old country. The country
profile is defined in the About section of the website.
There is no affiliation with the U.S. nor the United States,
at this time. This does not mean that the society is against
those Entities, it just means that there is no affiliation
with those entities.The society teaches the right of
self determination, Independence, self reliance and all
that is affiliated with those subjects.
The Entity ID # has to do with the newly revamped and
re-claimed Confederacy of 1781, “The United States of
America”. Ever since that entity and chain of title
has been re-stored correctly, there are those that are
trying to de-bunk “The United States of America” as
being a part of a “Evil” system. The society members
are adults and have out grown childish things.
As a member of the reign of the heavens society, an
International Society, you will NOT be subjected to
any religion, false teachings, patriot garbage theories,
false mortgage relief theories, nor false tax relief
theories. The society does not cover those subjects.
There are NOT any huge payouts available from the
CAFR accounts through the society. There are NOT
any magic accounts through the birth certificates
through the society. If you are looking for that
kind of teaching, please move on to another website.
The society does NOT receive any secret nor inside
information from the U.S. Military nor has the society
ever been contacted by any Military members. The
society does not focus on the politics of
another government, rumors of another government,
nor has it been contacted by any politician in the
United States.
All members of the society and their information remain
autonomous nor is that information ever going to be
used against the registrant.
Warning: the reign of the heavens society is not a
safe haven for murderers, thieves nor pedophiles.
The reign of the heavens society is focused on families,
and will always strive to remain family friendly in
its content and the imparting of knowledge and will
warn fathers and mothers when the information is not
suitable for children. If you would like to be a part
of the reign of the heavens society, please fill out
the registration form.

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WhistleBlower Answers about the Gold Stolen in Iraq and on 911

David Crayford and the OITC
WhistleBlower Answers about the Gold Stolen in Iraq and on 911
By Whistleblower
Nov 30, 2009 - 5:38:00 PM
Dear Candace,

Thanks for the question, as follows: You may publish this if you
desire to do so  can see no reason why same can not be published
as this matter has already appeared and been answered on other
Community Sites in the past.

Hi Whistleblower, it has long been rumored that US special forces took a lot
of gold OUT of Iraq during the initial attack. Did Saddam/Iraq/ et
all, have custodianship of OITC precious metals there?  There was a
similar claim made about Gold in or under the World Trade Center
buildings that was removed beforehand. Any truth to this that you know
of?  Take care, Candace


The Gold taken out of Iraq by the US Forces, was in fact 10,000 MT of
Gold that Iraq stole from the Central Bank of Kuwait, which was Gold
of the Collateral Accounts held under Custodianship rules by the
Kuwaiti Central Bank / Government, whereby the Central Bank was the
Official Depository.

The US tried to claim it as War Booty and therefore keep it. This
claim was rejected in totality because of the terms and conditions of
the Hague Treaty 1968, combined with the Second Plan of the Experts
1929, which states 
“The Parties (Referring to the Combined
International Collateral Accounts, The BIS, The TTTGC, together with
all other associated parties) shall be immune from any disabilities
and from any restrictive measures such as censorship, requisition,
seizure or confiscation, in time of peace or war, reprisals,
prohibition or restriction of export of gold or currency and other
similar interferences, restrictions or prohibitions”.

The 10,000 MT of Gold was legally declared as Gold owned by the
Collateral Accounts and eventually returned to the Collateral
Accounts. There is no actual depository, or other depository, of the
Collateral Accounts held in Iraq.

In respect of the Gold deposited in vaults under the World Trade
Centre. Yes this story is true. The World Trade Centre was a small
depository compared to many others in the US. During the late evening
(9/10) and early morning (9/11) of that day of disaster, several
Military trucks complete with armed special forces were utilized to
remove the 170 MT of Gold from under the World Trade Centre.

Such activity was actually reported by a person who was passing by one
of the entrances to the WTC during that very time. So many Military
Vehicles and armed personnel in the middle of the night would
certainly draw the attention of anyone passing by. The report was
suppressed and the file transferred to the Intell Agency.

The 170 MT Gold located in the WTC Depository was Gold owned by the
Collateral Accounts. It has never been located and its current
whereabouts is unknown.


Best regards


From AbundantHope.net

Independent Scientist - Jim McCanney regarding the major weather occurring.

Sent: Tue, Apr 29, 2014 5:50 pm

Independent Scientist - Jim McCanney
regarding the major weather occurring. 

Please read to know what we are up against.

April 24, 2014 posting ... clive bundy has been labeled a racist for telling the truth that the majority of blacks in this country are worse off under the welfare system than they were as slaves (we ain't talking about NBA stars) ... for that he is labeled a racist ... for over a week including the prime time weekend news programs that is ALL THEY TALKED ABOUT ... clearly the people who control the new york smooze nooze are very worried about what happened when the public took up arms to fend off an out of control government agency land grabbing for the greedy senators and their crony business partners ... as other states like oklahoma and throughout the south responded sending a clear message to washington to keep out ...
the current wave after wave of horrific tornados targeting innocent populations is clear weather manipulation complete with 6 (yes 6) earth quakes in oklahoma just in the last day ... to me this is clear retaliation for the public standing up to the european banking controlled USA government ... they could not leave out another controlled shooter toting a military weapon in the Fed Ex Georgia shooing (with the shooter allegedly shooting himself as is typical of the gov sponsored mind control program shooters trying to ploy gun control)

... THE NEW WORLD BUNCH AND THEIR MIL PAWNS ARE NUTS ... my short exposé below
shows the weather manipulation as the south braces for more tornados tonight ... this is why you have to be prepared ... the rescuers cannot reach the victims ... the south is under reprisal for standing up to the feds ... make no mistake about it ...
THE REAL WEATHER REPORT (not the national weather service cover story weather report) ... MAN MANIPULATED STORMS SLAM THE USA as new world order nut cases operating through weather control military control centers create massive suffering and death across the southland ... the weather does not just happen ... it is energized by solar activity and near earth solar wind and related space conditions ... THERE ARE NO SPACE WEATHER CONDITIONS THAT WOULD WARRANT THE STORMS WE ARE SEEING in the USA ... THE REST OF PLANET EARTH IS QUIET AS A CHURCH MOUSE WITH NO SEVERE WEATHER ANYWHERE ... BUT IN THE GOOD OLE USA there is a himmicane (overland hurricane) currently centered in iowa extending far into canada and with its southern arm extending into the deep south of the USA as far south as texas and oklahoma to the west and florida to the east ... there is a secondary low pressure cell being fueled by laser satellite weather manipulation over the entire southern USA which is creating the current severe weather ... this is NOT nature or natural conditions ... additionally there were 6 earth quakes in oklahoma (no where else) coordinated with the rash of tornados ... above find the satellite map of the himmicane ... note that if this monster man made storm were over the atlantic ocean it would cover the entire north atlanic ocean from cuba to nova scotia
... jim mccanney

THERE IS SOMETHING BREWING AND COLLECTIVELY MANY PEOPLE CAN FEEL IT ... the nut cases running the gov are moving in unprecedented ways ... they are also realizing that the public is fed up with their BS ... top officials have long since secured their "retirement" land outside the USA and on July 1 new banking rules come into effect basically attempting to locate all financial assets of US citizens in foreign countries who have fled the tyranny and insanity here that is repeating pre world war II fascism ... something is about to pop ... are you prepared to take care of yourselves ? are you water independent ? click on the link below to learn about water filtration and water independence ... my sales page is not just about selling something ... it is about educating you especially about water filtration ... complete with my Books CDs and DVD library ... jim mccanney


(also www.jmccsci.com )

The Story Of Leo Wanta 'The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man'


The Story Of Leo Wanta
'The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man'
The Key Question Looms: Will The Illuminati Banksters Get the Money First
Or Will The American People Get It, As Wanta Is Legal Guardian And
Trustee On Behalf Of The People Of The United States

According to a 2003 federal court ruling by a courageous judge from Virginia, Wanta has been authorized as legal guardian of the vast sum of money made from profits at the end of the Cold War. In one of the most important stories of our time, Wanta holds the 'finacial key' to the vast criiminal Illuminati banking network and he says with the help of the American people their system can be destroyed.

By Greg Szymanski 

The only thing standing in the way of life and death for Ambassador Leo Wanta is he "knows where the money is hidden" and the Illuminati banksters don't.

A former U.S. Treasury official appointed trustee to a large sum of money by President Ronald Reagan, Wanta holds the financial "golden key" to 27.5trillion dollars, money he says now held in public trust for the American people.

To back up Wanta's trustee status as protector of trillions, a federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2003, ruled in his favor, saying Wanta's trustee status is legally binding and the money is rightfully the property of the American people.

The federal court case, however, has left federal prosecutors in a perplexed state of mind, as they have not yet officially appealed the ruling, perhaps thinking it is better to let "sleeping dogs sleep" until they get their 'cooked ducks or judges in the right government pond."

But the real problem, as it stands today and why the money remains in limbo, is simply if Wanta returns the money to the U.S. Treasury, it will be immediately hi-jacked from the people and put into private Iluminati bank accounts since under the present Federal Reserve and the national banking system, there are no laws protecting the American people's money.

"Dutch (President Reagan} always intended the money be returned to the American people to be used for roads, schools and health care," said Wanta last Thursday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, the Investigative Journal, where the former Ambassador spoke for two hours while still being held under house arrest in his Switzerland home.

During the interview that can be heard in full by going to The Investigative Journal archives at *www.rbnlive.com* <http://www.rbnlive.com/ , Wanta literally blew the lid off the Illuminati's world wide banking scam, as well as providing detailed information about how Illiminati banksters with help from the Bush crime family and former President Clinton have already hijacked 752 billion dollars in what has been called by European investigators "the biggest bank heist in world history."

Besides the large sums of money at stake and the need to revamp the Federal Reserve and national banking laws to protect the public not private interests, Wanta's story involves undercover intrigue and espionage at the highest levels, providing a mystery story better than any Hollywood movie can offer.

Behind following the money, his story involves saving President Reagan's life in a little known assassination attempt left unreported in the mainstream press (see rbn interview), authority to arrest Marc (Reich) Rich, a meeting with Vince Foster just prior to his untimely death and just prior to Wanta being placed in a Swiss dungeon for 134 days when he confronted Rich, who was allowed to go free through White House connections.

To better understand Wanta's role and the importance of his story, not to mention how 27.5 trillion dollars could provide a good jump start to the American economy, it's best to go back to his original assignment in the Reagan administration at the time the Cold War was coming to a close.

At this time, Wanta, a distinguished U5 Secret Service/Treasury officer was the primary US Financial Warfare officer engaged in operations to "collapse" the Soviet Empire through financial maneuvers to prevent the Soviet military devoting larger resources to military expenditure.

For his financial plan which destabilized the Russian currency and resulted in huge dollar profits, leading into the 27.5 trillion in trust, instead of being recognized for his service, he was set-up by the Clinton's and the Bush crime family after being released from the Swiss jail, sentenced to a 22 year jail term on bogus Wisconsin state income tax evasion charges

Although recently released and protected in a sense by the 2003 federal court ruling in his favor, Wanta has languished much of the time since 1993 in jail and now under house arrest, the primary reason for his predicament being he audited the Illuminati's giga-financing operation of 1989-92 too accurately far the liking of certain high-level official crooks controlling the purse strings.

Regarding the Rich arrest in Switzerland and his meeting with Foster, Wanta said this on The Investigative Journal last week:

"I was named Ambassador from Somalia to Switzerland and Canada as a cover to arrest Rich. When I go there, I found myself in a Swiss dungeon and Rich was set free. Foster was also there on behlaf of the Clinton's, asking for $250 million to be used for The Children's Fund, which Hillary was the chairman. I thought it was to be used for a good cause so We gave him the money.

"Later Vince attempted to help me out of my situation, but I was later notified he was found dead and I never found out what happened to the $250 million."

Although Wanta had no idea what The Children's Fund was all about, later a financial investigator, Marco Saba of the Organized Crime Observatory in Switzerland wrote this about turned out to be a secret fund:

"One component of this information concerns the activities of the CIA operative known as Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton. For some years prior to the elevation of her husband, Bill, a CIA operative like his ''CIA wife'', Hillary had been in control of an organization calling itself the Children''s Defense Fund. Executive Order 12333 (1981) of President Reagan, the US intelligence services were authorised to operate what became known as Title 18, Section 6 USG corporations for intelligence purposes, and to deny any intelligence community connection (that is, to lie about their real purpose). Some of these entities have touchy-feely, welfarish titles, like The Children''s Defense Fund. It is alleged, un the basis of intelligence community leakages, that Hillary became accustomed to treating this fund as her own private slush fund."

However, behind the scenes of Rich, Foster and the Clinton's, a bigger game of world politics and deception was being played out, as Wanta unknowingly was caught in the middle of the U.S./Soviet double-cross of the American people, as the two collaborated to bring about an orchestrated fall of the Soviet Union.

An excerpt from an article from the Centro Studi Monetari, Arab-Asian Affairs, Vol. 29, Numbers 8&9, December 2005, explains the backstabbing and double-crossing going on behind the scenes when the Cold War was being orchestrated to a close to serve the purposes of the demonic Illuminati powers pulling the strings behind the scenes, as Wanta unknowingly serving patriotic U.S. interests was in the middle of the whole mess:

The following are key parts of the article: THE 'TAKEDOWN' OF LEO WANTA

For rest of story, go to www.arcticbeacon.com