Orders to CEO/President Donald J. Trump

You ask what We THE People want, we are telling you.
Immediately deliver Ambassador Leo Wanta's money to him
Immediately end inland piracy and prosecution of victimless crimes
Immediately end direct apportioned tax against the people
Enforce the original 13th Amendment

Signed: We THE People 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SLHS: An interview with former British Diplomat Carne Ross

Episode 80: Carne Ross on the Occupy Money Cooperative

Carne Ross is a former British diplomat, founder of Independent Diplomacy and author of 'The Leaderless

Revolution'. In 2004, he gave secret evidence to a British inquiry about Iraq pre-war intelligence. His damning 

testimony brought into question the alleged Iraqi threat, the legality of the war, and acknowledged the refusal of 

the British government to consider viable alternatives.

In this interview, he discusses the new 'Occupy Money Cooperative', Iraq, Edward Snowden, and more. Enjoy!




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