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 We The People See No Physical Hard Evidence of
Crime Syndicate Rule Being Dismantled.
No Evidence of Fear by Traitors
Trump Should Have Told Corporate Mercenaries To Cease & Desist Kidnappings For Victim-Less Crimes & Release of Victims for Corrupt Incarceration
Crime Syndicate Rule Persists, No Change in Weather
Rise Up Earth, Trump = Measure of Control
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Thursday, February 28, 2019

From DE FACTO to DE JURE: de facto = illegitimate, but in effect - But, de jure = Of One's Right, to Self Govern, to Represent Oneself or One's Group of Indigenous Natives Living Upon the Land - Send the Crime Syndicates and Satan back to the waters from whence they came - written by Sun Tzu

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth, call out to our fellow indigenous natives living upon the soil in the true land jurisdiction all over Earth.  Rise up with us, overturn the jurisdiction of the sea, send it back to the waters from whence it came!  

Cease and desist all violent acts!
Cease rioting!
Cease marching!
You give the Crime Syndicate(s) cause to harm you, imprison you, kill you, all while the secret to your freedom is in front of you.

Do not waste your time, violence, rioting, and marching only detract from the true mission, the secret to freedom, found herein, to return from absentia to the land of the living (Citizen = Corporation = Dead Thing).  Do not attack your fellow brothers and sisters, for they are the very minds of enslaved natives we shall soon set free from enslavement.

Rise with us and destroy the Foreign Owned, "United Nations Inc," and her evil Genocidal Subsidiary member state corporations such as, "United States Inc," and the rest of her 193 subsidiary crime syndicate corporations (U.N. member states) - All foreign with respect to the natives which they enslave = All just Crime Syndicates, all foreign owned, domiciled in the jurisdiction of the sea, under maritime law, a jurisdiction for dead things of fiction, corporations and trusts.  We the Indigenous Natives of Earth are alive, awakened, and shall henceforth cast the devil back to the waters from whence he came, taking his crime syndicate corporations along with him!

We The People = Corporations Created By Copyright Infringement = Dead Things of Fiction

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth = Living, in us the blood flows and the flesh lives.

Bills on the Floor of U.S. Congress:

Corporate Initiatives/Directives up for future corporate officer deliberation/voting for the foreign owned "United States Inc" for profit & foreign domiciled corporation are on the floor of Congress to:

Abolish the IRS Bill H.R. 25 (Fair Tax Act 2019)

Now is the time!

Follow In The Footsteps Of the American Forefathers and Again Erect A Continental Congress By Way of the Jural Assemblies, The Right To Gather In Peaceful Assembly, Guaranteed By The First Amendment To The Bill Of Rights, So As It Came To Pass, So Shall It Be Done Again, 

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Monday, February 18, 2019

TIME - by Hans Zimmer - For Now Is The Time - The Infinite Creator Has Once Again Sent Our Savior, Jesus Christ, Along With the 144,000 Servant Prophets - The Time of Our Freedom is Nigh - by Sun Tzu

Do not forget to play "Time" by Hans Zimmer, while you read this.
Sun Tzu say:
"Can you feel it?
The firmament is alive with energy, the ether is overflowing with love.
The answer to our sadness and sufferings discovered!

For We and our enslaved brothers and sisters are picked up on the shoulders of wing-ed Angels and Arch Angels and are delivered from every evil for ever and ever more.

Form up your Jural Assemblies!
The Great Infinite Creator and his Angels & Arch Angels are waiting for you to come home to the land of the living, out from the beast, which automatically occurs as soon as you form your Jural Assemblies and command the Crime Syndicates to go back to the waters from whence they came.  Their infrastructure, belongs to you all and I, (We, Us), purloined assets stolen by pirates belong to the original owner, no matter who possesses them, no matter how many times they changed hands.  The government workers today, shall still be servants employed by We the Indigenous Natives tomorrow (Prison for Saboteurs who do not continue working during interim) and the same goes for after the Jural Assemblies are formed, our employees of the "government" shall be given the options of; continue working, work until replacement, or jail for sabotage/forced stoppage of key services).  

We do not need to re-invent the wheel, we just need to change the jurisdiction, from the sea (maritime law=codes/statutes) to Common Law (land jurisdiction = actual laws), by doing so, as the Beast is pushed back into the sea, we at the same time come out of the Beast, returning to the land of the living, the land jurisdiction, called Common Law, which means, "do no harm," or "no harm, no crime," or "no real living victim, no crime," not what we have now = violations of fraudulent criminally enforced statutes manufactured in mass by the billions so that by more numerous than the stars in heaven, no native could ever expect to read them, let alone remember them.

When the foreign owned corporations owned by, "United Nations Inc," are commanded to leave by the awakened natives returned from absentia (Jural Assemblies), the laws of the Infinite Creator command them to heed our demands (Creator gifted us with Free Will, which we have not been employing as we slumbered (We've been represented by dead things of fiction = Corporations).

Now is the time, The Great Infinite Creator is with you and with us all.  The Creator's Angels & Arch Angels are your shield, thy rod, and staff, shall comfort you.  Jesus Christ, his second coming, is nigh (now), blessed be He who is our King, our Savior, and returned to save us once we save ourselves.  

For Jesus Christ Shall Come Again To Judge The Living & The Dead, follow Him & You Shall Have Everlasting Life, Forever, and Ever (the LIVING are NATIVES who form Jural Assemblies, while the DEAD are called CITIZENS, whom are represented by dead things called corporations).

Yay though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thy Creator maketh you lie down in green pastures, thy Creator maketh you a table amongst thine enemies, and thy cup runneth over. 

So be it, Amen!

-Sun Tzu

Interesting times! The crazyness of sanity v. Satan's minions.

What a world we are living in! Definitely no lack for excitement! Seeing many things going on that comes strait out of Saul Alinsky's book Rules for Radicals.

Since the people are assembling and the news is becoming global, all the creeps, dreeps, perps, gools, and fools are rearing their heads up and provocateuring  everywhere!  It is actually amusing in a way to watch them come out right on que! Some flip flop like a Mackerel, others are on a dead head mission to obstruct, and others just like to leave as many dirty diapers laying around as they can! Some will turn on you like a vicious snake and others will simply spread garbage doing as they are paid to do. Watching the people's psyche during these times is very fascinating. Watching the results of the Cabal's indoctrination of the general populous is sad but serious. 

The book of Enoch talks about the assemblies and that the assembled people are the meek who shall inherit the earth in the end. That took me by surprise when I discovered it. I take it as an omen that we are on the right path. Satan's minions will fail. It is written in scriptures. History does repeat itself. Nothing new is going on. Events going on today with both sides are the same as the events in the past. Only difference today is we remember the real past and know how to correct the flaws made in the past. This is the age of increased knowledge thanks to tech. Happenings today are predictable like an old horror movie. 

The provocateurs must continue. They have no choice. They are programmed and their programming includes denial of it. Satan's almost perfect mental program engineered for the weak mind. It appears as what everyone seeks and wants on the outside but on the inside.. beware! Hence the poison dart hidden in the raisin tart.

A Most Important Message to the Natives of; Haiti, France, Belgium, the Americas, New Zealand, Africa, the Island Nations, Canada and every other nation where people have awakened to the desert of the REAL (HURRY NOW, WE HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR FREEDOM, BUT THE HOUR IS LATE, THE TIMING MOST IMPORTANT)

Children of Earth.  You waste your energies. Marching, rioting, to no end.  Your enemy, is my enemy, and our enemy, will never listen to you.

You must gather the forces of the Great Infinite Creator to your defense, The Creator, gave you, FREE WILL.  The only way you can use that weapon, is to organize your Jural Assemblies, which will be the day and very minute that you are no longer "in absentia = Citizen," 

A Citizen is the unlawful conversion of an indigenous native into a dead thing, a corporation, allegedly created to hold all the assets of a native in trust until that native be found.

In order to create voiceless "Citizens" to forever provide government services to, and "Citizens" to; rape, pillage, plunder, murder, and genocide, the de facto Crime Syndicates pretended that you were missing, because your parents failed to Copyright your name with the local government upon the time of your birth.

Cease and desist your violent outbursts.  

You do yourselves no justice, you only give the Crime Syndicates like; Haiti Inc, France Inc, Belgium Inc, United States Inc, and "Your Nation Here Inc," and all the subsidiary crime syndicate corporations (member nations) of the United Nations Inc, a solid reason to do you harm, to kill you, to shoot you, to arrest and incarcerate you, thus plucking the awakened intelligent members of your community out from under you, thus dumbing down your chances at Freedom, and stealing your ONLY true and real chance at freedom, YOUR ONLY CHANCE at FREEDOM, which is to immediately form up your Jural Assemblies.

Here in America, we have the Bill of Rights, and its First Amendment; "The right to peaceably assemble and redress grievances against the de facto foreign owned corporations posing as lawful governance."

Children of Earth, I call out to you, to inform you, that you DO NOT NEED our Bill of Rights.

It is written in the Cosmic Laws of the Great Infinite Creator that all are given free will.  This is why the Crime Syndicates tells you in their movies and through their FAKE NEWS MEDIA of the horrible atrocities which they aim to bear down on you with, thus proving, they cannot break the Cosmic Laws of the Universe given to us by the Great Infinite Creator.  

It is also because of these Cosmic Laws that the de facto crime syndicate corporations have pretended that you are missing, dead, or missing presumed dead, then unlawfully converting you into a corporation = a CITIZEN, to hold all your assets unclaimed, and until you gather together and form your Jural Assemblies, which is the only way you can organize to challenge the Crime Syndicates, until that time, the Crime Syndicates will continue pretending you are MISSING.

But as soon as you gather together your Patriot brothers and sisters, and as soon as you form your Jural Assemblies, it shall be as though the Angels and Arch Angels of the Great Infinite Creator are gathered together in front of you as your shield, they will be your rod and staff and shall comfort you.

For your enemy, is my enemy, and that enemy, THE CRIME SYNDICATES, cannot break your free will, which is THE INFINITE CREATOR'S FREE WILL.

By exercising your free will, with the Jural Assemblies, there is no amazing feet that you yourselves cannot conquer and bring into fruition. 

The very first day you assemble your Jural Assemblies, you can send these crime syndicates back to the waters from whence they came!  They are forever nothing more than corporations founded in the jurisdiction of the sea, under maritime law, and with one united word you can send them back to the waters, FOREVER!

CEASE YOUR VIOLENT OUTBURSTS, those you attack are the very minds of our fellow brothers and sisters we are trying to set free. 

Cease all violent outbursts...
Defend yourselves if you must!

But now the hour is late and the time most in need for you to immediately gather together, and form your Jural Assemblies and send the devil back to the water from whence he came!

"Infinite Creator, bless these words and see them fly upon the wings of your Angels and Arch Angels to your servant prophets, the 144 thousand, around the world, so that our hour of victory be immediately seized upon, and now our triumphant victory over the devil, forever, as he is dealt his final blow!

So be it, Amen!"

It is EASY...
It is FUN...
Because, FREEDOM and liberating oneself FROM SLAVERY is the most HOLY ENDEAVOR, an aspiring indigenous native can ever ACCOMPLISH NOW.

Sun Tzu say:
"Go to:
then, be on THE Call!

The National Assembly Call:
Every Thursday, the National Assembly Call, begins with Roll Call (right at the start time, so call in 10 minutes before start time).  After Roll Call, begins, "Old Business," then, "New Business," if there are items up for voting, that will occur, then the business meeting ends, and becomes an open forum.  During "open forum," ask as many QUESTIONS as needed about how to set up your Jural Assemblies.

The purpose of the National Assembly Call is to show you how a Jural Assembly meeting operates, so that you can form your own Jural Assemblies for your own Counties and States (districts/regions/provinces, whatever they are called in your nation).  We are of  course here for you to help you answer all questions, to provide a support system for you, and to motivate you to TAKE BACK YOUR NATION, and to TAKE BACK EARTH from the CRIME SYNDICATES.

Refer always to "The Handbook," provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly.

Trump and Qanon are nothing more than a calculated long con to prevent the assemblies from forming, a bunch of codes and puzzles to occupy your time, to maintain crime syndicate, corporate, "United States Inc" and parent corporation, "United Nations Inc," rule.  That is why Qanon has never discussed the nature of the foreign owned corporations all owned by the parent corporation, United Nations Inc. "One Ring To Rule Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them!" - Words of wisdom from Gandalf the Gray

Qanon and Trump represents a faction of the Crime Syndicate who's asking for our help to defeat the Nazi Satanists who've survived because the Nuremberg Trials (WWII) were just a smoke screen for the proliferation of Nazi's from Nazi Germany to every Nation on Earth (tens of thousands of SS trained Nazis proliferated the Earth).  While we may have a common enemy, the Nazi Satanists, the CRIME SYNDICATES as a whole are our only enemy.  We the Indigenous Natives of Earth have no business with the Crime Syndicate Civil War raging on at this very moment.  We shall not exchange one group of Crime Bosses for another.  NO!  We shall defeat the Crime Syndicates and the devil, here and now, ONCE AND FOR ALL.

The only way for Earth to free herself of these Crime Syndicates is for you, the indigenous natives to rise up and form your own jural assemblies.  The Crime Syndicate must follow very precise Galactic and Cosmic laws. 

(Indigenous Native, the only title with a legal definition not a fiction = dead thing.
Legal definitions are not equal to Webster dictionary definitions, thus legalese enslaves.
Legal definition of: 
People= Man=Human Being=Corporations
Indigenous Native = Real, living, the blood flows and the flesh lives.

Cosmic Laws of The Creator
1) The Crime Syndicates must tell you before they do something horrible (often times this is hidden in a movie(s) or a song, or on FAKE News Media).

2) The Crime Syndicates cannot violate your right to self govern.  The "United Nations Inc" and her subsidiary crime syndicates like, "France Inc" and "United States Inc," can only enslave you if you do not form your Jural Assemblies, the peaceful gathering of indigenous natives, men and women, who've chosen to represent their local counties, states, and country (provinces etc..).  As soon as the Jural Assemblies form, "their word," becomes like the Word of God, "the de facto corporation crime syndicates quake in their boots at the thought of this happening."  The crime syndicates cannot violate your freewill, this is why they tell you about the horrible things they are going to do to you before they do it.

Join together and form your Jural Assemblies, and then in One United Voice, Tell These Criminals to Cease Operating, to Cease arrests and kidnappings for victimless crimes, a crime that has no actual living native victim, only just a violation of a criminally purported and criminally enforced statute or code.  Then tell them to go back to the waters from whence they came.  All infrastructure, all government employee positions, then belong to THE INDIGENOUS NATIVES, at that time, all your local and federal government workers, will have to make a choice, serve the indigenous natives, or go to jail, because saboteurs go to jail,  and any attempt to cause the governments programs, law enforcement, or food stamps, to stop or falter, will be SABOTAGE.







go to:

YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE YOUR POLITICAL STATUS, OR DISSOLVE YOUR CORPORATION.  This is only another trap to delay you in forming your Jural Assemblies.  If McDonalds slipped cyanide into your burger, would you be expected to fill out corporate McDonalds paperwork?  NO! You are the victim!
No Burden Should Be Set UPON YOU!  The whole purpose of telling you to correct your political status, or dissolve your corporation, is to make life EXTREMELY DIFFICULT FOR YOU.  HOW DO YOU FUNCTION WITHOUT A DRIVER'S LICENSE, BANK ACCOUNT, RIGHT TO TRAVEL, OR A NATIONAL ID NUMBER = SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER or whatever it is called where you live?

Everything you need found herein:
Follow "The Handbook!"
go to:

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Great Comment!

Sun Tzu. I dont know how to post on here without using a comment section but I have something for you to read.
  1. Dear Theresa,
    Thank you so much for you comment and for posting here at Nesara News Blogspot, you are a highly appreciated member here!
    I have read the information found on at the address you have provide. And while it is possible that CEO Trump of the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc, may actually be conditionally signing a bill which contains all sorts of HORRIBLE things under the premise that he can deny them later, TRUMP NONETHELESS, SIGNED THE BILL, allowing all these things to come to pass under his digression.

    We the Indigenous Natives can no longer wait for a hero to occur inside the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," nor her parent crime syndicate corporation, "United Nations Inc," nor in any of her subsidiary crime syndicate corporations, "193 Member Nations Inc," instead we must all realize that we are the hero we have been waiting for.

    Would anyone likely expect to see a hero arise from a crime syndicate to save a persecuted indigenous native population? No probably not very likely.

    All the Crime Syndicate(s) care about its PROFIT & LOSS statements, DOLLARS & CENTS, that is all they care about, just ask the:
    Native American Indians
    Enslaved African Americans
    Victims of False Flags; Oklahoma City Bombing, 911, Mass Shootings Too Numerous To Count, and all of the attempts by the Crime Syndicate to euthanize certain races and make them sterilized (no children) , all of the CIA factory produced diseases, and all the pharmaceutical company created opiates distributed to the native populace, followed by heroin to make vast monies from the occupation of Afghanistan poppy fields, then followed by Fentanyl to kill off all the liabilities they Crime Syndicate created from the theft of homes via illegal home foreclosures and sheriff evictions, followed by the "Polar Vortex" to kill off all these liabilities.

    It all boils down to DOLLARS & CENTS, the Crime Syndicate only cares about PROFIT & LOSS statements, that is why Trump has not yet released all the millions of illegally incarcerated victims who've been kidnapped against their will by a foreign corporation, "United States Inc" for victim-less crimes in which there was only a violation of a fraudulent statute or code, no real actual living native was harmed. This is also why Trump has not yet told the lower level elected corporate executives nor the lower level appointed executives, nor the lower level corporate employees to cease and desist continued attacks against the native population with; arrests, warrants, and fraudulent incarcerations, because this slavery and GROSS ATTACKS makes the Crime Syndicate a bunch of money.

    WHY WOULD TRUMP, THE CEO of the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc," want to stop that?

    and be on the weekly call to learn how a Jural Assembly business meeting works, do not be late, call in 10 minutes early, ROLL Call stars immediately at the start time.

    Then the call opens into an open forum for as many questions as you can ask!

    Thank you for your excellent comment and for being such a highly valued member here at Nesara News!

    Sun Tzu

6 False Flags Occurred the Past Two Days = 666 = 5:5? = Can you see CLEARLY now? 5:5?

Sun Tzu say:
"The Crime Syndicate must tell you what they are going to do before they do it.  Otherwise they violate the laws of the cosmos, "Freewill."

6 False Flags Occurred The Last Couple Days & Counting:
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Comments - Will be posted as soon as I return - Sun Tzu

Have some business to attend to over the next two hours today (Sunday).  As soon as I return I will post all of your comments and attempt to respond to them.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Sun Tzu

PS - If you have not had an opportunity to go to the National Assembly website which is the meeting ground for all Patriots who wish to save themselves and the world, please do so, and go to the forums on the National Assembly website, create an account for yourself and start coordinating with Jural Assembly Patriots in your area (county/state).  Then be on the National Assembly call every Thursday until you know how to run your own Jural Assembly Meeting.  After the "Roll Call, Old Business, New Bussiness, and Voting on any existing motions, the National Assembly call then becomes an open forum for questions and answers.  Be there!  Every Thursday!  Get Informed!



Thank you Michael! - We look forward to working with you through the National Assemblies - Visit - Create an account in the forums and begin to network with people in your state/county

I concur with Sun Tzu and the National Assembly. It is a personal choose to expatriate from the crime syndicates. First of all men, woman and offspring are flesh and blood that lives. History has repeated itself out of the beast known as fictions brought on by the main players Vatican ink, City Of London ink and the CIA ink which needs to be turned into glass. It has morphed into a immoral bankruptcy to enslave every single man, woman and child. That is not your birth certificate, baptism, SSI, drivers licenses,tax returns, passport or any other signature that you did not autograph. The whole system is a scheme. I dear anyone to say any different. I have none of it because of the scheme was uncovered more then 30 years ago by myself and questioning everything since the age of consciousness at the age of 14, 46 years ago. It became personal at the age of 11 as I was lied to my entire life and at the age 14 it got rough because the lies continued and if you buy into it you are no better then the beast it's self. People become so diluted in this beast system they have no reasoning. One of two things are going to happen. A lot of dead people or get the seats filled on the National Assembly.
  1. Many thanks Michael. We look forward to your involvement in the Jural Assemblies, thank you for standing with us against Evil.

    The reason why so many plots have been hatched by the Crime Syndicates to break up the Jural Assemblies, is because the Jural Assemblies truly represent the death of the Crime Syndicates. Just as the Goat Idol Ba'al or Baphomet has one hand pointing up, and one hand pointing down, meaning, "So as above, so as below," this means the evil ones must follow the same Galactic and Cosmic laws of the Universe. They cannot violate their victims free will, so they must tell us what they are going to do before they do it. The other thing that is also true, is if we join together in peaceful assembly via the Jural Assemblies, it automatically voids the Crime Syndicate's so-called service contract. AS soon as we Jural Assemblies inform them that their contract is over, it is over, if they still moved against us, the entire Galactic fleet and the Infinite Creator's Angels & Arch Angels will be free to systematically destroy them, karma will take them down brick by brick.  The flip-side to "Free Will" is that as soon as you form your jural assembies, you will have exercised your right to self represent, at that time, you can no longer be claimed "missing" and if you are not missing, "Your Citizen Corporation," automatically dissolves or is at the very least, rendered useless to the crime syndicates, who must have a plethura of citizens to not only enslave, but also to provide contract services for, and also moreso important, to draw funds upon for those service provider contracts.  As soon as you return from absentia by forming your Jural Assemblies, the de facto corporation, "United Nations Inc," and all her subsidiary crime syndicate corporations (193 U.N. member states) will have NOTHING, NO Power, No Money, No Soil which to encroach from the jurisdiction of the sea, the Jurisdiction of the Land shall once again rise above the waters, the devil draining from our soils with it!

    Everything rests on the Jural Assemblies. WE MUST MOVE QUICKLY. Much time is already lost, the hour is very late, the time most dire indeed.

    Thank you!
    Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu say:
"Thank you Michael!
We look forward to working with you through the National Assemblies!

Create an account in the forums and begin to network with indigenous Patriots in your state/county (region, province whatever called in your nation), and set up your Jural Assemblies.  

This is actually a very easy process, it is only through vast horrific cons and vile plots that the Crime Syndicate has prevented (slowed down) our performing this simple Godly and Holy Action.  For freeing oneself from slavery is the most Godly and Holy act anyone can ever attain, the right to represent oneself and govern their own affairs, voiding all service contracts with all foreign owned Crime Syndicates.

Why We Have Nancy Pelosi's Ugly Criminal Mug Atop Nesara News - The TREASONOUS TRAITORS are NOT AFRAID! - Give them a reason to be AFRAID, form up your JURAL ASSEMBLIES, be on the National Assembly Call every Thursday until you KNOW HOW a Jural Assembly meeting FUNCTIONS!

  1. Time to get rid of the 'Pelosi' header up top- Every time I see that ugly troll, I want to squeeze her neck until the pus runs out of her eyes-She discusts me to no end-
  2. I will ask again- PLEASE get rid of Pelosi's mug up top on the header- She makes us sick- Thank you- Maybe something a little more pleasant? There's enough gloom and doom going on with out us looking at this ugly and non important weasel-And please,NO excuses as to why you seem to want to keep it on here-I'm sure that by now, people have gotten the picture- Thanks-
  3. Sun Tzu say:
    "Every Thursday, the National Assembly Call, begins with Roll Call (right at the start, so call in 5-10 minutes before start time), then moves on to "Old Business," then, "New Business," if there are any items up for voting, that will occur, then the meeting ends, and the call opens up for QUESTIONS.

    The purpose of the National Assembly Call is to show you how a Jural Assembly meeting operates, so that you can form you own Jural Assemblies for your own Counties and States.  We are of  course here for you to help you answer all questions, to provide a support system for you, and to motivate you to TAKE BACK YOUR NATION, and to TAKE BACK EARTH.

    Trump and Qanon are nothing more than a calculated long con to prevent the assemblies from forming, to maintain crime syndicate, corporate, "United States Inc" and parent corporation, "United Nations Inc," rule.

    The only way for Earth to free herself of these Crime Syndicates is to rise up and form your own jural assemblies.  The Crime Syndicate must follow very precise Galactic and Cosmic laws.

    1) The Crime Syndicates must tell you before they do something horrible (often times this is hidden in a movie(s))

    2) The Crime Syndicates cannot violate your right to self govern.  The "United Nations Inc" and her subsidiary crime syndicates like, "France Inc" and "United States Inc," can only enslave you if you do not form your Jural Assemblies, the peaceful gathering of indigenous natives, men and women, who've chosen to represent their local counties, states, and country.  As soon as the Jural Assemblies form, "their word," becomes like the Word of God, "the de facto corporation crime syndicates quake in their boots at the thought of this happening."  The crime syndicates cannot violate your freewill, this is why they tell you about the horrible things they are going to do to you before they do it.

    Join together and form your Jural Assemblies, and then in One United Voice, Tell These Criminals to Cease Operating, to Cease arrests and kidnappings for victimless crimes, a crime that has no actual living native victim, only just a violation of a criminally purported and criminally enforced statute or code.


    RISE UP  -  RISE UP  -  RISE UP!

    go to:
  4. "

Saturday, February 16, 2019

It Is All About Profit & Loss Statements for the "United States Inc," Foreign-Owned-For-Profit Crime Syndicate Corporation and its Parent Corporation, "United Nations Inc," also a For-Profit-Foreign-Owned-Governement-Service-Provider-Corporation

Profit and Loss Statements:

Reducing Liabilities:
Illegal Bank Foreclosures on Houses
Cold Freeze Weather Warfare
Paradise CA Fire
Gas Explosions of Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts
Repudiation of U.S. Citizenship

Repudiation of U.S. Citizenship = This is a big one, here's why!
(The following may apply to all natives on Earth residing inside of United Nations Inc member state nations.)

US Supreme Court Law says that the corporation, "United States Inc," can only have business with other fictional corporate entities (U.S. Citizens - but this corporate law might be the same in the U.N. Inc and her subsidiaries, all member nations of the U.N.)

The Government Service Provider Corporations can only legally have business dealings with other fictional entities.  So if you repudiate your U.S. Citizenship, the corporation will be free of having to do business with you because it legally cannot have dealings with you, thereby alleviating any future need to pay you; recompense, restitution, and reparations for crimes against humanity.

We have just now figured this out folks.  The reason why Anna Von Reitz and many others (who all have behind the scenes dealings now discovered with the Crime Syndicates) are telling you to repudiate your citizenship for your given country, may be because this is monetizing you for the Crime Syndicates.  In this case, it is monetizing a liability and crossing it off the books.  By the Corporations (United Nations Inc member states = United States Inc, France Inc...) very laws, they can no longer do business with you, nor owe you anything, once you dissolve your corporation = U.S. Citizen.

We apologize for just now figuring this out.  We are mostly positive of this.  Although you can never expect a Crime Syndicate to play fair, there does appear to be a saboteur plot underway by various agents, including Anna Von Reitz, to engage the natives of Earth, urging them to repudiate their citizenships, resulting in the dissolving of the "Corporate Entity = Citizen," thus leaving behind only a real living native, which by U.S. corporate statute, the de facto corporation can not have any communication with, business dealings with, or whom to owe reparations and restitution to.

Since you will not be able to find a Common Law court in which to challenge the de facto corporation, you are stuck with de facto corporation corporate magistrate courts = kangaroo courts for crime syndicates, and in their jurisdiction, you have to go by their rules, which says, they cannot acknowledge your existence after the corporate entity = U.S. Citizen (or any other citizen) is dissolved.

We apologize for any previous support we gave to Anna Von Reitz.  As we make our way through the layers of the onion which is "The Matrix of Enslavement & Suffering," it is only natural that at times we will take a wrong turn and have to correct, there is an abundance of misinformation, traps, and pitfalls being laid, we hope that you receive this information quickly so that you can continue forward more educated and protected against these aforementioned traps and pitfalls.  A large majority of her original content in her original 300 articles was dead on correct.  Once we all supported her, she then came out with the "poison dart hidden in the raison tart."

We all know the devil comes in the name of love, peace, justice, and then sows evil poisonous lies into those loving beautiful words, the words overlooked are the poison that kills.

We have now confirmed that the Colorado-9. a group of Citizen Judges, who were first educated by Anna, were visited by the FBI, and now reside inside Federal Jail.  However, before the FBI went to the Colorado 9 individuals (nine individuals), the Feds first went to Anna Von Reitz, and after they left to go arrest a few of the Colorado-9, Anna took the name, "Judge" out from in front of her name.  Next thing that happened, the Feds threw the book at a few of the students of Anna Von Reitz, locked them up and threw away the key for 30+ years.  But Anna got a free pass.  What does that tell you?  Does Anna Von Reitz work for the Crime Syndicate(s). She admitted meeting the pope.

On one hand, Ann Von Reitz said the Michigan Jural Assembly did everything right!  State, Nationally, and Internationally accepted as proven and correct, remains un-rebutted. Then she says to ignore them. Why is she speaking with a forked tongue after she gets questioned?

Hurry quickly my fellow brothers and sisters.  Form up your Jural Assemblies.  You do not need to change your political status, that is a trap, which would cause you much loss, suffering, and misfortune.  Just form up your Jural Assemblies so we can take back our country, the un-incorporated sovereign republic, the united States of America.

Go to:
be on the National Assembly Call every week to witness what a typical jural assembly business meeting is like, "Old business, New bussiness," and then ask question to educate yourselves during the open session that follows the short business session.

Sun Tzu

Do Not Repudiate U.S. Citizenship - Do Not Change Status - Here is why (Another Layer of Deception Peeled Back From the Onion That Is - The Matrix of Enslavement):

New evidence has come to light suggesting previous ideas thought true, now appear to be false.

Temporarily, cease performing any correspondence in the form of "U.S. Citizenship Repudiation" or "Political Status Change" with "United States Inc," a foreign corporation committing fraud.

What we have discovered:
- Why should the people have to correct their status?  
- It was the foreign corporation, "United States Inc," who committed the fraud, the natives were simply born upon the land, then defrauded, the natives are innocent, and should be free of burden.

- We The People, the indigenous natives on the land, are not required to communicate or have business dealings with a foreign corporation, "United States Inc," operating criminally.

Any failure to heed this warning may be monetizing yourself for financial gain of the crime syndicate, maximizing profits for the foreign corporation, "United States Inc," and their parent corporation, "United Nations Inc," and the subsidiary corporations, "Your Nation Inc."  

US Supreme Court decision Penhallow v. Doane's Administrators states that the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc," can only do business with other fictional entities, which is why we have all been turned into corporations in the jurisdiction of the sea under maritime law. See Tompkins v. Erie Railroad.

If you repudiate your U.S. citizenship, this may release the crime syndicate from having to pay you recompense and restitution for fraud/damages because there will be no fictional entity for the crime syndicate to do business with or have communications with.

By repudiating your U.S. citizenship, the Crime Syndicate may seize your social security benefits as no one individual has proven to have received these monies and or damages (restitution for fraud) and as The Handbook from the Michigan Jural Assembly proves, this "status change" or "US citizenship repudiation," is not necessary and may cause great financial harm to both the native and to future moneys (remedy) received (owed).  

The biggest person pushing this, she has never shown proof of receiving moneys back from the crime syndicate post processing. 

Other evidence has come to light that we shall bring before you shortly.  This is a temporary notice to get the word out as quickly as possible.

The real notice with proof will be coming shortly.

Sun Tzu

Anna Von Reitz vs The Jural Assemblies, The Michigan Jural Assembly, The Handbook vs Citizenship Repudiation/Political Status Change

We know that Satan and the forces of evil always first enter the scene with gifts, sustenance of value,  valuable information, and in the name of love and peace for the betterment of mankind, but the real truth is that a sinister trap is laid right from the beginning.

I Sun Tzu, currently freeze all support and aid for Anna Von Reitz.  You all know me well, I have supported her for a very long time, she in fact woke me up, but you will see below, something with Anna is very troubling, needs to be addressed, and directions she is giving, could cost you everything.

While I look forward to working with Anna Von Reitz, correcting the record and urging her to join the forces of good (maximum benefit for the We the Indigenous Native victims), currently she may be leading all the lemmings off the cliff to their doom.

1)  Anna's first several hundred articles were packed full of valuable information; the foreign owned corporation, "United Nations Inc," and all her subsidiary corporations like, "United States Inc," are all foreign with respect to the natives which they enslave, and Anna helped shine light on that and upon the unlawful conversion of natives into corporations by infringing upon all our copyright(s).

2)  Monetization of natives who change their political status (dissolve their corporation).
- If you dissolve your corporation by changing your political status (mailing back your birth certificate to the de facto corporation), you will likely never receive the "monies," (inheritance) you are owed as Anna Von Reitz says you will (at least not anytime in the near future).

- In Anna's earlier writings, she told you to inform the de facto corporation to place all monies owed into your bank account (account number provided).  

-  So if Anna received her billions of dollars she is owed by being the first in her family line to receive all the assets of her family line that had been fraudulently claimed and stolen (IRS) by the "United States Inc," as "Un-claimed," "Abandoned," or "Belonging to Missing Peoples," then she would be one of the richest people in the country and she would not be asking everyone for money to buy jars of food to fill her pantry.  So Anna, where is all this great wealth you have received?  Why are you asking everyone for money if you have received your family's inheritance?

-  If you follow Anna into what appears to be a vicious Deep State trap, there is one thing for sure, you will not get your inheritance anytime soon, because the "United States Inc," foreign owned corporation has statutes and administrative rulings from the administrative corporate courts most notably the "United States Supreme Court," which says that the de facto corporation, "United States Inc," is a fictional entity, and can only have business dealings and communication with other fictional entities (corporations), so if you dissolve your corporation (U.S. Citizen), then the de facto corporation, "United States Inc," will not be able to communicate with you or have business dealings with you, it will be as though you never existed.  I will be posting the above mentioned U.S. Supreme Court ruling as soon as Freewill sends it to me again, it is the real deal, the United States Inc can only have communication or business dealings with other fictional entities, such as corporations.  So how would you receive your inheritance if the de facto corporation cannot communicate or do business with you?

The de facto corporation, "United States Inc," will also be able to say that any injury due to copyright infringement was alleviated and resolved by the victim themselves when they informed the "United States Inc," that they were in fact not missing and that the victim corrected the mistake by dissolving the U.S. Citizen corporation created in Probate Court(for dead, missing, missing presumed dead), thus you will never get your damages for the copyright infringement upon your name, at least not anytime soon.

Furthermore, if you do what Anna is telling you to do, your life will be one of misery and suffering.  Anyone who would like to know what life is like after changing your political status, just ask Freewill.  Life gets pretty tough without a social security number and a driver's license.

If a foreign owned corporation, "Death Inc," perpetrates attacks against the indigenous native population, why should any burden be placed on the victims?  Why should the natives have any burden of correcting any fraudulent paperwork in a foreign corporation that is operating as a crime syndicate, not operating on the land jurisdiction, and operating illegally from the jurisdiction of the sea through maritime law?

I will answer this for you:
The "United States Inc," is the Criminal Operation that is infringing upon copyrights, genociding natives all over the world, and committing all sorts of other crimes against the native population of Earth.  Why should any victim be expected to communicate with a Crime Syndicate?

If a corporation, "Bob's Burgers" slipped cyanide into your mom's soft drink and she died, would you be required to fill out corporate paperwork for Bob's Burgers Inc?

No, I don't think so.

Anna Von Reitz appears to be aiding and abetting the foreign owned Crime Syndicate in limiting its liabilities.  By getting people to dissolve their U.S. Citizenship, Anna is essentially monetizing victims for the Crime Syndicate, this decreases the amount of money that the "United States Inc" will have to pay out for both copyright infringement as well as the "Inheritance," which cannot be paid out to a living native as the "United States Inc" by its own U.S. Supreme Court decisions, can only have business dealings with corporations or non fictional entities.  By dissolving your U.S. Citizenship, you may be allowing the Crime Syndicate to keep all your inheritance.

The Michigan Jural Assembly did everything right! (Quote From Anna's Own Mouth 

The Jural Assemblies are the solution.
The Handbook is the solution.
You can find out everything you need to save yourself and the world, right here:

You do not need to correct your political status.  You simply need to form up your Jural Assemblies.  

Once the Jural Assemblies are formed, we can take the de facto "United States Inc" to task for copyright infringement and all other horrible crimes they've committed.

But you need to do this fast.  As you can see, it appears that Trump and Qanon are just a distraction, just another layer of control in "The Matrix" of enslavement and suffering.  There is mixed words on the subject of the recent funding bill signed by Trump, that it allows for all illegal aliens, their roommates, and their family members, to have a path to citizenship.  It appears to me that Anna Von Reitz is helping the Crime Syndicate get rid of the citizens they don't want (victims they owe restitution to) and refilling the ranks of Citizens with illegal immigration and immediate path to citizenship for all who illegally enter the country.  Remember, the de facto Corporation, "United States Inc," and her parent corporation, "United Nations Inc," cannot survive without "Citizens" to provide services for (or should I say rob, murder, cheat and steal from).  So it appears that Qanon and Trump are just a means to erase liabilities (reparations, recompense, and restitution for crimes) and then replace those lost Citizens with more Citizens, stealing our nation from us at the same time.

Anna Von Reitz:
Where is your inheritance that you have collected from the de facto "United States Inc?"  You wrote in your articles of how to collect it upon correction of political status.  So show us your big fat billion dollar bank account.

Furthermore, you tell us that you have filed all these injunctions and legal proceedings in our defense and in protection of our inheritance and in protection of our property, and in protection of our Sovereign Un-Incorporated Republic, PLEASE SHOW US PROOF OF THIS.  If you are filing legal arguments in our benefit, should we not be privy to these documents? 

Anna.  Why did you drop the name "Judge" Anna Von Reitz?

Is it correct that you removed the title, "Judge" from your name upon being visited by the FEDS?  

Is it true that the Colorado-9 (Nine students of Anna Von Reitz all using the title Judge) were visited by the FEDS after the FEDS visited you, except that the FEDS arrested a few of those nine individuals, of whom I am informed are still in prison?  Why did the FEDS tip you off, but arrest your students?

Anna Von Reitz, are you currently working for the DEEP State?

Anna Von Reitz, are you currently working for the Vatican?

Anna Von Reitz, in your earlier writings, you claimed to have been a United States Federal Postal Judge, but the union has no records of you having ever been a Federal Postal Judge.

Anna Von Reitz, we ask you to present evidence to your fellow natives that proves you are who you say you are, that you have received your inheritance as you are telling people to change their political status to do so.  We ask you to prove that you were a Federal Postal Judge.

We ask you to furthermore prove that the "Living Law Firm" is real.

We ask you to furthermore  prove that the legal paperwork and legal matters for protection of our properties, names, and inheritance have actually been filed.

We would like to solve these issues with you civilly and avoid a mud slinging contest.  We desire a solution that best fits all injured natives on Earth (the whole population).

But please understand, if you are aiding a foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," or the Vatican, or any other individual or entity in attacks against Americans, you would be committing Treason.

We kindly ask you to help us resolve these matters.

Sun Tzu

John Galt Full Speech Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand Who is John Galt A must watch!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Copyright Infringement by The Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc" - Corporate Mercenaries = Law Enforcement - Every; Fine, Warrant, Arrest, Prosecution For Crimes Without A Living Native Victim is a Direct Attack Against A Sovereign Indigenous Native - An Attack Against A Native Is An Attack Against That Sovereign Nation

In order for the Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc," to perpetrate its thefts and genocides, it unlawfully infringed upon all of our copyrights by creating a corporation in each of our names by which to enslave us.  This unlawful conversion into corporations is evidenced by the above, "Legal Definition Person."

To all those working for the foreign owned crime syndicates, example:
"United States Inc"

We the Indigenous Natives greet you all in the love and light of the infinite creator, you are all first and foremost our brothers and sisters living upon the land, and you like we, are all victims of this massive perpetrated fraud and gross crimes committed by these foreign corporations posing as lawful governance but having no legal jurisdiction allowing it.  We ask you all to rise with us, the natives living on the land, and throw down the oppressive enslaving foreign corporations.  But We the Indigenous Natives warn you, if you do not assist us, and if you attack us, you will be forcing our hand to defend ourselves.

You are forewarned.  Join us, defend our joint freedom, but if you attack us, we will push you back into the sea from whence these foreign corporations came.

Sun Tzu

"United Nations Inc" Parent Corporation Crime Syndicate and Her Daughter, Subsidiary Corporation, Foreign owned, "United States Inc," Levy Massive Biological Attack Against Wildlife and Against the Indigenous Native Population (You & Me & Everyone Else) - by Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu say:
"The Crime Syndicates always have to tell you what they are aiming to do before they do it, thus relieving themselves of karma and alleviating negative blowback.

The Crime Syndicate, "United Nations Inc," and all her subsidiary corporations, the 193 member states, just like, "United States Inc," have been intentionally poisoning the wildlife of Earth and her indigenous native population with all sorts of chemical and biological attacks; from aids, to ebola, to sars, and now this, zombie like deer wasting disease.

From the movies, we have known about this desired attempted zombie apocalypse for quite some time.  The news is now feeding energy into it, saying that scientists are concerned that this disease could jump to humans.  We know that means they will intentionally move to make it so.

Arm yourselves, and when the mercenaries and thugs hired by these foreign owned corporations come to enslave you or force you against your will, tell them to go back to the seas from whence they came, inform them they are on the land jurisdiction now, and that you will be forced to protect yourselves against them, as they are merely foreign invaders come to murder you and take your land and property, to enslave your children, whoring them out to their wealthy elitist friends.  And if they should bring their weapons against you, push them back into the seas from whence they came.

Sun Tzu

False Flag Shooting Event Today In Aurora, IL? - Qpost says False Flags Incoming - Q Always Says 5:5? = Aurora Shooting = 5 officers shot, 5 victims dead

Qanon always says, "5:5"
5 Officers Shot
5 Victims Murdered

Sun Tzu say:
"Are Patriots IN CONTROL?"

Sun Tzu say:
"Patriots Are Not In Control!"

Sun Tzu adds:
"Arm yourselves, prepare for attacks, prepare to defend yourselves, and if necessary, prepare to take your nation(s) and your sovereignty back by force.

An fully armed indigenous native population on American soil and on Earth, is necessary to prevent more atrocities committed by the foreign owned government service provider corporations, all of them operating for profit via total fraud and via illegal criminal occupation of the land jurisdictions by foreign corporations operating under maritime law from the jurisdiction of the sea, all perpetrated by the "United Nations Inc," and all of her subsidiary corporations, "the 193 member nations of United Nations Inc," just like, "United States Inc," all of them are all really just subsidiary corporations operating through fraud as Crime Syndicates, enslaving the native indigenous populace.  Each foreign owned corporation (U.N. Inc member state), such as, "United States Inc," is totally foreign owned and foreign with respect to the indigenous natives which it enslaves through fraud and enforcement by genocide and all forms of lesser capital crimes.

It is all just a big theft by brute force murder and genocide.  A bunch of foreign owned corporations posing as Sovereign lawful governance, but they are really just crime syndicates, committing every type of atrocity and every type of crime.  Continually selling the same goods and services over and over to us.  Our taxes pay for it, then we are forced to pay for it all again and again = Crime Syndicates.

Children of America, Children of Earth, 
Rise Up  -  Rise Up  -  Rise Up
Fight For Your Freedom, Defend Your Freedom, Defend Your Ground, Defend Your Position, Defend Your Sovereignty, Defend Your Land Jurisdiction.  No Crime Syndicate foreign owned corporation has any right to deny you your own justice, nor has any right to deny you "Information," nor has any right to tax you, nor has any right to fine you, nor has any right to imprison you, nor has any right to do anything to you.  But you will have to fight for your freedoms, because a foreign enemy is invading all our sovereign soils, that foreign enemy must be beaten into submission until her own agents cease assisting that foreign entity and join our cause in subduing these foreign invaders forever

The foreign corporations have no real jurisdiction nor any real authority over you.  They operate through total fraud, they are nothing but slave masters, once they lose control of your minds (mind control), all we have to do is tell them with one unified voice, "NO MORE!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"  This will wake up the agents who are unknowingly committing TREASON, and those agents will join our cause in the liberation of not only America, but Earth as well.

Stand Your Ground!

Buy up your guns, stock up on your ammunition.  Inform any of the foreign corporations agents that they are illegally operating on sovereign soil, inform them that you are a real living indigenous native, and that their foreign owned corporation(s) have no jurisdiction on the land, nor jurisdiction over you.

Do not fire first.  Our mission is a peaceful overturning of this foreign enemy invading and genociding our families and loved ones.  But if they fire upon you, or bring their weapons (an item used in a crime) against you, use your tools for freedom against them (Every tool at your disposal to protect yourselves and secure your freedom).

Patriots Are Not In Control
If they were, the "RATS EVERYWHERE," would be in chains.

Sun Tzu