Legal Definition of "PERSON" from LAW.com

1)  Converts every; man, women, and child, into a piece of paper (a corporation).  The fake judge (corporate administrator) can use any definition present.  The presence of the latter definition (a corporation) proves the global crime syndicate is using it.  Welcome to BABYLON the GREAT, the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, all owned by the QUEEN of ENGLAND.
2)  Rich people are exalted over the poor.  The rich can afford justice because they can afford the lawyers required to search out statutes hidden amongst trillions of statutes.  This also allows the rich to capitalize on the poor because the poor are unable to receive justice.
3)  Poor people cannot afford justice, they cannot afford the lawyers to search out the hidden statutes. This is why we have police corruption, this is why we have corporations who make decisions based on the predicted outcome of cost verses profit when it comes to analyzing class action lawsuits against them.  The lawyers have taken away the key of knowledge, so if you cannot afford lawyers, you are afforded no justice. "Legalese" and "word-crafting" have paved way for atrocities small and great, which is why Christ said, "Woe to you the lawyers for you have taken away the key of the knowledge.  You yourselves not did enter and those who are entering, you hindered." (LUKE 11:52)


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ASSEMBLY BUSINESS ENDS, then Second hour is general discussion (Q & A)
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Friday, May 31, 2019

SECRET SATANIC MESSAGE(s) ENCODED IN TWO SEPARATE MASS MURDER EVENTS TODAY, Friday May 31, 2019 - VIRGINIA BEACH SHOOTING (11 dead, 6 wounded) "11 = Abbadon (the King of the fallen angels in the pit), "6 = TO PERISH" - Then death count upgraded after more victims died (13 VICTIMS including Shooter, 4 wounded) "13 = DESTRUCTION", "4 = "FRUIT" - PLUS, Satanic Murder today (Friday May, 31st) of Roky Erickson Musician of The "13th Floor Elevators" Rock Music Group - And THUS, the Strongs Biblical Concordance Hidden Satanic Messages Decoded & Threaded Together: "ABADDON GIVES the FRUIT of DESTRUCTION, ALL SHALL PERISH."

This initial report we found on BeforeItsNews.com (Mainly a paid opposition fluff website to waste your time, but there is still some jewels to find there, like Jonathan Kleck, but despite the fact that both BeforeItsNews.com and RumorMillNews.com are working for the enemy, refusing to display articles that EXPOSE THE ROOT CAUSE of ENSLAVEMENT, found here on NesaraNews.Blogspot.Com in the form of "ENSLAVEMENT by THE LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY, and Proof That United States is NOT AMERICA, and that "The Jurisdiction of the United States," is "inside the District of Columbia," as proven by historical legislation titled, "An Act To Provide A Government For the District of Columbia, 41st congress, session III, 1871 found at the Library of Congress," which is the secret contract that hired a foreign-owned corporation, encroaching name of, "United States," in order to steal America over the course of a century, but their jurisdiction still lies in the District of Criminals, their authority is an illusion, their court houses are embassies, and as long as you can avoid going ONTO FOREIGN soil, you retain your AMERICA and YOUR RIGHTS as AN AMERICAN, and once you know it is still there, ALIVE AND WELL, as a Sovereign Un-Incorporated Republic, CANNOT DIE, you are then FREE, and STANDING IN GREAT AUTHORITY AND POWER.  
All these PROOFS and ROOT CAUSES of ENSLAVEMENT, found at the link below, these documents are so important that the Head of the Washington County Elections Office (Oregon) offered me a bribe of a full-time JUDGESHIP as A FAKE, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, so that I might cease my efforts to run for public office (she did not even know my name, first encounter of 10 minutes before her eyes turned wide and she offered the bribe), as there are NO PUBLIC OFFICES, just a bunch of private corporate goons working for a foreign government, which makes them foreign citizens, foreign to Americans, just a corrupt corporation operating out of the District of Criminals, and they have no authority to step foot out of it, which is why they want your guns, because they cannot legally possess a firearm NOR TOUCH ONE, if they stand in America, as they are then standing on foreign soil, holding a gun, which makes them, "ARMED FOREIGN ENEMY INVADERS."  As long as you do not walk onto their EMBASSY (U.S. Court Houses), then they cannot legally touch you, but you must declare yourself an AMERICAN NATIVE INDIGENOUS, and NOT A U.S. CITIZEN, which is LEGALLY defined as a "Corporation which resides inside the district of criminals," just as every STATE, COUNTY, and CITY which have incorporated, they are all fictitious filings inside of the fictitious filing called "United States," and they all reside inside the District of Criminals, and we are not in the District of Criminals (Washington DC) thus it is all BIG LAUGH, JOKES ON US, THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO LEGAL AUTHORITY OUTSIDE OF WASHINGTON DC, none, but since you give it, THEY TAKE IT FREELY.  STOP GIVING IT!  STAND YOUR GROUND, by educating yourself, HERE:

By looking up the Strong's Biblical concordance of "11," by searching, "Strongs 11," we find:

Look here at what is written in REVELATIONS 9:11
SO WE LEARN, that "Abaddon" is the name of Satan, the king of the FALLEN ANGELS whom are locked in the PIT.  DO YOU THINK IT IS HAPPEN BY CHANCE that on September 11th (911) that both the World Trade Towers were knocked down, as well as Paradise, California was vaporized by PG&E (owned by United States.  All roads lead where?  ANSWER:  ROME.  Which means that every Citizen, every City, every County, every State, are all PRETEND INSIDE THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS (Washington D.C.), and all the publicly traded companies are owned by the UNITED STATES, which is owned by the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the United Nations, which is soon to be merged with the BRICS nations if Satan has his way.  The original headquarters for the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, was the VATICAN, but then after they faked out the world with NAZI Germany WWII all while the real NAZIS were hidden in every nation participating in the charade, and after they murdered all the JEWS, they tatoo'd numbers on their arms so they could steal the global resources of those Jews whom they murdered in the Holocaust Camps, and then they went and stole ISRAEL from the Palestinians, and so they moved their headquarters there, keeping a secondary headquarters at the Vatican.  But then after toppling CHINA during its Civil War, they moved their primary headquarters to CHINA, keeping secondary headquarters in ISRAEL, and tertiary headquarters in the VATICAN, as the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME knew that the world would never believe that the whole world was toppled by them.  BUT, THIS IS WHY CHINESE SPIES HAVE BEEN IMBEDDED INSIDE DIANE FEINSTEINS office and why CHINESE SPIES were imbedded throughout AMERICA, so they could weaken us to the point that we would not be able to repel an invasion.  And enter TRUMP and Qanon, to keep us asleep to the REAL ROOT CAUSES OF ENSLAVEMENT and in order to send away our military to IRAN, and to send out military to IRAQ, and AFGHANISTAN, and SOUTH AMERICA, AND ANYWHERE BUT HERE, where the elite are planning their RED WEDDING, as soon as the RED LETTER is issued.  Prepare for the slaughter of the lamb of God, as Satan prepares to make the 'Seed of Adom," MOST RED AND DEAD.

By looking up the Strongs Biblical concordance of "6," by searching, "Strongs 6" we find:
Then the death count was upgraded as alleged victims perished after the fact (remember, we do not know whether this was a REAL FALSE FLAG, or a FAKE FALSE FLAG, but based on the death count, and victim count, and the secret satanic messages encoded via the biblical concordance of each number, it appears as though it was a real satanic sacrifice.

The death count was upgraded to 12 dead +1 shooter dead, plus 4 wounded.

13 victims including shooter in the Virginia Beach False Flag Satanic Sacrifice Today.
And Rory Erickson died today, and he was a musician for the band, "13th Floor Elevators."

Here is the Strong's Biblical Concordance of the number 13, to check for hidden secret Satanic Sacrifice markings:
 4 additional wounded today in the Virginia Beach False Flag Satanic Sacrifice Today
Here is the Strong's Biblical Concordance of the number 4 to see if there are Secret Satanic markings/messages in the 4 non fatal injuries.

Thus sayeth The ONE Infinite Creator, "Satan declares, VIA SECRET MESSAGE":


I am The Son of Man,
Formerly known as Sun Tzu,
And I, along with the 144,000, are here to destroy Satan and Satan's Minions.

The Son of Man say:
"Verily, I say to you, You shall all see The Son of Man, riding on the clouds of heaven.  Repent now, the Tribulations have begun, and the Harvest is near."

PS - Check for hidden secret messages by performing an internet search of "Strongs #" and the # is the 'number' that you want to look up.  Remember, Biblical Concordance is built on the fact that every word in every bible is given a number to identify it, and because there are multiple bibles, "Greek, Hebrew, Old Testament, New Testament," both Satan and his minions can send some very complex messages, but you can always see the markers RIGHT AWAY once you know what you are looking for.

God uses the same encoded messages.  So the next time you see a news reel on an ODD STORY, run the numbers, look up the Biblical Concordance by searching for "Strongs #"

For example, to know the hidden messages of the number 13, we search the internet for, "Strongs 13"

Just as the FAKE QANON, FAKE TRUMP, spy-op have taught us, duplications of numbers express extra importance.  So the fact that 13 were killed in the Virginia Beach False Flag shooting today, as well as a musician from a band with 13 in the title of his band, "13th Floor Elevators," YOU JUST KNOW.  Plus the fact that the Satanic Elite just love the number 13, because it means DESTRUCTION, that is why they used it for the 13 colonies, the 13 stripes on Old Glory.


Julian Assange THROWS UP the MARK OF THE BEAST, 666 - And Cabal Disinformation Specialist LISA HAVEN attempts to PROTECT FALSE FLAG Julian Assange FROM BEING EXPOSED as a PSY-OP - TRUMP/ASSANGE/Qanon = A Psy-Op to prevent you from finding out that each nation is enslaved by a small little foreign owned corporation operating out of an area the size of a grain of rice. TO PREVENT YOU FROM KNOWING that they cannot legally execute their jurisdiction outside of it. The courts are able to destroy you because you have entered an EMBASSY and are on FOREIGN SOIL

(BELOW) JULIAN ASSANGE throws up 666, his hand makes 2 x 6's, and his head and arm make the third and final six (inverted both on the x and y axis).
Here is a link to this FAKE NEWS PIECE by LISA HAVEN.

Consider this:

WHY is it that all the FAKE ALTERNATIVE & MAINSTREAM MEDIA will converse ONLY about symptoms of slavery and sensational stories, but THEY REFUSE to identify the ROOT CAUSES of ENSLAVEMENT?

The root cause of enslavement is that each federal corporation operates out of a very small box, like the District of Criminals (Washington DC) and that is their jurisdiction, but they then created many subsidiary corporations for each of the states and counties, thus to give the illusion that they had total dominion over the nation, but really, each of those subsidiary corporations truly only exists as a fictitious thing hidden inside another fictitious thing (The District of Criminals, Washington DC), and so carrying on with this example, The District of Criminals is its own nation, "the United States," and thus while the rest of us are standing in America, we do not know it, but our True Sovereign nation still exists and becomes real as soon as we WAKE UP, that we are standing in America, AND "THEY" the United States, are a separate nation, a foreign soil, and that all their COURT HOUSES, are merely embassies, and you all know, that if you step foot into an embassy, YOU LOSE ALL YOUR RIGHTS BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW IN A FOREIGN LAND.

NOW YOU KNOW HOW THEY TRASH YOU AND ABUSE YOU SO EASILY, because you HAVE NO RIGHTS when you are in a FOREIGN COUNTRY.  Refuse to go to their courts, and establish you own lawful courts of justice just like the founding fathers did, and you will have your country back, and you can be in a nation where "One of the ten kings whom do not yet have a kingdom," shall seize their kingdom, otherwise you will end up in 1/4 the world that is slaughtered under the BEAST SYSTEM, given control over to the Anti-Christ.

BUT your lawful court of justice, must be a truly PUBLIC OFFICE(S) as in A PUBLIC LAWFUL COURT OF JUSTICE, you cannot expect to find success if you are like that of the Michigan Jural Assembly, as they are self admitted only a private group, which is why they do not show us their SO CALLED 21 ORDERS, and because they are private, they are NOT A LAWFUL COURT OF JUSTICE and thus their documents, and their so called zero rebuttals ARE TOTAL BULLSHIT, because they are a social club, and their documents and notices are like invitations to a birthday party for the elite ON THEIR BEST DAY. where the ELITE are mocking you, because you have been stupid enough to fall for "their creation," as the Michigan Jural Assembly was assembled by traitors who sought to mislead and lead you astray from a real solution.

The Michigan jural assembly has no authority as it is a "private group."

Just like Julian Assange, Trump, and Qanon, they are all PSY-ops, just like Anna Von Reitz, they are all leading you astray.  The TRUE POWER comes in the below document, "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia," and true power comes from exposing how the Legal Law Dictionary has enslaved us all by making the definitions of words WHATEVER THEY WANT THEM TO MEAN, thus all the living peoples of earth have been LEGALLY CONVERTED INTO THINGS, and BEASTS.

Look for yourself!  Either get a copy of a Legal Law Dictionary or do an internet search for all of the terms like; man, homo sapien, person, human being, woman, it is a circle of fraud, converting living peoples into THINGS and BEASTS.

The choice is yours.

I am The Son of Man
formerly known as Sun Tzu
Welcome to the Tribulations, Repent now, the End is Here.
Things shall become exceedingly worsened for the next 7 years, the End of those days shalt be so unbearable, woe to you whom perish without God, for you shalt likely never know life ever again.

Here is the PROOF:
<Click the little, "Read More," button>

Michigan Jural Assembly discovered to be Private Entity, colluding with the Enemy, thus because they are PRIVATE, they are NOT a lawful court of justice, and any document sent out from them, is NO DIFFERENT than A DINNER INVITATION.

HOW TO BEAT THE CRIME SYNDICATE, we must do what our ancestors did when they needed to destroy a KING or QUEEN, a QUO WARRANTO DECLARATION (Of What Right?),

You do not have to go to the courts belonging to your 'federal corporation' like the United States federal courts, as they are just embassies for a nation called the United States, and those embassies are foreign lands on America, you have just as much need to go their as you have need to go to a foreign nation.

You can band together and form your own lawful courts of justice, just as the American forefathers did, through the jural assemblies, which must be totally public, NOT PRIVATE as the MICHIGAN JURAL ASSEMBLY and the National Assembly are ONLY PRIVATE ENTITIES a darned SOCIAL GATHERING(s), with no power, the leaders of the Michigan Assembly have led you astray, and have cast themselves down in the eyes of God, as they have intentionally allowed their number to drop from 150 down to only 8 individuals being at a meeting on an important voting topic.

And so either the Michigan Jural Assembly comes out from being private and acts like a lawful court of justice instead of a private social club, or we must wipe them from the map and ignore them.  For all the documents that the Michigan Jural Assembly has ever sent to anyone, to the Hague, to the de facto, to the military, and to the white house, they were no different than a dinner invitation, which the ruling elite can just throw in the trash, because there is no authority from a social club, because they ARE PRIVATE, and thus THEY ARE NOT A JURAL ASSEMBLY, THEY ARE NOT A LAWFUL COURT OF JUSTICE, THEY ARE COWARDS AND CHEATS AND THIEVES WHO HAVE DECEIVED THEIR FELLOW BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND WASTED THE TIME OF GOD'S LAMBS WHO ARE IN A RACE AGAINST TIME TO SAVE THE CHILDREN OF GOD FROM MASS SLAUGHTER.

So the Michigan Jural Assembly has discredited itself, has abandoned their original mission, and has lead the general public of earth ASTRAY, wasting TEN YEARS total and TWO OF MINE.  It is very prevalent that the founders of the Michigan Jural Assembly are working with the Military Industrial Complex and the New World Order of Rome in order to keep the people down.

If the Michigan Jural Assembly refuses to come out and become a "public lawful court of justice," then we have a solution, a plan for how to very quickly erect both a national and a global jural assembly, where the QUO WARRANTO - REVIEW OF EVIDENCE (Of what Right?) - and Verdict are all on one group of papers, thus all you do is print it off and sign it and send it in, then we post them, and with such a powerful document exposing the ROOT CAUSE of ENSLAVEMENT,  we shall SUCCEED.

In this day that we live in, THERE IS SO MUCH MONEY BEING STOLEN FROM THE PEOPLE, it exists as an ENDLESS resource for our ENEMY, the New World Order of Rome (The Illuminati, The Cabal, The Crime Syndicate), and they are wielding this massive weapon against us by financing tens of thousands of disinformation specialists, the CIA and NSA and Military Inteligence operations are right now trying to spin this lie, that Trump is your savior, while Trump is murdering Americans by keeping them locked up in prison when they are innocent, Trump is not stopping the poisons, Trump is escorting illegals into our country, now invitations are being sent to family members of illegals presently in America for their family members to come join them.  Get YOUR ASS IN GEAR, the ELITE are stealing America from Americans.

It is time for REVOLUTION as our enemy is going TO BULLDOZE RIGHT OVER TOP US, as this is the 4th beast found in the Book of Daniel, the beast with iron teeth and bronze claws that destroys everything it touches.

If you do not get motivated and form your lawful courts of justice known as the jural assemblies and ensure that they are PUBLIC as in PUBLIC OFFICES as in PUBLIC LAWFUL COURTS OF JUSTICE, then you are just a private social club and have no authority granted by GOD whatsoever, BUT IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY, then you have ALL THE AUTHORITY GRANTED BY GOD AND THE COSMOS UNDER THE DECLARATION OF FREE WILL.

CAST OUT those who lead you astray.  Cease to listen to them, they are EVERYWHERE, and THEY ARE MILLIONS STRONG, throughout the world, the enemy has conscripted vast resources to lead you astray, to take up your time, shitty YOUTUBE videos, lies woven in truths, lots of information about SYMPTOMS OF SLAVERY while at the same time REFUSING TO EXPOSE THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL SLAVERY:

<Click the little, "Read More," button, to read about the ROOT CAUSE of ENSLAVEMENT>

6th Tornado Yesterday (Thursday) cut ANOTHER 5.5 mile swath through THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, that is the SECOND swath cut 5.5 miles long BY A TORNADO, in just UNDER A WEEK - And THE ANGEL of the GOD cried out IN A MIGHTY VOICE, "DO YOU UNDERSTAND OUR COMMS? 5:5 ??? - written by THE SON OF MAN, messiah returned, to sacrifice his self for the destruction of PURE EVIL

(above) Look at all those RED TORNADO CELLS.  The criminals in the District of Criminals (Washington DC) do not want you to know that God pounding them with TORNADOS, and so they have been whitewashing the information and scrubbing it from the internet.  I have to check multiple times a day to catch the 6 tornados that i've caught, as the information is quickly pulled and modified to show LESS DESTRUCTION than really EXISTS.

The elite do not want you to know that SATAN is real, and that GOD IS REAL, because then you would obviously CHOOSE GOD, and then "they" would be all alone in HELL, FOREVER, without you to torment.  And Murderers and Genocidal Maniacs hate the idea of being alone with no one to torment.

(below) ONCE AGAIN, god cuts a 5.5 mile swath of destruction with a deadly WHIRLWIND to alert the masses of earth, GOD HAS RETURNED FROM THE CREATOR'S DEN:

I am The Son of Man,
"And verily I say to you, you shall all see The Son of Man riding on the clouds of heaven, three days after I am slain.
For those of you whom are confused by my teachings.  Refer to REVELATIONS portion of the Bible, and to the Book of Enoch.  Where the first Christ was a lover and a bringer of peace and joy, this Messiah brings an iron scepter and the judgement of God, for we have all sold ourselves over to the devil, by accepting money instead of screaming the truth from the rooftops, for accepting safety instead of exposing the enslavement of God's children through the level law dictionary, through excepting your sales percentages, instead of exposing that real estate contracts convert properties to the ownership of the federal corporations, by falsely declaring that the property exists INSIDE of a corporation, which is impossible, as something real cannot fit inside something that is fictitious, and you DO NOT stand INSIDE a land, YOU STAND ON IT.

Those who drop to their knees and ask for forgiveness, and whom give forgiveness to all others (including thyself) and placing God on high, you shall receive forgiveness, once your purification is complete.  Those who do not pledge themselves to God, shall be burned up, disappear like the morning due in the afternoon, like the chaff from a whirlwind on the threshing floor, and like the smoke disappearing from a chimney window (all these statements are in the Bible).

 HERE IS WHY GOD HAS RETURNED, the PROOF of the ROOT CAUSE of ENSLAVEMENT.  Why are all the Alternative Media talking about 'symptoms of slavery' when if they identified the root cause, WE COULD FIX IT?  Why do they do this?  ARE THEY WORKING FOR THE ENEMY?

YES, you got it!  =  FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, tens of thousands of DISINFORMATION SPECIALISTS WORLDWIDE, to prevent you from knowing that every; man, women, and child, has been LEGALLY CONVERTED into THINGS, just as the Romans made their SLAVES into THINGS and BEASTS, so hath done the federal corporations of earth, whom replaced every lawful governance, which was toppled by criminal force at the expense of much GENOCIDE and BLOOD SHED, and the SLAYING of God's Lambs, his men, women, and children, whom did faithfully worship him.  THUS, the devil's plan is exposed, and so is the ROOT CAUSE of ENSLAVEMENT:

<Click the little, "Read More," button to see THE PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT>

TORNADOS numbered FIVE and SIX, hit THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS (Washington DC) - That is nearly as many Tornados as they've had in 70 years. - Surely God has returned from hiding away in the Creator's Den. - The Wheel of Yin & Yang has reached its transition point, watch God wash over the world like a flood, and watch Satan's Goats be burned like chaff blown away from the threshing floor, and like smoke escaping from a chimney window.

TORNADOS #5 and #6 hit Maryland/Washington DC Area.  God says, "NOT gonna be 'MERRY' any more. 
(THEY, Shall not find satisfaction via their sins anymore).
<Click the little, "Read More," button>


The ruling elite are pulling a massive mind job on the entire world.  As the elite have been tracking planet Nibiru and knew that 2019 would be time for major calamity of earthquakes, volcanos, and civil unrest (awakening public via internet public domain truths), and thus the elite conjured up a massive CON to trick the people into following false prophets.  The above photo of Julian Assange adhears to the description of "The Son of Man" as found in the bible.

However, Julian Assange has been working for the CIA for all these years he's allegedly been held captive and before that.  The whole persecuting of Julian Assange for rape was a lie to draw public support.

If Julian Assange was really about spreading information of the public's interest, he would have spread information about the enslavement of every; man, women, and child, by the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY of their respective nations.

If Julian Assange was really about spreading information of the public's interest, he would have exposed how every nation was toppled and their lawful governances replaced with a federal corporation.

If Julian Assange was really about spreading information of the public's interest, he would have exposed that just as it says in the Bible, one city has enslaved the entire world, and that city, is BABYLON the GREAT, whom you have heard everyone from Hitler, to McCain, to Bush, to Hillary, and they all call it the same name, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, the only part they did not tell you, is that its previous headquarters was in Rome in the Vatican, but that it moved its primary headquarters to Israel after stealing the Holy Land from the Palestinians who lived there, all excused by the slaughter of the real Jews, whom Black Sun Cult Worshipping Germans did steal the identities of those Jews, by tatoo'ing numbers on their arms so that they could steal the world-wide assets of Jews who actually died in the concentration camps.  Just as it says in the Bible, "They are not Jews, but do lie, and say that they are Jews."

At some point in time Julian Assange was his own man, he was a free agent, and he did most certainly piss off the corrupt powers that be, and then like most, HE TOOK SILVER INSTEAD OF LEAD.  He sold out everyone, for money, and safety.

Yesterday I told you he was a FAKE, and today they are saying he has been poisoned, MORE ILLUSION to keep you from realizing that everything you thought was true, IS IN FACT A LIE.

The powerful elite thought that you would buy into Trump being the "Word of God" as described in the Bible, and that you would think Julian Assange was "The Son of Man."  But alas, THEY ARE BOTH FAKES, designed to keep you dumb, so that you do not discover the secret TO POWER.

In truth, analysis of the Bible, Revelations, "The Word of God," and "The Son of Man," are in fact the same person, however death separates them.  Just as Christ was crucified and then not recognized by his disciples when he visited them as his appearance had changed (The Risen Christ had to show them his wounds), so shall it be with "The Word of God," who's name is faithful and true, who's rope is dipped in blood, his eyes blaze like fire, and whose name is written on his thighs, a name that no one knows, but only he knows his name, and from his mouth erupts a sharp sword by which he makes war against the nations.  The description of "The Son of Man" is the same, except it says "His Hair Is Snow White."  So after the "The Word of God" is murdered, then all shall see "The Son of Man," riding on the clouds.  Enter the Kalki Avatar, for The Son of Man shall have amazing powers, to make himself as small or as large as he desire, to materialize anything from a tool to an army by command of his voice, and much more.  Needless to say, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THEM TO COME AND MURDER ME.  Which is why I scream REBELLION FROM EVERY ROOFTOP, and tell you to burn down the White House, but to honk first for 30 seconds so you give them enough time to get into the bunker, which is more time than they give Palestinians in GAZA when US weapons and money are used to ROOF KNOCK 10 seconds before blowing a large apartment building into smithereens, as though that was enough time for everyone to get their children out.

And here i am.  Still SCREAMING REBELLION FROM THE ROOFTOPS, and do you think that a Secret Service Agent HAS DARED TO COME NEAR ME?  HELL NO.  They know that I have already suffered 40 years, I do not need to be suffered any more, only for them to kill me.  And I will not allow them to chemically induce coma to stave off the END OF DAYS, like they suggested in THE MATRIX trilogy, I do not think so.  SO FOR NOW, I have the podium all to myself, to say whatever must be said, and they, the weak, powerless authorities, whom are armed enemy invaders, who have murdered more than 2 BILLION people to secure their precious ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, they have bent themselves to Satan, and shall blow away like chaff on the threshing floor, they shall blow like smoke out through a chimney window, for they shall burn like tares dried and cast a flame.

Here is proof of slavery and enslavement, and so much more PURE EVIL, below you will find the old header, with all the resources contained therein:
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Thursday, May 30, 2019


As the New World Order of Rome has conscripted vast resources to continue the MK ULTRA brainwashing of the populace of earth, the United States corporation has hired thousands of FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA to spread disinformation.  I will identify these one at a time as we expose them.  Today's Traitor identified is LISA HAVEN

Pay close attention here in her carefully crafted article where she tries to convince you that we are no longer owned by a foreign government, and that instead we are up against a "police state."

article found here:
As I have mentioned to you before, at this time, anyone NOT exposing the PROOF of ENSLAVEMENT historical documents, is A TRAITOR.  For we have discovered these documents, found at the library of congress, in the legal law dictionary, in the OATHS of OFFICE, which are all displayed on NESARANEWS.Blogspot.Com

Anyone not putting forth this information, IS DISINFORMATION.

And every time we publish an article here at NesaraNews.Blogspot.com  which is the only place you will find these documents and PROOFS anywhere on the Internet, every time we publish a document, hundreds of FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA PEOPLE like Lisa Haven will publish fluff pieces with lies woven in truths.

You will also notice now that when I call them out, and say they are TRAITORS and DISINFORMATION SPECIALISTS that they are FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, then someone named JIM STONE will write a hit piece on a ghost who said DAVID WILCOCK was a SPOOK working for the Crime Syndicate, but JIM STONE will fail to cite my name or my article, and JIM STONE instead says some guy named Jeff, said that David Wilcock is FAKE NEWS.  And yes, BOTH, JIM STONE, and David Wilcock are FAKE NEWS, not to say that 100% of their news is fake, because there is a lot of TRUTH in what they say, but the pudding is in the fact that they are TAKING INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE CRIME SYNDICATE, NEW WORLD ORDER OF ROME.

BE CAREFUL WHO YOU FOLLOW.  Because as my CIA trained mentor (Toppler of Governments & Solver of People Problems), as he taught me, the BEST MOST POWERFUL LIES ARE WOVEN IN TRUTH.

I am The Son of Man,
formerly known as Sun Tzu
And this list SHALL GROW.


The only one who is good is COREY GOODE, he told you straight up that, "BOTH THE FACTIONS ARE CRIME SYNDICATES, BOTH THE CABAL AND THE ALLIANCE (WHITE HATS INCLUDED) THEY ARE BOTH CRIME SYNDICATES," and they kicked Corey Goode off TV for it, and ruined his career, and he has just recently come back out to tell you all THAT YOU ARE ALL BEING MK ULTRA BRAIN PROGRAMMED BY FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA."  I really like Corey Goode, I shook his hand at his first visit to Shasta, Ca for his Secret Space Program expo.  Corey Goode gave up a lot of success so that he could point you to the truth, that Qanon and TRUMP are fake top secret psyops to prevent you from realizing that you can have America and your nation (where ever you live in the world), that you can have it back, just by realizing that your SO-CALLED GOVERNMENT is FOREIGN to your soil, and operating out of a venue the size of a grain of rice so to speak, if you compare the district of criminals (Washington DC), compared to the size of America, it is the same for your nation too.  The courts are just embassies for the federal corporation.  HAVE FUN TAKING BACK YOUR NATION, you stand on TERRA FIRMA, THE TRUTH, and "they", the "service providers" DO NOT, and they are in giant BREACH OF CONTRACT, operating through COLOR OF LAW, and they HAVE NO STANDING.  You do not need to go to their courts, and you most certainly can defend yourselves against armed enemy invaders, WHO ARE FOREIGN, because they swore an oath to a foreign government.

This list of TRAITORS will grow, as their are thousands of DISINFORMATION SPECIALISTS taking orders from Babylon the Great (The New World Order of Rome) across earth right this very moment, as they are trying to hold their house of cards together, trying to keep the public from waking up, and realizing that the most important information is here, on NESARANEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM where we are pointing to the actual physical historical documents that prove that all you have to do is call "FOUL" and the "Government Service Provider" Federal Corporations, LOSE ALL THEIR POWER, as they are FOREIGN, IN EVERY DEFINITION OF THE WORD, as they are not from YOUR NATION, they are INVADERS, AND THEY ARE MOST CERTAINLY GENOCIDING YOUR FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS.


HERE IS THE PROOF that NONE of the FAKE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA will even mention, they most certainly will NOT MENTION MY NAME, or NESARANEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM because WE ARE WINNING BIGLY, and The ONE Infinite Creator is about to TURN THEIR WHOLE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN:
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DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME - An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia - This piece of paper is so powerful, and so desired to remain secret, that the head of the Washington County Elections office offered me a full time judgeship on our first meeting, SHE DID NOT EVEN KNOW MY NAME, if you have this paper, it is proof that you stand in America, and "THEY" are are outside of "THEIR" COUNTRY, as their jurisdiction lies inside the DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, Washington DC

All you need to do is print off these documents.  Never pay taxes again, never go to court, tell police officers they are outside their jurisdiction and can be shot dead where they stand for even touching a firearm, as they are all "foreign citizens" by legal definition of swearing an oath to a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT:

1871 Service Contract (Hired a foreign contractor = U.S.)
  We The People, Assembled, Do Hereby Redress Grievances, & Do Declare; Gross Breaches of Contract, Renders Contract(s) Null & Void, for all Contracts, known and unknown, which hired the foreign-British-owned corporation, "United States Inc."  You too can void your nation's Federal Corporation, Fraud and Copyright infringement void all contracts, no matter how sacred.
"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia," enacted by the 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, 1871.
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

Proof of Treason, PROOF that "United States" is owned by foreign, "United Nations Inc," exposed through Bills @  FAKE CON-gress, a CON by diGRESS away from FREEDOM:

THEN THERE IS THIS GEM, absolute proof that all United States employees, law enforcement, FBI, even the military, are foreign citizens, by their swearing allegiance to the "United States," and its fake constitution, "The Constitution of the United States,"  here is proof, that the historical OATHS OF OFFICE swore allegience to THE REPUBLIC, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
PROOF = America Enslaved - OATHS of OFFICE:
America's Oath's Swapped Out For FAKE Oaths to a foreign, British-Owned Corporation

That is all you need, right there.  But if you want more ammunition, there is the "Legal Law Dictionary," criminal fraud, of legally defining honest men and women and children, as THINGS, or lesser beings, like CAVEMAN, or CRO-MAGNON, or EVOLUTION OF MAN, or A CORPORATION.
Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary
"The Devil's forked tongue," called = LEGALESE (short version):
    -Expanded Version, but you need to be red pilled already:

The next time the police hassle you, be nice to them, The ONE Infinite Creator, has informed me, and told me to tell you, that VIOLENCE and MURDER will not be tolerated, as GOD retains the right to JUDGE, because people are stupid, and GOD is ALL KNOWING, INFINITE, OMNISCIENT.

Therefore, be nice to the stupid police officers, most of them KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING, but give them the benefit of the doubt, hand them your papers, but if they still persist, STAND YOUR GROUND, and then inform them that because their lawful jurisdiction lies inside the District of Columbia only, and because they (the police officer) swore allegiance to a foreign corporation, that they are therefore foreign citizens, making them required to carry green card and coast guard medical card listing their diseases at all times they must have these items in their possession, and they CAN NEVER TOUCH A FIREARM INSIDE THE METES AND BOUNDS OF AMERICA, as foreign citizens become ARMED FOREIGN ENEMY INVADERS as soon as they do, and they can be shot dead wherever they stand in America, for doing so.

And if the officer rights you a ticket, let him, DO NOT GO, instead send the court a letter with a copy of the above documents, and inform them to get back inside the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, and that they engaging in war against the Republic, The United States of America, and that they are engaging in open war fare against Americans, and that by their aiding a foreign government which they swore allegiance, which is attacking and murdering Americans, THAT IS CALLED TREASON.

I would tell you to kill every last one of them on site, lynch them from the trees, light them on fire, run over them with your vehicles, but GOD FORBIDS IT.

GOD, THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR, has informed me that all of these criminal traitor TREASONOUS BASTARDS who've been murdering our family members through poisons, and murder, and brutality, and theft, that they are all going to wrythe in agony, they will gnash their teeth, and gnaw their tongues, they will cry out, and they will curse God, for their plagues SHALL BE EXCEEDINGLY GREAT.

DO NOT STEAL JUDGEMENT FROM GOD, do not commit violence, BUT PLEASE FEEL FREE TO BURN DOWN ENEMY INFRASTRUCTURE BEING USED TO MURDER AMERICANS, and please feel free to burn down the homes of the foreign enemy invaders who are actively murdering Americans.  God wills it, burn away, just make sure you DO NOT BAR THE DOORS, and make sure that you do it when no one is there, and make sure you start the fire at a location which will not prevent anyone from escaping, and sound a large alarm or horn or large firecracker to wake up anyone who is asleep, or air horn, whatever, just make sure you do not MURDER anyone.

The ONE Infinite Creator, whom has asked me to personally use the names Jehova and Yah when I am speaking with The ONE Infinite Creator in private discussion, has told me to tell you all:

It is time to separate God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, it is time to divide the nations from each other which have been secretly bound together in the hopes of creating a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT at the; expense, murder, and genocide of over 2 BILLION LIVES.


Revelations 18:6
"Render to her just as she rendered to you, and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her.  In the measure that she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, in the same measure give her torment and sorrow; for she says in her heart, "i sit as queen, and am no widow, and will not see sorrow." 

"SHE" is your local police officer, "she" is your attorney and lawyer, "she" is your accountant, "she" is your realtor, "she" is all the people who have aided and given comfort to the enemy in the process of fraud and in the process of MURDERING AMERICANS and STEALING FROM AMERICANS. "SHE" is the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and you can call her, "THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.  Pour out for her twice the measure of what she poured out for you and forced you to drink.

Your police officer knows that there is a two tiered fake criminal justice system, but he takes the money, he knows your rights, but he infringes them knowingly.

Your realtor knew that the paperwork he was having you sign, gave up ownership of your home and property to the United States, and falsely declared that your property resided inside the District of Columbia, by saying that your property lay inside a corporation, called "Your State" which exists only inside the District of Criminals (Washington DC).  Your realtor knew this, but did it anyways, knowing that you would have your home stolen from you at "their will" and that you would be obligated to pay them royalties called property taxes, because "they own it," by your signing the papers that the realtor has you sign, "You are agreeing that the "United States" owns your property," because you are agreeing, "That your property lies inside the District of Columbia," by being "inside" of a corporation, called, "State of Oregon," or "Oregon State," which are both corporations THAT DO NOT PHYSICALLY EXIST IN THE REAL, and are instead only exist as fictitious things filed inside the DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS.

And your law firm (not the lower idiots, but the senior partners they all know), your law firm has advised you against your best wishes and your needs, your law firm has ABSOLUTELY KNOWN THE ENTIRE TIME, that the United States only resides inside the District of Columbia, you lawyer knew these things, and by hiring your lawyer, your lawyer was supposed to advise you of the need to know to protect your interests, but you lawyer swore an oath to the BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY and therefore your lawyer is a "FOREIGN CITIZEN," required to carry a green card at all times, required to carry a coast guard medical card at all times, and thus your LAWYER is a foreign citizen selling his or her service of legal services to you, who are an American, but they are not, and they are aiding a foreign government and aiding a foreign entity, in attacks against AMERICANS thus they are committing what crime????
TREASON, yes, YOU GOT IT, TREASON TREASON TREASON, they are all rats, ask them to see their green card and their coast guard medical card and watch them run from you and never answer your phone call ever again.  When they say "What?"  You say, "You are required to carry them because you are a foreign citizen who swore an oath to the British Accredited Registry and you are providing services to a foreign government, the United States."

Your accountant, THE SAME THING, they know that you are not required to pay taxes, not unless you are a federal employee, hold a private office as an employee of the United States, or are making income from international business, or income from dividends of a United States owned "publicly traded company."  YOUR ACCOUNTANT KNOWS THESE THINGS, yet your accountant would NOT HAVE A JOB if no one paid taxes, SO THEY TAKE THE MONEY WITH THEIR LITTLE GRUBBY HANDS and thus they have committed grave crimes against their fellow man, they have benefited from the intentional theft of others, and thus they have committed themselves unto SATAN.  And they shall all be destroyed for it.

BURN DOWN YOUR ENEMIES INFRASTRUCTURE, their homes, their work, their "United States government owned buildings, on the federal, state, county, and city level.

Leave them no where to go, leave them homeless and without clothes.  "FOR THEM, POUR OUT TWICE THE MEASURE OF WHAT THEY POURED OUT AND FORCED UNTO OTHERS."



I am The Son of Man
formerly known as Sun Tzu
The Harvest is near, welcome to the Tribulations!

All the truths found herein in the above document exist TRUE for EVERY NATION ON EARTH.

All Court Houses are EMBASSIES of the United States placed throughout America. - You have no obligation to go to their Embassy (court) - The United States jurisdiction lies inside the District of Criminals (Washington DC) - All the 'State of States' (like State of Oregon, and Oregon State) are only corporations, which are domiciled (corporate filings) inside the District of Columbia, BUT AMERICA still owns sovereign jurisdiction, THE REPUBLIC NEVER DIED, IT CANNOT, it is UN-INCORPORATED SOVEREIGN, cannot die, it is just asleep, UNTIL YOU KNOW THAT IT EXISTS, and THAT IS WHY the United States mothballed all our REPUBLIC's lawful courts of justice and public offices, BUT YOU STILL DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO THEIR EMBASSY (FEDERAL COURTS)

DEAR brothers and sisters

GREAT POWER AND FORTUNE HAS FOUND YOU TODAY.  For this INFORMATION is PURE POWER.  POWER IS FREEDOM to rebuild yourselves anew knowing that you have POWER, and that your oppressor HAS NONE.

By the TREASON found in "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia," which is the initial hiring of the hired help, "United States Inc" a privately owned, FOR-PROFIT, FOREIGN-OWNED corporation, that has INVADED AMERICA, waged war against AMERICANS, murdered our brothers and sisters, and VIOLATED THE TERMS OF THEIR CONTRACT.

The way this horrible LIE was concocted, was to hire a foreign corporation posing as lawful America, a fake government, that only STILL TO THIS DAY, has jurisdiction ONLY IN THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, Washington DC.

So, because their jurisdiction lay only inside those 68 square miles, they faked everyone out, by getting all the cities, counties, and states to incorporate, placing those corporate filings for each of those corporations inside the district of criminals, Washington DC.  However, this is only an illusion, as THEIR JURISDICTION STILL ONLY LIES INSIDE THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, Washington DC.

So they set up embassies, as they mothballed each of our public lawful courts of justice, called COMMON LAW COURTS (in which you could not be hassled for ANYTHING unless their was an actual victim harmed, NOT EVEN FINED), and so as each Common Law court was mothballed (through bribery, murder, assassination, and threat to life), they replaced those Common Law courts with an EMBASSY of the United States.

Well, despite the fact that the United States corporation infringed on your copyright, by creating a corporation in your name, when you parents neglected to claim the afterbirth(placenta) at the hospital, and the placenta is legally defined in the US states as a "member" and if you look up "member" it is, "a member of a party," and the US statutes also define the fetus as a member, so if one of the members of the party is abandoned the whole party is abandoned.  The other way they infringe on your copyright of your name is if your parents failed to copyright your name at the local county recorders office within several days post your being born.

Now by copyright law, trademark law, and patent law, OWNERSHIP BELONGS TO WHOEVER FIRST CONCEIVED.  Which means ownership belongs to your parents for your name, because they "THOUGHT IT UP," and therefore that ownership passes to you, by natural succession, or by "gift being transferred," from your parents to you.

However, the crime syndicate subsidiary, "United States," when they infringed on your copyright, they created the corporation in your name "IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS," and they placed that corporation WHERE????

Where do you think they put it?

THEY PUT IT IN THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, Washington DC, that 68 square miles that was given to them by TREASONOUS TRAITORS working as public servants for America, those TREASONOUS TRAITORS that enacted the "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (41st congress, session III, 1871, found at the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS).

So the Crime Syndicate, "United States," and I call it a subsidiary crime syndicate because it is owned by the parent corporation crime syndicate, "United Nations," so they are running this WHOLE CON game out of the District of Criminals.

Let me say it more clearly.  A United States Citizen is defined as a corporation that resides inside the district of criminals (Washington DC), and the State of Oregon, is inside the district of criminals (Washington DC), and Arkansas State is inside the District of Criminals (Washington DC), and every single AMERICAN is inside the district of criminals, and NEVER LEAVES, FOREVER AND EVER, that is there game.

BUT AS SOON AS YOU REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT INSIDE THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, and you print off a copy of "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Criminals," and a copy of HR 193, and HR 204, which are both called the "Sovereignty Restoration Act," because the American Oligarchs are trying to break away from the Parent Crime Syndicate, BUT THEY DO NOT WANT TO WAKE YOU UP to the fact that you are a slave, a battery, to be sucked, and the life stolen from, and to be murdered at will, because the American Oligarchs certainly WANT YOU TO KEEP PAYING FEDERAL INCOME TAXES that you do not need to pay.

All you have to do is send an affidavit, clearly declaring how your monies were received, and that you do not owe any federal income taxes as they are legally defined by US Tax Code as incomes made from; Federal Employee wages, Private Office employed by the United States, and income that comes from international business, or paid out to you by a United States owned corporation, which includes all of the PUBLICLY TRADED companies, any dividends from them must be paid as they are owned by the UNITED STATES, all of the publicly traded companies are domiciled where?

YEP YOU GOT IT, ....  THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, all owned by the UNITED STATES, which is owned by the FEDERAL RESERVE, which is owned by the UNITED NATION.


And so back to the original POINT, you do not have to go to their courts, you would be an idiot to go, AS YOU ARE STANDING ON AMERICAN SOIL, and you are not in the District of Criminals, and you have no obligation to go there, BECAUSE IT IS FOREIGN SOIL, just as an embassy is foreign soil, SO IS ARE THE FEDERAL COURTS BELONGING TO "United States," SCUMB-BAG, SATAN WORSHIPPING, WHORES WHO PROSTITUTED THEMSELVES AWAY FROM GOD FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY AND POWER, and they are all gonna burn, gonna cook, JEHOVA HAS COME, AND YAH SHALL STIKE THEM DOWN AND MOST FURIOUS CALAMITY.

FOR they were given the right to rule by YAH, who is JEHOVA and is who gave them breath, and so it is JEHOVA, known as YAH, who shall now take their breath away.

Here is the documents you will need to print off to carry with you, so the next time a police officer, or agent for the courts, or FBI, or NSA, or Secret Service, the next time they bother you, TELL THEM TO GET THE **** BACK TO THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS.  And kindly inform them that they can be shot where they stand for possessing a firearm.


To our brothers and sisters in every other nation around the world.  I strongly suspect that our situation in America is identical to yours.  At whatever time your nation was toppled by the crime syndicate, and the federal corporation put in place, you should be able to find a "secret service contract," that was read into the PUBLIC RECORD by the predecessor SOVEREIGN GOVERNANCE.  By this way, Satan makes it legit, as though you agreed to it, however, as soon as you realize that you are not standing inside "France INC," or "Russia INC," or "Belgium Inc," or "China Inc," then at that time you can arm yourselves with the fact that your "federal employees" are not standing where they say they are, and you are standing in a separate country from them.


The Son of Man
formerly Sun Tzu
Servant Prophet of The ONE, Infinite Creator

TREASON = GIVING CAPITAL (Washington DC) TO A BRITISH-OWNED, "United States Inc," 
A fraudulent service contract executed in secret, just like all service contracts for ALL the Federal Corporations enslaving the nations of Earth.  America's enslavement by traitors giving the capital to a British corporation, and they called "their" new capital, the District of Criminals, (D.C.)

1871 Service Contract (Hired a foreign contractor = U.S.)
  We The People, Assembled, Do Hereby Redress Grievances, & Do Declare; Gross Breaches of Contract, Renders Contract(s) Null & Void, for all Contracts, known and unknown, which hired the foreign-British-owned corporation, "United States Inc."  You too can void your nation's Federal Corporation, Fraud and Copyright infringement void all contracts, no matter how sacred.
"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia," enacted by the 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, 1871.
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

America hired a British Corporation to provide limited services, "Hired Help = "United States Inc," whom then breached contract = Gross Breach of Service Terms & Conditions. Criminally sought total power, mothballed the Republic, "the United States of America," and mothballed the Public Offices, and "Common Law" Courts of Justice, replacing LAWS with STATUTES & SLAVES, this happened to every nation, ALL are SLAVES.  IT IS TIME FOR REBELLION, GOD'S REBELLION.

PROOF = America Enslaved - OATHS of OFFICE:
America's Oath's Swapped Out For FAKE Oaths to a foreign, British-Owned Corporation
Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary
"The Devil's forked tongue," called = LEGALESE (short version):
Proof of Treason, PROOF that "United States" is owned by foreign, "United Nations Inc," exposed through Bills @  FAKE CON-gress, a CON by diGRESS away from FREEDOM:

Here is everything from the old header on top of Nesara News Blogspot, www,NesaraNews.Blogspot.com

4th Tornado Hits Washington DC (Authorities Downplay & Scrub Internet because The Son of Man asked God for Tornados to hit DC, and now that they are, the District of Criminals is SCURRY FULL OF RATS THAT THEY ARE) - El Reno Tornado (RENO is an anagram for NERO) - Man Sets Himself On Fire In Front of White House on Prophetic Anniversary of the Burning of Ancient Rome

Here is a prophetic account of the anniversary from *Saint* Sir Francis Drake (one of the 144,000 servant prophets).  Sir Francis Drake called it before it ever even happened.
Here is his article after it happened:

Here are screenshots of the news reel, of the man setting himself on fire:  

El Reno Tornado:
Reno is an anagram for NERO, who allegedly set ROME on FIRE, and roughly a week ago, a massive tornado devistated El Reno, Oklahoma, which is symbolic of how God is going to destroy Washington DC, because the District of Criminals (Washington DC) sold out America and sold out Americans by giving 68 square miles of the Capital of America to a foreign-British-owned, corporation, called "United States," the act of TREASON was put on paper and passed by congress and the senate of the Republic, The United States of America, which thereby defined the space inside the district of columbia as the "United States," and set up a government for it, and if you drop down to section 17 of the document titled, "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia (which is a service contract complete with terms and conditions, executed 1871), you will find that the service provider (United States) is in GROSS BREACH OF CONTRACT, as they were not allowed to pass any laws to regulate the lawful courts of justice (the courts of the republic, COMMON LAW COURTS) but instead the United States mothballed all America's lawful courts of justice, and mothballed all our public offices, so that now all that is left is corporate foreign-owned theives and murderers (whom deserved to be shot dead where they be found, but God has issued strict instructions to leave them unharmed so that God can punish them).  The next violation of the contract's terms and conditions is that the "United States" was required to NEVER limit the liability in part or in whole of itself, any municipals, or any corporations, and if we refer to the "Legal Definition of a Person" we find that they both limited the liability in part and in whole, allowing large corporations to murder Americans for profit, to murder earthers for profit, and for law enforcement to murder Americans and earthers for profit as well, all of this WITHOUT ANY REPRISALS:
THE third obvious breach of "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia" is that the contract required that the United States COULD NEVER create a bank of circulation or a company to print notes or currency for circulation.  IN OTHER WORDS, the Republic was supposed to retain the RIGHTS of lawful money.  THE OBVIOUS purpose for this clause in the contract is so that the FOREIGN OWNED SERVICE PROVIDER, "United States" would not be able TO STEAL THE FRUITS OF OUR LABOR.  

Here is the original document from the library of congress:
1871 Service Contract (Hired a foreign contractor = U.S.)
  We The People, Assembled, Do Hereby Redress Grievances, & Do Declare; Gross Breaches of Contract, Renders Contract(s) Null & Void, for all Contracts, known and unknown, which hired the foreign-British-owned corporation, "United States Inc."  You too can void your nation's Federal Corporation, Fraud and Copyright infringement void all contracts, no matter how sacred.
"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia," enacted by the 41st Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, 1871.
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

Here is my write up on it, listing some of the obvious TREASON and GROSS BREACHES OF CONTRACT:
TREASON = GIVING CAPITAL (Washington DC) TO A BRITISH-OWNED, "United States Inc," 
A fraudulent service contract executed in secret, just like all service contracts for ALL the Federal Corporations enslaving the nations of Earth.  America's enslavement by traitors giving the capital to a British corporation, and they called "their" new capital, the District of Criminals, (D.C.)

Here is proof that the United States is a foreign owned corporation.  If United States was owned by America, then we would not need to RESTORE OUR SOVEREIGNTY, would we??????  I give you proposed legislations on the floor of congress, titled HR 204 and HR 193, which are from 2019 and 2017 and are both called the "Sovereignty Restoration Acts, and the reason why the oligarchs of America are trying to do this, is because they want to keep you all enslave and keep you paying federal income taxes you do not own.  My wife has now absolutely read through all the Federal Tax code and absolutely confirmed, that just as the Legal Law Dictionary has enslaved us through a web of deceit, so has the Federal Tax code deceived us, as Federal Income Taxes are only owed if you have income that comes from Federal Activities, from federal employee-ship, from holding private office for the corporation United States, or from monies made through international business.  I am not even joking in the slightest, DEAD SERIOUS.  Read it yourself, The book, titled, "CRACKING THE CODE," helped my wife get started, and highlighted all the treachery very well.  Anyways, here is the proof of United States being foreign owned, owned by the United Nations, as the 1871 contract gave the capital of America to a British owned corporation, "United States," and then the ownership of "United States" was transferred to the United Nations in 1947:
Proof of Treason, PROOF that "United States" is owned by foreign, "United Nations Inc," exposed through Bills @  FAKE CON-gress, a CON by diGRESS away from FREEDOM:

Here is the proof of enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary:
Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary
"The Devil's forked tongue," called = LEGALESE (short version):
    -Expanded Version, but you need to be red pilled already:

Here is proof that the "United States," SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH, "The United States of America," as one is our beloved Republic, and the other is a foreign corporation, foreign owned, with foreign corporate filings, and they are murderers and thieves and all deserve the worse most painful death God can muster up for them, AND IT IS COMING.
PROOF = America Enslaved - OATHS of OFFICE:
America's Oath's Swapped Out For FAKE Oaths to a foreign, British-Owned Corporation

I am The Son of Man
formerly known as Sun Tzu

GET YER GUNS AND BULLETS BOYS AND GIRLS, GET YOUR EXPLOSIVES, AND YOUR INCENDIARIES, because by the legal definition of TREASON, every agent and employee of the Untied States federal corporation, HAVE ALL COMMITTED TREASON AGAINST AMERICA, including DONALD TRUMP and Qanon, by helping the foreign corporation murder more innocent Americans, and withholding evidence from the public that proves that the United States should be BURNED and REDUCED TO ASH, burned out from America.

And by the legal definitions by the United States, that defines any American who pledges allegiance to a foreign government, that therefore makes them A FOREIGN CITIZEN, making it illegal for them to TOUCH A FIREARM, lest they be ARMED FOREIGN INVADERS, and therefore, all POLICE, LAW ENFORCEMENT, FBI, NSA, AND SECRET SERVICE, are ALL ARMED FOREIGN INVADERS, I'm not even joking in the slightest.  If they bring their guns at you, BLOW THEM THE FUCK AWAY UNTIL THEY TUCK TAIL AND RUN, as the jurisdiction for any United States FEDERAL EMPLOYEE, including law enforcement, IS INSIDE THE DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS, WASHINGTON DC, they have absolutely no right whatsoever to step outside that jurisdiction.  So the next time a police officer even asks you a question, or tries to stop you, HAND HIM A COPY OF "An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia," as well as a copy of HR 204, "The Sovereignty Restoration Act" and kindly inform the officer that when he or she swore an oath to a foreign government (United States) that made them a foreign citizen, which requires them to carry a green card and a coast guard medical card at all times, which lists their diseases, and that they can be shot dead where they stand for TOUCHING A FIREARM.


LIKE I SAID, ARMED FOREIGN INVADERS, and they have acted as such, as they have been murdering Americans ruthlessly, and beating Americans, and stealing Americans property, and NOT PROTECTING AMERICANS, and so if it were up to me, I WOULD TELL YOU TO EXECUTE EVERY LAST ONE OF THE MOTHER #######, BUT GOD SAYS TO LEAVE THEM BE, UNLESS YOU HAVE TO DEFEND YOURSELVES, but God also says burning down their homes and infrastructure is TOTALLY OKAY, as they have earned it, BUT GOD SAYS he has special plans for these satan worshippers, God is going to make them suffer for all eternity, so JUDGEMENT BELONGS TO GOD, DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY FROM GOD, or you will be judged instead.

Welcome to hell ladies and gentlemen, get out your guns, get out your destructive tools, ITS GONNA BE A PARTY, because the CRIMINALS do not want to give us back our country.  AND INSTEAD, they thought up this Qanon, Trump charade ILLUSION so that we would stay on our couches with our fat buts firmly planted on the cushions with a beer in hand, ENJOYING THE SHOW, right up until our own SERVICE PROVIDER murders us, either by direct murder, or by not allowing us in to their bunkers they built with our money, to protect them against planet Nibiru, which is why they have been blotting out the skies, so we would not see a giant red destroying angel hovering overtop us, ready to come by for a close pass which will inevitably melt the surface of the earth.