Military Tribunal Executions Destroy Evidence - WWII Nazis Destroyed America + Earth

 We The People See No Physical Hard Evidence of
Crime Syndicate Rule Being Dismantled.
No Evidence of Fear by Traitors
Trump Should Have Told Corporate Mercenaries To Cease & Desist Kidnappings For Victim-Less Crimes & Release of Victims for Corrupt Incarceration
Crime Syndicate Rule Persists, No Change in Weather
Rise Up Earth, Trump = Measure of Control
In The Matrix

Thursday, February 28, 2019

From DE FACTO to DE JURE: de facto = illegitimate, but in effect - But, de jure = Of One's Right - For We Are Not a Nation of Laws, But Instead a Nation of Slaves and Statutes - Send the Crime Syndicates and Satan back to the waters from whence they came - written by Sun Tzu

Congress has not been in session since 1861 when the Southern States walked out of Congress, Congress was disbanded, and at the end of the Civil War, our nation replaced by a foreign owned corporation, a for profit government service provider corporation, "United States Inc," better known as a Crime Syndicate. Not alone, "United Nations Inc," has toppled & enslaved 193 Nations on Earth, and "United States Inc is one of her subsidiary corporations.

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth, call out to our fellow indigenous natives living upon the soil in the true land jurisdiction all over Earth.  Rise up with us, overturn the jurisdiction of the sea, send it back to the waters from whence it came!  

Cease and desist all violent acts!
Cease rioting!
Cease marching!
You give the Crime Syndicate(s) cause to harm you, imprison you, kill you, all while the secret to your freedom is in front of you.

Do not waste your time, violence, rioting, and marching only detract from the true mission, the secret to freedom, found herein, to return from absentia to the land of the living (Citizen = Corporation = Dead Thing).  Do not attack your fellow brothers and sisters, for they are the very minds of enslaved natives we shall soon set free from enslavement.

Rise with us and destroy the Foreign Owned, "United Nations Inc," and her evil Genocidal Subsidiary member state corporations such as, "United States Inc," - All foreign with respect to the natives which they enslave = All just Crime Syndicates, all foreign owned, domiciled in the jurisdiction of the sea, under maritime law, a jurisdiction for dead things of fiction, corporations and trusts.  We the Indigenous Natives of Earth are alive, awakened, and shall henceforth cast the devil back to the waters from whence he came, taking his crime syndicate corporations along with him!

We The People = Corporations Created By Copyright Infringement = Dead Things of Fiction

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth 
= Living, in us the blood flows, and the flesh lives.

Bills on the Floor of U.S. Congress:

Corporate Initiatives/Directives up for future corporate officer deliberation/voting for the foreign owned "United States Inc" for profit & foreign domiciled corporation are on the floor of Congress to:

Abolish the IRS -  H.R. 25 (Fair Tax Act 2019)

Now is the time! 

Follow In The Footsteps Of the American Forefathers and Again Erect A Continental Congress By Way of the Jural Assemblies, backed by the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment, The Right To Peaceably Assemble.  

Re-Erect Congress &
Instruct the Military To Arrest the Traitors
Who do you think the Military will answer to?
A foreign corporation, or the indigenous natives?
So As It Came To Pass, So Shall It Be Done Again.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

MESSAGE to Trump, Qanon, Military, Alliance, White Hats

When it really boils down to it, we don't care about revenge...
We just want the life of abundance that we've been denied...
We want our dying parents to have a chance at that abundance that was stolen from them...

But if you make us fight for it...
If you make us wait for it...

go to:

and then you can BE ALL YOU CAN BE!

If you can get enough natives to vote for it, you can eat for free at a fancy high class restaurant while you flick peanuts at Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer in a cage dangling upside down above scorpions!

Hey, If Trump ain't gonna give you back your country and your stolen purloined goods the Pirates Stole!...

Like I said...
Make us fight for it...
We'll make sure you PAY for IT.

Most Sincerely,
Sun Tzu

PS - Whatever anyone does, absolutely do not throw your life away by being a bullet sponge for the crime syndicate "United States Inc Military, nor any other crime syndicate military owned by the crime daddy parent corporation, "United Nations Inc."

Not unless you want them to give enemy combatants your location and weaponry to kill you, and not if you don't want your chest cut open, yer cavity emptied of organs so that yer dead disgraced body can be used as a mule to transport illegal drugs back overseas to kill your fellow brother and sister indigenous natives back home!

SOLDIER = Sold, Die, Red(Alert)
Everything is Encoded 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Qanon Declares "We All Want To See Equal Justice Under The Law" = The Outcome Will Be What We Say It Will Be = Justice Under The Law Died in 1865 end of the Civil War = Republic Died, Replaced With Foreign Owned Corporation, "United States Inc."

 Sun Tzu say:
"We have no Laws in America...
                              ..... Only Statutes/Codes
                                 = Crime Syndicate Rule
(SEE LIES BELOW highlighted in Blue)
 The Law/Republic = Dead
Form Up Your Jural Assemblies & Tell These Crime Syndicates Who's Boss!
 (above) National Security?  Please, you represent the interests of a foreign corporation invading American soil and still murdering and ass raping innocent indigenous natives on a daily basis, kidnapping them, maintaining illegal fraudulent incarceration of them every day.... feeding them SHIT, filling them with your smuggled drugs, and ass raping them into subservience.

Form up your Jural Assemblies, kick the foreign corporation Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc" off our soil, and then everyone who's left will have to make a choice, who do they serve?...  

a) A foreign corporation who's got nothing, no people & no country, & no dry land.


b) Serve the Rightful Republic and her Indigenous Natives?

Form up your Jural Assemblies now so that you can prevent the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc" from covering up crimes against humanity & shuffling traitors to off world planets to genocide other suffering indigenous natives!

Just Remember what Qanon said:
"60% must remain secret to protect the Republic!"

Sun Tzu say:
What Republic?  When were you gonna tell us that the United States of America was stolen from us?  Its already been 154 years, and you still won't spill the beans?
Just a Crime Syndicate I guess!
 (above) We know what "a taste" looks like, lets see... (P.O.S. Traitor) Robert David Steele talked about that "a taste" last night.
  HMMM....  Steal several quadrillion dollars from a nation of slaves, and genocide 100 million of them in 20 FAKE Wars, falsely imprison several million of them, poison the rest, then flick a trillion dollars back at them and say, "Hey don't worry, its gonna trickle up!!!!  HAHAHA!  That's great!  
Sun Tzu say:
That's like giving a homeless quadriplegic man a penny and telling him that you hope it will get him really far!

Link to above screen shot:

Sun Tzu say:
"Wonderful production, shitty toys though, everyone of those weapons, aircraft, and tanks is outdated by a thousand years of technological advancement paid for by our tax dollars stolen from the natives at gun point and imprisonment for coming up short, yet you are going to advertise those shitty shitty pieces of waste representing extra theft and fraud against Americans that you just showed in that video.  We are onto your game, we know the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is that you stole money from US, used it to reverse engineer advanced alien technologies thousands of years in advancement, those aliens you assaulted and murdered too, and now that you have that advanced technology which you murdered for and stole from us to get, you just thought you would maximize your profit by slowly releasing the technology to us over the next 1000 years and giving us a billion small upgrades of overprice garbage over the next 1000 years and making us pay a TON OF MONEY for each of those BILLION upgrades.

Take your crap tanks, and your p-shooters, and your FLYING tin cans that fly so slow they fall out of the sky, along with your Crappy flying death whirly birds and dig a big hole, smash them all into the ground, and cover it over with DIRT, the dirt piled on top, worth more then all that garbage weapons you just showed in that video.

WE WANT THE REAL TOYS OUR GREAT-GRANDPARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, AND OUR PARENTS PAID FOR at gun point with their blood, lives, and souls, and we want it all before our PARENTS and the rest o'r kin DIE Too!

It is only right that they get to enjoy flying around the moon on one of OUR fancy TR3B's or hoofing it on a 1 day round trip to MARS... they & we paid for it, they should enjoy it.  Screw YOUR UPGRADES!

How Bout A Vacation?

Wanna go on a single day round trip getaway to the Red Planet Mars and kick sand at a bunch of Treasonous Traitors tied upside down to posts?  Travel & Food & Board is free! You already paid for it!

How bout a luxurious trip to a moon around a distant gas giant in another solar system on the other side of the galaxy?  It has breathable oxygen, amazing beaches, sunny 90 degrees with a fresh breeze year round, and the round trip time only takes 2 hours to get there n' back, but while you are there, you will get to point and laugh at Treasonous Traitors being bitten by the penetrating Alien Stinging Sliver Fish, it is a hilarious sight!  Once again, all food, travel and accommodations are free, your ancestors paid for it, we will actually pay you to go, because you overpaid for it when you were forced to pay at gun point and overpaid by accident again too!


WANNA BE A BILLIONAIRE and Watch Former Billionaires Polish Your Shoes?

HOW ABOUT foot massages and pedicures from Famous Hollywood Movie Stars & Starlets?

go to:


Blogger (aka Google) - Terminated Visitor Ability To Leave Comments = The CRIME SYNDICATE does NOT LIKE your FREEDOM of SPEECH

Confirmed.  Google = Blogger = Blocking All Comments Here On Nesara News.  It will let you post a comment, but we never see it on our end.

We have been under attack here for a long time...  No change in the weather, Crime Syndicate STILL IN CONTROL.

Thank you Google for proving our point.
Google = Arm of Crime Syndicate
Blogger = Arm of Crime Syndicate

Sun Tzu say:
"Was it when I said Patriots should scratch Google off the board?

Or was it when I called Google a bitch?

Nope it was this wasn't it:

The Days Of Honoring Yourselves Will Soon Come To an End - Until then, we R your Thorn

go to:

be on THE CALL 
(every Thursday)

Qanon Informs You Of Your Right To Opt Out Of Slavery, But Just Like Horrible Prophecies of Future Atrocities Brought To Bear Upon Society in the Movies & Songs of Hollywood, the Message is Encoded

Sun Tzu say:
"Here is how you know Qanon represents continued Crime Syndicate Rule:

Qanon is following the Laws of the Universe, The Infinite Creator's Free Will, which was gifted to all beings.  Qanon has to tell you that you have the right to OPT OUT from slavery under contracts by the NEW WORLD ORDER Crime Syndicate, but just like Qanon always does it is encoded, to waste your time, and because Qanon doesn't really want you to know your rights as gifted to you by the Laws of the Universe, the Creator's "Free Will."

Thus, the (above) blue highlighted portion tells you the following:


DECODED by Sun Tzu:
When the obelisk was brought to the District of Columbia to D.C., as well as the identical one brought to the Vatican in Rome, and to London, those obelisks represented the Waters rising above the Land, the Jurisdiction of the Land, being overtaken by the Jurisdiction of the Sea, the final act was at the end of the American Civil War when the actual Republic was replaced with the "United States Inc," a foreign owned, foreign domiciled, corporation, operating for profit.

SO when Qanon says:
- Common Law was the law of the land after the Revolutionary War, it meant, "Do No Harm," there were only three federal laws on the books leading up to the Civil War, and before the Civil War we were a Nation of LAWS.  But after the Civil War, our Republic was stolen from us in the dead of the night, and then, we became a Corporation of Statutes, and every native in the land was unlawfully converted into a corporation without their knowledge.

So When Qanon says: "Rise Up!  That means:


And if you do nothing, then Qanon fulfilled the Crime Syndicate's responsibility to tell you, and you will just keep being a slave, a battery for criminals to suck the life force off of.

Choose Wisely!

Sun Tzu

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It is FREE, we do not sell anything, we sell no advertising, it is EASY, and a MOST HOLY ENDEAVOR, to LIBERATE the EARTH from SLAVERY.

You can join us on our mission. By scrolling all the way down the front homepage at:

until on the left side you see:

Sun Tzu say:
"Thank you For Being YOU!"

"PAY ALL KIDNAPPING RANSOMS" - Google Issues Threat On Behalf of Interlocking Crime Syndicates Owned by Parent Crime Syndicate Corporation, "United Nations Inc"

If you ever wonder how I come up with some of my puzzles solved, I discovered a while ago since the beginning of the "Trump & The Crime Syndicate Civil War," raging quietly behind the scenes, that since that Civil War began, and the Satanists lost control of the ability to communicate using text message and phone call without being spied upon by their adversary (Trump & Alliance) that Google is now the main means of broadcasting messages to the Crime Syndicate underlings, and Google does this on your Android or Apple cell phone every time you bring up a Google search bar by hitting the internet search button, a list of trending topics pops up, and it is on that list of trending topics that I discover hidden messages being broadcast to: Wet Work Assassins, Deep Covert Agents, Victims, broadcasts of future atrocities brought to bear upon the unsuspecting indigenous native population, and more.

I cannot take a screen shot of my Google search page on my phone, and my phone is my only camera, so I cannot take a picture of the screen on my phone, and if you go to Google on your computer google does not pop up the same "Trending Topics," so all I can do hear is describe to you what I see, and then take screen shot pics with my computer of the actual content after it has been already the result of a search.

Just now, 3:08 pm PST, the list of trending Google reads:

kloe kardashian and tristan
pride flag emoji
whitaker trump cohen
chanel karl lagerfeld
lady gaga christian carino
sean milliken my 600 lb life
bernie sanders presidential race
pay ransom

(above) I bolded it so you will see it jump out, the above list is exactly as it still appears on my phone this very second, at 3:22pm PST.

(below) is the story it is connected to:

And when I tap on, "pay ransom" on my phone, this pops up:
THE REASON, the woman's head was cut off, was not because the husband was messing around about paying, this WAS MADE AN EXAMPLE to scare the public into immediately paying.  She was tortured to death, her head was cut off to harvest the adrenachrome, Fake Media, Hollywood, Elites, and Politicians = Strung Out W/ No Supply

Sun Tzu say:
"Several things are occurring here:

1)  The Crime Syndicate is seeding the populations consciousness to
  - To Inform The Indigenous Native Population That The Crime Syndicate is Going To Start Kidnapping A lot of Middle Class and Wealthy Business Owners

2)  The Luciferian Portion of the Crime Syndicate is running out of money.
  -  Trump Has Pulled Out of Syria and Afghan (Drug/Child/Artifacts Trade Drying Up
  -  Southern Wall Going Up (Drug/Child Trafficking drying up?)

So everyone should be extremely vigilant.  Arm yourselves at all times, with quick to fire weapons, that are safe and effective to have cocked, locked, ready to rock.

The Luciferians would have killed that woman anyways.  The Luciferians must maintain a large degree of suffering in the world for their dark lord masters (The Draconian Lizards Extraterrestrial Race, whom live underneath us since they were shot down and crash landed upon Earth as mentioned in the Bible: Fallen Angels)

Everyone should be vigilant to not let their loved one's out of their sight, and if they do, their loved one's should always be armed with multiple weapons, protectors (canine w/ sharp teeth), etc...

Because Trump/Alliance war to lift the suffering, the Draconians are angry and scared, and will most likely eat and kill the Luciferians as necessary to get the LUSH (suffering) they need, but at the same time, if your loved one is taken, you will most likely never see them alive again if the Crime Syndicate captures them, their painful execution will be an offering or sacrifice to their Dark Lords (Draconians) as the Luciferians have run out of baby's to sacrifice (or at least they are running very low.  The Luciferians are also running very low on a supply of adrenachrome, which they are addicted to, and the withdrawals are many times worse than heroine or opiate withdrawals.  Right now, every Main Stream Media Personality and Hollywood Personality is desperately trying to stock up on as much adrenachrome as they can, if they are out, they are desperate.

If your loved one's are taken, they will be tortured to death, sacrificed to the Draconian, and their organs harvested for replaced lost profits, and their adrenachrome harvested for those Satanist Fake News Media, Hollywood Elite, as well as Criminal addicted Politicians, and Elite Moguls having a bad day.

Keep your loved one's close.  Be VIGILANT!

Sun Tzu adds:
1)  Shoot First Ask Questions Later

2)  Dead People Do Not Sue, So Shoot To Kill

3)  Everything Around You Is Always A Tool To Kill an Attacker, From Your Car To Your Keys, To Your Pen.  Cut the carotid artery on the inside of the legs by the groin or the jugular on the neck, they bleed out very fast, 5 seconds or so for the carotid near groin.  You must mean it though, cut deep, AIM to CUT TO THE BONE and then Aim to take the whole leg off or neck off.

4)  Dead People Are Easier To Search

PS - Patriots Should Make An Example of Google and SCRATCH THEM OFF THE BOARD.

As soon as you form you Jural Assemblies (msg to Earth) we can snuff these criminals out forever, but not until then.  So get ON IT!

go to:
create an account in the forums
- connect with local patriots for erect of Jural Assemblies, and learn important vital information on Jural Assemblies

be on the weekly Thursday call
- to learn how to run a Jural Assembly Meeting
- to ask questions once the short business meeting is over

The Bill of Rights, and the First Amendment, guarantees the right to peaceably assemble, to self represent, and self govern, this is, the RISING UP the Land Jurisdiction, above the Jurisdiction of the Sea, which is Maritime Law, under which all entities are that of pure fiction, dead things, such as corporations = person = people.

We The People = Fiction = Dead Things = Corporations

We the Indigenous Natives = The blood flows, and the flesh lives

Follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly.

You do not need to dissolve your Corporation, or change your political status, or rescind your CITIZENship.  You are a victim of fraud, the Crime Syndicate operating for profit as a "government service provider" had a fiduciary responsibility to tell you they were opporating for profit, that you had been unlawfully converted into a corporation, and you owe them nothing, no corporate paperwork to be filled out, nothing, no more taxes, no more blood, no more victims, they (The Crime Syndicates) shall soon be out victims and victims of the harbinger of their doom, which they created, (INJURED NATIVES Coming for VENGEANCE)

How it works. De Jure v. De Facto

This is a flat fact. Only one can exist at any given time. Both cannot coexist simultaneously. AMJ book 38a page 340 first paragraph first line reads "When the de jure grand jury rises the de facto jury must sit". There is a reason why you cannot use the united states of America with an Apostille. You have to use another country like Netherlands or Taiwan for example. The united states of America is interim and most seats are vacant. It is not in effect. The only way the united states of America can be in effect is with a majority of the seats occupied. Until the seats are occupied and activated the united states of America will remain out of effect. The Corporate UNITED STATES INC. will remain illegitimate but in effect (de facto). Until the de jure seats are occupied.  The united states of America body politic has no standing on the international plane until the de facto sits.
Many people expatriate or rebut the residence of the corporation to claim American National status.

The unanswered question remains. Where do you go when you exit the corporation?

Bernie Bershershe (or how ever you spell his name) expatriated himself right out of the corporation and was forced off the north American continent like many others. He now lives in Panama. This is an example of my point. Beware setting status or expatriating. Not telling you to do it or not. That is your individual private choice. But be aware of possible consequences.

Best move to make is to reseat the de jure body politic in accordance with our founding fathers and our founding documents. Reassemble the original jurisdiction assemblies In a peaceful manner per Article1 of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.


Sun Tzu adds:
"If anyone wants to know what life is like after Expatriating, and without a driver's license, without a social security card, without the permitting to travel, without the ability to get a bank account, without the ability to get a Paypal account, then just ask FREEWILL(author of above) because he expatriated and that is what happened to him.  But as he mentioned above, since the actual de jure is not yet seated, your expatriation leaves you in limbo, as he says above, "What did you expatriate to?" You become a lost soul with no homeland.  This is what Anna Von Reitz and others were trying to get you all to do.

The reason why Anna did that, is because most of you would succumb to the suffering quickly post expatriating, and the rest would never build up the gall to do it in the first place, and thus the Jural Assemblies would never form under Anna Von Reitz's Cock Block Road Block."

Fraud = Fraud - All Contracts Created Under Fraud are Void

One does not have a written contract with McDonalds!
But the plebs do have a plethora of written contracts with their corporate Masters!
Written contracts entail Usufruct registration responsibilities, once in Usufruct, the Surf has lost total "power of Attorney" over their own flesh and blood body! Best cancel all Usufruct status contracts, (as the corporate governments didn't force anybody to contract against their will.)All Admiralty law is CONTRACT-LAW, no contract, NO-JURISDICTION. And get your 'creditors Birth Certificate' see here;
    The Crime Syndicates had a fiduciary responsibility to tell us they were operating as "For Profit CORPORATIONS," and that they had switched out (toppled by force) our real de jure governance representation.

    All contracts are thus void, by condition of being TOTAL FRAUD.

    Sun Tzu
  2. Sun Tzu add:
    They also had a fiduciary responsibility to tell us that they had unlawfully converted us into corporations and to give us an opportunity to opt out.


  1. Sun Tzu, I do believe EVERYONE could use this form to send to the government. I know I am printing it out for our household and sending it. Have a blessed day!!
    1. Hi Theresa,
      I went and added one more part, "The foreign owned, foreign domiciled, corporation, pretending to be lawful governance, but instead nothing more than a government service provider corporation, had a fiduciary responsibility to inform us that they had unlawfully converted us into corporations and to give us an opportunity to opt out.

      FYI: The Opting Out, that is the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights: The Right to peaceably assemble, to self represent: Which as soon as it is accomplished will automatically void the so-called service contract. Because the "United States Inc," and every other nation which is a member state of the "United Nations Inc" which means they are corporations owned by the U.N., because ALL OF THEM are foreign, as soon as a few good men and women wake up and form their jural assemblies, and say "GTFO!" (GET THE F*** OUT) They automatically have to leave not because we said so, but because of the laws of the Universe, the LAWS of the Infinite Creator, called FREE WILL. The only way the corporation(s) are allowed to play this gig of genociding us while enslaving us, is because We Are Allowing It.
    2. Thank you Theresa!!!
      Sun Tzu

New Qpost Today: = Half Words, Half Truths

Sun Tzu say:
"Kennedy was not an outsider, his grandfather worked with the Crime Syndicate and with Al Capone to make massive profits from the prohibition of alcohol and distribution of alcohol, along with all the violence and bloodshed that came with it.  Kennedy was a Freemason, he was not an outsider.

Reagan was not an outsider, he too was part of the Freemason secret society.

Do not try to appease us with half words and half truths (highlighted in blue above), SAY IT!


You have told us over and over to: "Enjoy the show," your scripted transition of power and your conspiracy to work with the Criminal Elitists to rectify your own Crime Syndicate creation of the Nazi Satanists whom the Crime Syndicate created and empowered and whom slaughtered us like ants with poison for your mouths and poison from your actions, SAY THE WORDS, "Create Your Jural Assemblies," and I will back off of you.

Until then, you represent the Crime Syndicate.
Until then, you represent secret fake military tribunals held in secret, so that the genocidal criminals will be relocated to genocide elsewhere, just like your pedophile priests, because they too are essential to the Crime Syndicate's power.

SAY THE WORDS:  "Form Your Jural Assemblies," stop hinting at it and say it!

and unless you are going to redefine the word, "People," today in the legal law dictionary, stop saying, "We The People," and Start Saying, "We the Indigenous Natives..."

We The People = Dead Things = Corporations
created by unlawful conversion of the natives into dead things in the jurisdiction of the sea, under maritime law as represented by the "Gold Frilled Old Glory Flag." (below)

Rope Tassel and Gold Frill = Enslaved under Maritime Law = Jurisdiction of the sea = Codes/Statutes = Enslavement


The "Common Law" given to us by our American Forefathers, which means, "Do NO HARM," which is what you the Crime Syndicates owned by the "United Nations Inc" do to us everytime you arrest us for a violation of a statute, but there is no actual real living native victim injured, YOU INJURE US, Imprison us, and murder us in prison, after you have us raped and sell us your drugs, while we rot in prison before we die.

Trump Says, "We Are Born Free & We Will Stay Free," at State of the Union Address - FALSE - We Slaves Were Born Enslaved By Our Crime Syndicate Slave Masters, We Are Ruthlessly Sacrificed & Murdered For Their Pleasure, Benefit & Profit

CEO of the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc," proclaims that we are "All Born Free and We Will Stay Free.  While this is a powerful statement, and true in the eyes of the Infinite Creator (given Free Will) It is a false statement in the day of today.

Scroll Down To Video (3 images down)

Watch 2 minutes of his speech here! (below)

When I hear Trump say this, I do not know whether to cringe or to leap and scream out for joy.  I guess I feel that he dishonors us all by not saying the truth, THAT WE HAVE BEEN ENSLAVED SINCE BIRTH, that we have been murdered; before birth, at birth, and anytime after birth, and we have been made to be batteries, a source of energy for those who would claim to be our betters, "the pure bloods," "the blue bloods", when I think about their claim to rule us, "as worthless eaters," I just think about how if we painted the world with their blood, and filled the sewers with their blood, would it not be red?

We are certainly not Free,  We are certainly born Enslaved.

Come with me and BE FREE!

Form your Jural Assemblies and you shall have The Great Infinite Creator, His Angels, Arch Angels, and our Cosmic Cousins from this galaxy and every other, on your side.  For the Galactic Federation has moved against our enemy, now is the time people, form your Jural Assemblies.

Canvas your neighborhood and go door to door and ask you neighbors to join you in exercising your free speech, the right to gather together and peaceably assembly to redress your grievances and self represent, a right guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and the First Amendment.

We in the United States of America declare that the whole world and all her indigenous native children are born with this right to peaceably assemble and self represent, your right to self govern, all you need to do is do it, and your enemies shall be struck down, with total loss of their power to rule once you rise and identify yourselves as organized indigenous natives, ready to lead, "The Free Will, given to you by the Infinite Creator," this represents a magical power that cannot be crossed with, that is why our enemy, the crime syndicates, always tells us in their movies and songs of the horrible atrocities they bear down upon us, before they actually happen, because "Free Will" is the most powerful law which cannot be broken, God's Law, but I prefer to say, Creator. (Creator has no gender, and I know for a fact that the Creator is everything, and nothing at the same exact time).

Sun Tzu's Pain - Sun Tzu's Plan - The Jural Assemblies

My cousin, Mike G., blew his head off with a 12 gauge shotgun because he couldn't pay back his student debts and couldn't find a job because the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc," made it impossible for him to pay back his over priced shit education because he couldn't find a job to do it, because politicians shipped away the jobs.  He was bright, he was suffering under the burden, and he took his life in the downstairs room that had no ceiling, his mom & dad, my aunt and uncle, found him, his head was gone.

I knew right from a month into my Electrical Engineering degree at the best Electrical Engineering School on the West Coast, Santa Clara University, in the silicon valley, that all collegiate education was a sham.  I could study for 12 hours and pass any midterm without ever going to class, 24 hours study for a final, i got my degree in four years without ever going to class, not because i'm smart, but because all that busy work teachers occupy your time with, is just that, to waste your time, so you cannot learn as much, so I spent my time learning other things other places, i convinced my professors that my exams should be my grade, and for the first couple years, got them to drop the 20% homework grade.  

All of your educations were designed to make you stupid, to make foreigners more educated than you, so that your jobs could be shipped overseas or via H-1B visa bring in foreigners who got a real education to replace our uneducated ripped off dumbed down graduates, the H-1B visa foreigners stealing your jobs and doing them at a tenth of the cost, putting you out of work, thanks to your local crime syndicate, "United States Inc," and her criminal conspirators called bankers, and politicians, and corporate executives.  

And right before I graduated, the, "United States Inc,"  Crime Syndicate decided to murder a couple thousands poor saps in NYC during the 911 remote controlled plastic nano-thermite controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, the explosives were planted there a month in advance, it takes a long tie to string all that detonator coord and steel beam vaporizing nano-thermite C-4 explosives.  So right after I graduated, 20,000 electrical engineering jobs in the Silicon Valley were shipped away to India, so my education that was already a rip off costing over $100,000 went from worthless to spit overnight.  That was when I came to the conclusion that only criminals were allowed to flourish in America.

My other cousin, Sean, on the other side of the family, was over prescribed oxycontin for a minor injury, he got hooked, then onto heroin, he shot himself too with a 44 colt pistol called "The Judge," blew his whole side out, but survived.  The point of prescribing my cousin and so many Americans oxycontin was to get them hooked on opiates before we ever even made it to Afghanistan, because the crime syndicate, "United States Inc," knew damn well that it was GONNA GET THEM POPPY FIELDS, talk about replay of the Golden Triangle in Vietnam, same gig too, kill a bunch of our soldiers by supplying weapons and strategic assistance to the enemy, so that our fallen brothers and sisters at arms could be cut up for their autopsy, then have their chest cavity sewn shut full of heroin, to be shipped back in their desecrated bodies back to America to enslave and genocide the entire nation.  How do you think them fallen heroes are looking down upon you now?  Trump dishonors their memory by not bringing forth the truth, Trump speaks of Gold Star families but he shits on the truth that is dead American soldiers being converted into fucking drug mules by the military and CIA, and DEA.

Myself, when I started top speak out, the police first tried to kill me on HWY 26 with my wife and dog in the car, the police shut down 4 lanes of HWY, just so they could get us alone with no witnesses on the road, and a police officer in a fake pullover shirt uniform but real Police Jeep detoured me around the closure, he smiled at me as I passed, when I got back onto the freeway, there should have been cars everywhere, but I was all alone, because of the forced closure, doing 65 mph when a Silver Volkswagen Station Wagon tried to push me into a slanted concrete median that was a forced left lane merger at a construction zone.  I slammed on the brakes and he missed.  He made another three lane swipe at me and missed again.  We called the Washington County Sheriffs and gave them the license plate, they said a detective would call back, we told the dispatcher that he tried to kill us, twice, that it was politically motivated, they never called back.

I didn't shut up, I kept spouting off, I spent 7 years working with a retired CIA problem solver (hitman) it was his job to pick up the cocaine from the Joint Base Louis McCord Base in Washington State on the I5 Interstate HWY.  He taught me all about what pirates are.  He told me the government is only run by pirates.  They will kill every last one of you and rape your mom while you watch if it pleases them to do so and makes them money in the process.

Then I found out they were not a government after all.  I kept running my mouth.  I was stopped at an intersection one evening in my neighborhood, and police officers came and told me I was under arrest, they should have put the cuffs on me right then and there because they forced me out the car under those terms, I told them I would not get out of the vehicle unless I was under arrest, so they said, 
"yeah! get out the car, your under arrest!"
Of course their body cams were all turned off, caught no footage, "sorry they said," and of course their police dash cams were also turned off, "sorry they said, not available, there is no footage."  

The police falsified the entire report.  They said that I was intoxicated when they gave me the field sobriety test, even though they were legally forced to put hand cuffs on me and stuff me in the squad car because they forced me to evacuate the vehicle under the grounds i was under arrest.  I aced the field sobriety test like an olympic gymnyst, because I'm very athletic, i am one of the best fist fighters you will ever see, I was beaten like a rag doll my whole child hood by bullies, I was a pitcher in college, got professional letters from the Twins and Angels to play A Ball.  The police said in the report that I failed the sobriety test.  I WAS SOBER.  They faked the whole police report to say that my eyes were watery, that i was discombobulated, that I was slurring.  They even tried to falsify evidence back at the police station by pointing to my beautiful skin on my arm which has perfect tan complextion from my german heritage and i have no freckles even, and saying really loud, "What is that?!!!"  I laughed and said, "WTF are you getting at!  Are you trying to point to an imaginary something on the inside of my arm?  It was later that I learned they'd put heroin in my car.  The whole gittup with pointing at my arm on camera was to pretend i had a needle mark on my arm? 

I hate needles, the Crime Syndicate took me when I was a child and stuck needles in me for 5 years, first grade thru 5th grade, convinced my parents that my runny nose was a problem from day 1 in first grade (WTF??? Every kid is a snot rocket with a runny nose).  They stuck me with needles for 5 years trying to find out what I was allergic to, damn school nurses insisted on it, principal insisted on it, the Catholic grade school was in on it from the start, and the strange the medical lab just happened to be 30 feet across the street from my Catholic grade school.  

After 5 years of needles, and sticking me with everything in the world a person could be allergic too, then they took me up to Oregon Health & Sciences University, where they convinced my parents I had a hole in the front of my cranium and was leaking spinal fluid, in danger of meningitis and dying.  Arranged to give me a spinal tap with radio-active fluid to see if it came out my nose in the 20 feet of gauze they forced jammed up into my nasal passages by loading me nasals up with a bunch of liquid cocaine to numb the pain of shoving 20 feet of gauze up each nasal passage.  Of course the results came back positive with radioactive fluid on the gauze, you think they would waste a five year op and not fake the results?  

The local brain surgeons in Oregon first scared the living daylights out of me and my parents, by suggesting that he wanted to shave my head and skull cap me (cut my whole front half of my skull off) to plug a small hole allegedly the smaller than the size of push pin you'd find stuck in a dress shirt at purchase.  It was all a con.  After a couple weeks us me screaming that I would rather die, my parents received a magical call from another doctor in Philadelphia who just so happened to of magically performed a similar type of surgery before by using special micro tools, entering up one nostril, and plugging the hole, without any external tissue damage or damage to the skull, of course my parents leaped at the opportunity and immediately i was forced against my will to go to Philadelphia for "special" surgery.  

I allegedly received another spinal tap with radio-active isotope to verify the original results, but my parents were never shown any radioactive gauze, they were just shown a piece of paper both times that said, "positive."  

When I awoke from the surgery, I was vomiting blood, they'd overdosed me on anesthesia, and for the next 5 days in intensive care, the nurses refused to walk a five minute walk to the child hospital to get me a child sized catheter, they also refused my parents desire to fetch a child sized catheter from the neighboring child hospital, so a female nurse a couple times a day shoved an adult sized tube all the way up inside my little 5th grade penis, all the way up into my bladder as I screamed so loud they said they could hear it several floors up and several floors down and across the hospital to the other wings, all because I was given a special drug to make it so that my bladder would not work.  

Did you know that the most effective form of brain wiping (erasing of memories performed by government black ops) is done with overdosing of drugs in combination with intense trauma?  

FYI, i've never sleep walked my entire life.  But, a week later after the surgery, while staying in the hotel neighboring the hospital, my parents awoke when, I leapt from bed at night sleep running and screaming at the top of my lungs as I ran for the hotel room door, totally asleep, "Josh get out, the space ship is going to explode!!!"  My parents caught me as I was about to run down the hallway.  

I have known for quite some time that I was the subject of a "Secret Program" which I believe was a "Secret Space Program" in which they extract you from you regular life, take you away, you serve out many years under the agreement that you will be specially compensated upon return to your original time of extraction, except everyone who ever partakes in these programs, always gets screwed over.  Yes folks, the Crime Syndicate has the ability to time travel, or had before the current crime syndicate civil war.  The reason for all the 5 years of shots to see what I was allergic too was to make sure that I was a worthy candidate for the program.  I have never been allergic to anything in my life, apparently, to my unfortunate experience, I was a match for their program.

So... Later on in life, after the falsified fraudulent arrest and after the falsified fraudulent making me a felon (I had no priors, from a well to do middle class family) my grandfather was a Freemason, my other grandfather was an Elk (secret society), and "they" screwed me just the same like I was nothing, a nobody.  Which is why I have the "We are all equal mentality that I have today."

That is when I started researching, met "Freewill," and found out that our TRUE American Forefathers gave us "Common Law" which means, "DO NO HARM," which means that if there is no harm done to a living native victim, there cannot be a crime, which also means that every fine, arrest, warrant, and fraudulent incarceration by the police is actually a crime against the REAL VICTIM, the poor sap they just enslaved, so that the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc," can make $200 per day, every day, while the poor sap is enslaved rotting in a jail cell.  That and all the fines, and if that poor person gets raped and commits suicide in jail, or gets murdered in jail, well they collect the insurance money, and if the poor sap lives, the crime syndicate intentionally makes its prisons porous so that they can smuggle drugs into you, to sell you, to make even more money off you when your really their imprisoned nigger slave (not racial in any way, I am white Irish/German, and I am a fucking nigger to these Crime Syndicate bastards in the "United States Inc, foreign owned foreign domiciled Crime Syndicate owned and operated by the parent corporation crime syndicate United Nations Inc), we are all just niggers to them, paupers, poor people, worthless eaters, the list goes on and on.

Did you know that 90% of every one of the many millions of incarcerated natives in our "United States Inc Crime Syndicate Gulag Prisons is actually a victim of fraudulent incarceration for a victim-less crime, in which there was no actual victim injured, just a violation of one of a billion statutes and codes created by the Crime Syndicate to destroy the life of any man or women anytime anywhere, for profit, for lust, for greed, for power, destroy any poor pauper any time any where.

The same goes for the military draft, that was a means to kill any man or women anytime anywhere.  They used it too, how do you think they precision killed 1/3 of the gold miners during WWI and another 1/3 of the gold miners during WWII, that was all so they could steal your money, take you off the silver standard, take you off the gold standard, because immediately after WWII, the "United States Inc," crime syndicate outlawed the crushing of rock that contained gold and silver from 1941 to 1949.  So they could steal the value back your money, which they did, they stole that shit right out of Fort Knox, it is gone.  That is why Trump is stealing all your gold and silver and platinum right now, he's having to buy it all back up, because he had none, the crime syndicate has devalued your money so much through inflation and overprinting = THEFT!!!
THAT now, Trump has to artificially lower your gold and silver and platinum so that he can buy it back at a lower cost, because he has to BUY SO MUCH PRECIOUS METALS TO BACK THE WORTHLESS FUNNY MONEY, and there isn't enough actual paper money to even make a trillionth of the 0's they created through their over loaning of ever dollar stored at the bank so that they could loan out every dollar a thousand times.  That is why the Crime syndicate, United States Inc, had to make it illegal for you to carry around more than $9,999, put your asses right in jail for it, and stole your money, said you could not account for where it came from.  It was all a lie to cover their tracks, these motherfuckers murder for a buck and genocide for a penny. 

And if you did not already know about your being unlawfully converted into a corporation by your sweet sincere crime syndicate, "United States Inc," bet you also did not know that they buy life insurance, and securities, and bonds with you corporation, with the taxes they steal from you, because the original constitution, "Constitution for the United States of America," did not allow federal income taxes, not until they unlawfully converted us into corporations could they get away with it, and still, there is no actual mandate in the amendments to even the fake constitution, "the Constitution of the United States," which gives them the right to federal income tax, and that my friends is why the IRS is in Puerto Rico.

Every War has been about killing you, my brothers and sisters.

Every drug war, has been about killing you, my brothers and sisters.

Every recession, has been about killing you, my brothers and sisters.

Every false flag political motivated MK-ultra shooting at every school, mall, and movie theatre (safe spaces) has been about taking your guns away from you so that they can kill you anytime they want with no reason whatsoever.

From my CIA hitman friend, I learned how they used the mental institutions to create monsters.  Every pathological killer, from Bundy, to the .44 Killer, every single serial killer was manufactured by the Central Intelligence Agency to strike fear into the populace and make them easily moldable by the Mercenary Police Force of the Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc," every serial killer monster, they were all designed by the CIA's MK-Ultra program to instill fear into the populace, to cause murders, eliminate political or business targets, and then the serial killings, to cause the public to willingly allow illegal search and seizure, to make the police state of mercenary crime syndicate forces all powerful, to push your door open anytime, to kick your door down anytime, to do anything they want to you here in Nazi America, anytime!

So if you ever catch me on a bad day, and I slip up, and curse, and say bad words, or if i lack positivity, and am accidentally negative, or if I focus your attention on pictures of horrible attrocities committed by the Interlocking Crime Syndicates of Planet Earth, know that I really try hard not to.  I really try hard to stay positive.

But I, Like Most Americans, have suffered greatly.  My family has lost greatly.  The last two recessions took everything from my parents who were overly confident in the security of America and blindly trusted the Publicly Traded Companies and the Criminal banksters and criminal politicians.  My parents were sold out.  

You were sold out.  We were all sold out, murdered for fun and money, and now, my brothers and sisters, it is time for our revenge.  We shall not take blood unless in self defense.

But we shall arrest all the monsters.  We shall seize all assets and monies stolen, all infrastructures on distant moons orbiting gas giants seized, every shit-hole across the galaxy and every other galaxy these assholes can hide, we will find them.  Our cosmic brothers and sisters will help us.

All you have to do, is STAND UP!

I WILL NOT LIE TO YOU MY BROTHER AND SISTER INDIGENOUS NATIVES, we have an enemy here on our shores, in our heartland, that is killing us, poisoning us, genociding us.  

AS SOON AS YOU STAND UP AS ALIVE INDIGENOUS NATIVES BY FORMING YOUR JURAL ASSEMBLIES, OUR STAR COUSINS ARE HERE TO PERFORM THE WRAP UP SMEER.  But because of the laws of Free Will given to all beings by the Creator, our Star Cousins cannot interfere until you return from the land of the dead and the jurisdiction of the sea, unto the land of the living and the jurisdiction of the land.

We are not dead things, we are not corporations, and we ARE MOST CERTAINLY PISSED OFF!

My name is Sun Tzu
But my mother, father, brother, and wife, call me by my given name:

Jeff Dougherty
of Portland Oregon

(I am here with open arms Criminals, come and get me, for when you strike me down, I shall become stronger than you will ever be, a million more of me shall rise up, and I shall see you from the other side of the veil imprisoned forever, until your flesh rots from your bones over a thousand years.)

I have said it before, I will say it again, free all the falsely imprisoned natives.

Cease and desist all arrests, fines, warrants, and fraudulent incarcerations for victimless crimes!

Arrest all Luciferian genocidal traitors.
The arresting parties get a signed executed agreement for international immunity from prosecution.  The rest of the criminals shall live forever.

The meek inherit the Earth. 

Anyone executing traitors to cover up crimes will they themselves be imprisoned, forever.

All assets stolen by pirates shall be returned to the rightful owners, or appropriate compensation made, to include restitution, recompense, and reconciliation for Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes

Past Full Retard