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"Power concedes nothing without a demand.

It never did and it never will.

Find out just what people will submit to,

and you have found out the exact amount of

injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them;

and these will continue until they are resisted

with either words or blows, or with both."

~Frederick Douglass

Friday, March 6, 2015






Israeli doctors say Obama has a
 'mental disorder'!!!!
'Mental disorder' - Michael Savage should
love that one!!!! 

Haberman and Vaknin are legitimate. Check them out on Google if you wish.
Written by Dr. Michael A. Haberman, M.D.
This Israeli doctor says Obama has a mental disorder. Labels him a pathological narcissist and there is no greater insanity than electing one as President said Dr. Sam Vaknin who is an Israeli psychologist.
Dr. Vaknin States, "I must confess I was impressed by Obama from the first time I saw him. At first I was excited to see a black candidate.  He looked youthful, spoke well, appeared to be confident, a wholesome presidential package. I was put off soon, not just because of his shallowness but also because there was an air of haughtiness in his demeanor that was unsettling. His posture and his body language were louder than his empty words. Obama's speeches are unlike any political speech we have heard in American history.
Never a politician in this land had such quasi "religious" impact on so many people. The fact that Obama is a total incognito with Zero accomplishment, makes this inexplicable infatuation alarming. Obama is not an ordinary man. He is not a genius. In fact he is quite ignorant on most important subjects.  
Dr. Sam Vaknin, the author of the "Malignant Self Love". believes Barack Obama appears to be a narcissist. Vaknin is a world authority on narcissism. He understands narcissism and describes the inner mind of a narcissist like no other person.  When he talks about narcissism everyone listens. 
Vaknin says that Obama's language, posture and demeanor, and the testimonies of his closest, dearest friends suggest that the man is either a narcissist or he may have narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Narcissists project a grandiose but false image of themselves. 
Jim Jones, the charismatic leader of People's Temple, the man who led over 900 of his followers to cheerfully commit mass suicide and even murder their own children, was also a narcissist.     
David Koresh, Charles Manson, Joseph Koni, Shoko Asahara, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, Kim Jong Ill and Adolph Hitler area few examples of narcissists of our time. All these men had a tremendous influence over their fanciers. They created a personality cult around themselves and with their blazing speeches elevated their admirers, filled their hearts with enthusiasm and instilled in their minds a new zest for life. They gave them hope! They promised them the moon, but alas, invariably they brought them to their doom. 
When you are a victim of a cult of personality, you don't know it until it is too late. One determining factor in the development of NPD is childhood abuse "Obama's early life was decidedly chaotic and replete with traumatic and mentally bruising dislocations, "says Vaknin. "Mixed-race marriages were even less common then. His parents went through a divorce when he was an infant two years old. Obama saw his father only once again before he died in a car accident. Then his mother re-married and Obama had to relocate to Indonesia, a foreign land with a radically foreign culture, to be raised by a step-father. At the age of ten, he was whisked off to live with his maternal (white) grandparents. He saw his mother only intermittently in the following few years and then she vanished from his life in 1979. "She died of cancer in 1995."
One must never underestimate the manipulative genius of pathological narcissists. They project such an imposing personality that it overwhelms those around them. Charmed by the charisma of the narcissist, people become like clay in his hands. They cheerfully do his bidding and delight to be at his service. The narcissist shapes the world around himself and reduces others in his own inverted image. He creates a cult of personality. His admirers become his codependents.
Narcissists have no interest in things that do not help them to reach their personal objective. They are focused on one thing alone and that is power.  All other issues are meaningless to them and they do not want to waste their precious time on trivialities. Anything that does not help them is beneath them and does not deserve their attention. If an issue raised in the Senate does not help Obama in one way or another, he has no interest in it. The "present" vote is a safe vote. No one can criticize him if things go wrong. Those issues are unworthy by their very nature because they are not about him.
Obama's election as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review led to a contract and advance to write a book about race relations. The University of Chicago Law School provided him a lot longer than expected and at the end it evolved into, guess what? His own autobiography! Instead of writing a scholarly paper focusing on race relations, for which he had been paid, Obama could not resist writing about his most sublime self. He entitled the book Dreams from My Father. Not surprisingly, Adolph Hitler also wrote his own autobiography when he was still a nobody. So did Stalin. 
For a narcissist no subject is as important as his own self. Why would he waste his precious time and genius writing about insignificant things when he can write about such an august being as himself? Narcissists are often callous and even ruthless. As the norm, they lack conscience. This is evident from Obama's lack of interest in his own brother who lives on only one dollar per month. A man who lives in luxury, who takes a private jet to vacation in Hawaii, and who raised nearly half a billion dollars for his campaign (something unprecedented in history) has no interest in the plight of his own brother. Why? Because, his brother cannot be used for his ascent to power. A narcissist cares for no one but himself. 
This 'election' was like no other in the history of America. The issues were insignificant compared to what is at stake. What can be more dangerous than having a man bereft of conscience, a serial liar, and one who cannot distinguish his fantasies from reality as the leader of the free world? I hate to sound alarmist, but one is a fool if one is not alarmed. Many politicians are narcissists. They pose no threat to others. They are simply self-serving and selfish. Obama evidences symptoms of pathological narcissism, which is different from the run-of-the-mill narcissism of a Richard Nixon or a Bill Clinton for example. To him reality and fantasy are intertwined.This is a mental health issue, not just a character flaw. Pathological narcissists are dangerous because they look normal and even intelligent.  It is this disguise that makes them treacherous. 
Today the Democrats have placed all their hopes in Obama. But this man could put an end to their party. The great majority of blacks voted for Obama. Only a fool does not know that their support for him is racially driven. This is racism, pure and simple. The downside of this is that if Obama turns out to be the disaster I predict, he will cause widespread resentment among the whites. The blacks are unlikely to give up their support of their man. Cultic mentality is pernicious and unrelenting. They will dig their heads deeper in the sand and blame Obama's detractors of racism. This will cause a backlash among the whites. The white supremacists will take advantage of the discontent and they will receive widespread support.
I predict that, in less than four years, racial tensions will increase to levels never seen since the turbulent 1960's. Obama will set the clock back decades.  America is the bastion of freedom. The peace of the world depends on the strength of America, and its weakness translates into the triumph of terrorism and victory of rogue nations. It is no wonder that Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, the Castrists, the Hezbollah, the Hamas, ISIS, the lawyers of the Guantanamo terrorists, and virtually all sworn enemies of America are so thrilled by the prospect of their man in the White House.  
America is on the verge of destruction.
There is no insanity greater than 'electing' a pathological narcissist as president.
Michael A. Haberman, M.D.

NOTE: There are NO 'presidential elections' in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, people. The 'voting' is completely RIGGED, CONTROLLED AND MANIPULATED VIA THE ELECTRONIC 'VOTING' MACHINES - A PROVEN FACT.  Through the years, since this mafia gained control via coup d'├ętat in 1933, they select those to occupy this public office years in advance and PREPARE the individual for the position.  The REAL CONTROL of our nation is never revealed publicly.  'Handlers' monitor and issue orders from the top, like Kissinger for one, Hillary Clinton for her 'husband' Bill, etc. Obama has created waves for himself by arrogantly challenging his 'bosses'.


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The Starfield revelation: medically caused death in America
 The Starfield revelation: medically caused death in America

By Jon Rappoport
March 6,

My 2009 interview with Dr. Barbara Starfield, a year and a half before she died, focused on her stunning exposure of medically caused death in America.

Starfield was a revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.  Her July 26, 2000, review, "Is US health really the best in the world?", was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In other words, this was a mainstream report.  There was every reason for it to cause a firestorm in the press, and in the halls of government.

But that's not what happened.

After a flurry of press stories, intentional amnesia set in.

If you're looking for evidence that institutionalized American medicine doesn't care about killing people, here it is.

Medical societies don't care, most doctors don't care, medical schools don't care, public-health agencies don't care, Congress doesn't care, the Department of Justice doesn't care, Presidents don't care, drug companies don't care, insurance companies don't care.

As for major media and medical reporters, they intentionally hide this story and its implications every day of every year.

When people with the power to do something about medically caused death---and I'm talking about huge numbers of victims---know what's going on and ignore it...what do you call that?  Depraved indifference?  Negligent homicide?

I call it murder.

Mass murder.   

Barack Obama and his allies have done everything they can to bring more people into the US medical system.  Changing that system has never occurred to these politicians.

Like much of America, they accept the cliches and slogans about American medicine.  "It's the best in the world."  "People are being denied treatment."  "We must take care of our citizens."

How about this far more accurate slogan: "Let's force more Americans to die in the care of doctors."

The American healthcare system, like clockwork, causes a mind-boggling number of deaths every year.

On July 26, 2000, the US medical community received a titanic shock, when one of its most respected public-health experts, Dr. Barbara Starfield, revealed her findings on healthcare in America. Starfield was associated with the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

The Starfield study, "Is US health really the best in the world?", published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, came to the following conclusions:

Every year in the US there are:

12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgeries;

7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals;

20,000 deaths from other errors in hospitals;

80,000 deaths from infections acquired in hospitals;

106,000 deaths from FDA-approved correctly prescribed medicines.

The total of medically-caused deaths in the US every year is 225,000.

That's 2.25 MILLION deaths per decade.

This makes the medical system the third leading cause of death in the US, behind heart disease and cancer.

The Starfield study is the most disturbing revelation about modern healthcare in America ever published in the mainstream.

On the heels of Starfield's astonishing findings, media reporting was rather perfunctory, and it soon dwindled.  No major newspaper or television network mounted an ongoing "Medicalgate" investigation. Neither the US Department of Justice nor federal health agencies undertook prolonged remedial action.

All in all, those parties who could have taken effective steps to correct this situation preferred to ignore it.

On December 6-7, 2009, I interviewed Dr. Starfield by email.  Here are excerpts from that interview.

What has been the level and tenor of the response to your findings, since 2000?

The American public appears to have been hoodwinked into believing that more interventions lead to better health, and most people that I meet are completely unaware that the US does not have the 'best health in the world'.

In the medical research community, have your medically-caused mortality statistics been debated, or have these figures been accepted, albeit with some degree of shame?

The findings have been accepted by those who study them. There has been only one detractor, a former medical school dean, who has received a lot of attention for claiming that the US health system is the best there is and we need more of it.  He has a vested interest in medical schools and teaching hospitals (they are his constituency).

Have health agencies of the federal government consulted with you on ways to mitigate the [devastating] effects of the US medical system?


Since the FDA approves every medical drug given to the American people, and certifies it as safe and effective, how can that agency remain calm about the fact that these medicines are causing 106,000 deaths per year?

Even though there will always be adverse events that cannot be anticipated, the fact is that more and more unsafe drugs are being approved for use. Many people attribute that to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is (for the past ten years or so) required to pay the FDA for reviews [of its new drugs]---which puts the FDA into an untenable position of working for the industry it is regulating. There is a large literature on this.

Aren't your 2000 findings a severe indictment of the FDA and its standard practices?

They are an indictment of the US health care industry: insurance companies, specialty and disease-oriented medical academia, the pharmaceutical and device manufacturing industries, all of which contribute heavily to re-election campaigns of members of Congress. The problem is that we do not have a government that is free of influence of vested interests. Alas, [it] is a general problem of our society---which clearly unbalances democracy.

Can you offer an opinion about how the FDA can be so mortally wrong about so many drugs?

Yes, it cannot divest itself from vested interests. (Again, [there is] a large literature about this, mostly unrecognized by the people because the industry-supported media give it no attention.)

Would it be correct to say that, when your JAMA study was published in 2000, it caused a momentary stir and was thereafter ignored by the medical community and by pharmaceutical companies?

Are you sure it was a momentary stir?  I still get at least one email a day asking for a reprint---ten years later!  The problem is that its message is obscured by those that do not want any change in the US health care system.

Are you aware of any systematic efforts, since your 2000 JAMA study was published, to remedy the main categories of medically caused deaths in the US?

No systematic efforts; however, there have been a lot of studies. Most of them indicate higher rates [of death] than I calculated.

What was your personal reaction when you reached the conclusion that the US medical system was the third leading cause of death in the US?

I had previously done studies on international comparisons and knew that there were serious deficits in the US health care system, most notably in lack of universal coverage and a very poor primary care infrastructure. So I wasn't surprised.

Did your 2000 JAMA study sail through peer review, or was there some opposition to publishing it?

It was rejected by the first journal that I sent it to, on the grounds that 'it would not be interesting to readers'!

Do the 106,000 deaths from medical drugs only involve drugs prescribed to patients in hospitals, or does this statistic also cover people prescribed drugs who are not in-patients in hospitals?

I tried to include everything in my estimates.  Since the commentary was written, many more dangerous drugs have been added to the marketplace.


This interview with Dr. Starfield reveals that, even when an author has unassailable credentials within the medical-research establishment, the findings can result in no changes made to the system.

Many persons and organizations within the medical system contribute to the annual death totals of patients, and media silence and public ignorance are certainly major factors, but the FDA is the assigned gatekeeper, when it comes to the safety of medical drugs.

The buck stops there.  If those drugs the FDA is certifying as safe are killing, like clockwork, 106,000 people a year, the Agency must be held accountable.  The American people must understand that.

As for the other 119,000 people killed every year as a result of hospital treatment, this horror has to be laid at the doors of those institutions.  Further, to the degree that hospitals are regulated and financed by state and federal governments, the relevant health agencies assume culpability.

It is astounding, as well, that the US Department of Justice has failed to weigh in on Starfield's findings.  If 225,000 medically caused deaths per year is not a crime by the Dept. of Justice's standards, then what is?

To my knowledge, not one person in America has been fired from a job or even censured as result of these medically caused deaths.

Dr. Starfield's findings have been available for 15 years.  She has changed the perception of the medical landscape forever.  In a half-sane nation, she would be accorded a degree of recognition that would, by comparison, make the considerable list of her awards pale. And significant and swift action would have been taken to punish the perpetrators of these crimes and reform the system from its foundations.

The pharmaceutical giants stand back and carve up the populace into "promising markets."  They seek new disease labels and new profits from more and more toxic drugs.  They do whatever they can---legally or illegally---to influence doctors in their prescribing habits.   Many studies which show the drugs are dangerous are buried.  FDA panels are filled with doctors who have drug-company ties. Legislators are incessantly lobbied and supported with pharma campaign monies.

Nutrition, the cornerstone of good health, is ignored or devalued by most physicians.  Meanwhile, the FDA continues to attack nutritional supplements, even though the overall safety record of these nutrients is excellent, whereas, once again, the medical drugs the FDA certifies as safe are killing 106,000 Americans per year.

Physicians are trained to pay exclusive homage to peer-reviewed published drug studies.  These doctors unfailingly ignore the fact that, if medical drugs are killing a million Americans per decade, the studies on which those drugs are based must be fraudulent.  In other words, the whole literature is suspect, unreliable, and impenetrable.

Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections,   THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at and OutsideTheRealityMachine.    

IN AMERICA!!! Christian End Times Persecution EXPOSED!



Published on Feb 24, 2015

Brother Kent Hovind is clearly receiving unjust persecution. I believe it's because he is against the elite's NWO and exposes their mind control operation of making people think they evolved from rocks, crystals, apes or whatever other non sense they claim! Please share this video and pray for Brother Hovind! God Bless, STAY VIGILANT & FEAR NO EVIL !!!

Overpopulation. GMO Foods. Magnetic Fields. Astronomy - Kent Hovind

How To Stop The New World Order- Dr. Kent Hovind Explains 2014

Kent Hovind Innocent. PEDOFILE Lawyer kills himself after trial.

Kent Hovind "They are trying to put me away for life"

Illegal Imprisonment of Christians in America | #FreeKent

Kent Hovind supporters strategize to free Kent Hovind

Dr. Kent Hovind: Satanic, Illuminati - Doctrine That Damned America

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Attorney Client Privilege: Should It Apply When You Bring Your Victim To An Office Visit?

Attorney Client Privilege: Should It Apply When You Bring Your Victim To An Office Visit?

Attorney Client Privilege No-Nos
Attorney client privilege. For years, many a criminal has hid behind it, confessing their guilt to an attorney with the full knowledge that that information cannot be divulged to law enforcement or anyone else.
But are there limits to it? At what point does your “privilege” turn into “TMI”?
That’s what John Marshall would like to know. The 52-year-old Florida resident could be facing charges — police have yet to confirm anything — for his role in the death of neighbor Ted Hubbell.
Apparently, Marshall “didn’t know who else to trust” when he drove Hubbell’s body to attorney Robert Harris’ office after killing Hubbell in what he claims was self-defense.
When Marshall showed up at Harris’ office, the body of Hubbell was waiting motionless in the bed of his pickup.
The dispute was reportedly over property work that had been done days earlier, the News-Press reported.
The news site added that Hubbell died from being “fatally shot” by Marshall, and to go with the possibility that this was a self-defense killing, Marshall had suffered a chipped tooth and two broken thumbs.
While police have yet to arrest John Marshall, Harris did confirm that he has another criminal charge pending involving “assault with a weapon.”
“I believe he’s in shock — probably now still,” Harris said to the website. “He’s still breathing heavy. He’s looking like a man who lost the world.”
As for the issue of attorney client privilege and whether he and Marshall did the right thing in calling police, Harris said that he felt they had.
“They don’t teach you about this in law school. That’s for sure. I believe we’ve handled ourselves correctly, but I’m a little in shock myself. This is not something that happens every day.”
For more on this particular case, make sure to read the full report from News-Press linked above.
This certainly isn’t the strangest case the Inquisitr has covered involving attorneys and their clients.
In November 2014, the site ran a story about an Ohio attorney, Michael Fine, who was placed under investigation for allegedly hypnotizing female clients into performing sex acts during meetings in his office.
He was not formally charged at the time of the post, but court documents alleged Fine preyed on two women who had hired him to represent them in domestic relations cases.
Bar Association lawyer Chris Cook claimed one of the victims, identified as Jane Doe 1, hired Fine in February 2013 to help her resolve a custody suit.
In the case of John Marshall, do you think that Marshall and Harris acted correctly in not hiding behind attorney client privilege?

UFO Gave Me ‘Heart Failure': U.S. Military To Pay Airman Involved In Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

UFO Gave Me ‘Heart Failure': U.S. Military To Pay Airman Involved In Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

UFO, heart failure
Three decades after venturing into the Rendlesham Forest to investigate some strange lights that turned out to be a UFO, John Burroughs, a U.S. airman at the time, has finally won a legal battle to have the U.S. military pay for medical treatments resulting from his exposure to the UFO that he and fellow military man, Jim Penniston, stumbled upon.
Among the most notorious and difficult to explain UFO incidents in history, the John Burrough UFO case took place in Britain’s Rendlesham Forest, also known as “Britain’s Roswell”, in December, 1980, reports the Mirror.
For his investigative efforts, Burroughs was reportedly exposed to a massive wave of radiation from the mysterious UFO lights that made him sick at the time, and ultimately in need of “lifesaving” heart surgery.
Now, after being “stonewalled” for over 30 years, and U.S. Senator John McCain stepping up to help Burroughs with his UFO-exposure legal battle, not only will Burroughs now receive “full medical disability” from the VA, but he is also able to enjoy the “U.S. government’s de facto acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs,” reports Open Minds.
The 1980 UFO incident involving John Burroughs and Jim Penniston unfolded while Burroughs was a policeman for the U.S. Air Force operating in Suffolk, England.
Lights in the forest inspired an investigation which involved Burroughs and a security team, the group identifying a brightening light in the forest that suddenly flew off as they approached.
The UFO lights showed up again the next night, so back Burroughs and the others went again, this time reportedly coming face to face with lights “flying around the forest”, literally defining UFOs.
Among the group, Burroughs reportedly came within the closest proximity of the UFOs, exposing him to what is now believed to have been some major levels of UFO radiation, a fact likely confirmed by the area where Burroughs and the UFOs came face to face later testing very high for radiation.
For Burroughs, though, as told to the Mirror, his situation since hasn’t been about confirming the existence of UFOs or aliens but his health.
“I was not looking for anyone to believe me. All I have been concerned about was getting care for my illness. That was all that mattered.”
And now, with the help of some British Ministry of Defense documents dug up by Burroughs’ legal team which confirm that high levels of radiation were in fact present when Burroughs and the UFOs met, U.S. military powers-that-be have pledged to pay for Burroughs to be treated.
“I’m still trying to work out what I saw,” said Burroughs of his UFO experience. “I think this is a phenomenon the government is aware of, but are still trying to work out exactly what it is.”
And with the acknowledgement that the medical issues of John Burroughs were caused by a UFO, or something other-worldly, it might be smart to think twice before investigating your own UFO.



Hi All.....These are suppose to be the first ones they are going to arrest.... Enjoy.

List R-oA2014

The following 741 individuals all actively and knowingly conspire in well-planned efforts and constructions to consolidate power and resources – with the intention to establish a world government which would provide them with full immunity from any form of prosecution regarding their past and future crimes – and are therefore, according to Round-op Alpha, collectively guilty of crimes against the sovereignty of their respective nations and against humanity as a whole, i.e.:
  • High-level brigandage: Looting of public wealth; oppressing of populations; attacking the rights to good health, education, personal/national sovereignty and real security; the murdering in name of corporate profits; democide; psychological warfare; (eco-) terrorism – which deliberately jeopardizes any attempts for world peace and causes regional, cultural tensions, armed conflicts, forced poverty and the decay of the public’s health, the public order and society as a whole

Execution Of A Terrified 11 Year Old Child

WATCH THE HORRIFIC LEAKED VIDEO Of An Execution Of A Terrified 11 Year Old Child Carried Out By The Obama Backed Militias In Iraq

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

A leaked video by fighters from the so-called Iraqi militia executed an 11 year old boy with bursts of bullets on his head in Diyala province in Iraq. was able to obtain the footage showing a child in handcuffs being brutally beaten while surrounded by a group of Iranian backed Iraqi fighters, then executed the child with showers of bullets on the head.


WATCH THE HORRIFIC LEAKED VIDEO Of An Execution Of A Terrified 11 Year Old Child Carried Out By The Obama Backed Militias In Iraq


What the Obama administration did when he pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq was to replace them with militias who are providing the essential service; a plethora of new and old pro-Iranian Shiite militias that are dominating the battlefields in Iraq and Syria which raises concerns about the growing Iranian influence. The growth of these groups — known as popular mobilization units — poses a conundrum for the Obama administration. These are Iran-backed groups who are providing most of the “boots on the ground” that are pushing back ISIS forces from key areas near Baghdad, including Diyala province.

The Iraqi government is so vulnerable at this point that it has little choice but to turn to Iran which, unlike the US, has people on the front lines in Iraq.

Iran began organizing new militias, known as “special groups,” such as Asaib Ahl al-Haq, (the League of the Righteous), which has attacked US forces in the past. Now these are supposedly our “allies”. When the United States ended its combat mission in Iraq in 2009, militia leaders who had been jailed or blacklisted were freed and ‘rehabilitated’ and some are now prominent in the fight against ISIS.

The evidence on the ground is beginning to reveal a simple observation: who today is leading battles in Salahuddin Province to recover Tikrit from ISIS: the Iraqi army or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Shiite militia crowd who are running Iraq amok.

It was in June of 2014, in response to the advances of ISIS in Iraq and the virtual collapse of Iraqi military forces, Iran began to provide direct military aid to the Iraqi government by deploying Quds Force soldiers to stiffen Iraqi positions in Samarra, Baghdad, and Karbala, as well as the former US base, Camp Speicher, in Tikrit. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard also deployed seven Sukhoi, Soviet era, Su-25 Frogfoot jets.

They also began to supply arms and munitions to Peshmerga forces in Kurdistan. In December 2014, Iran allowed foreign media to confirm the presence of Iranian F-4 Phantom jets in Iraq striking IS positions in Diyala province


US sources later confirmed that the planes were Iranian but that US military forces were not coordinating air strikes with the Iranian military. Although the presence of the F-4 Phantoms was not disclosed till December, these were not the first Iranian planes to be operating in Iraq and it is likely that the F-4s had been operating there for some time.

And now, according to the prime minister in Iraq, the prime minister Haider al-Abadi is leading his own expulsion of ISIS.

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’athist government resulted in the emergence of a Shia dominated government in Baghdad replacing it with an Iraqi Shiite government friendly to Tehran. This eliminated what had been an existential threat to the Islamic Republic of Iran and had tipped the local balance of power significantly in Tehran’s favor. And once Iran cleans the ISIS mess in Iraq, we will all rejoice. Iran will be happy, the U.S. will be happy, while all we have done is chase out ISIS while Iran’s Shiite militias can  already be seen running amok in Iraq.

The Fars (Pars/Persian) news agency, confirmed that Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Qods Force, is since Saturday in Iraq to lead the fight against ISIS. The Iraqi state is heavily reliant on the Iranians for military assistance.

Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is not Iraq cleaning the ISIS mess, but Iran, Suleimani is fiercely loyal to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader.

Qassem Suleimani, the commander of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who is fiercely loyal to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader.

While he is viewed as a useful man to have by Shiite Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq’s prime minister scrambling to organize a counterattack against the Sunni jihadis of ISIS, but this deal is not free. Even for the Americans, while the U.S. lacks the will to have its ground forces embroiled in another Middle East war or even play the chips correctly in having smaller powers like Egypt and Syria take on ISIS they resorted to Iran.

According to Fars, the Soleimani, that is Iran, submitted to Iraq’s military in order to give instructions to the army and volunteers in the region. Today the Iraqi forces, composed of 27 thousand troops in addition to the volunteer fighters, are nearing the control of the city of Tikrit within days. And now we see Qassem Soleimani working with Qais al-Khazali, the head of a militia called Asaib Ahl al-Haq (League of the Righteous) that is backed by Iran. He is one of the most feared and respected militia leaders in Iraq, and one of Iran’s most important representatives in the country. Alongside Asaib Ahl al-Haq, there are the Badr Brigades, formed in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq War, and the younger and more secretive Kataib Hezbollah which is an admitted terrorist organization by U.S. State Department. In other words, the United States is in bed wit not only terrorists, but the terrorist regime of Iran.

The three militias have been instrumental in battling ISIS, the rival Sunni sect. These militias are the three small Iraqi Shi’ite armies, all backed by Iran, which together have become the most powerful military force in Iraq since the collapse of the national army in June and are key to Iran’s power and influence inside neighboring Iraq.

That influence is rooted in the two countries’ shared religious beliefs. Iran’s population is overwhelmingly Shi’ite, as are the majority of Iraqis. Tehran has built up its influence in the past decade by giving political backing to the Iraqi government, and weapons and advisers to the militias and the remnants of the Iraqi military, say current and former Iraqi officials.
Iran will soon invade Iraq. The Bible is speaking of today and Persia is on the rise to gulp up Iraq.

EXPLOSIVE Breaking News : Hillary Now Totally Fingered as a Traitor

ALL Patriot Americans MUST know with sources inside
American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL
reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the
corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly
propaganda U.S. media's massive deceptions

Protect and defend   YOUR   Constitution Bill of Rights,
the Supreme Law of the United States

Thursday   March 5, 2015
Hillary Now Totally Fingered as a Traitor
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

NAZI Jew Traitor Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton admires her mentor and co-conspirator
NAZI Jew 9/11 'Dancing Israelis' terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu

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UNITED States of America  -   It can now be reported that sociopath NAZI Jew lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton set up a personal email account in her State Department offices in complete violation of the Hatch Act that was used to raise money for the Clinton Foundation, which is none other than a money laundry for the Saudi Royal Family, Citibank and secret trusts located in Qatar and Kuwait tied to the Bush NAZI Paperclip Crime Family.
Note:  In the late 1990s current U.S. Attorney General and then Assistant U.S. Attorney General, Bush-Clinton Crime Family hack, Eric Holder, felt that this type of activity was in violation of the Hatch Act and warranted an independent counsel.
P.S.  Hillary used her personal email account at the U.S. State Department to communicate directly with Israeli Intelligence concerning her personal dissatisfaction with current U.S. President Barack Obama.
Hillary also used her personal email account at the U.S. State Department to communicate illegally with current NAZI Jew Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as members of the Bush NAZI Paperclip Crime Family Syndicate aka 'daddy' (George Herbert Walker Bush) in an effort to turn the year 2016 presidential election into a massive financial ponzi scheme between the Bushes and the Clintons.
In closing, her personal illegal emails at the U.S. State Department also include direct communications with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, CNN's Gloria Borger and Israeli Mossad asset Rupert Murdoch of FOX News.
Finally, at this hour, there is a major credit crunch involving worldwide banks with no liquidity with crooked bank-generated algorithms trading against other crooked bank-generated algorithms.
Translation:  Bank of America and Citibank versus JPMorgan Chase.

As we live free or die, Lafayette remains at Brandywine and
Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 DULY ELECTED,
non-inaugurated,  natural born  REAL President of the United States.
Al Gore on Restoring the Rule of Law
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