Military Tribunal Executions Destroy Evidence - WWII Nazis Destroyed America + Earth

 We The People See No Physical Hard Evidence of
Crime Syndicate Rule Being Dismantled.
No Evidence of Fear by Traitors
Trump Should Have Told Corporate Mercenaries To Cease & Desist Kidnappings For Victim-Less Crimes & Release of Victims for Corrupt Incarceration
Crime Syndicate Rule Persists, No Change in Weather
Rise Up Earth, Trump = Measure of Control
In The Matrix

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Rise With Us and Destroy The Foreign Owned "United Nations Inc," and Her Evil Genocidal Subsidiary Member State Corporations like, "United States Inc," All foreign with respect to the natives which they enslave = All just Crime Syndicates - Make Sure To Be On The National Assembly Call This Week - It is time to free ourselves of these evil and foreign Federal Corporations (which by definition of the word, "Federal" being defined as "Contract" means "Contract Corporations") - POSTED BY Sun Tzu

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth, call out to our fellow natives living upon the soil in the true land jurisdiction.  Rise up with us, overturn the jurisdiction of the sea, send it back to the waters from whence it came!

We The People = Corporations Created By Copyright Infringement = Dead Things of Fiction

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth = Living, in us the blood flows and the flesh lives.

Bills on the Floor of U.S. Congress:

Corporate Initiatives/Directives up for future corporate officer deliberation/voting for the foreign owned "United States Inc" for profit & foreign domiciled corporation are on the floor of Congress to:

Abolish the IRS Bill H.R. 25 (Fair Tax Act 2019)

Now is the time!

Follow In The Footsteps Of Our American Forefathers and Once Again Erect A Continental Congress By Way of the Jural Assemblies, The Right To Gather In Peaceful Assembly, Guaranteed By The First Amendment To The Bill Of Rights, So As It Came To Pass, So Shall It Be Done Again, 

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Qanon is an Agent of a Foreign Corporation Operating For Profit as a Crime Syndicate Orchestrating All Manner of Evil Attacks Against Indigenous Natives of the Republic, "the united States of America." - Qanon is Covering Up Crimes - Qanon is aiding and abetting Criminals by allowing them to perpetrate more attacks against indigenous natives

Why does Qanon nor the Military, nor Trump arrest these "RATS EVERYWHERE?"

By allowing the "RATS EVERYWHERE," to continue committing crimes and churning out MORE VICTIMS, is that not aiding and abetting criminals in their
Evil Attacks against Americans? = TREASON

Are we not seeing people suicided daily?
- Reporters
- Witnesses
- Political Targets
- Victims (Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses/dead)
- Medical Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, Pharmaceutical Owners

I present the evidence again:

Qanon = Urging Criminals to Commit Suicide in order to COVER UP Crimes Against the We the Indigenous Natives of Earth.  If not urging, allowing!

Qanon = An Enemy Combatant, committing Treason by aiding and abetting the enemy, providing shelter, while they execute assassinations for personal gain.

Qanon = Criminal Conspirator, withholding evidence of gross crimes of genocide and lesser crimes, all perpetrated against the real living indigenous native population of Earth.

If Qanon is Military Inteligence then that also means,  Qanon = Works for a foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc."  

Qanon has no jurisdiction or authority, and is continuing to operate a criminal organization moving against a Sovereign Republic and all her indigenous natives born upon the land and otherwise natives residing there now, it is not by color of law, it is a most gross attack.  

We the Indigenous Natives, command all government service provider corporations, operating for profit, to cease all attacks against the indigenous native populations of Earth, we hereby give notice that we dissolve all manner of contracts with your foreign owned entities.  All said contracts were formed without our knowledge and are void as they were executed under fraud, the victims of this fraud, were never informed of the true nature of the contracts, nor that any contracts existed, and the victims were most certainly not told they could opt out.  

All Employees and Agents of the aforementioned Crime Syndicate(s) should take heed now to immediately cease and desist any further attacks against any living indigenous natives and their properties.

Being that the "United States Inc" and her parent corporation, "United Nations Inc," and all her subsidiary corporations known as the 193 United Nations Member Nations, were all foreign with respect to the indigenous natives which they forcefully and criminally enslaved, we hereby deem the "United Nations Inc," and all her subsidiary corporations, most notably, "United States Inc," to all be Crime Syndicate(s) operating illegally and criminally, and that all indigenous natives on Earth should consider them armed and extremely dangerous, and to use all force necessary to protect themselves against becoming another one of more than half a billion murders for profit.  All Employees and Agents of the aforementioned Crime Syndicate(s) should take heed now to immediately cease and desist any further attacks against any living indigenous natives and their properties.

Attack is defined as:
Fines, Warrants, Arrests, Prosecution, for victim-less crimes in which there is no native injured, only a violation of a statute or code which is fraudulently claiming jurisdiction.  

Attack is defined as:
Lying to the indigenous natives about the nature of our; environment, our reality, or providing false information or alternate information in effort to conceal the most important facts concerning the occupation of our Republic and native soils by a foreign enemy corporation committing genocide through all manner of attacks against natives, using all formats and platforms, all available weapons, against all available targets (natives).

All Employees and Agents of the aforementioned Crime Syndicate(s) should take heed now to immediately cease and desist any further attacks against any living indigenous natives and their properties.

Failure to heed the above command may result in great injury, possibly even death, imprisonment, or execution for TREASON.

Failure to heed the above command may result in great injury, possibly even death, imprisonment, or execution for TREASON.

Failure to heed the above command may result in great injury, possibly even death, imprisonment, or execution for TREASON.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.

Voicing Representative of We the Indigenous Native population of Earth
Sun Tzu

Responding To JFK Jr's Tweet @TheRealRaNon


Sun Tzu say:
"My turn...
Since when is it okay to murder people to cover up crimes against the native indigenous populations of Earth?"

I say murder because as a foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," its mercenary military nor its military kangaroo administrative courts, nor the chief executive officers, nor the elected officers, nor the employees have the right to execute traitors who have committed gross atrocities against the native indigenous population of America and Earth.

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth, call you all out; Qanon, Trump, the foreign owned, "United States Inc," and its bands of thugs hiding behind corporate desks, you are committing further crimes against the indigenous native population by orchestrating fraudulent administrate courts, fraudulent prosecutions, and fraudulent judgements for executions.

You have no authority anymore to do anything.  Your resources and jurisdiction you swallow daily are done by complete fraud and total criminality.

You have no jurisdiction anywhere, the "United States Inc," is a TOTAL FRAUD, and far worse and moreso vile than any mass murdering cartel gangster ever existed, nay... a billion times worse than Adolf Hitler on his best day..

Everyone assisting the foreign enemy, "United States Inc," invading our sovereign republic is committing TREASON.

We do not accept your jurisdiction, we do not accept your courts, we do not except your verdict(s).

We compel you to cease and desist all executions, less you would yourselves like to rot in prison for the rest of your lives.

We compel you to fully inform the public of the fraud that is the foreign corporation, "United States Inc," an enemy who came from the jurisdiction of the sea, under maritime law, whom invaded our land, infringed upon our copyright, unlawfully converted us into corporations, and because of the informational age of the Internet and Social Media Platforms, the gig is up and you are coming clean.  

Having wrestled control of the corporation, "United States Inc," away from its all powerful evil controllers, you have saved not only America, but also soon the whole world.  Let We the Indigenous Natives born upon the land, "Thank You," by executing your statements of guaranteed immunity from prosecution by indigenous native tribunals, but we will have justice served in a most public forum, with everyone apprised of the whole situation.  We cannot allow any evidence to be buried, we cannot allow stolen purloined assets to go un-collected.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.

Sun Tzu say:
"Since when is it okay to murder people to cover up crimes against the native indigenous populations of Earth?"

Thursday, February 14, 2019

While Waiting For Q's Response: Something Strange

While we patiently wait for Q's response to find out if Q supports continued slavery under crime syndicate, "United Nations Inc" and "United States Inc," both foreign for profit government service provider corporations, I discovered something interesting.  Perhaps someone can help me answer this.

I normally view Q at:

So I went there, and no new Qposts since his last response to our challenges regarding continued Crime Syndicate Rule with a fresh coat of paint.

So I went to:

Strange to find that the Qpost from the 12th of february are missing from (link above) but are not missing from  In other words, has Qposts from the 12th, but is missing them.

Here are the screen shots I just took:

Did Q have posts from the 12th of Feb deleted, or did Q never post them to begin with?

Let you know when I figure that out.

Sun Tzu

These two videos go hand in hand with the assemblies. A must watch!

If you have already watched these two videos, SCROLL DOWN for NEW POSTS!!!

Watch these two videos a few times and let them sink in. You really need to think about these and ask yourself "What can I do for my country?"

1.     Fwd: Watch "How the States Can Save America" on YouTube 

Interesting format to look at...then use it.

2.     Watch "What's Happening to Trump?" on YouTube

By Billy Rights


National Assembly Tee Shirts and Hoodie

A member of the Michigan General Jural Assembly is presenting Tee Shirts and a Hoodie for sale. $5 of each sale goes toward the National Assembly to help cover costs.


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Retired Judge Spills The Beans, And Step-by-Step Directions For Seeing Who Owns You and Your Children, Also CUSIP Number, ETC.

Friday, May 3, 2013
By Judge Dale
I didn’t plan on writing PART 5 but given the global movement in play
to collapse the fiat financial dominance historically created and
controlled by the Vatican; European Royal and Elite plus the
retaliatory efforts by the United States Corporation to recoup their
control of America; I felt a need to point out the flaws in their
CORPORATE PROCESS. You probably identify with this CORPORATE PROCESS
as LEGAL PROCESS but it really isn’t about what is legal or lawful
because all process is about the enforcement of CONTRACTS or the
imposition and enforcement of CORPORATE REGULATIONS called STATUTES.
The best advice you will ever receive is to: AVOID THEIR COURTS
WHENEVER POSSIBLE. There is NO justice to be found in those courts
unless you are a member of the Vatican; the royal or Elite, or have
purchased Diplomatic Immunity.
The only Constitutional Court in America is the International Court of
Trades, which was created because no Foreign Nation Government would
trade with the Corporate United States, until they provided a way for
these foreign Nations to enforce their Trade Agreements with America.
NOTE: Historically, the World Court was created to provide Nations
with a venue to enforce their Trade Agreements but the Corporate
United States refused the Courts invitation to participate because
they were denied control over the Court.
All of the other American Courts are pseudo courts or fictions and
simply are Corporate Administrative Offices designed to resemble
Courts and all of their Judges are simply Executive Administrations
designed to resemble Judges.
The purpose of these pseudo Corporate Courts are only to settle
contract disputes and since George Washington’s government was
military in structure; if either party refuses to participate, these
Courts cannot become involved and the dispute is dead in the water! My
use of the term “dead in the water” is not a canard because these
pseudo Courts are unconstitutional Courts of Admiralty, the
International Law of the Sea!
The Washington Monument was completed in 1884, as a tribute to George
Washington and his military government, which is actually a sea-level
obelisk that infers that all of America is ‘under water’ and thus
subject to the Laws of Admiralty as opposed or contrary to the
intended Constitutional Civilian Government under Common Law.
The pseudo Judges of these pseudo Courts have NO powers without the
Consent of both the Plaintiff and the Defendant. [AND] In every case
the Judge must determine that he has Consent; Personam and Subject
Matter Jurisdiction before he can act or access the Cesta Que Trust.
NOTE: All tradable Securities must be assigned a CUSIP NUMBER before
it can be offered to investors. Birth Certificates and Social Security
Applications are converted into Government Securities; assigned a
CUSIP NUMBER; grouped into lots and then are marked as a Mutual Fund
Investment. Upon maturity, the profits are moved into a GOVERNMENT
CESTA QUE TRUST and if you are still alive, the certified documents a
reinvested. It is the funds contained in this CESTA QUE TRUST that the
Judge, Clerk and County Prosecutor are really after or interested in!
This Trust actually pays all of your debts but nobody tells you that
because the Elite consider those assets to be their property and the
Federal Reserve System is responsible for the management of those
Social Security; SSI; SSD; Medicare and Medicaid are all financed by
the Trust. The government makes you pay TAXES and a portion of your
wages supposedly to pay for these services, which they can borrow at
any time for any reason since they cannot access the Cesta Que TRUST
TO FINANCE THEIR Wars or to bail out Wall Street and their patron
The public is encouraged to purchase all kinds of insurance protection
when the TRUST actually pays for all physical damages; medical costs;
new technology and death benefits. The hype to purchase insurance is a
ploy to keep us in poverty and profit off our stupidity because the
Vatican owns the controlling interest in all Insurance Companies.
You may receive a monthly statement form a Mortgage Company; Loan
Company or Utility Company, which usually has already been paid by the
TRUST. Almost all of these corporate businesses double dip and hope
that you have been conditioned well enough by their Credit Scams, to
pay them a second time. Instead of paying that Statement next time,
sign it approved and mail it back to them. If they then contact you
about payment, ask them to send you a TRUE BILL instead of a Statement
and you will be glad to pay it? A Statement documents what was due and
paid, whereas a TRUE BILL represents only what is due. Banks and
Utility Companies have direct access into these Cesta Que Trusts and
all they needed was your name; social security number and signature.

Criminal Law:
There are NO Criminal Laws in America because Criminal Laws would
imply that the Corporate United States Government are Sovereign that
have absolute power over all living, flesh and blood Americans, which
of course is not true because a corporation is a fiction and therefore
cannot be sovereign. Man is Sovereign and is in control of his own
destiny and one day he will finally wake up and realize this to be true!
There is however Criminal Contracts being enforced against us and with
our Consent, which are surreptitiously called: Criminal Statutes. Our
Consent has been obtained by them visa vie our silence and failure to
act or protest, which under law is defined as: Tacit Procuration.
(e.g.) Tacit Procuration: If someone accuses you of theft in writing
and you fail to respond or deny those allegations in writing, your
failure to deny or act is considered an admission of guilt (or) You
receive a Bill for goods or services that you never ordered or
received, and you fail to deny those allegations, your omission
represents the truth of the matter, which imposes an obligation to
pay! Collection companies frequently use Tacit Procuration to
establish indebtedness to them on a discharged debt they had purchased
from some corporate business.
Now you’re probably thinking: No Criminal Laws? Well, that can’t be
true? A whole lot of people have been tried; convicted and are doing
time in American Jails for breaking Criminal Laws!
And my response to that is: True, they are in Jail because they
unknowingly accepted the Criminal Contract on behalf of their Birth
Certificate and consented to be imprisoned as a condition of their
conviction and punishment. Their lawyer didn’t help any because he
reinforced that situation by and through his Notice of Appearance to
represent you. It is the Birth Certificate that is under arrest, which
I will explain shortly!
NOTE: Criminal Contracts are graded according to the severity of the
crime alleged and that grading is identified as either: Summary;
Misdemeanor; Felony or Capital offenses. The Criminal Process usually
begins with a Police Officer issuing a Citation (or) making an arrest
with or without a Warrant [or] the Police Officer [or] County Attorney
prepares a complaint based upon a sworn affidavit or information,
which is presented to a Judge and a Warrant is then issued. The
defendant is subsequently arrested and is brought before a Judge for
The Complaint and Warrant will reflect your [BIRTH NAME] or identify
you as a [JOHN DOE], if your name is unknown, which is typed out in
all capital letters! This is not a mistake on their part because it is
your Birth Certificate that is under arrest and not your living, flesh
and blood person. The hope of these pseudo Courts is that the flesh
and blood person will be intimidated enough to accept responsibility
for the Birth Certificate! Sounds crazy but nothing is what it seems:
It’s all Smoke and Mirrors.

Most Police Officers do not know or have these details and believe in
what they are doing and believe the lawyers who counsel them in law
like they are Gods! Big mistake on their part because just like
everyone else, they too have been vigorously lied to! You can’t trust
lawyers to be inherently honest!
Police Officers are instructed to always print or type the Defendants
Name in Capital letters but they are never told the reason why! As a
precaution, you should always carry a copy of your Birth Certificate
with you as part of your identification papers, which I will explain
in the next paragraph.
At your Arraignment or Trial, the Judge will ask you if you are the
named individual [ALL CAPS BIRTH NAME] on the complaint and your
natural response will be to answer in the affirmative but that is
exactly what you don’t want to do!
Remove your Birth Certificate and respond to him by stating: I am
making a Special Limited Appearance on behalf of the defendant who is
right here and [hold up your Birth Certificate!]
Then state the following: As I understand this process Judge; the
County Attorney [or] Police Officer has leveled a criminal charge with
the Clerk and against the Trust, using the ALL CAPS NAME that appears
on this BIRTH CERTIFICATE! The use of capital letters is dictated by
the US Printing Style Manuel, which explains how to identify a
TRUST, then, appointed you Judge as the TRUSTEE for the TRUST and
since neither of you can be the BENEFICIARY, that leaves me and
therefore you are MY TRUSTEE!
So as MY TRUSTEE, I instruct you to discharge this entire matter, with
prejudice and award the penalties for these crimes to be paid to me in
compensation and damages for my false arrest!
The TRUSTEE Judge has no alternative but to honor your demands but you
have to get this right and act with confidence! You really need to
know this information well, so that you can’t be hoodwinked or
confused by either of them! They will or may attempt to play some mind
games with you if you display any doubt; stammer of display a lack of
confidence! Appearances [the pomp and majesty] of these pseudo Courts,
is totally for your benefit and is intended to invoke fear and
intimidation! If you show fear or intimidation, you get a pony ride!
NOTE: I’ve seen and heard of Judges and Prosecutors interfering with a
defendant’s response, which made the defendant, become confused and he
was subsequently committed into a mental hospital for psychiatric
evaluation. The Judge and Prosecutor successfully twisted what the
defendant was trying to say and then the Judge Ordered a mental
Understand that the County Attorney will be forced to pay the Cost of
Court out of his own pocket, if the case is discharged, so he isn’t
going to give up that easily and the Judge; Clerk and County Attorney,
stand to make a pretty penny of your conviction and incarceration! So
don’t screw it up.
If the County Attorney begins to act too cocky with you, you can take
the wind out of his sails by asking him to produce the 1020 for this
case? If he denies the need to do such a thing, inform him that you
will be taking care of that for him ASAP [as soon as possible]! He may
move for a discharge at that point because you are a little too
dangerous or smart! The last thing that Prosecutor wants is the IRS
examining his files for the last seven years because he makes money on
every conviction but he doesn’t pay TAXES on them as a Rule! He
usually only declares the salary he receives.
Also: Should you accidentally find yourself in a mental hospital: the
Psychiatrist who is assigned or appointed to evaluate you is just as
corrupt as the Judge; Clerk and County Attorney and he will falsify
all of your responses to him, just so that you are recommitted back
into the mental facility with a review in six months! So lie to him
and deny that you ever made such remarks! Of course, if you accept the
criminal charges against your Birth Certificate, then you will
instantly be deemed SANE!
Sorry that I had to be the one to tell you this but this is how
corrupt many of my fellow Judges truly are and it should explain why
my conscience caused me to retire early! Before I learned what was
really going on; I believed that my duties and performance were
entirely Constitutional. I was lied to also!
The CITATION process can be handled much easier; through the mail.
When a Police Officer issues you a CITATION, he is actually requesting
you to CONTRACT with him! He is alleging that you violated a corporate
regulation in writing, which you have accepted by signing and thus
requires you to respond.
The Police Officer is instructed to explain that your signature is
merely an acknowledgment that you received a copy of the CITATION but
in actuality, your signature is notification to the Court and Judge
that you have accepted or CONSENTED to this offer to CONTRACT, which
also grants the Judge CONSENT; PERSONAM and SUBJECT MATTER
jurisdiction over you and the case!
You can cancel that CONTRACT however my rescinding your CONSENT,
within three business days of entering into such a CONTRACT. So across
the face of the CITATION you should print or type in large print, the
following words:
Use blue ink [for admiralty] or purple ink [for royalty]. Admiralty is
the Court and Royalty represents your Sovereignty. Either way is
appropriate. Sign your signature underneath in blue or purple ink and
in front of a Notary and under your signature type: Without prejudice,
UCC 1-308. This is another way to declare that you may not be held
responsible for this contract pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code.
Serve Cancelled Citation back it on the Clerk / Court, along with a
Certificate of Service, by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
This kills the CITATION; removes your CONCENT and removes the
JURISDICTION of the Court, all at the same time. It really is that
NOTE: A Certificate of Service is a letter that first identifies the
Citation and then defines how and when you returned the document to
the Court and is signed. If not denied, it becomes a truth in commerce
by Tacit Procuration.
Remember to keep a copy of everything, in case the Clerk attempts to
trash your response, which certainly will not happen with a
Certificate of Service or if it is mailed back by the Notary. The
Notary is actually a Deputy Secretary of State and is more powerful
than the Court Clerk!
Public Notaries originate from the time of the Egyptian and Roman
Scribes who were the purveyors of certified documents, which are sworn
affidavits. Certified documents and sworn affidavits are truth in
commerce. [e.g.] Birth Certificates are certified documents on bonded
paper. The word bonded is derived from bondage as in slavery, which
makes all of us Bond Slaves to whoever retains custody of our original
Birth Certificates. I bet you believed that the Emancipation
Proclamation freed the slaves and it did for a short time and then the
Birth Certificate and the 14th Amendment enslaved us all!
The SUMMONS process, whether it is defined a Civil or Criminal Action,
is once again an offer to CONTRACT, despite what words are to command
your appearance or response. It too can be cancelled just by following
the same procedure as the CITATION process above. A million dollar
lawsuit is no different than a CITATION and both can be cancelled!
Hard to believe, isn’t it?
Does your lawyer know about this? You bet he does but he is not
permitted to embarrass the Court and besides, Court is where he makes
his money!
NOTE: How many of you have ever attempted to avoid Jury Duty? All you
had to do was cancel the SUMMONS [OFFER to CONTRACT]; Notarize it and
mail it back to the Jury Commissioner. Don’t worry, they won’t bother
you because you are obviously too smart and may influence their Jury!
The Jury [controls] the Court and not the Prosecutor and Judge and if
you know that, they lose and the defendant wins, which is why they
prefer only the dumbed down candidates to serve on Jury.
There are a few matters or issues that are next to impossible to
circumvent or quash because of the depth of corruption within these
pseudo Courts, such as child custody and the division of property
resulting form a divorce. The Birth State claims the custody of your
children pursuant to the Birth Certificate and records them under the
Department of Transportation as a State owned Vessel!
A marriage is a CONTRACT and all that is required is a PRE-NUPIAL
AGREEMENT to complete the marriage but if you are sufficiently
indoctrinated to believe that a Judge or Mayor or a Minister or
Priest, must join you in holy matrimony and you subsequently applied
for a LICENSE; now you both have married the STATE as well! Now the
State is entitled to its fair share of the division of your marital
property should the marriage not work out or should you die [called
probate]! Some people might say that a divorce should be included on
this list of impossible issues but then they don’t know what I know!
An Action in Divorce is a request to break the LICENSED MARRIAGE
CONTRACT. If you desire a divorce and your spouse refuses to consent
to a divorce, no State Judge will grant you a Divorce Decree because
the Judge has not been granted the CONSENT of both parties! There is a
way around this however, which your lawyer will never admit to because
he cannot make any money from giving you truthful or sound advice!

NOTE: Puerto Rico is a United States Territory acquired from Spain and
it still operates under Spanish Law. This was never changed by the
Corporate United States when Puerto Rico became a US Territory, so
first you need to fly to Puerto Rico.
Once in Puerto Rico, you can establish residency by simply opening a
Post Office Box for a period of three days. Just after opening the
Post Office Box, hire a local Paralegal to prepare an Action in
Divorce for you. The Paralegal will file the divorce petition
immediately, which is generally a certified form document and it will
be heard by a Puerto Rican Judge within three days.
Under Spanish law, your spouse is not required to be served the
divorce petition: only the divorce decree. Five days after the Decree,
your former spouse will receive the divorce decree in the mail,
written entirely in Spanish, which cannot be contested and must be
honored by all US Federal and State Courts!
NOTE: Immediately after the Puerto Rican Judge declares you divorced,
if you choose, you can marry again by Contract or by License. Both are
legitimate, but no one will ever tell you that!
The division of marital property and custody of children is a much
more complicated issue but at least the divorce cannot be utilized as
leverage against you to divide up your property, less than
proportionately, which is exactly why American Judges will not
bifurcate the issues involved in a divorce. [e.g.] Divorce; division
of property; custody; support and alimony. The hope is that your
desire to obtain a divorce is worth more to you than anything else you
own, now or in the future!
If you are involved in a FORECLOSURE or are thinking about filing for
BANKRUPTCY protection to buy you more time, instead of trying to
defeat the corrupt Bank and your Creditors in a State or Federal
Court, where the cards are certainly stacked against you, plan to file
for BANKRUPTCY and do it this way, to ensure that you come out on top!
All BANKRUPTCY FORMS are printable; can be obtained on line and they
can be completed in longhand with an ink pen. The Forms to use are:
B-1 through and including B-8, You only need to prepare and file the
first five or six pages to obtain a Case Number and then you must sit
through a Credit Counseling session, which can be done all in a day.
When you are completely finished with preparing your petition, you
should have filed about 58 pages in total and the filing fee is around
Here’s the reason for using the Bankruptcy Courts:
List all your debts on one schedule and when it comes to listing your
assets include your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and its CUSIP NO. The value of
the Mutual Fund Investment for your Birth Certificate can also be
found on line using the CUSIP Number under Fidelity Investments. You
will discover that it is worth multi-millions but you must have the
CUSIP NO. on your asset schedule or the Birth Certificate will be
discharged as frivolous by the JUDGE or the TRUSTEE.
The Bankruptcy Judge will then appoint a LAWYER TRUSTEE to dissolve
the Mutual Fund Investment: pay off your debts and the balance must be
paid to you! This procedure usually attracts the attention of the
[DOJ] Department of Justice because they don’t want the LAWYER TRUSTEE
to screw up and short change the Vatican; the Federal Reserve and the
Corporate United States and so they tend to warn or threaten the
LAWYER TRUSTEE to be very careful!
Most of these Mutual Fund Investments usually involve a group of
between 10 to 25 Birth Certificates and so only a fraction of that
Mutual Fund belongs to you! The Bankruptcy Judge will not certify the
final disposition until the LAWYER TRUSTEE can prove his math and
every aspect of his work because the Judge inherits responsibility for
the Trustee’s errors, if he made any!
After the LAWYER TRUSTEE resigns, you can probably cut a deal with the
DOJ or you can proceed on with the same Bankruptcy proceeding and the
newly appointed LAWYER TRUSTEE! Now isn’t that easier and better than
attacking or defending yourself against the Bank and a bunch of greedy
Creditors; knowing full well that the cards are stacked against you
because of the Vatican and the Federal Reserve System.
While you are in Bankruptcy, you are protected. No one can proceed
against you for any debts or foreclosure, as long as you have a bond
or sufficient assets: the Birth Certificate guarantees that aspect and
while in Bankruptcy, you won’t have to pay on any of those past debts!
NOTE: There is a process to follow to determine your CUSIP NO [OR] you
can ask a Stock Broker friend to help you [or] hire a Broker on the
side to assist you. There are people in the Patriot movement who also
know how to apply the formula, which converts your Birth Registration
Number and or Social Security Number into a CUSIP Number. I paid to
have mine done and discovered that I am worth about 167 million. It’s
all FIAT money but as long as it can be spent, who cares?
I hope that this entire expose has enlightened and elevated your
personal knowledge and will benefit you now and in the future. Pax
vobiscum (Peace be with you.)
Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:13 AM
Hi John,
This is how to find your Birth certificate Value as was stated By Judge Dale in his last post … Remember that they committing FRAUD against us. They are making Billions on us without our consent on DEBT they CREATE …. Ya had enough of this BS….???
This story highlights a particular individual. However, you can put your own birth certificate numbers in and find out how you and your family and friends are being collateralized too on the Stock Exchange.. If you’re born in Canada or other countries, they have their own systems in place.

Sun Tzu say:
"Children of Earth...
My fellow indigenous natives of Earth...
Rise to your feet, dance to the beat of the freedom's drum.  
Cast off your chains...
Organize your jural assemblies!
Be on the National Assembly call every Thursday, but more important, go to:

Register there in the forums and begin getting connected with other Patriots in your county/state!

If you are preparing to fill out paperwork to change your political status, via sending back your birth certificate to the de facto corporation, cease all such acts at this time.

We have made major discoveries and shall be bringing them to your very soon.

Follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly.  All attempts to get you to sway from this path are attempts via "Operation Dismantle" to dismantle the Jural Assemblies.

Be on the National Assembly Call every Thursday, make sure to 
call in five minutes early and
 report in for Roll Call (roll call begins immediately at start time), after the business portion (New business, Old business) of the call is ended, you can then ask as many questions as you like once the call is open to the general public.

The purpose of the National Assembly call is to gather Patriots together, show them what a typical business meeting for a jural assembly looks like, and then once business minutes conclude, the purpose of the call becomes answering your questions.

While the National Assembly call is typically an informational at this juncture, with limited business being done (because you all need to form you local county level jural assemblies), once the state jural assemblies start coming together, the National Assembly call will at that time become a true National Assembly Call with more than a Quorum (2/3 states in attendance).

Once again.  At this juncture, cease all communications with the de facto corporation.  Do not send your birth certificate to them.  Why should you, a real live indigenous native, be required to correspond or do business with a foreign corporation that has infringed upon your copyright by stealing your name (a name created by your parents, passed to you through normal succession), and creating a corporation/trust in your name, so that they may monetize you, enslave you, injure you, kill you, tax you, sell you, and genocide you.

If they request you visit their corporate administrative fake courts, write them back and tell them no thank you, you will not visit an administrative court for a foreign for profit corporation encroaching upon the jurisdiction of the land from whence it came, the jurisdiction of the sea.

Cease paying all taxes to all for profit de facto corporations.  Especially in America, you have the right to stay silent, to not incriminate yourself, why should you have to send any documents to a for profit corporation called the IRS hiding out in Puerto Rico.

If a corporate mercenary (police officer) tries to bother you for anything at all (assuming you have not injured another living native), instruct him to have a wonderful day, that you are a living indigenous native, and that his corporation has no business with you.

If the corporate mercenaries are foolish enough to bring their weapons upon you, use every tool at your disposal to send these foreign enemy invaders back to the sea from whence they came (jurisdiction of the sea, a foreign corporation, "United Nations Inc," and her subsidiaries, enslaving and genociding the indigenous natives of Earth).

We the indigenous natives of Earth are forming our jural assemblies (county/state), gather together with fellow patriots and see it done.  

We the indigenous natives of Earth, declare an end to all wars, an end to enslavement, an end to the for profit government service provider corporations (United Nations Inc & Member Nations Inc).  

Cease and desist all attacks against our native; mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters,  and their children, any and all who fail to abide and thus continue attacks by enforcing taxes, fines, warrants, arrests, and prosecutions for victimless crimes in which there is no actual victim, consider yourselves hereby warned that we shall return fire when fired upon.  We shall no longer stand by and let you stomp around on top of us.  We the real living indigenous natives of Earth have been made to suffer great injustices, we are alive, we are awake, we are not dead pieces of fiction (corporations), i
n us, the blood flows, and the flesh lives
 and we are most certainly pissed off.  You are warned. Proceed at your own risk.

Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.
Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent.

Sun Tzu

Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/12/19 | Fox Breaking News February 12, 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

United Nations Inc = The Interlocking Crime Syndicates of Earth - All For Profit - All At Expense Of Genocide - The Infinite Multi Faced Blood Money Making Machine = United Nations Inc & all her Subsidiary member corporations = FOR PROFIT GOVERNMENT SERVICE PROVIDER CORPORATIONS = Charge whatever they want, no challenge allowed = INFINITE COST = THEFT = SLAVERY = INDIGENOUS NATIVE REBELLION!!!

One Ring To Rule Them All, And In The Darkness Bind Them. - Gandalf the Gray

The globalists wanted all power, one world government, run by The Crime Syndicate.  So they toppled every sovereign nation in the world, replacing each with "a foreign owned for profit government service provider corporation," each corporation is foreign (foreign owned) with respect to each nation's populace being enslaved. 193 member nations in the United Nations Inc, that is 193 government service provider corporations operating for profit, through graft, theft, fraud, and slavery enforcing by all means necessary, backed by a nearly infinite number of codes and statutes, through which to enslave the native indigenous peoples of Earth.  

Each United Nations member state, was toppled, through genocide, fraud, mercenary action, guerrilla action, election rigging, bribery, blackmail, assassination, kidnapping, murder, entrapment, smearing, or other nefarious means.

The untold death count by this intentional genocide for power is more than 400,000,000 murdered for profit.

How do you like them apples?

Qanon = Must Promise To Dissolve All The Government Service Provider Corporations, Starting with the, "United States Inc," foreignly owned by "United Nations Inc," and operating by unimaginable blood-profit-lust criminality through genocide and real families destroyed, delivering nothing but enslavement of natives and never-ending suffering.

Qanon = Must Promise the above and deliver power back to:

"We the Indigenous Natives" = LIVING 
(We The People=Corporations=DEAD/fiction),

the blood flows in us, our flesh lives, we are alive, made in the image of our Creator, we are awakened, and we shall have nothing less than total complete freedom, a free and open society without secrets without genocide, all stolen value returned; merchandise, and crime syndicate purchased goods & infrastructure, on Earth and elsewhere, RETURNED, to the We the Indigenous Natives of Earth.

Failure to deliver, will result in un-necessary harm, by your continued intentional attacks against, We the Indigenous Native population of Earth.

Sun Tzu

Responce to Qanon's Response to Nesara News' Statements Regarding Qanon and the Foreign Owned For Profit Corporation, "United States Inc," Operating As A Crime Syndicate Enslaving America, All Earth Enslaved by For Profit Government Service Provider Corporations, All Owned by the United Nations Inc

Dear Qteam, Trump, Military

We have no agenda other than the return of power to the sovereign native indigenous peoples born on the land, the power which was stolen by a foreign corporation, "United States Inc," which is totally owned by foreign entities, and is a for profit government service provider corporation, operating totally via criminality.

That is our only agenda.  Your posts, are hooking people in a false narrative, that "United States Inc," has any jurisdiction here in the united States of America, is false, you are the one with the agenda.  We will continue supporting you if you will state on Qanon that you will dissolve the foreign corporation, "United States Inc," and return the power to the "real living indigenous natives living on the land."
You have said many times that you will return power to the "people," but "people," is "a fiction," People = "group of corporations"
We are not dead, we are not missing, we are not pieces of paper, nor are we fictional entities.
If you state this on Qanon team, then we will support you.  We however cannot support a fresh new coat of paint on the crime syndicate and allow it to maintain control of our lives.  The Crime Syndicate, "United States Inc," has broken every promise, has broken every law, has injured every native, and we do not trust, "United States Inc," to do anything, anymore.
We require your promise, then we will continue supporting you.
 I hope you can see why we think you are Fake News, Qteam, because (above) those are not "elected officials," they are instead, "elected corporate officers," of a foreign corporation operating at maximum profit, defrauding the people, murdering, assassination, poisoning, raping, organ harvesting, child trafficking, drug trafficking, political assassinating, and we do not trust them, or you, unless you promise on Qanon that you will dissolve the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," and return power to the indigenous natives living on the land, we will require this of all Earth, every government service provider corporation dissolved.  Do you support our agenda for a free and open society?  JFK did.  You use the power of his name, but so far, you have shamed his memory by maintaining secrets which he was openly against.  So what shall it be?  Free?  Or More "The Matrix" slavery with a different coat of paint, a little more frosting, and different appearance?  But still slavery?

 My wife and I, have supported your mission financially (Trump).  My team and I here at Nesara News have supported you greatly thus far during the "Great Awakening," we are very much for supporting the mission to clean up America, and Earth, and open it back up for business under a new, free, and open society, where there are no secrets, and the technology which our tax dollars paid for is returned to us as it should be.
What do you stand for Qteam?
Slavery or a Brave New Free World, No Secrets, a free and open society?
We are happy to support you in your endeavor if you can promise us that you will deliver.
We cannot support continued "Occupation by a Foreign Enemy, United States Inc," and its blatant attacks against all native indigenous populations of Earth.
What shall it be???

 Dear Qteam, we so very much appreciate you communicating with us, despite it not being direct comms, we still appreciate your answering our challenge, we too desire full transparency.
The trust is broken, the enemy realized, a foreign corporation genociding the native indigenous of Earth, we will fight to the death to see it dissolved, so that the entire Earth may be free as The Great Infinite Creator intended us to be.
Will you aid us?
Or will you stand in our way?
We are overwhelmingly thrilled to support you in this most holy endeavor if you will only say the words, "We guarantee that we will dissolve the foreign corporations masquerading as lawful governance," and "We guarantee we will return all power to the native indigenous born upon the land," and "We guarantee to return all infrastructure, technology, and product that the tax paying natives were criminally forced to pay for."

We cannot accept your current promise of "returning power to the people," because "People" is legally defined as a dead thing, and we the indigenous natives are real living natives, the blood flows and the flesh lives.
Given that the Crime Syndicate has moved criminals around for decades, just like pedophile priests, we are going to need actual visual confirmation, full and open access to trials, hearings, and We The Living Indigenous Natives are totally against Executions.

We shall know all the secrets, we shall not allow any executions to bury evidence or conceal truth.

Thank you for your correspondence.

If you can be so kind as to oblige, we will change our tune back to that of total support on your's and our mission to liberate the united States of America and Earth.

But if you cannot oblige, we will know why, that your goal is to maintain crime syndicate rule via foreign owned for profit government service provider corporations.  Under that form of slavery, no child, man or women, shall ever be safe, free, nor given maximum potential to thrive.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sun Tzu

Monday, February 11, 2019

Anyone Who Wants A Free & Open Society = Fair Trade = No Secrets = Need To Form Your Jural Assemblies - Because Trump & Qanon are just another 4 year election for a foreign for profit corporation, "United States Inc" = Do as little as necessary to get re-elected, always screw over We The People

Criminals cover up crimes against humanity.

Qanon = Wants to cover up crimes against humanity.

Trump = Wants to cover up crimes against humanity.

Criminals Keep Pushing, "United States Inc," a foreign owned for profit corporation, which keeps secrets from its alleged employers, who have all been paper genocided by fraud and turned into corporations.

Qanon = Stands for continued Crime Syndicate Rule

Trump = Stands for continued Crime Syndicate Rule

JFK Jr (who is calling for secrecy)= Betrays the memory of father, JFK (called for a "free and open society")


National Assembly of Jural Assemblies stands for a free and open society where there are no secret societies, no criminals, and no criminals in power.

Jural Assemblies = What JFK wanted

= "A free and open society with no secrets, no secret societies, no secret oaths."

JFK did not believe in secrecy, but (below) you can see for sure that JFK Jr does support secret executions:
 JFK Jr supports protecting secrets and continuing lies = Not what JFK wanted:

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth, call out for never ending peace, the cessation of military arms and weapons usable for death on Earth's soil and on her indigenous natives.

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth, cry out that we shall no longer over pay for government, and that we shall govern ourselves, and we shall dissolve every single "For Profit Government Service Provider Corporation," every single one of the United Nations Inc corporations, is going the way of the dodo.

We have come to see it done, and so shall it come to pass.

We the Indigenous Natives of Earth, curse all those who stand in the way of everlasting peace and freedom for every native on Earth, seven fold on your heads worth of your own evil deeds and devices.

For those whom move against us, we curse you, seven fold on your heads worth of your own evil deeds and devices and upon all those who support you in your move against us, seven fold on their heads worth of their own evil deeds and devices.

Earth Shall Be Totally Free, and her children, shall bathe in abundance; peace, glory, and love forevermore.