Messiah Asks For Tornados, God Gives Tornados, District of Criminals Is Fallen

The Son of Man asks God to harm the trees and the land, to send a sign that the 144,000 have been numbered on their foreheads and that the secret contracts of the federal corporations and the straw man corporations have been dissolved in the Spiritual Jurisdiction, as these things were most despised by God, as they were enslaving God's creations, God's children.  Prophecy has been fulfilled, "We have come out of her, lest we'd of partaken in her sins and of her plagues."
Date of Request:  Saturday, May 18 2019
God responded by sending 120 tornados.

The Son of Man then asks God to send a tornado to the District of Criminals, to show the world how God is going to divide God's lambs from Satan's goats, to divide the nations from each other which have been secretly bound together, and to divide the wheat from the tares, the tares shall be burnt.
And God sent three tornados to the DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS (Washington DC), split a house in half, sent a tornado that cut a 5.5 mile swath (5:5?), splintered a telephone pole into a cross, and tore down Washington's mulberry tree (faith of a mustard seed).
Luke 17:6
I, The Son of Man, believe, i have more than a mustard seed of faith.  There shall be much calamity.  The tribulations have begun.  The Washington monument and the other phallus symbols placing Satan on high in the Vatican and London, all shall come crashing down to the mud.  Babylon the Great has fallen.  And God, The ONE Infinite Creator has convened with me in the Spiritual Jurisdiction of Authority under the Key of the House of David, and God has liberated all God's children from Babylon the Great.  Even though these things are not yet visible to you, "You, God's children, HAVE COME OUT OF HER, Babylon the Great," and God has remembered the sins of her iniquity, and her sins have piled up to heaven, and NOW BEGINS THE WRATH, and the reward of the wicked.  FALL TO YOUR KNEES, place God on high, and beg for forgiveness, and stand anew, and walk in the faith of the ONE, Infinite Creator, you shall not receive another opportunity.

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.
Message to God's Servant Prophets, Servants, and to God's children who wish to join in, and help tear down the crown of pride:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

REPUBLIC - We THE People's Orders for state Rectification

We THE People
And as Interim President, 07 July 2013
Initiate We THE People's Orders for state Rectification

We THE People who are the Civilian Authority with superior lawfull authority over the U.S. Corporation and U.S. Military and all state corporations acting under the Original Jurisdiction of the United States Constitution 1789, Bill of Rights 1791 with the original 13th Amendment which removes persons who has an entitlement from holding public office as the United States of America, Republican form of Government, standing as the true form of Government is proud to announce the following effective IMMEDIATELY.

To the Governors of the fifty states:   Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley
                                                            Alaska Governor Sean Parnell
                                                            Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
                                                            Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe
                                                            California Governor Jerry Brown
                                                            Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper
                                                            Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy
                                                            Delaware Governor Jack Markell
                                                            Florida Governor Rick Scott
                                                            Georgia Governor Nathan Deal
                                                            Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie
                                                            Idaho Governor Butch Otter
                                                            Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
                                                            Indiana Governor Mike Pence
                                                            Iowa Governor Terry E. Branstad
                                                            Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
                                                            Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear
                                                            Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
                                                            Maine Governor Paul LePage
                                                            Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley
                                                            Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick
                                                            Michigan Governor Rick Snyder
                                                            Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton
                                                            Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant
                                                            Missouri Governor Jay Nixon
                                                            Montana Governor Steve Bullock
                                                            Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman
                                                            Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval
                                                            New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan
                                                            New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
                                                            New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez
                                                            New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
                                                            North Carolina Governor Pat McMrory
                                                            North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple
                                                            Ohio Governor John Kasich
                                                            Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin
                                                            Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber
                                                            Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett
                                                            Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee
                                                            South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
                                                            South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard
                                                            Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam
                                                            Texas Governor Rick Perry
                                                            Utah Governor Gary Herbert
                                                            Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin
                                                            Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell
                                                            Washington Governor Jay Inslee
                                                            West Virginia Governor Earl R. Tomblin
                                                            Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
                                                            Wyoming Governor Matt Mead   

As Interim President=Commander in Chief of the Republic it is the duty of this de jure office to ensure the orders issued to the United States Military, Secretary of the Treasury, Provost Marshall, state Governors recently visiting Arizona and all Public Servants; the rectification of all states is imperative and the recognition of the perpetual union of state Republics ability to exercise the authority and power reserved in the Bill of Rights to the states and ultimately to We THE People shall be carried out within the designated time as required by We THE People of The United States of America. With this said, each state Republic has complete authority over Corporate United States and all its corporate agencies that are not constitutional.  They have "No authority or power over the state Republics and shall be ignored as having lawfull control over We THE People.

All fifty (50) state Republic's shall muster their organized and unorganized militia in compliance with the  constitutional Militia Act of 1792, Passed May 8, 1792, providing of the Militia. An ACT more specifically to provide for the National Defense, by establishing a Uniform Militia throughout the United States for the enforcement the laws of the Republic. In compliance with Article 1, Section 8, § 14, to provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections, and repel invasions. This vital function has to be put into action and perspective in compliance with the Dick Act enacted in 1909 then published in the WAR DEPARTMENT DIVISION OF MILITIA AFFAIRS, REGULATIONS FOR THE ORGANIZED MILITIA, UNDER THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES 1910 and the present condition of this nation.

All fifty (50) state Republic's shall re-oath all county sheriffs and instruct these sheriffs who represent the People on the county that has elected them. The instruction is to edify the sheriffs in the proper constitutional operations and the operations of their office in respect to the absolute defense of the Peoples' secured "rights." The history of the duties of the office of sheriff and the county Coroner are paramount in the defense and protection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights secured to We THE People. The material of instruction for the sheriffs and politicians can be obtained at the enclosed reference sites or requested from various states that have these materials.

All fifty (50) state Republic's shall commence dialog with the People to have the infrastructure and political structure of the states rectified with all past legislated laws reviewed to ensure We THE People have full access to unbiased and unfettered redress of grievances and compliance with content and  intent of language. All malum prohibita codes, regulations statutes that are mere income schemes are repealed and rights that have been usurped by the corporate United States and its corporate state accomplices shall cease and desist. These schemes have legislated secured rights into privileges and are taxed by corporate agencies for the financial benefit the state agencies and are unlawfull.

 The state shall have sufficient dialog with the People to reorganize the duties and operations of the body politic to eliminate and forever restrict corruption and to ensure just handling of the Peoples complaints. The language of all laws shall be written in the normal=common-language of dictionaries that are not lawyer dictionaries to suspend all legalese=word-crafting=word-spinning used in the corporate courts in present day usage.

It is Ordered, sentenced, and decreed by the Political Will of the People~

Date: 7 July 2013                                     
                                                                                    Autograph: - - - - - - /s/ - - - - - - - -

                                                                                    Appellation: R------- A------- H---------
                                                                                                             Interim President
                                                                                                   The United States of America

Reference:        #1) Magna Carta 1215
                        #2) Mayflower Compact
                        #3) Fundamental Orders 1638
                        #4) Articles of Confederation
                        #5) Declaration of Independence
                        #6) Constitution of 1778 - 79
                        #7) Bill of Rights with Original 14th Article
                        #8) Pan American Treaty
                        #9) Bretton Woods Act          
                        #10) New Declaration of Independence Oct 2012
                        #11) Contempt of Constitution 2013
                        #12) All Orders of We THE People