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Monday, July 29, 2013

VIDEOS revealing the Idiots in Washington whose Idiocy is Destroying US!

Dear Patriots (bcc herein w/permission to forward), 

   When you combine Political Incompetency resulting from Special Interest Influence and MARRY that Incompetency with Marxist Ideology, the environment for the
Perfect Political Storm is realized.

   In a further attempt to awaken many from their Federal Coma’s in which they will have a basis to ‘Compare & Contrast’, The Confederate Society has included Numerous Video’s on its website along with Informational and Historical Data combined with the writings of a stellar cast of cadre who have made our Confederate website the number ONE site on Google.

  So, when Washington’s stellar cast of Idiots whose Marxist agenda becomes so apparent, like Pelosi’s infamous “We Need to Pass This Bill so We Know What’s In IT”, we Confederates in the Society will continue to provide y’all with them from which y’all can Compare & Contrast that History to which Y’all have been denied.

 Having said that, let me call your attention to Congressman Hank Johnson- Georgia’s 4th Congressional District to your attention.

  He’s that SAME Special Interest clown and part of that very Special Interest Caucus in Washington that whines about everything and everyone who wants the images upon
Stone Mountain in Georgia showing Generals Lee, Jackson & President Davis riding in stride with each other REMOVED.

  So take a look at this very Special Interest Person and observe his ‘intelligence’ as he suggests to the Admiral that ‘’Guam may Tip Over”.

  The VIDEO appears on the Society’s website under the Begin to Connect the Dots category- .

   Perhaps America can be resuscitated in time so it can Understand what has been done to it by these megalomaniacal autocrats of Political Hate & Vitriol that has contributed to the sorry conglomeration of the American Condition Today?

For God, Family and the Restoration of the Confederate Republic’s Government that was Never Surrendered,
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America

(Particular Thanks to the Society’s webmaster and fellow Member of the Board- Kevin Carroll)

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