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Tonight's Tipping Points: Florida Scandal, Migrant Caravan, & DACA! 11/14/18

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Hold the Presses! This Is Incredible---- 1.0

By Anna Von Reitz

Hold the Presses!  This is incredible ---

I have a statement on my desk attributed to former Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa.  He retired in 2015 after twenty years service in the U.S. Congress, ten years in the House, ten years in the Senate.  So he should know what he is talking about, right?  

He is still alive so far as I can discover, so maybe someone in Iowa can track him down and ask if he actually said the things that have been reported to me and ask him to make additional comment, because what I am about to discuss is nothing less than astounding.  

According to these statements sitting here on my desk this morning, Senator Harkin believes the following quotes.  My explanatory notes and answers appear in brackets [ ]: 

1. Senator Harkin:  [The Internal Revenue Code] "or any other constitutional or federal provision [is/are  null and void because] "those authorities fell with the loss of our national money standard in 1933."  ----that is, because the (Territorial) United States went off the gold standard.  

[Obviously not, Senator, because the Municipal United States continued to function and the Internal Revenue Service continued to click along. Changing from the gold standard to the silver standard in commerce in 1933 could not possibly have any such international treaty consequence. Both forms of money, gold and silver, are actual money and they both pay debts which the American States and People continued to pay for stipulated services under conditions of contract assumption. 

Federal Codes established by the old service corporation may have been vacated, but if so, the members of the U.S. Congress failed to serve Public Notice of those facts, and continued to publish and use those same Federal Codes--- which means that just as the American  People were "assumed" to bind themselves to the new service providers by process of assumption, the U.S. Congress is "assumed" to bind themselves to the provisions of the Federal Code they have published and used as a basis for suing people in courts all over this country.  Anything less results in institutionalized constructive fraud on the part of the members of the U.S. Congress in 1933 and every year since then.] 

2.  Senator Harkin: "Since 1933, the people have formed a new unincorporated United States in trust by their silence in accepting the loss of their ability for paying their debts at law." 

[We must immediately ask --- "Which 'people'?  The actual living people of this country, or the invisible fictional "persons" of the Territorial United States?  Because the States and People who actually own this country continued to pay their debts all along and have no reason to believe in the existence of any unwritten or implied "United States" trust. 

The bankruptcy in 1933 ruptured the assumed service contract with 
"United States of America, Incorporated" and ultimately led to the demise of that corporation in 1999, but so what?  If a subcontractor goes bankrupt the only affect on the Principal is to hire new subcontractors or extend additional duties to already existing subcontractors --- which in this case meant, historically, the UNITED STATES, INC. taking over.

 Also, there is no such thing as a totally "unincorporated" trust.  Trusts may be corporate or incorporated, but they have to have substance and form and a written indenture in order to exist.   There are no Zombie Apocalypse States or States of States or Commonwealths in our country or anywhere else. 

Senator Harkin's belief ----if indeed he said all this -- that some kind of un-stipulated public trust exists then or now is straight out of the realm of fantasy and has no basis in law or fact. 

There are unincorporated state trusts, but they are not some airy-fairy merely "presumed to exist" construct.  Our unincorporated state trusts are formed by declarations, not constitutions.  Those declarations may take different forms -- they may be compacts, they may be sovereign letters patent, they may be commonwealth treatises --- but they all have definite written hold-in-your-hand provisions that include public trust indentures.  All of them.  

Stop a moment and think about what this purported statement by Senator Harkin implies --- the members of the U.S. Congress think that our States don't really exist or have substance, because they are not incorporated?  That's like denying the existence of chickens because you broke an egg. Our States are the authorities that charter all their States of States and if the members of the U.S. Congress missed that fact in Grammar School, we are all in a heap of trouble.  You cannot ever have a "State of Florida" without first having a "Florida" --- does everyone grasp that fact?] 

3. Senator Harkin then quotes Russell v. Allen, 107 U.S. 163, 27 L.Ed. 397: "The United States Government may be the trustee of a charitable trust."  

[Well, I "may" act as a fan dancer, too, Senator.  But in the absence of evidence, we cannot presume that I occupied that capacity, can we? Or any other "potential" capacity --- dog catcher, soothsayer, or rocket scientist.  I might act as the trustee of a charitable trust, too. Might. Or might not.  This is crazy stuff, right out of Loony-Tunes Central.... The Trust to which the delegated powers return by Operation of Law is and has always been  The United States of America, Unincorporated, which was formed and announced to the public by The Continental Congress, September 9, 1776, and to all the State Trusts functioning under their statehood compacts, letters patent, commonwealth treatises, etc.  If this is not perfectly obvious to the members of the "U.S. Congress" it is still perfectly obvious to the rest of us.] 

I literally can't believe what I just read.  If this two-page statement by Senator Harkin is legitimate, and if this is representative of the level of understanding among members of Congress, our Ship of State has been lost at sea for over a hundred years, captained by pirates and crewed by imbeciles. 

And that discussion was just the first paragraph of this statement.  There's more.  Unfortunately.  But I must stop and draw breath.... 

Dear Mr. President Trump: there is no need for any vacuous supposition.  The occasion of any service provider going bankrupt results in the delegated powers returning to The United States of America, Unincorporated.  We were not given Notice by the International Trustees that they were unable to make provisions for new service providers (or were incompetent to do so) and in fact, new service providers readily came forward and assumed the service obligations and have been paid for those services since 1868. 

You can see that the obligations of contract by assumption swing both ways, and that any failure by the U.S. Congress to recognize this fact (such as their obligation to honor the entire Federal Code so long as they continue to publish and reference it ) results in constructive fraud against the sovereign States and People of this country and is in fact, treason.  

On this occasion with the failures of both the corporate Territorial and corporate Municipal service corporations, we have said --- "Enough." and have made public our non-assumption of contract and have also published our acknowledgement and acceptance of the returned Delegated Powers. 

It is now your turn to educate the members of Congress about life in the actual world and tell them that there is no implied United States trust charitable or otherwise available for the United States Government to (possibly) administer.  Andrew Jackson sold off the unincorporated United States as a business in 1836 and used the proceeds to pay off all debts owed by The United States of America, Unincorporated. 

All variations of "United States" incorporation(s) since that time have been completely foreign operations acting under assumed contracts, both Municipal and Territorial --- and aside from being responsible to obey and execute the constitutional agreements they were assuming, never had any authority, business connections, or any other rights, titles, or interests related to this country or its people. 

We are now calling for the "Internal Revenue Service" to vacate our shores for lack of valid contract and lack of evidence that any valid Municipal or Territorial PERSONS exist.  We also remind the American Armed Forces that if they want to work for us, they need a new contract.  And as for the "United States" meaning the British Territorial United States and Municipal United States -- we are your Priority Creditors, and that is set in cement.  

Finally, as for the Office of the "US Attorney General" ---that whole mess needs to be straightened out along with dismissal of any claims that Americans "voluntarily" donated their babies as chattel "alien property" --- ASAP.  Thank you, very much. 

Nationalism not Globalism: OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Massive False Flag Operation Designed as Next Phase of Agenda 21?..and more



I am a Voluntarist Libertarian, and now I am fully red-pilled, I have discovered pretty much the essence of global politics and the deeply concerning political trends that are now happening now globally. It is now obvious what is happening. I am going to red-pill you too in this article.
The main problem with Libertarians/Anarchists/Voluntarists is that they always talk about principles but never about strategy. Being a principled person is very noble, but it’s pretty much a losing strategy, since most people are not. I don’t think we have the luxury now to be fully principled when the tyranny now is strangling us...Continue article here

Trump On Nationalism Vs Globalism

Nationalism vs. globalism: the new political divide | Yuval Noah Harari

The Propaganda Machine Targets Whitaker

Tracy Beanz

Exposing corruption: The DHS 2-Election Trap Method

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Field McConnell - "Treasonous Acts" - Operation Classified

Derrick Broze Educates City of Houston on 5G Tech #2


WEBINAR: Aurora Light & William Alek – Introduction to Golden Age Technology for a Golden Age on Earth

PART I - Aurora Light & William Alek - Introduction to Golden Age Technology for a Golden Age on Earth from Alfred Webre on Vimeo.

Physicist Bill Alek, in a referenced scientific paper, explains a breakthrough understanding of Perpendicular Universes [not parallel universes], in which Time is running backward in one universe, whereas future Time exists in a perpendicular universe – A zero point of free energy is available at the intersection of these 2 Perpendicular Universes.
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Obama utterly dismantled the U.S. military as part of deliberate plan to leave America vulnerable to invasion and war


In recent days, former first lady Michelle Obama launched a book tour that, of course, the Left-wing “establishment media” is eager to promote. 
In her book, “Becoming,” she writes that she will “never forgive” POTUS Donald Trump for pushing the “birther” issue regarding former President Obama. 
“What if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to Washington? What if that person went looking for our girls?,” she wrote in reference to the president’s questioning, at one point, whether Obama’s birth certificate indicating he was born in Hawaii was real. 
“Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And for this I’d never forgive him.”
Whether you believe the president actually put the Obama’s at risk or not, he has plenty of things to hold over her husband’s head — like Spygate, the concerted effort the former president led to steal the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton or destroy POTUS Trump in the process.
That said, the president responded to the former first lady thusly: That he would never forgive her husband “for what he did to our U.S. military.”
“I’ll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways,” Trump continued. “What he did to our military made this country very unsafe for you, and you, and you,” he told reporters last week.
That’s not hyperbole. The president is spot-on regarding the manner in which the commander-in-chief he relieved left the armed forces.
The first budget President Trump signed contained significant increases in funding for the Pentagon, meant to rehabilitate a badly worn U.S. military. But according to a lengthy analysis published at South Front, the Defense Department has a long way to go in order to ensure victory on the battlefield against a future near-peer competitor like revisionist powers Russia and China.

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California forced vaccinations a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code that outlawed medical experiments on humans

International Covenants 

Article 7
No one shall Ъе subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation. 

Image: California forced vaccinations a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code that outlawed medical experiments on humans

(Natural News) As California’s forests are going up in flames, you might wonder whether the bureaucrats of California actually care about children at all. If they did, they wouldn’t be forcing dangerous, deadly vaccinations onto the children of the state, in total violation of the Nuremberg Code that was created to halt the Nazi practice of using human beings for cruel medical experiments.
Roger Landry from explains the real story. See the full article here.

California’s Forced Vaccinations A Violation Of Nuremberg Code

by Roger Landry
Concerns are mounting among scientists that the recent implementation of SB277 making vaccinations mandatory law in California for men, women and children is a chilling step towards universal compulsory vaccination.
Coupled with the fact governments and multi-national pharmaceutical companies are being prosecuted and convicted over poorly-tested and administered vaccines, suggests a crisis is coming.
Vaccine activists are citing the notorious post Second World War Nuremberg Trials in which Nazi doctors were convicted of forced experiments on humans. Fears are that seemingly once benign governments are now resorting to forcing medication into the bodies of the unwilling masses and their children without their consent.
A little recent history …Continue article here

Democrat Dreams: Their Unattainable Future & SerialBrain2 Election Strategy & Declass [videos]

StarShip Earth...See article and video's here

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Has a Time Machine! President Reagan Sent Marty Back To The Future To Make Sure Trump Would Win! How Do U Think He Knows Everything, Just Like Santa? Happy 11-12 Posted 10:04 PM! Will See! ...See this tweet here

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Field McConnell - "Treasonous Acts" - Operation Classified

John B. Wells

Ah-ha Moment Regarding Health and the DOD

By Anna Von Reitz

Ah-ha Moment Regarding Health and the DOD

Now, I know that my Readers are not coming to this page for health advice. They want to know what-the is wrong with the government and what to do about it.  This article only obliquely addresses a problem with the government, which is the over-protection of  Aluminum Industry profits by the Defense Department at the expense of public health ----but read it anyway, because it could save your life and improve the quality of your life and the lives of those you love. 

I've thought for years that there is an obvious link between the proliferation of aluminum cookware and the vast "mysterious" increase in Alzheimer's Disease which involves plaque deposits in the brain containing --- what?  Aluminum. 

The Aluminum Industry has a very shady history of pollution and self-interest going back many decades.  It got its big boost (not with Reynold's Wrap) with the use of Aluminum in air craft sheet metal during World War II.  Because it was a necessary "war material" the industry as a whole got all sorts of perks and open doors.  After the war, the growth of the commercial airlines and the need for new commercial transport planes continued to guarantee the demand for aluminum.  

Almost as an afterthought a burgeoning business in aluminum cookware and disposable bake ware sprang up after the Second World War as aluminum manufacturers sought to increase demand for new aluminum-containing products.  Aluminum has several properties that are good for cookware -- it is light weight, fairly rigid, and a good even heat conductor.  

Unfortunately, it is also quite poisonous when ingested. That's hardly a concern for airplane fuselages but is a concern when you are boiling water in an aluminum tea kettle day after day.  While the amount of aluminum ingested as part of a cake baked in an aluminum pan is truly minute, aluminum is very hard for our bodies to get rid of once ingested, and builds up causing an anti-poison inflammatory reaction.  The body tries to save itself by insulating the aluminum in a blanket of fatty acids ---- plaque. 

When you consider the exact correlation between the increase in the use of aluminum cookware and the increase in Alzheimer's in the adult population --- it does not take rocket science to figure this out, even if it does take aluminum to make rockets. 

Another way that the Aluminum Industry harms our health is the addition of Fluoride to toothpaste and to our community water systems.  Fluoride is touted  (ironically enough) for its anti-bacterial and plaque-fighting abilities without any disclosure of why Fluoride has these properties.  Fluoride is a low-level poison, just like the aluminum ore it comes from, and while it "kills" the kind of bacterial plaque that forms in our mouths, once ingested, it forms the other kind of plaque that gunks up our vascular systems and brain synapses. 

The Aluminum Industry thus found a highly profitable market for its poisonous waste products at our expense, and it was allowed to promote this because aluminum is a protected "Defense Material" and the mining and manufacturing related to aluminum has been a protected industry ever since WWII. 

Now, I have nothing against the use of aluminum in conjunction with aerospace and the airplane industry generally, and I see nothing wrong with the government protecting the Aluminum Industry in regard to its importance to the military --- but I draw the line when the known ill-health affects of aluminum are ignored and people's lives are ruined and truncated because aluminum is being used in inappropriate ways (such as cookware and bake ware) and its poisonous by-products are being marketed (and even mandated!) for use in toothpaste and added to municipal water supplies. 

I count myself extremely lucky that my Mother stuck to black cast iron and stainless steel and I highly recommend that everyone else do the same.  

There are other cookware dangers from non-stick and ceramic surfaces, too.  A friend forwarded this little gem to me from Buzz Video this morning:  Four Types of Toxic Cookware to Avoid and Four Safe Alternatives:

So to help my Readers have healthier and happier lives, here is a piece of Ancient Chinese Wisdom passed on from my Mother, LaVera, to all of you: 

"Hot pan, cold oil, food won't stick." 

That is, you don't need non-stick cookware to enjoy non-stick food.  You just heat your pan up BEFORE you add the cooking oil.  This causes the cooking oil to form a protective layer of natural non-stick between the food and the pan, and you can have fuss-free scrambled eggs and pork chops to your heart's delight. 

Buy cast iron and stainless steel and the other safe alternatives and use this little trick to make your own safe "non-stick" cookware. 

Also, you can get all the benefits of Fluoride-containing toothpaste with none of the nasty risks and side effect by buying Flouride-free toothpaste and simply rinsing your mouth with a couple tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with a couple drops of cinnamon or clove essential oil.  Just swish the oil around like you would use any mouthwash, then hold in your mouth for 30 seconds.  

This oil combination is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-plaque and gets under your gums more efficiently than any toothpaste --- and unlike Fluoride-containing toothpaste, this option continues to fight plaque-forming bacterial for many hours afterward. 

You can also lobby for the end of adding Fluoride to municipal water treatment programs and expose the Dirty Little Secret of the DOD connect via its protection of the the Aluminum Industry and therefore, Aluminum Industry profits.  They are, afterall, supposed to be protecting us, not poisoning us.  

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PrayingMedic: Qanon Nov 13 - Preparing for Future Comms

Qanon Nov 13 - Preparing for Future Comms from Praying Medic on Vimeo.

The real truth with Ami Horowitz: The Truth Behind the Caravan 11/12/18

The Daily Wire

Clarifications About Kim's Problem, Oil, and Money Systems

By Anna Von Reitz  

Clarifications About Kim's Problem, Oil, and Money Systems

Yesterday, in my Reply to Kim Goguen aka "Kim Possible" I noted my frustration with the whole topic of money and moving it around by saying that, "It's like telling me that people can't move widgets from Point A to Point B because Standard Oil still owns all the pipelines in Texas."

Apparently, that flew over many people's heads and caused confusion ---- what was I talking about?

J.D. Rockefeller made his fortune --- not on oil, but on oil pipelines. That is, he didn't get rich on oil, the product, whether crude or finished commodity. What he made his money on was a monopoly of pipeline infrastructure. This was the basis of "Standard Oil". By controlling the pipeline infrastructure old J.D. could move or block the flow of oil and by controlling monopoly interest, he could grant favors to whomever he chose in terms of access to getting oil to refineries and to markets --- both. He could also charge as little or as much as he liked for the pipeline service he provided.

Thus, by controlling the pipelines he could make or break any oil company and even manipulate the prices of crude oil and finished products.

What finally caused the "busting up" of Standard Oil was that they went too far in their monopoly interest activities and their coercive control of the commodity transport and therefore, the commodity supplies.

What I meant by my comment was--- we have the same problem now, with the banks. This is exactly what Kim was describing as her problem --- owning the commodity (oil) and not being able to move it reliably (through the pipeline) because those controlling the transport system (Standard Oil) were blocking and shunting and causing problems.

So, in banking terms, Kim, the Comptroller, is having trouble moving the commodity (money) through the transport system (banks) because the people that own the transport system are, like old J.D., playing games -- blocking, locking, shunting deliveries, etc,, etc,. etc, ------ so I was, in essence, saying ---WTF?

We have been here before. We know how to solve this particular problem. Why isn't someone doing what needs to be done?

And what needs to be done is that Interpol (which controls the U.S. Attorney General's Office) needs to be outted as a criminal organization and shut down. The USAG works for them since 1976, not the President, even though the Department of Justice is a Federal Agency and even though the President appoints the Attorney General.

So we have a key Office in our government under the blatant control of Globalist interests and those Globalist interests have been running a white collar slave market on our shores and harming our people, which is both illegal and unlawful.

Shut the rats down. Kick them out. No more participation in Interpol. No more kidnapping American babies as "alien property" donated to the U.S. Attorney General.

If necessary, do what they do: rename the "Department of Justice" and rename the "Office of the Attorney General" ---- shift the contract over to the "new" Agency and place it back under American control. Just vacate what is there now.

That's Job One. Regain control of the Justice System in this country and stop all the game playing.

So, now we move on to Job Two.

Job Two is analogous to busting Standard Oil. We need to bust the banks that are abusing their privileges and acting as obstructive monopoly interests.

We know how to do that.

We liquidate them --- or threaten them with liquidation --- under a vast variety of laws and regulations that forbid what they are doing already. If they won't play ball according to the rules, we take the ball away. Boom. Shut their doors, take over their operations, and that is that.

And all that is just a matter of correcting the existing system and bringing the oversight tools (the Justice System) and the commodity transport (the Banking System) back into alignment and control.

If I were President, I believe I could have this problem fixed in less than a week. So.....once again, if a Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, can see the problem, analyze it in fifteen minutes, develop a general plan of action and be ready to move on it ---- why in blazes is the entire federal "system" all bolluxed up and constipated over this nonsense?

And that's just the existing system. Who says we have to stick with the existing system?

We have the technology and the means to deliver a totally new and "fool proof" banking system to the entire Earth and everyone on it. Kim can just move the old accounts over to the new tech and that really solves the problem once and for all. Put the records onto a new communications platform that is so transparent and user friendly and yet so private and seamless that all the banks will be begging to use it.

Dear Kim -- A Reply, November 12, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Kim – A Reply, November 12, 2018
First, I had visitors come here today and threaten to kill me over this conversation. Ever see what happens when arrogant idiots get the attention of a Battle Class Seraph from the Age of Storms?  Let’s just say that they left here considerably faster than they came.  I doubt that you will get a full and honest report about this from them, but the Galactic Council certainly will hear about it. 
Second, we are the “unknown country” --- the "dust that returneth to dust" (land and soil)  fixed in  “a time that is not a time and a place that is not a place”.  We are not his dominion and the unknown country has nothing whatsoever to do with the family business of Marduk, Satan, and Sons, which was supposed to be turned over to new management circa 500 AD.  They decided not to keep their end of the bargain they made with The Anointed One, so that resulted in a major diplomatic faux pas.  New Precessional Guardians have been dispatched to replace the Saturnine Brotherhood and more than sufficient firepower is present to blow any resistance clear out of this sector of the Galaxy.  
They are not going to get their way.  In fact, they are just going to sit down and shut up and observe basic math.  A negative seven plus a negative seven equals negative fourteen.  They are, by my count, 1500 years and counting behind on their rent.  And this planet, which actually belongs to the people and other beings who live here, is long past due for maintenance and renewal. 
Third, you must realize that “money” is a child’s game where I come from.   It’s like everyone is expecting me to play Barbie’s Pet Shop with them, which is very frustrating for me.  Money and routing it around and sharing it out so that people can live decent lives should be the least of our problems.  It's like telling me people can't move widgets from Point A to Point B because Standard Oil still controls the oil pipelines in Texas.  Say what?  
Fourth, there’s no need for all this distress. I already have what you need as a system to trade freely and to get relief to everyone on the planet. It’s already here, ready to deploy, safe, private, seamless and 200 years ahead of anything that now exists. A brand new clean and supremely user-friendly worldwide system could have been in place months ago---- which is what winds my clock.  We can simply bypass the existing banks.  
Fifth, each one is indeed sacred and doesn’t need “management” in the form of oppression and Group Think, however, until education and emotional support catches up with everyone -- there has to be a transition. We both know that.  Thanks to the way this world has been plundered and mismanaged, the majority of adults are like children ---scared, miserable, confused children.   And you know that, too.  These people need help establishing self-rule because they have been abused and oppressed and not just for a little while –for generations. 
Sixth, Bank of Dene is not my bank and never has been.  Our International Trade Bank is called The American States and Nations Bank, “ASAN” for short.  It isn’t part of the commercial system.  As you have so clearly described the endless rabbit warren of their corruption, I don’t have to explain the desirability and even the necessity of starting over.
Seventh, like most of those who have fought with this “System” Michael has had his share of troubles and run-ins with what passes for law here in a country which depends on securitization --- completely illegal and unlawful processes--- to generate an economy for itself.  Most of my friends have spent time in jail, been hauled over the coals, and many have suffered alcoholism, drug addictions, broken marriages and heartbreak of all sorts, because they haven’t meekly gone along with injustice and criminality.  
I don’t know where you are getting your DNA results, because I have seen reports confirming not only his Native heritage, but everything else he has claimed in his book, The Shekinah Prophecy. Maybe you are the one that needs to take a second look?  In any event, my support of Michael is based on his heart, not his war record.  I can see his heart.  I know what he wants.  And he truly wants nothing for himself, but to share in building something beautiful for all the people he loves --- which is darn near everyone.  Not just the Natives.  Not just the Hispanics.  Not just the Cowboys.  And that, IMHO, is exactly the kind of man that is needed to build a new world --- a man who still has his heart intact.  Think closely --- there aren’t that many of them left.
Eighth, my political system and their political system are two different things, operating under different forms of law --- and they are subservient to my system which is sovereign. We charter and license and if they misbehave, we liquidate corporations, not the other way around.  Now, that is hard for people to understand because they are used to being bullied by corporate bureaucrats, but it is nonetheless the truth.  We have Law.  They have what passes for Law.  So when you are dealing with huge issues like rebuilding the entire world and providing new banking services and new medical tech and all the rest of what needs to go on ---- it’s my brand of Law that you need to be using, not theirs. I am sorry if you got the impression that I wasn’t willing to help you, because I am willing to help anyone (see above) who wants to do the right thing by the Earth and its people. 
Ninth, for the purposes of the current discussion I am not talking about all the accounts.  I am talking about the approximately 4,800 Historic Trust and Private Accounts held as Special Deposits that contain the bulk of the precious metal assets on Earth. What we are left with are two basic kinds of accounts containing large quantities of gold, silver, and other assets that people have traditionally used as tokens and commodities in trade that have been left on deposit in banks and which you have gained control of via computer programs.  Control of the assets needs to be returned to the Depositors, both Public and Private.  There needs to be a cooperative but honest effort on all parts to resolve these issues.
Tenth, one of the exit interviews I had with Marduk and with Satan was about the Big Lies they have told.  If you listen to them, black will be white and up will be down, because truly, actually, factually---- and despite all their intellect and knowledge --- the Truth is not in them.  Even basic logic such as Who Owns What gets distorted in their presence. This is because the Truth departed from them when they rebelled, and has never returned.  This leaves them and their progeny in the unenviable position of being permanently out of tune with the Universe, living in their own self-created and egotistical world, separated from All That Is. 
Eleventh, if we were to allow all their premises and what they have taught about the “Unknown Country”--- which is not their dominion, then this alienation and separation from the Truth would continue for more generations on Earth.  I don't want that.  I don't get the impression you want that, either.  So why not focus on resolving the nuts and bolts and getting on with it? 

...Is it getting hot for nottingham criminal cartel yet :)?

Mark Seylon



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