"and to the blind, recovery of sight, to send forth the oppressed in deliverance"

And the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:29 am" and GOD wrote the following:

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, and the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:31 am" and GOD wrote the following:

Please hear my plea for you to declare your covenant, I am the doorstep, I am the stumbling block.

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:42 am" and GOD wrote the following:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A question from a proud elder of the United Cherokee Republic

I don't have a personal answer but perhaps a reader can assist. Your comments are welcomed.
Praying that justice is done and the US Corp Govt pays what they stole!
John MacHaffie

Dear  John Machaffie:

My birth name is Carrie Lynn Jones and my Cherokee Name is Wilidikati Kawi which in English means Wildcat Carrie.  A proud Elder of the United Cherokee Republic of North America.

Since my birth in April of 1959 as a Live Borne Person created by the Infinite Creator, the US Government has been using my Cest Qu Vie Trust and trading bonds created on my behalf with Fidelity Bank for 55 years with trades in excess of 60,000 times. 

Since the passing of NESARA in March,2000, but due to the dark forces has not been officially announced and in acted, however once officially announced our Live Borne Records will not be allowed to be used for trade any longer as I understand the laws that have been leaked via Navy Intelligence. 

My question, what happens to the trillions in my case that were traded?  Are we recognized as a Live Borne Person and not a Stawman  dead at sea any longer?  Do we as the Live Borne Person become the Trustee of our Cest Qu Vie Trust and are we given the balance or a percentage of the trillions for our remaining years in our physical bodies on this earth?

Can you please shed some light on this so I can help and direct the Native Americans of this country the First People of America for their future entitlements?

In Light, love and Service to the Infinite Creator

Carrie Lynn Jones
Wildcat Carrie

Wilidikati Kawi
First People
Proud Elder of the United Cherokee Republic of North America
Federally Recognized

Carrie: Jones
Managing Partner
Jordan Fink Photography, LLC
Proud Business Member of the United Cherokee Republic of North America

Carrie Jones
Managing Partner
Alchemy 8 Entertainment, LLC
Fine Art  and Feature Film Projects
skype:  carriejonesalchemy8ent

Every Thought, Word and Deed dictates the REALITY you are living NOW! 


Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the elements of LOVE to create the DESIRED RESULTS of Success and Wealth!

It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be NICE!

Kurdish coalition, and the Union of Forces announce agreement on the government program that includes issues of partnership and de-Baathification

الخميس, 28 آب/أغسطس 2014 13:51 Thursday, 28 August / August 2014 13:51
[بغداد-أين] [Baghdad-where]
أعلن ائتلاف القوى الكردستانية واتحاد القوى الوطنية اتفاقهما على ان يضم برنامج الحكومة المقبلة قضايا المصالحة الوطنية والمساءلة والعدالة [اجتثاث البعث سابقا]. Announced the Kurdistan coalition forces and the National Union of Forces for their agreement to include the program of the next government issues of national reconciliation, accountability and justice [de-Baathification previously].
وذكر بيان صدر اليوم الخميس عن مكتب رئيس الوفد الكردي التفاوضي نائب رئيس الوزراء روز نوري شاويس تلقت وكالة كل العراق [أين] نسخة منه ان "أئتلاف القوى الكردستانية في بغداد عقد اجتماعا مع اتحاد القوى العراقية يوم امس الاربعاء ,وهو الثاني لتكملة المشاورات والمباحثات والمفاوضات بشأن تشكيل الحكومة". According to a statement issued Thursday by the Office of the President of the Kurdish delegation negotiating the Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "coalition of Kurdish forces in Baghdad held a meeting with the Federation of Iraqi forces on Wednesday, the second is to supplement the consultations and discussions and negotiations on the formation of the government. "
وبين انه "تم خلال الاجتماع التعمق في المناقشات لكل فقرة من الفقرات التي وردت في المباحثات والتي تصب في بنيان الدولة الاتحادية وتعميق مفهوم الشراكة وطرح الهموم التي تمس المكون السني وجميع القضايا المشتركة وكان هناك تفاهم وارضية مشتركة للعمل معا ومع التحالف الوطني من اجل الخروج برؤية وورقة مشتركة للمنهاج الحكومي المرتقب". And between, "it was during the meeting, in-depth discussions of each paragraph of the paragraphs contained in the talks, which are in the structure of state and federal deepen the concept of partnership and raised concerns that affect the Sunni component and all the common issues and there was an understanding and common ground to work together and with the National Alliance pour out a vision paper a common platform for the government anticipated. "
وأشار البيان الى "اتفاق الجانبين على ان يضم المنهاج الوزاري قضايا المصالحة الوطنية والمساءلة والعدالة والشراكة الحقيقية وعدم زج الجيش في النزاعات وقانون المحكمة الاتحادية والعفو العام وهي مطالب المكون السني"لافتا الى ان" كل هذه المسائل كانت مدرجة في ورقة ائتلاف القوى الكردستانية وكذلك في ورقة التحالف الوطني واتفق الطرفان على ان تستمر هذه الاجتماعات لبلورة الصيغة النهائية لجميع الرؤى". The statement pointed to "the two sides agreed that includes ministerial platform issues of national reconciliation and accountability, justice and genuine partnership and to refrain from pushing the army in the conflict and the law of the Federal Court and the general amnesty which the demands of the Sunni component," pointing out that "all these issues were included in the paper Kurdistan coalition forces as well as in paper National Alliance and the parties agreed to continue these meetings to develop a final version of all the visions. "
ولفت الى ان "الاجتماع حضره عن ائتلاف القوى الكردستانية هوشيار زيباري وفرياد راوندوزي ونجيب عبدالله وجلال جوهر وزانا روستايي بينما حضره عن تحالف القوى العراقية سلمان الجميلي ومحمد الكربولي ومحمد تميم واحمد الجبوري وقاسم الفهداوي". He pointed out that "the meeting was attended by the coalition of Kurdish forces, Hoshyar Zebari, and Raundozi and Najib and Abdullah Jalal Jawhar, Zana Roustaaa while attended by Iraqi forces of the Alliance and Mohammed Salman al-Jumaili Karbouli and Mohammad Tamim and Ahmed al-Jubouri, and Qasim al-Fahdawi."
وكان رئيس الوزراء المكلف حيدر العبادي قد قال في مؤتمر صحفي عقده الاثنين الماضي انه حريص على "تشكيل حكومة تحظى بقبول واسع"واصفا"المفاوضات مع الكتل السياسية بالايجابية والبناءة"رافضا ما أسماه" بمحاولة العمل على اللحظة الاخيرة من المدة الدستورية في تقديم المرشحين لتشكيل الحكومة". The prime minister-designate Haider al-Abadi, said at a news conference last Monday that he was keen to "form a government widely accepted," describing "the negotiations with the political blocs positive and constructive", rejecting what he called "trying to work on the last minute of the constitutional period to provide candidates to form a government ".
وكان تيار الاصلاح الوطني بزعامة ابراهيم الجعفري قال ان "التحالف الوطني لايقبل وبشكل قاطع المساومة على حساب حقوق المكون والجماهير التي انتخبته في مفاوضاته بتشكل الحكومة.بحسب المتحدث الرسمي باسم التيار احمد جمال. The National Reform Movement, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari said that "the National Alliance does not accept and categorically bargaining rights at the expense of the masses and the component that elected him in his negotiations formation Aovernmh.bhsp official spokesman Ahmed Gamal power.
وأشار جمال لـ[أين] ان"موضوع التنازلات السياسية لتحقيق ذلك لا تقتصر على التحالف فقط بقدر تعلقها بكل الكتل وقلنا ان لغة التنازلات ينبغي ان تكون السائدة في المفاوضات بهذه المرحلة". The beauty of [where] that "the subject of political compromises to achieve this is not limited to the coalition only as it pertains to all blocs and we say that the language of the concessions should be dominant in this phase of the negotiations."
يذكر ان المرجعية الدينية قد حذرت في خطبة الجمعة الماضية من اعاقة تشكيل الحكومة مع رفع بعض الكتل لسقف مطالبها وان على رئيس الوزراء المكلف عدم قبول أي وزير لايراه مناسبا في المنصب"، داعية الكتل الى ان "تأخذ العبر والدروس من ترشيحاتها للحكومات السابقة، فلا تجعل موقع مرشحها الحزبي أو ولاءه لطائفته او منطقته معيارا لترشيحه للمنصب الوزاري".انتهى. The religious authority has warned in a speech last Friday to block the formation of the government with the lifting of some of the blocks to its demands and that the prime minister-designate not to accept any minister to Irah fit in office, "calling blocs that" take lessons and lessons from their nominations for the previous governments, do not make site partisan candidate or his loyalty to his community or his area criterion for nomination for the position of ministerial "Ended.

First! They did not read the LOGAN ACT! This indicates they must be desperate to conceive of this scheme

First!  They did not read the LOGAN ACT!  This indicates they must be desperate to conceive of this scheme

Congressional Research Service
˜ The Library of Congress
CRS Report for Congress
Received through the CRS Web
Order Code RL33265
Conducting Foreign Relations
Without Authority:
The Logan Act
February 1, 2006
Michael V. Seitzinger
Legislative Attorney
American Law Division
Conducting Foreign Relations
Without Authority: The Logan Act
The Logan Act, codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953, states:
Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without
authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any
correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or
agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States,
or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or
imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his
agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury
which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or
The Logan Act was intended to prohibit United States citizens without authority
from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments.
There appear to have been no prosecutions under the Act in its more than 200 year
history. However, there have been a number of judicial references to the Act, and it
is not uncommon for it to be used as a point of challenge concerning dealings with
foreign officials. Although attempts have been made to repeal the Act, it remains law
and at least a potential sanction to be used against anyone who without authority
interferes in the foreign relations of the United States. continues at source http://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL33265.pdf

Put out that fire in your chest for good

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Put out that fire in your chest for good
Hi John
For those of you who are, well, “seasoned” like I am, you probably remember the Speedy Alka-Seltzer commercials on TV.
Speedy was a cute little guy whose body was one Alka-Seltzer tablet, and he wore another as a hat.  And he would sing the jingle, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is” when describing how Alka-Seltzer could relieve your bout of heartburn fast.
In later years, the commercials featured a wide-eyed guy who had just eaten a HUGE meal desperately lamenting, "I can't believe I ate the who-o-o-o-o-ole thing" and reaching for relief with Alka-Seltzer.
The point is, way back when, heartburn used to be an occasional thing you’d get when you ate too much or had an unusually rich meal.
Now?  People get it several times a week or daily, and it’s even got a fancy title.
Acid reflux disease.
And you know what that means.
Daily symptoms means daily drugging.  To the tune of nearly $6 billion in Nexium sales alone in 2013. 
But the most maddening thing about this is: Acid reflux is not a true disease and it’s completely preventable!
And even if you do overindulge and create a bout of heartburn, there are a lot safer answers besides dangerous drugs to get relief!
Let’s take a look at the dangers of acid reflux drugs, talk about what acid reflux really is, how to prevent it, and how to put out the fire of an occasional bout of heartburn.
“Relief” at a price
The ads for acid reducers like Nexium promise relief from heartburn and reflux--all you need to do is take one little pill a day.
Most people DO feel some relief when they first start using them and they're thrilled, thinking that they've found the magic answer.
But alas, my friend, eventually the magic stops.
Because while reducing or neutralizing stomach acid might initially seem to put out the flames in your chest, at the same time it's opening up a Pandora's Box full of other issues that can make you feel WORSE--not better--and open you up to other health problems.
Here’s what I mean--reducing or crippling the acid in your stomach can lead to these major problems:
1- Demolished digestion
Your body must have stomach acid to properly break down foods, most namely proteins.  So when you eat protein, your stomach naturally secretes acid like it’s supposed to.
But then the acid gets shut down or weakened by the "magical drug."
Your stomach senses something's wrong and repeatedly tries to secrete more acid to get digestion going again...but the "wonder pill" keeps shutting it down. 
This process can go on for HOURS and result in a pool of acid sloshing around in your stomach that can come rising up your throat—precisely what you were hoping to prevent!
Plus when your digestion is ruined, you can get trouble further down the road too--namely, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea
Those symptoms are all listed as side effects on most acid medication boxes and now you know why that is.
2- Dangerous deficiency
The Vitamin B12 in your foods is bound to little proteins that must be "shaved off" before the B12 can be absorbed in your GI tract.
So when your stomach acid is stopped by acid reducers, B12 cannot be "released" from the protein like it needs to be in order for your body to absorb it!
Over time this can result in Vitamin B12 deficiency, which can lead to a whole host of other health issues including memory problems, depression, low energy and a weak immune system.
3- Disabled defenses
One of the most vital functions of stomach acid is to destroy dangerous toxins or pathogens (like salmonella and E. coli) you might ingest with your food. 
Without the protection of properly working stomach acid, you are basically defenseless against many dangerous microbes in your food. 
Make sure you have a clear path between you and the bathroom!
4- Bacterial bedlam
As a consequence of poor digestion and the waste buildup that typically results from it, your intestinal flora balance can be thrown completely out of whack.
Not only does this compromise your immune system and make you more susceptible to every virus and bug around, but it messes up your digestion even MORE because the friendly bacteria in your gut help to digest certain starches and fibers.
Now let’s look at the REAL story
Now that you know the truth about acid reflux drugs, let’s take a look at what acid reflux really is, and most importantly, how to prevent it!
Acid reflux is NOT a true disease—it’s simply your body being unable to effectively break down and completely digest what you’ve put in it.
And there are three primary reasons that this happens:
Acid reflux cause #1: Food
It never ceases to amaze me how people load up on garbage foods and meals that are next-to-impossible to digest, day in and day out, then wonder why they have a 4-alarm fire in their chest every night.
Really?!  That's like saying you're surprised that your thumb is throbbing after you just slammed it with a hammer.
It's time to face facts, all you acid reflux sufferers.  YOUR DIET is far and away THE MAIN CAUSE of your misery. 
Accept it, stop making excuses and do something about it!
Like changing your diet to include more nutritious REAL foods and easier to digest meals.
When you eat foods that are nourishing to your body and meals that are easier for your system to break down, your body says thank you and a whole new world can open up for you: 
  • Imagine--easing the burping, belching or acid in your throat (or mouth!). 
  • Imagine--less gas, bloating, flatulence or BM problems.
  • Imagine--possibly reducing or eliminating your need for acid medications to begin with.
This can become a reality for you when you follow the Great Taste No Pain program. 
- http://www.greattastenopain.com/great.asp
The GTNP manuals will show you step by step exactly what to do. They'll spell out what foods are naturally low acid and which ones digest better together in meals, as well as teach you why eating this way works so well for everyone--including YOU
Nice and easy.
And it's delicious too--I didn't skimp on the "Great Taste" part!  Just wait until you try my spaghetti sauce, soups, shrimp scampi and more!
Note: if you have gluten challenges, Great Taste No Gluten is for you instead:
- http://www.greattastenogluten.com/great.asp
Acid reflux cause #2: Enzymes
If you've eaten a typical hard to digest diet for quite some time, chances are excellent that you have expended WAAYY more digestive enzymes than Nature intended you to.
As a result, your body's ability to produce adequate enzymes may be greatly reduced...and this can be a major contributing factor to poor digestion and acid reflux!
Plus as we age, our bodies' ability to produce enzymes naturally decreases.
If you suspect low enzymes are a concern for you, or have out and out been told you're low in stomach acid, then Digestizol Max is your ticket for getting the help you need.
- http://www.bluerockholistics.com/product/dmax.asp
Digestizol Max's 14 plant-derived enzymes and 5 herbal soothers can help give your body a boost to keep your digestion nice and smooth -- and help make acid reflux, GERD and heartburn a thing of the past for you.
Acid reflux cause #3: Stress
Stress is also a common cause of ruined digestion and acid reflux.
You see, digestion is a parasympathetic process, meaning your body must be in a relaxed, non-stressed state for it to be accomplished efficiently. 
Eating in a relaxed state also encourages you to eat slower, which means that your body can recognize satiety before you overeat (and bring on a bout of heartburn).
But if you instead eat when your sympathetic nervous system is in gear (such as when you're working, driving, emotionally upset, stressed, rushing, etc.) that can have a devastating impact on your digestion and lead to reflux.
So slow down and relax!  Avoid eating in a stressed state.  Make time for meals and don't eat on the run. 
And if stress is an ongoing issue for you, it's time to take a look at ways to reduce the stress in your life.  There are many helpful suggestions, programs and exercise options out there.
But what if I’m naughty every once in a while?
We’re all human…and that means that every now and then, we might be naughty and overindulge a little too much.
And end up with heartburn as a result!
But there are safe, natural answers for occasional heartburn too—here are some you can try:
1) Fresh ginger
Fresh ginger root has been used since ancient times as a natural anti-inflammatory and a treatment for digestive conditions.
It can easily be peeled, sliced, diced or grated. You can stir it into barbecue sauces, steep it in a cup of tea, use it in a stir-fry, add some to smoothies or enjoy it thinly shaved with sushi.
2) Licorice
Licorice root is soothing to the mucous membranes of the GI tract and can promote healing. 
However, the glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root can raise your blood pressure and lower potassium levels if you eat too much, so look for deglycerrhized licorice (DGL licorice) supplements in health food stores.
3) Slippery elm bark
Slippery elm bark is another herb which soothes mucous membranes and has been used as a remedy for stomach problems for centuries by European and Native American cultures.
You can brew a tea with slippery elm bark or purchase slippery elm lozenges at health food stores.
4) Aloe vera
Aloe vera juice is another natural anti-inflammatory that can help soothe inflammation in the stomach or esophagus.
Aloe vera is available at many health food stores and retail merchants.
5) Apple cider vinegar
Sometime heartburn can result from too little stomach acid.
In those cases, you can easily improve the acid content of your stomach by taking one tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a large glass of water.
Do all you can to eliminate the underlying causes of acid reflux (as well as take safer, natural measures to combat occasional heartburn) and I’m sure it won’t be long before you’re feeling tremendous relief like Paul and his friends (down below).
To your health,
Sherry Brescia

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PPPS:  Always be sure to let your doctor or healthcare provider know what supplements you are taking. 
PPPPS: Paul and his friends have gotten great reflux relief!

Dear Sherry, 
I, too, suffered with acid reflux for about eight months.
I saw four doctors each prescribing a different medicine.  I would cough so hard sometimes I thought I would lose my breath.  I finally decided the medicine was going to kill me or the cough would. 
Finally I found your amazing website and by following the plan just as you said I have lost 18 pounds and three sizes in my clothes in only 3 weeks! 
My reflux is completely gone and I have more energy than ever.  Thanks for this amazing program.
I now have quite a few of my friends on this regimen since they have seen my results. 
Thanks, again.

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Actor Exposes Illuminati Assassination Plots & Other Crimes

Actor Exposes Illuminati Assassination Plots & Other Crimes
Aug 30, 2014 
He was the nutty alcoholic pilot in the movie "Independence Day".
People from outside North America might not have heard this story.
It was on the news here a while back, but the media portrayed him as an
eccentric actor. Randy Quaid has asked for asylum in Canada; it was
given. He is my neighbor now. Welcome to Canada Randy and family. May
they never find you again.
That being said, listen to his serious accusations on the Illuminati in
 Actor Exposes Illuminati Assassination Plots & Other Crimes -



Look Closely.....  

 Keep  looking 

  See  it now? 

   See  it now? 

If  a Muslim sees a naked woman --- they are supposed to kill  themselves.

Ya gotta love the Marines. 

If  you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand  in front of them.

Power of the Grand Jury

Breakthrough Forming Government "We Will Sign It Today"

Breakthrough Forming Government "We Will Sign It Today"


Post Brought From Currency Chatter:

"And at the same level, the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim said this matter and
we have agreed to resolve the differences with the coalition forces and we will sign it today."

    Breakthrough forming a government

 August 31, 2014 8:52    News spoke to the news agency Buratha

breakthrough needed to form a government and will be announced this afternoon caving new government Sources

Back for talks on forming the government to normal after talks were held yesterday evening between Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi and leaders of the National Alliance on the one hand and between the National Union of Forces on the other hand.

The source said that "things are moving now toward the formation of the government and presented to the parliament soon as the shenanigans that took place yesterday between the delegations of the National Alliance and the National Union of Forces were differences in viewpoints were then resorting to the Constitution in its resolution.
He pointed out that "the prime minister-designate has perceptions about the demands of political blocs and the problems therein, which was determined to find a compromise formula to resolve them in accordance with the Constitution and the principle of national partnership away from the speeches and media political controversies."

The sources said the existence of differences between the National Alliance and the Union forces led to the collapse of talks on forming a government.

And at the same level, the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Sayyed Ammar al-Hakim said this matter and we have agreed to resolve the differences with the coalition forces and we will sign it today.

~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

Brule:  Hakim: We have agreed to resolve the differences with the coalition forces and we will sign today

31/08/2014 13:04   Long-Presse / Baghdad

Said the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, on Sunday, to reach an understanding about the full alliance with the National Union of Forces on controversial points, while stressing that he would be today, "the signing of this agreement."

Ammar al-Hakim during a joint press conference with the head of the negotiating team of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hoshyar Zebari, at the headquarters of the Supreme Islamic Council, in central Baghdad, on the sidelines of a meeting held by al-Hakim with the Kurdish delegation, attended (range Press),

 "The meeting, which brought together negotiating committees in the National Alliance, the Federation of powers witnessed a tumble yesterday, "but he also said," but the two delegations have held another meeting in late on Saturday, which was reached for a full understanding. "

Hakim said that "the two alliances will sign today on the agreement, which was yesterday."

The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim was held on Sunday, (August 31, 2014), a meeting with a delegation from the Kurdistan Alliance participating in the negotiations to form a government in his house in central Baghdad, to discuss the stages and reached, the negotiations between the political blocs.

And the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, on Saturday, (August 30, 2014), that talks on forming the government are still ongoing, and pointed out that the parties want to form a government quickly, while pointing Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri,

 the need to respect the calls of reference which indicates During the period preceding it calls "wise", he stressed that there is a will of the political blocs to form a functioning government within the constitutional period.

The MP for the coalition of the Union of National Forces Ali Jassim Mutaiota confirmed, on Saturday, (August 30, 2014), that, negotiations with the Shiite alliance, did not reach the "complete collapse" but faced "an obstacle disappointing,"

while the expected return to the dialogue table, building on the willingness of internal and international pressure is keen on forming a government.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi political forces Marathon began forming a new government, with the National Alliance and the taxpayer so Haider al-Abadi.

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum formally charged in (the 11th of August 2014 Current) leader of the Islamic Dawa Party, Haider al-Abadi, the formation of the new government, replacing Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, while announced the last-in, (14th of August), pull his candidacy and support the National Alliance candidate, Abadi, to form a new government.


~~ * ~~ *  ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

jeff19:   Political powers meet in Baghdad to sign a paper's overall demands

August 31, 2014  --   Waters began negotiations to return to normalcy, after the shuttle visits carried out by each of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi and head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, among them, to stop the degradation process of negotiations and agreed to sign a paper and a comprehensive national Sunday evening between coalition forces and Iraqi coalition National.

 said MP for the Virtue Party, Jamal Abdul-Zahra, in an interview with Cable News Network Kurdish (KNN), that there is a consensus between the political blocs is moving towards signing the paper overall national that will emerge by the paper ministerial platform for the next government,

indicating that the Securities negotiating the political blocs has Mnachtha and settlement demands that are compatible with the Constitution and the rejection of what was hampered.

 added Abdul-Zahra, that the political forces of the National Alliance and the Alliance of Iraqi forces will meet this evening in Baghdad to discuss the final terms of national paper and sign it, and probably be postponed until tomorrow at the latest, in order to reach common understandings.

 For his part, the MP said the coalition forces Iraqi Ahmed Attia milkfish, in an interview for (KNN), that the negotiations were back to normal, and there is preliminary approval by the National Alliance on paper rights, and its contents of materials and items ..

 indicating that the Congress alliance forces will hold an expanded meetingat the home of Osama al-Nujaifi in Baghdad and then heading the delegation negotiating for a meeting with a delegation of the National Alliance.

explained milkfish, that mutual visits between Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, with Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Islamic Council and Haider al-Abadi was the cause of the resumption of negotiations to normal, pointing to the Iraqi forces that the alliance needs to be confirmed by the National Alliance on approval rights on paper.


~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~

Brule:   Sunday, 31 August 2014 14:18

 Baghdad (AIN) –The Head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, stated that all the issues in Iraq will be settled and a ministerial statement will be signed soon.

 In his joint press conference with the Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, Hakim said "The security situation was discussed and all the efforts will be united to face the terrorist groups."

"The efforts will result in signing a ministerial statement that will satisfy all the sides," he concluded.

Brule:    Speaker: No obstacles hinder formation of next government

Sunday, 31 August 2014 14:56  --  Babel (AIN) –The parliament Speaker, Saleem al-Jobouri, while meeting the official in Babel Province stated that there are no obstacles to hinder the formation of the next government within the constitutional time limit. /End/



A major Reason We The Poeple Need to Return to the Republic form of Government with Common Law, eliminating the present Corporation Corruption so-called government and Admiralty Law.


And they had better not say “bless you “ if someone sneezes in the classroom!
Did you know that Hilliard, Ohio has a special room for Muslims to pray in the High School?
YES, call the school if you aren't Believing.
Sorry NO CHRISTIAN, Jewish or any other Religion available.
This was checked out on Politi facts and Confirmed.

Our children Are Not allowed to recite the Lord's Prayer,
Not allowed to bring a Bible to School,
Not allowed to wear a Christian themed
Not allowed to have Bible study classes at
Not allowed to display a picture of  Jesus,
And now this Piece   of Crap President
Is going to use federal tax dollars to promote Islam to our Children.

Enough is ENOUGH ! Where are all these  “Christian-hating, separation of church and state"  Atheists? Why aren't they lining up the to sue the Federal government over the use of federal tax dollars to promote a Religion in our public Schools?
I would be willing to bet that nobody will
Hear a peep out of the "Freedom From Religion" Organization.

Obama Administration Announces nationwide
Muslim Outreach Program For Children Grades
American children gathered around a Muslim
Learning about the Qur’an... For school credit.Washington, DC — At a Press conference Friday afternoon, President Obama announced plans For the first ever federally funded Muslim outreach Program

The program will be available nationwide for All elementary school students grade K-12 beginning February 1st, 2014The program is designed to educate children about the Fundamentals of the Muslim religion and Islamic belief. President Obama spoke with reporters to explain why it is so important that These outreach programs exist. “The Muslim community deserves our Full understanding and respect,” Obama said. “We have killed Millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th Attacks

These folks are not all bad. In fact, most Of them are hardworking citizens just like you and me. I encourage Every student in America to participate in your school’s Muslim
Outreach program. Learn about the Muslim community, the beauty of The Sunnah and the magic of the Qur’an.

35-year-old Paul Horner, a teacher At   Starks   Elementary 
School   in  Louisiana , told MSNBC he is Excited about the new programs. “I think anything a child can learn Is good. 
We need more learning in this country. And, these classes
Are not mandatory but children can use them as extra credit towards Other classes.

For example, if Becky has a D+ in math she Can simply take a three week after school class on the Qur’an and Now Sally has an A in Math. How great is That?”

The Muslim youth outreach program is Designed to help young people from different cultures work together To break down ethnic barriers. Their goal is to help promote a Greater respect for other cultures, understanding while at the same Time learning about all that culture has to Offer

Khaled Matei, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s Freedom and Justice Party, told CNN he is pleased with
Obama and his actions. “I spoke with President Obama by telephone Yesterday and personally thanked him for what he is doing for the Muslim community,” Matei said. “This is definitely a step in the Right direction I explained to him. Praise Allah.” If any parents of Students would like to volunteer to teach the Muslim religion you Can call the  United States Muslim Outreach hotline at (785) 273-0325

Do we do this for other cultures and Religions?  NO

Do we federally fund religion for other Religions? 

. . . ..

"If you do not take an interest in the Affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the Rule of fools." 


New post  AdminSambo Today at 2:07 pm

[Papajack] Hi everybody, yesterday I gave you the bad guys version of the jihadist muslims amassing at our Southern Border, today I bring you the GOOD GUY's version. I suggest you all check out the NESARA site this afternoon as it gives the good side scenario. I know you have to sift through the New Age UFO BS but today it outlines the New Republic.

[Papajack] Lots of good info including the new interim President of the Republic, lots of good news out there among all the smoke and mirrors.

[Papajack] That darn jet may be lining up for a flyby soon.

[.SEDNET1] Thank you PapaJack, I have seen the Nesara/Gesara list of "to be done" items.
and I concur!

[Papajack] I like the list.

[.SEDNET1] Papajack Yep, esp the abolishment of ALL debt, credit cards, mortgages, etc. ALL debt! along with the demise of the FED and the IRS as we know it.

The 14 flat tax on NEW non-essencial purchases, but not on food, medicine or USED items, like an old home.

[Papajack] The opinion is annoucement Sept 9th


[11:45 AM] SEDNET1 sednet1:

<<< NESARA = National Economic Security and Recovery Act

GESARA = Global Economic Security and Recovery Act

NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only this country but our planet in its entire history. The act does away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS, the shadow government, and much more.

NESARA implements the following changes:

1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.
Abolishes the income tax.
3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.
5. Increases benefits
to senior citizens.
6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
7. Reinstates the original
Title of Nobility amendment.
8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA's announcement.
The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law.
9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.
10. Creates a new
U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.
11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.
12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.
Restores financial privacy.
15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.
16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide.
Establishes peace throughout the world.
18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes.
19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.— SEDNET1 sednet1, Today 11:45 AM


ALL Patriot Americans MUST know,
with sources inside American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL
reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled,
fascist, extortion-friendly propaganda U.S. media's massive deceptions

Sunday   August 31, 2014
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert
UNITED States of America    -  

ISIL completely fabricated enemy by US: Former CIA contract

ISIS “Made in USA”. Iraq “Geopolitical Arsonists” Seek to Burn Region

Why Does ISIS Fit In So Perfectly With The PNAC Plan?

ISIS = U.S.-British-Israeli scripted 'Wag the Dog'

VITAL Intelligence Briefings
The REAL Terrorists are Exposed: They are the Bankers and the NSA  08-10-2014
ISIS PsyOp Exposed as British Intelligence-NAZI Paperclip U.S. NSA Trickery  08-24-2014

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