Orders to CEO/President Donald J. Trump

You ask what We THE People want, we are telling you.
Immediately deliver Ambassador Leo Wanta's money to him
Immediately end inland piracy and prosecution of victimless crimes
Immediately end direct apportioned tax against the people
Enforce the original 13th Amendment

Signed: We THE People 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dinar Rumor - Badgerbill & Mort - 7/30/13

badgerbill] mort What are you hearing from your Lawyer?

[mort] badgerbill -he told me the someone who held it up over the week end-but said that was resolved and it should down mon -tues and he should be sitting in reno on wed if all goes as planned and china & largard are p"""" over this one person who keeps trying to stall it-i gave that to lgtennis yesterday who found out i was exactly right when she did some digging

[skysthelimit] mort i know who it was to..mums the word

[GracieDog] mort Thx.

[mort] -sure looks good and  he said if everything went as its planned he should be sitting in reno on wed am

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