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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dinar Rumors - BulldogFord65 - 7/30/13


BulldogFord65 » July 30th, 2013,   Hello Family: Here are tonight's CC notes. Have a peaceful night, and wishing you an abundantly blessed tomorrow!

KTFA Frank26 IQD Update Tuesday, July 30, 2013

• Frank began the IQD portion of the call with a review of yesterday’s I Team report: they took 13 prisoners back to SA and then had dinner with a banker from the largest bank in SA; this bank will be a huge distribution hub for the LD’s outside of Iraq; I Team asked when is the currency being revalued?

The banker answered “Eid”; this is the second report that Frank has received stating Eid; THIS IS AN OPINION

• In the past, Eid has not been held over a 3-day period, and it has been declared a 72-hour holiday on an weekend – interesting time frame for study
• Iraq is working on a 5-year plan – they have budgets for 2013 – 2016, and they are working on 2017 budget; in Frank’s opinion, they will never reveal how much asset they have, how much money they have, it’s an incredible amount

• There will be a special call on Sunday for PRAYER ONLY to bring forth this blessing; Sunday, Aug 4 at 8:00 PM EDT

• 188 trillion dinar for the 2016 budget – INCREDIBLE! Someone has been lying about their numbers; how can they support this budget at the current rate? Not possible

• Yesterday’s comments from Frank about O were reading his own words, if they were upsetting to anyone, realize he was only reading O’s own words; a caller then came on and mentioned something supposedly included in O-care, and it became controversial on the forum but Admins managed it per the guidelines on Frank’s forum

• In Frank’s opinion, we believe that Ban Ki-Moon has signed the paperwork walking Iraq into CH6 and for the rate, and we do not need to see the HCL before the rate

• I Team’s report for today: they are now assigned to go back to Baghdad; remember what they just did, 13 prisoners back to SA, had dinner with banker, and assigned to come back to Baghdad with a general, and they will start retraining the security people of Iraq, including M’s guards; think on this and pray on it!

They took something out not belonging in Baghdad and returned with something to remove something else that does not belong in Baghdad

• As for the list that Frank challenged the forum to think on – what should be on the list that we need to see for the rate? Frank started the list: 1) Qi cards that will give LD’s with a good rate; 2) tariffs: in Frank’s opinion they are done, they are agreed and they are law, but they are not enacted yet (needed for revenue to grow the country’s future); 3) security

• One of these 3 is done in Frank’s opinion (the tariffs), and the Qi cards/LD’s/rate are a by-product of the other two; security is critical

• The USA is sending 5 drones to Iraq through SA today; also, I Teams brought in someone to retrain security (including M’s guards) to restore security

• Note HCL is not on the checklist – HCL is a byproduct

• Ponder the power behind the intel that M’s guards are being retrained

• Frank then played Delta’s voice message: he apologized he cannot join this week due to something came up, but will try to join the call live next week; agrees with rate can be announced at any moment, any day; Iraqia TV talking about trouble with liquidity; if anything else comes up, he will call; Frank said Delta is just waiting

Frank then asked his staff to join the call and give any opinions of other things to add to the list:

• Jim1126 is watching for the market rate of the dinar to come down; in his opinion, he’s looking for 1180; Frank agrees – CBI rate must be closer to the local rate and forex markets

• BulldogFord65 believes there will be a spike on the ISX immediately before the rate as the powers that be get in on the ground floor buying up stock right before it explodes with the new rate

• BulldogFord65 also asked Frank if thinking about M’s security being more of an offensive position rather than defensive is the right track; Frank replied that M is too powerful and if he does not change into something else, there are not many options for how it will play out

• Ramjet believes that B, Kurds, T, IMF, UNSC are all happy, so just waiting for the announcement! Frank concurred – that’s the point, what is there that must be done to see the rate? It’s done done!

• Bluestar is looking in the micro and the macro time frame – looking in the next 3 days, and looking into next week; some believe that M was directly linked to the prison breaks, and he is an instigator; now T is putting up an attempt for a no-confidence resolution to parliament -- a quick vote, and M’s gone; how does security affect the RV?

In his opinion the longer we go without a rate, the more likely the young people are to go the way of the insurgents, so Bluestar’s opinion that we need to see M go

• Frank ended the call with prayer, and Andy lifted the prayer with the shofar horn blast

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