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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Written: Monday, July 29, 2013
Isn't  "HOPE" a wonderful thing !!!

Without "HOPE" we would never
have continued on this 10+ year ride!
The "HOPE" ride continues into
August, perhaps September,
maybe December, and "HOPE"
will still provide our "HOPEFUL"
ride into another glorious
"HOPEFUL" year and beyond.
Perhaps "HOPE" will pay off by
the magical year of 2015.
I certainly "HOPE" so!!
We all "HOPE" that tonight will be
"the night"... 365 nights per year.

I "HOPE" so too!!
What many HOPE for now are
real FACTS! Remember them?
The "old fashioned kind" with actual
signed & sealed documents, that
we can touch and see, not like
"digital" money...! Remember in the
"good ole days" when  
"real" MENwould "shake hands" and make a
"real" agreement for the world to see?

Now we see "illusions" on the "net",
in the "mainstream news"  and plenty
of "gossip - insignificant information"
on the "net" and most everywhere.

Is it any wonder that we "believe" all
of what we "see and hear" ? We've
been so "conditioned" to believe what
is "put in front of us".. even entire
scripted real life, shoot 'em up events,
that are "illusions" and not real!!
People fall for them "everyday"  --

When did we lose "REAL"... real things,
real people, real doctors, real love,
real truth ? 

We believe what we hear and see
because the two REAL things we
have left are "HOPE" and PRAYER...
But like they say, "
be careful what
you HOPE and PRAY for, because
you just might get it" 
Everyone needs 
"HOPE"It keeps us going!
It's our gallon of gas for each night
and day.  
NEVER give up HOPE!Do seek out "REAL"!Always keep on "PRAYING"
In the meantime, I "HOPE" and
"PRAY" with all of you that
our "blessings" will become
REAL very,very soon!!
In Reality, Love, Light & Hope
Dinarian - jbs- 7-29-13

The site where I found this video stated
it was made in 2011
Everyone was filled with  "HOPE" then,
and still are filled with "HOPE" today !!!
Might be a good "refresher" for everyone!
I'm wondering if all they said  in this video

"still stands" today!!I certainly "HOPE" so, for ALL of us !!

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