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Monday, July 29, 2013

Federal operatives of Obama intercepted my report of July 27, rewrote part as a forgery, and sent on to you. I supply legal proof for what they did and this is the "Watergate breakin" of Obama and caught redhanded on what he did! Best Regards From Erasmus

Dear John, Since federal operatives hijacked my original report on Tribes on July 27, 2013 and rewrote part of it, I sent you moments ago my legal response to this which is public notice that I will now sue Wash., D.C. for $50 trillion for damages for daring to try to forge my report into a report written by either NSA or else CIA under NSA on July 27. 

I show the legal proof how they forged part of my report and also sent to you the correct version of the report for July 27. I am calling for the immediate impeachment of Obama from the White House for daring to hijack my report, rewrite part of it for federal purposes, and thinking that he Obama and federal operatives can get away with such criminal acts. Sunday, had my computer checked out and it had federal computer viruses on it to give NSA secret control of my computer while I wrote national reports, etc.

You will find my call for the immediate impeachment of Obama very interesting and to sting NSA or CIA who did this, would appreciate my correct report of July 27 posted to replace the forged version forwarded to you by either NSA or else CIA under NSA. 

This is a deadly enough legal scandal to get Obama impeached from the White House now.

      Best Regards and God bless! Erasmus of America


  1. He should have been removed from office a long time ago but not necessarily impeached since he was never lawfully or legally permitted to be president in the first place. If he is simply removed for being there illegally then any and all legislation he's had his criminal hands in creating will be null and void.

  2. Caning sounds appropriate, doesn't it?

  3. He should be charged with treason and murder...Clinton as well. That's just for starters.