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Message to Jim Stone ( from Judgedredd

“Trying to get this to you any which way I can. Posting on your website is no longer possible as I have tried every day for over 3 weeks. I hope you get this from here.”

34th try (via 24th May)!! From judgedredd: This is the article I have been trying to send you about what I discovered in England when I was there for 5 weeks – from 1st March to 5th April. Since you never got my prior emails about my adventures in the UK while traveling in my ‘private conveyance’ I will re-write that piece too. I have been trying to get it to you every day for the last 25 + days (and even before – once every few days since I got back).

England has the most surveillance cameras per capita anywhere in the world (over 6 million). There are over 420,000 in London alone. They also have Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. Before going to the UK to see family, I purchased a car by looking through and found a wonderful LPG/petrol powered 1997 German car (make and model redacted for obvious reasons!) for GBP250 (GBP350 with storage fees added until I arrived)!!

Checking with the insurance companies to see how much it would cost ‘to get insured’ I found out that the buggers were charging an average of GBP600 for 1 month!!!! Soooooo, I said to myself, ‘F*** that, I will do the paperwork to do away with all that crap.’ So I did, studying up on how to do a ‘Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right.’ I created a gem of a document following some chap’s video on YouTube and added my own stuff to it and formatted it and signed it in a unique way and then sent it off to the 6 top people in England – giving my address of where I was staying.

To cut a long story short I traveled over 700 miles around England, including a few jaunts into London, going past thousands of cameras, many police cars – even having two policemen turn up at the place I was staying (where the car was parked) because of a problem with a neighbor, and …… nothing. The car had no car tax (at least I think it didn’t), while I had no ‘driving license’ (mine was Canadian) and no ‘insurance’. The road worthiness certificate (called an MOT in the UK) expired 4 days before I was to leave and I traveled around in the car until the 4th April. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t travel in a car that was not road worthy. I spent money on various items to make sure it was fine for the road. But the point I am trying to make is that I traveled around without any problems at all from ANYONE.

One would have thought that I would be pulled over by the mere fact that the cameras would pick up the fact that someone was ‘driving’ a vehicle that no one was insured for (it is all hooked up into the dept that deals with registrations – a dept called the DVLA [ Driver And Vehicle Licensing Agency]). One can go to any insurance or number plate website and type in a registration and the make and model of the vehicle comes up. But I had no problems whatsoever.

So, a number of possible reasons comes up: a) the vast amount of data captured by the cameras is just too much for anyone to monitor effectively b) The paperwork I submitted by recorded delivery did its job (one copy went to the local police force!!) c) Automatic Number Plate Recognition was not working or not installed on the majority of cameras d) ‘They’ couldn’t be bothered with little old me traveling around without any of the crap that most lemmings in England have. Having as many surveillance cameras as the UK does, does not mean that one is living in a ‘surveillance state’. It is the appearance of so many cameras that make it seem like one is. One twist to this tale…. The car was ‘exported’ out of the (corporate) UK by filling in and sending off box 11 on the title document (called a V5C). That makes it ‘invisible’ to the system (as talked about on a forum by some chap who did this exact thing then tried to find out about his ‘exported’ car by calling the DVLA up. They stated that they couldn’t tell him about the status of the car because it was no longer in their system). My ‘private conveyance’ is now parked near a friends house until I go back, whenever that will be. By the way, when a vehicle is not used (due to mechanical issues, going away for months, or some other reason) and parked up on one’s PRIVATE driveway one is still required to notify the DVLA by filling out a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)! England now has very, very few cars that are older than a few years because of these rules and most of the cars on the road are German (well, at least in London – German made cars out number others by at least 2-1)! And most people in the UK, like lemmings, follow these rules. I am not one of those lemmings! It also means you can pick up amazing cars (BMWs, Audis, Mercedes) for under GB1,000!!

Now onto some more disturbing stuff…. On the 2nd April my sister had a get-together with friends who were ‘of like mind’ – those who knew about the alternative viewpoints and could read your site without being much surprised by anything in it. There were 11 people gathered – two were students studying architecture and had just turned 20, one was an 11 year old, the rest ranged from mid 40’s to late 50s. One of these elders was the father of the 11 year old. Out of these 11, 5 vehemently believed that the Earth was flat!!! I was floored and greatly distressed/upset! One of these was trained as an engineer. His wife also believed this crap. Another was an inventor and had made a ton of money inventing and selling a unique security device. Another was a landscape designer/structural engineer as well as his 11 year old son. I found it very difficult to understand how such highly educated people could understand such nonsense and then I realized that the people behind this ‘flat earth’ thinking were themselves even smarter than these people (very, very high IQ) and were employed by the American government to put forth highly scientific and highly convincing arguments as to why the Earth was flat. I say it this way because I found it very difficult to counter their thinking/statements effectively. Even the 11 year old was highly articulate in putting forth his viewpoint in such a way that it was difficult to counter it.

So this ‘flat Earth’ thinking has not been concocted by crazy people but by highly intelligent individuals working together whose aim is to destroy the ability of people to think correctly. It also has a ‘divide and conquer’ flavor behind it – getting friends and family to fight amongst themselves (the engineer and his wife had one of the 20 year old architectural students as their son who did not agree with them at all). The whole ‘flat Earth’ phenomenon is aimed at highly intelligent people, not average people, as the highly intelligent will pull along the less intelligent by their ‘logical and highly articulate explanations’ (or completely shut them up!).

One other incident occurred….

On the way back to Canada I sat next to a young (late 20’s) Canadian who was a teacher who was flying home to visit her parents. She works up in Luton, which is north of London, and teaches kids between the ages of 16 – 18. Near the end of the flight she dropped a bombshell - at least it was a bombshell to me. Her classes are, on average, between 30 – 40 pupils. She said that out of those kids, 4 (four) are ‘transitioning’ to the opposite gender. That’s 10% or just over. And this crap started about, what, 2 years ago? Make of that what you will, but between the ‘flat Earth’ madness and this gender bender shit, something is being revealed that does not bode well for Humanity. And it worries me. Very much. Readers comments, thoughts, etc, are more than welcome, as are yours.

PS. I have never in all my time communicating with you had so much difficulty in getting something to you. What is it about what I have written that is so important and needs to be censored??? At least 'they' are making it very obvious that this is important. What dumbasses!!


[5/23/17]  Google already monitors online shopping — but now it’s also keeping an eye on what people buy in physical stores as it tries to sell more digital advertising.
The Internet giant said Tuesday that a new tool will track how much money people spend in merchants’ bricks-and-mortar stores after clicking on their digital ads.
The analysis will be done by matching the combined ad clicks of people who are logged into Google services with their collective purchases on credit and debit cards. Google says it won’t be able to examine the specific items bought or how much a specific individual spent.
But even aggregated data can sometimes be converted back to data that can identify individuals, said Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Ponemon Institute privacy research firm.

Mining credit card data

Google says it has access to roughly 70% of U.S. credit and debit card transactions through partnerships with companies that track that data. By matching ad clicks with this data, Google says it can automatically inform merchants when their digital ads translate into sales at a physical store. Previously, if people clicked on an ad without buying anything online, an advertiser might conclude that the ad was a waste of money.
If the program works, it could help persuade merchants to boost their digital marketing budgets.
The data add to the digital dossiers that Google has compiled on users of its search engine and other services, including Gmail, YouTube and Android.
Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s senior vice president of ads and commerce, said the new tracking system was created in consultation with “incredibly smart people” to ensure it’s not invasive. He described the program as “secure and privacy safe.”
But Ponemon said that even if Google has good intentions now, companies and governments in the future might not.
The kinds of data that Google is collecting also could become an inviting target for hackers, said Miro Copic, a marketing professor at San Diego State University.
“The privacy implications of this are pretty massive, so Google needs to tread very carefully,” Copic said.

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I should have had it inspected


Seth Rich BOMBSHELLS Will Bring Hillary & Podesta To Their Knees

5.23 - 5/22 Manchester False Flag as Seth Rich Story Explodes & BIG Proj...

Grande Hoax - PA Announcer Blows It Wide Open!

Trump Impeached In 6 Months

Clinton Insider Leaks, “Trump Impeached In 6 Months”
Guess Who They Have In Waiting—Find Out Now
Constitutional Government to be Removed
FEMA to be Implemented 

The Elites NWO Agenda is Nearly Complete

NWO 2017
 The Elites NWO Agenda is Nearly Complete

What is N.E.S.A.R.A.?

What is N.E.S.A.R.A.?
It's History, Info and Awareness
NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on 11th September, 2001. The attacks on the World Trade Centre occurred just before 9 am that day. There were NO hijackers. President Bush desperately needed a war - partly to stop this announcement! The lives of NY firemen could be at risk as they evidenced the murder of some 200 bank employees who were actioning bank procedures for the implementation of NESARA that very morning!

Impeached?! Here’s What Will Happen

If Trump Is Impeached
 There Will Be Hell To Pay
Published on May 18, 2017
The consequences of a Donald Trump impeachment would be absolutely devastating to both the Republic and the form of government our Founders designed. Clearly this so-called deep state is directing the foreign policy and some of the domestic policy of presidents past and present. The citizenry are no longer in control of this government. This is a 'government' by the Deep State for the Deep State and run by the Deep state.
Banker: "One Million Will March On Washington
If They Impeach Trump - They Will Be Armed
and I will be one of them"
Here’s What Will Happen
If President Trump Is Impeached!

Deep State Chat Log INTERCEPTED

This nation is divided - at war within.  Traitors are a dime a dozen.  President Trump is away and the dark side (including Paul Ryan) is busy working against him and this nation. If you will watch and listen to the video below, you will find out how the 'news' and 'politics' are being severely manipulated, Americans are being PURPOSELY LIED to,  and our nation being destroyed from within. 

What’s On It Is Even More TERRIFYING!
Published on May 20, 2017

Summer Epocalypse Countdown: Trump Turmoil Takes Top Off Trump Rally


By DonkeyHotey (Donald Trump and Mike Pence - Caricature) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

When financial Armageddon arrives, it can hit in a flash like a dangerous rogue wave — the kind that rises up when two big waves from different storms intersect and merge into a single wave big enough to capsize a ship. The global Wannacry warware attack and endless waves of Trump turbulence came together with just such damaging synergy last week, knocking the top off the Trump rally.

Black swans unite and strike stocks

On Wednesday of last week, the stock market fell 370 points because of all the turmoil Trump has been brewing — its worst day in eight months. Globally, equities lost almost a trillion dollars in a single day. Part of this was the political crisis in Brazil, and part was the Wannacry virus, but the biggest part nearly everyone agreed was the political crisis in the US that constantly embroils President Trump.
US equity funds saw $8.9 billion in outflows for the week up to Wednesdays’ close while European equity funds added one billion. US financial stocks took the brunt of the hit. Then the market recovered somewhat on Thursday and Friday, but more Trump turbulence took back a sizable piece of Friday’s attempted recovery.
Friday’s drop from its high point of the day hit immediately upon a double-whammy in the Washington Post and the New York Times, wherein the Post announced that a White House official is now a significant person of interest in the Russiagate scandal, and the NYT alleged via two anonymous (their new standard) government sources that Trump told the Russians at his meeting with the Russians and Kissinger that he had “just fired the head of the FBI; he was crazy, a real nut job,” also telling them that doing so had taken off a lot of pressure that was on him because of Russia and that he was “not under investigation,” as if not being under investigation resulted from the firing … in his opinion at the time.
Naturally, these big ups and downs in the market mean volatility, which had remained uncannily placid for weeks (typical of the final-euphoric run-up of a stock market before it crashes) is back, shooting up the most it has since Brexit. (It’s odd to me that many investment advisors say the end of the bull market can not be here because markets are usually very low in volatility, and volatility just spiked. What a peculiar thing to say. Volatility is low just before the end (and it’s rarely been lower than lately), but there is nothing low about volatility when the end hits.)

“The market will revert to much higher volatility and this could be the start of it,” said Richard Haworth, chief investment officer of 36 South Capital Advisors, a London-based hedge fund which bets on rising price swings. “The sharp move this week reflects how short volatility the market was – how complacent.”  (Zero Hedge)

The VIX, which is a measure of volatility, made its second largest daily move ever seen. Complacency got jarred but is already returning to its normal lull. That complacency is so hard to break completely only means that when it does, the panic will be all the greater. US Bonds, the traditional instrument of safety saw interest rates plunge as investors clearly fled to safety.

“What has been setting in over the course of the day [Wednesday] is that political uncertainty is something that’s likely going to be with us for a significant amount of time,” said Dennis Debusschere, Evercore ISI’s head of portfolio strategy and quant. “We may be looking at a higher volatility backdrop with a trending lower market for the next couple of months.Wall Street finally took notice of political wrangling in Washington as investors began to question the Trump administration’s ability to focus on policy as it careens from one crisis to another. Many of the trades sparked by the president’s shock election have reversed in recent days…. “If he’s preoccupied defending himself and if it goes a lot further, then any hope of his legislative agenda coming to the fore is going to be reduced,” John Stopford, the London-based head of fixed-income at Investec Asset Management Ltd. (Newsmax)

Since last winter, I have been saying this  is exactly what the Trump Rally is poised to do by early summer as reality sinks in that the rally was all built on irrational exuberance — hopes about things that were never likely to actually happen. The market is now being jolted back into seeing reality, instead of viewing everything through rose-colored glasses where ideally everything Trump promised works as he promised.

The biggest stock market drop in eight months marks the end of the so-called Trump rally rather than the type of plunge that would accompany the president’s ouster, according to Guggenheim Partners Chief Investment Officer Scott Minerd.
“We have no indication now that this is Watergate,” Minerd, who oversees more than $260 billion, said Wednesday at a forum on fixed-income investing in Beverly Hills, California. “But at this stage in Watergate, we had no idea it was Watergate.”
U.S. stocks lost roughly 40 percent during the Watergate corruption scandal between early 1973 and the market’s low point after the resignation of President Richard Nixon the following year….
“The Comey memo is the first time that we have any sort of potential direct implication of bad acts by the president or the administration…. Markets may come to realize that the Trump rally is long on promise and short on delivery….” (Newsmax)

The trigger for the initial sell-off was an anonymously leaked report that James Comey had sent out memos to key staff, noting that Trump had pled with him to terminate the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and after the first Republican (Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.)) joined in talk of impeachment if the reports of Trump pressuring Comey are true.

That plea, if relayed accurately, could veer dangerously close to criminal activity, according to national security attorney Brad Moss. “Even if there is some legal nuance that the President could rely upon to save himself here from an obstruction charge, the allegation (if true) is politically devastating…. The President didn’t just walk up to the line, he stepped over it without a moment’s hesitation….” (The Daily Beast)

Then, assuring that the Russiagate story will dominate the news for months to come, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein finally appointed a special prosecutor to head the investigation — former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III. Rosenstein took this action without consulting Atty. Gen Jeff Sessions or the White House because Sessions had recused himself from the matter. Mueller is a former federal prosecutor who served as U.S. attorney in San Francisco under President Clinton and was named FBI director by President George W. Bush. He is widely respected as being impartial by both Republicans and Democrats. Mueller worked closely with Comey who succeeded him as head of the FBI. He was praised on Wednesday by Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein and former President Bush’s AG, John Ashcroft.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein … who knows Mueller well from his years in the Bay Area, her base, said there was “no better person who could be asked to perform this function. He is respected, he is talented and he has the knowledge and ability to do the right thing….”
“It’s impossible to think about Washington without politics blowing people off course,” Ashcroft said. “But if anyone can stay on course and not be deterred by the whims of politics, it’s Bob Mueller.” (The LA Times)

This is only the second time in history that special counsel rules allowing the Department of Justice to hire and fund special counsel from outside the department have been invoked. Pat Buchanon who worked for Nixon in the Watergate days explains what this means in real political terms:

Rod has reinvigorated a tired 10-month investigation that failed to find any collusion between Trump and Russian hacking of the DNC. Not a single indictment had come out of the FBI investigation….
Democrats are hailing both his decision to name a special counsel and the man he chose. Yet it is difficult to exaggerate the damage he has done.
As did almost all of its predecessors, including those which led to the resignation of President Nixon and impeachment of Bill Clinton, Mueller’s investigation seems certain to drag on for years.
All that time, there will be a cloud over Trump’s presidency that will drain his political authority. Trump’s enemies will become less fearful and more vocal. Republican Congressmen and Senators in swing states and marginal districts, looking to 2018, will have less incentive to follow Trump’s lead, rather than their own instincts and interests. Party unity will fade away.
And without a united and energized Republican Party on the Hill, how do you get repeal and replacement of Obamacare, tax reform or a border wall? Trump’s agenda suddenly seems comatose….
Markets had soared with Trump’s election on the expectation that his pro-business agenda would be enacted. If those expectations suddenly seem illusory, will the boom born of hope become a bust? (

While there has not been any party unity to fade away since Trump was elected, the point of my recent articles about Trump has been that all of this stuff about Trump and Russia is going to grow, not fade, and that is going to impact the stock market. I have been certain of that because Trump’s actions (whether he is guilty or innocent) constantly stir controversy and tend to make him look guilty (whether he is or not). Firing Comey particularly stirred things up (whether Comey deserved it or not) because it resulted in the appointment of special prosecutor.

Russia has become the administration’s unintended but self-imposed mood music and narrative arc — sucking bandwith, draining esprit, looming as a potential calamity.
The price and opportunity cost have already been high — in time, in credibility, in possibility.
And it may just be starting. Legal scholar Jonathan Turley pointed out on Fox News that the Mueller miniseries may run for years.
The mood among some top Republicans is turning to anger: So much has been squandered.
“The damage to the agenda is permanent,” said a Republican working to pass Trump’s plans. (Axios)

My interest in all of this has never been to prove or disprove the guilt of Trump, but to say this is exactly the reason Trump’s promises, which the rally was built on, are anything but certain to happen. The constant turmoil from all of this means Trump will (whether innocent or guilty) continually lose more and more of the already limited support he has in his own party as they try to distance themselves from him. He has also handed tons of ammo to his Democratic opponents. Foreseeing all of that as being extremely likely, given Trump’s character and the way he ran his campaign, is a major part of why I have been predicting for months that the stock market will crash in early summer. That is about how long I figured it would take before all of this turmoil starts to wash over Trump.

“Earnings have provided a good fundamental base for the market, but I’m beginning to wonder if this news item is the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” said David Schiegoleit, managing director of investments at U.S Bank Private Client Reserve…. “If special prosecutors are hired or there is more talk about obstruction of justice being an impeachable offense, one can kiss the tax plan, health care plan, and fiscal stimulus plan goodbye for 2017,” Andy Brenner, head of international fixed income securities at National Alliance Securities, said in a note Monday. (The Hill)

Done. Special prosecutor hired, and market falls … like clockwork. (This isn’t the crash, but the shocks are clearly now taking a major toll on the market each time they hit, and my point is that this proves how vulnerable the market is to this political crisis.)
A special prosecutor assures that the Trump turmoil isn’t going away. Thus, Trump’s economic plan is likely to unwind … well … about now. It is now beginning to dawn across the the entire stock market that the Trump rally was built on baseless euphoria — rosy hopes of the 100% success when nothing in politics and particularly in Trump politics is ever certain. The only thing that is predictable with Trump is turmoil (whether his fault or everyone else’s around him).

“We’ve seen the Trump agenda derailed and try to get back on track several times. It’s registering with more investors that its going to be hard to get back on track with the latest allegations,” Michael O’Rourke, chief market strategist at JonesTrading in Greenwich, Connecticut. “Prior to the election investors expected Trump to represent uncertainty,” he said. “The market is now recognizing that some of the fears they had back in October are coming to fruition.” (Newsmax)

How bad can this get economically? One of Trump’s CEO colleagues, who was no fan of the Obama administration, criticized his management sharply last week and forecasted how his management style could lead to a market sell-off:

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric who has President Donald Trump’s ear, told CNBC on Wednesday that an impeachment would crush the stock market. “An impeachment proceeding would blow the market away,” Welch said on “Squawk Box.” Welch also said Trump’s firing of James Comey as FBI director was a “rookie mistake.” He added, “You don’t make any friends doing it the way [Trump] did it. I think without question we have a guy that’s on the right agenda with crappy management practices,” Welch said, giving the president a “D minus” on his management skills.

Yet, management skills were supposed to be Trump’s greatest asset. So, if is greatest asset is proving in the eyes of CEO’s who are in good with Trump and who didn’t like Obama to be a detriment, what is the rest of Trump going to bring?

Trump turmoil is the shape of things to come

The fact that the sell-off was particularly great among financial stocks, indicates fear that the Trump turmoil will overshadow everything now and prevent passage of Trump’s much ballyhooed tax plan.

Major investors are “somewhat cautious” as they wait to see whether President Donald Trump and Republican leaders on Capitol Hill can deliver on promises of lower taxes and massive business deregulation, Starwood Capital Group founder Barry Sternlicht told CNBC on Monday. “If we don’t succeed, the backlash could be significant. It all really needs to succeed. I just hope [Trump] stays on the main script, which is the business script.” (CNBC)

“The obvious point we’ve made before repeatedly is that Trump now has much less political capital to spend in the Capitol, and that makes Trumpflation far less likely. Yet things seem to be rapidly moving beyond that point, opening up other scenarios,” [Rabobank strategist Michael Every] said. He was referring to the threat of impeachment. (Zero Hedge)

What happens in the weeks ahead if the Russian backstory continues to sideline the main script of tax reform and we get a few more simultaneous events like Wannacry now that the market has begun to tremble and fall? The wall will weaken with each blow of the ram. Trump’s controversies are black-swan events, in that no one can even guess what he’s going to do next or when. And, yet, they are predictable in the sense that he loves to create controversy and almost certainly will create a lot more, and they’re predicable in the sense that the press loves to jump all over him.
Clearly not even his own staff has a clue as to when the next controversy will come and what it will be. They have stumbled all over themselves trying to keep up. While a black-swan event, by definition, means an unpredictable negative event, what is predictable is the odds the many of these unpredictable negative hits are bound to keep piling on. While I cannot tell what the next one will be or when, I can be reasonably sure it will not be far off. Months back I could see the high probability of things falling apart badly under Trump and could see that it wouldn’t take long for that to start to break up the Trump rally.
None of this is about whether or not he’s guilty, but about how is erratic nature has always been part of my basis for saying the economy and stock market will hit the rocks by early summer. Besides Trump’s own penchant for controversy, it’s easy to see that draining the swamp would certainly create huge turmoil if done properly and destruction of the presidency if done wrongly, as Trump was assured to have few friends and many enemies in very powerful places if he tries to start removing swamp creatures. From a market standpoint, I looked at this this: Just as the Fed is trying to keep raising interest rates, all kinds of uncertainty is going to bombard the market every week.

The election of President Trump is eclipsed only by the 9/11 terrorist attack and the battle over the fiscal cliff in 2011 in terms of generating doubt about future economic policy, according to the Economic Policy Uncertainty Index. Increases “in policy uncertainty foreshadow declines in investment, output, and employment in the United States,” the three professors who created the index wrote…. While the EPU index has come off its high from the November election, it remains elevated, coming in month after month of the Trump presidency well above its long-run average…. The daily index spiked twice in the past week with allegations the president had divulged secrets to the Russians and allegations that he may have interfered with an FBI investigation. (CNBC)

It’s an investing aphorism that the market hates uncertainty, and uncertainty levels have only been this high following the 2008 financial crisis and 1987’s Black Monday.
Wannacry was also the kind of black swan event people have seen coming, but no one knows exactly how or when it will happen — just that the world is increasingly loaded with such prospects so that sooner or later some are going to happen. The likelihood of cyberwar began brewing in the final Obama days as Obama declared cyberwar on Russia. (Did he really think they wouldn’t fight back secretly with their own barrage of cyber attacks?)
So, while these cyber events are also completely unpredictable, what is predictable is that the odds of very damaging ones went up with the advent of Obama’s cyberwar against Russia (which Obama declared as a countermeasure) and with the release by Wikileaks of the NSAs very powerful viral software and knowledge of how it can be used to hack into networks. Wannacry proves how unprepared and vulnerable the entire modern world remains after years of opportunity to prepare and knowledge that we needed to prepare.
Now we sit at D-day in that both kinds of events are happening together. The Wannacry virus is already mutating, and the US government’s most powerful spyware has been sent to everyone in the world to use. At the same time, even a Republican or two is now talking of impeachment. Add to that the kind of violent protests I expected to see for this year, and one almost defies the Federal Reserve to risk raising rates in June now that the kind of chaos I predicted for this year is intensifying so rapidly.
The Epocalypse will take months to fully develop, but the initial breakup of the ice sheets of market complacency will become evident this summer. In fact, they are already starting to crack as euphoric hopes begin to melt. You’ve probably noticed that the post-election Trumphoria is entirely gone. Even Trump’s supporters are waiting with bated breath, many major supporters now openly wondering if Trump will turn on all of his promises, and many hopeful investors are getting nervous that their bets were misplaced.

Cop pulls over five old ladies. The reason why? Hilarious!

Lawyer tried to make farmer look dumb in court, but he wasn’t ready for ...

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24 Democratic Congressmen to be Arrested

24 Democratic Congressmen
About to Be Arrested
Wm Mount

The Trials of the Traitors Have Begun

The Trials of the Traitors Have Begun
Dr Wm Mount

Seth Rich Plot Thickens: "DC Insider" Speaks Of "Complete Panic" At Highest Levels Of DNC
... >>> ER doc says: "In the meantime he [Seth] was transferred to the ICU and transfused 2 units of blood when his post-surgery crit came back ~20. He was stable and not on any pressors, and it seemed pretty routine. About 8 hours after he arrived [he was alive for 8 hours?] we were swarmed by LEOs and pretty much everyone except the attending and a few nurses was kicked out of the ICU (disallowing visiting hours -normally every odd hour, eg 1am, 3am, etc- is not something we do routinely). It was weird as hell. At turnover that morning we were instructed not to round on the VIP that came in last night (that’s exactly what the attending said, and no one except for me and another resident had any idea who he was talking about)."
ER doc continued: "No one here was allowed to see Seth except for my attending when he died. No code was called. I rounded on patients literally next door but was physically blocked from checking in on him. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and while I can’t say 100% that he was allowed to die, I don’t understand why he was treated like that. Take it how you may, /pol/, I’m just one low level doc. Something’s fishy though, that’s for sure."
 "Proof that owner of bar where Seth Rich was last seen alive visited White House 4 days earlier" >>>
... "ER surgeon at Seth Rich’s hospital says his gun wounds were not fatal" >>>
... "Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was alive and conscious when found by police" >>>
... "Newt Gingrich calls murder of Seth Rich an assassination"
... four worthwhile reading articles from one source ...

To the Perpetrators:

From Anna Von Reitz

The murder of this boy, Seth, has been your undoing.  You will fall and not rise again. What you have done and what you have followed, you have not known, for you have been blinded by greed and led astray by your lusts until you are nothing but an empty pit always desiring more.   So, go then to your Father, the Father of All Lies, and let him devour you, emptiness into emptiness and sin into sin. 

What is Jacob's sin, if not Samaria?  Do you not know that Samaria's plague is incurable?  So that all the Earth suffers for the lusts and sorcery of a prostitute? The Great Abomination that stands now in New York Harbor, offering liberty instead of freedom?  You know her all too well, but dare not name her.  Instead, you try to hide your deeds behind words, and when offered truth, you cling to lies. 
"Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds! At morning's light, they carry it out because it is in their power to do it. They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them.  They defraud people of their homes and rob them of their inheritance....Therefore, the Lord says: I am planning disaster against this people, from which you cannot save yourselves.  You will no longer walk proudly, for it will be a time of calamity."  Micah 2:1-4. 
Let those who will come, come out of Babylon.  Let it be now.  The Lord's hand has stayed in mercy for those who are confused and those who do not know.  As for the rest, run to China and there make your beds and see what fails to cover you in all your nakedness.  
Now, behold, the Lord our Father, is making something new and all the Earth will rejoice and be glad in it.  It will arise in the newness of spring and arrive with the smell of fresh rain.  Our king has come again, and with Him, seven more.  This will be the time of winnowing, when the crooked are made straight.  The blind will see. The deaf will laugh again.  It will be safe to walk down the street. 
All those who have innocently suffered because of this plague will come home to their own vineyard.  All those who have thirsted in the spirit and not been slaked will have their fill.  We shall all know our Father when He calls us by our name and know the voice of our Savior who has purchased us with His pain.  
With tears repent and with sackcloth admit your dishonor, all you who have cheated and betrayed your brothers, all those who have sold your sisters and your mothers as harlots and slaves.  Be ashamed.  Bow your heads that you might be saved.  Act fast, for no one knows when the ax will fall on those who have benefited from these evils, the time and date when our Father lays siege to their strongholds and lays waste to their roots for all time. 
They will fall and they will not rise again, not in this time, nor in any other. They will be gone into the Abyss, not even to be remembered.  No tongue shall whisper their names again and no echo will remain of their passing.  Their wailing will not be heard.  
Repent now in your hearts and your spirits.  Confess the evil you espoused and followed after.  Admit all that you have done and failed to do.  The wrath of our Father comes to undo all that the Evil Ones have done, to make right all the wrongs that they have wrought, to avenge those innocents who have been murdered.  

It shall be so and will be done.

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He Took Matters Into His Own Hands

Government Refuses To Remove Migrants
From This Farmer’s Land
So He Took Matters Into His Own Hands
Published on May 7, 2017
Gov Refuses To Remove Migrants From This Farmer’s Land, So He Took Matters Into His Own Hands

Check The Source Here:

A man in Wales was outraged recently when he learned that a gang of migrants had set up an illegal camp surrounding his parents’ home. He was even more furious when he learned the local government was refusing to do anything about it, despite the fact that his parents were fearful for their lives. He decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to reports, the Basildon Borough Council original cleared the refugee camp, but human rights activists intervened. The council told 36-year-old Chris Walsh that they were “powerless” to stop the refugees. Walsh was not willing to take that answer. He responded by sending the council a letter explaining that he intended to reposition the migrants themselves.

“I am writing to you as a concerned citizen, highly concern son, and honest hardworking taxpayers regarding the atrocious treatment of my pensioner parents, and their settled resident neighbors at the hands of the Basildon Council and their (from what I can garner) hopelessly inept planning team. I am sorely tempted to take a dumper truck full of hardcore and deposit it outside of Basildon Council’s offices. I wonder what your response to that would be? Would you stand by and allow it as you are doing in this case?”

“The area is subject to massive illegal development,” Walsh added. “Travellers have started to re-develop land that is subject both to previous eviction, and current injunction to prevent further development. As of this morning, fence posts and plots are being erected on land north of Hovefield Drive. I will not allow this to happen to my parents and their neighbors again.”

Not surprisingly, the council was quick to take action.

It Has Begun ! Congressman Jailed

It Has Begun
Congressman Jailed For Treason
Whatever Happened to Anthony Weiner?

EO 13603 Authorizes Slavery in the US

Still in effect under Trump
Obama Executive Order 13603
Authorizes Slavery in the US

Published on Aug 30, 2013
Slavery is once more legal in the United States.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell reveals language buried deep inside Executive Order 13603, which Barack Obama signed into law on March 16th 2012 that gives the Federal government the legal authority to force any person into de facto slavery.

According to this Executive Order the President, or those he designates, can conscript "persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation," in "peacetime and times of national emergency." In a nutshell, that means that Barack Obama, and those he designates, can seize any resource, property, or person at any time for any reason, including forcing that person with labor without being paid.

There is only ONE word for forced, "uncompensated employment." That word is slavery.

This episode also includes an appeal to Federal, State, County, and Local law enforcement officers to uphold the oath they took to "Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States," by defending the citizens they have sworn to protect, even when the aggressor is a Federal Government that has devolved into nothing more than a Tyranny where one man (or those he designates) can order the enslavement of its citizens, their detention in labor and re-education camps - even their deaths - simply by signing a piece of paper.

Executive Order 13603:

Internment and Resettlement Field Manual:

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Americans Now Outlawed From Knowing The Laws They Live Under


 “Paranoia used to be considered a form of mental illness: today it is regarded as just another ideology.”

 Justin Raimondo (1951-present) American author and the editorial director of

Special Report from Sister Ciara

For over 50 years, I’ve extensively researched thousands of human societies throughout the world, with all them having one single connection throughout all time—people agreeing to live with each other based upon a set of mutually accepted norms, that are called “laws”.

Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior, and from our most ancient times when small groups of nomadic peoples roamed the vastness of our Earth, to today’s gargantuan nation states having populations in the hundreds-of-millions and billions, all were made possible by people agreeing with each other in how they would live with each other.

From the most open and free societies one can imagine, to the cruelest and most despotic regimes the human mind could conceive, all have been governed by laws—some being secular in nature (denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis), with others being based upon religious beliefs.

And in all of recorded history, the laws people choose to live by, or were forced to adhere to, were known by everyone who lived under them—except for today!

The reason this is so is because the United States, barely a month ago, became the first society in all of recorded human history to outlaw its citizens from knowing the laws they live under!

You haven’t heard about this because while it’s simple to understand, its complexity has been lost on both the citizens of America and, most importantly, its mainstream propaganda media—all of whom, scientists have recently reported, now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish

To those of you non-goldfish types who have read this far, here are the facts:

For the past over 25 years, an amazingly dedicated man named Carl Malamud has taken it upon himself to singlehandedly publish for free on his website every local, State and US Federal government law ever enacted—a stupendous feat, mind you, as no one even knows how many US Federal laws there are, and the US code has become so big, neither the US Congressional Research Service or the American Bar Association have enough staff to adequately categorize every law this nation has on the books.

The reason for the Americans having so many laws they can’t even count them anymore is due to what is called “incorporated by reference” (IBR)—which is the act of including a second document within another document by only mentioning the second document.

Or in its simplest explanation: When laws are made in America (either local, State or Federal), they are actually nothing more than guidelines that then require what are called regulations (that carry the full force of law)—with one of the most stupendous examples of this being the Internal Revenue Code that was first enacted in 1874 with barely 60 words—but that since then, and thanks to IBR’s, has grown (by 2013) to contain more than 3.4 million words that if printed 60 lines to the page would be more than 7,500 pages long

But even this seemingly impossible task didn’t stop Carl Malamud from his doing his work, with his knowing that all of these laws, and their associated IBR’s, were enacted using taxpayer money—therefore making them the property of the American people—and if anyone has a right to know what the laws are that they are living under, it is them.

Carl Malamud, however, was proved wrong in his belief that the American people had a right to know the laws they were living under when the State of Georgia filed a US Federal lawsuit against him for publishing their laws that they said amounted to him committing a “ form of ‘terrorismand that US Federal District Judge Richard Story agreed with in his ruling that Georgia’s legal code is protected under copyright laws and his ordering Malamud to remove them all from this website lest anyone see them.

The American elite classes cheered this ruling against Carl Malamud with one of them even comparing his advocacy of unfettered access for the American people to know the laws they’re living under to “a drunken call for free sex.

You have not heard about any of this I’d venture to guess because you’ve, also, not heard about how the news is now being censored in America either—such as YouTube’s new censoring algorithm that one user said about “it’s getting so bad that you can’t even speak your mind or be honest without fear of losing money”, and Facebook unleashing its “fake news” filter that has stopped in its tracks the growth of all independent news outlets, and that is now destroying even mainstream media outlets too

Equally as chilling, the US government has now taken upon itself to decide what social media accounts are to be destroyed too—and as exampled by both Facebook and Google immediately complying with a US Marine Corp order to remove the accounts of young soldiers who were viewing pictures of naked women, and without either warrants, charges, or court orders. (Young lonely boy soldiers far away from home looking at pictures of naked women?  Who would have ever thought such a thing was possible?

So separated from normal human morals has America become, in fact, aside from the thousands of these peoples killed every year by their own police forces, new reports are emerging that over 50,000 of them every year are now being put in hospital from police beatings—thus leading to this nations entire Millennial Generation finding it hard to transition into adulthood and more of these 18-34 year olds still living with their parents instead of a spouse.  

And for any of you wishing to know what is really going on—just read this article to know the truth of the horror being planned for everyone: “How Mice Turned Their Private Paradise Into A Terrifying Dystopia”.

Remember too, YOU are a useless eater according to the Western elites as nearly everything that humans can do can now be done by machines, and who are furiously working overtime to figure out what to with everyone—and whose latest “master plan” being put into action, without you’re even being aware of it, is called Universal Basic Income (UBI)—From Mongolia to Finland to India, we are seeing heightened interest in the idea of a universal basic income (UBI)—an unconditional cash grant given to every citizen, regardless of their employment status or wealth.” 

Once all of the useless eaters have been pacified (at least those allowed to live) like pets and farm animals they will then be microchipped—and that many people in Sweden are now submitting to in order to be some of the first citizens of the fast coming “Digital Dystopia—and that if it wasn’t for the nearly complete destruction of Christianity throughout the West, people would remember these chilling prophetic words from the Book of Revelations: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Now I want to give you all a warning: 

There is reason that no one in the West has published a computer-model of a US-Russia nuclear war, because doing that would be unacceptable to the Western elites.  But who, in 2014, did do a limited, regional nuclear war scenario between India and Pakistan—that was computer-modeled and projected a global ozone-depletion leading to the coldest average surface temperatures in the last 1,000 years that would trigger a global nuclear famine—and projected the use of just 50 nuclear bombs, instead of the 10,000+ that would be used in a World War III scenario.

The highly respected and esteemed American author and anti-war activist Justin Raimondo was, indeed, correct in is stating that “paranoia used to be considered a form of mental illness: today it is regarded as just another ideology”—after all, THEY really are out to get YOU, and you know it!

Standing between THEM and YOU, though, are people like us who live every day on the front lines of this war in order to protect you by keeping the truth flowing—and at great sacrifice, personal risk, and expense.

We cannot survive, however, without YOU aiding us—and as I remind you all every month.

Today is different as the storm clouds grow ever closer to your very doorstep—and out of fear you fail to act—but that history has always proven is not very good survival strategy.

And remember too, survival in this war isn’t about just your life, but your very soul!

So while there is still time, and still hope, give what you can so that we can continue our mission to help you—all the while remembering that the TRUTH is more powerful than their lies—just more people need to hear it.

With God,

Sister Ciara

Dublin, Ireland
21April 2017

Freewill's response:

S.C.R. 1795, Penhallow v. Doane's Administrators (3 U.S. 54; 1 L.Ed. 57; 3 Dall. 54

Government Is Foreclosed from Parity with Real People
– Supreme Court of the United States 1795

"Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of
the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons. The imaginary,
having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity
with the tangible. The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any
law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate,
artificial persons and the contracts between them."
Supreme Court of the United States 1795
[--Not the "United States Supreme Court" –ed.]

CRUDEN v. NEALE 2N.C. (1796) 2 SE 70 "Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent"
 Let that sink in.

Anthony Weiner pleads 'guilty' as charged!

Most  Secret  Grand  Jury  In  American  History  Paralyzes  Washington  With  Fear

May 22, 2017

An intriguing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the most secret Federal Grand Jury ever empanelled American history has paralyzed Washington D.C. with fear after its swiftly moving this past Friday (19 April) to claim its first Hillary Clinton victim just hours before President Donald Trump left the United States on his historic trip to Saudi Arabia. 

According to this report, Federal Grand Juries in America have a maximum of 23 members, 16 of whom must be present to form a quorum, and indictments are returned by a vote of 12 or more members whose “information/evidence” presented to them is done by what are called United States Attorneys who are that nations chief criminal and civil law prosecutors, all of whom are supposed to believe that no one is above the law.

Being led by Joon H. Kim, the acting US Attorney
for the Southern District of New York the secrecy of this Federal Grand Jury was so complete it was able to indict, achieve the arrest of, and conviction of a top Hillary Clinton surrogate and former US Congressman named Anthony Weiner in less than 24 hours with no leaking to the US mainstream propaganda media and was so rapidly accomplished, Weiner’s wife and Hillary Clinton’s top aid, Huma Abedin, didn’t even know what was occurring and who, hours after Weiner pled guilty, filed for divorce against him.

Having agreed to a plea deal where he agreed not to appeal his up to 2-year US Federal prison sentence for the crime of “sexting” with a 15-year-old girl child, and his further agreeing to be listed as a sexual offender for the rest of his life the unprecedented speed of Anthony Weiner’s demise this past Friday showed his being arrested, appearing in US Federal Court, pleading guilty to his crimes, and then released on bail until his final September (2017) sentencing, all occurred in the span of 2 hours.

Anthony Weiner accepts plea deal in US Federal Court on 19 May 2017

As to the incredible secrecy and speed in which Anthony Weiner was processed by President Trump’s Department of Justice (DoJ) is believed to be due to his becoming a witness to Hillary Clinton crimes and, before he could be suicided or killed and as evidenced by US Attorney Joon Kim only asking for a 21-27 prison sentenced as opposed to the 10-year sentence Weiner was facing.
Aiding US Attorney Joon Kim in the unprecedented rapid arrest, prosecution and conviction of Anthony Weiner was William F. Sweeney Jr. who is the Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and who prior to his present posting was the Special Agent In Charge of Philadelphia - that is the location the SVR had previously identified (on 13 May) had been put on alert to prepare for at least 23 “high security political defendants” being placed in the Federal Detention Center (FDC) located in that city.
Troy Wragg (center/circled) next to former President Bill Clinton at the annual meeting on the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on 25 September 2009
Important to note about FBI Assistant Director William Sweeny Jr. was that in late 2015 he was preparing to present evidence before a Federal Grand Jury proving that both Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, were “integral parts” and the “main beneficiaries” of a massive “green energy” ponzi scheme that funneled millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation money laundering organization using a scheme concocted by their close friend and associate Troy Wragg.
In late 2015 FBI Agent In Charge William Sweeny Jr. was refused by then FBI Director James Comey to further investigate the Clinton’s as a few months prior to Troy Wragg and his criminal associates being indicted, Hillary Clinton had announced she was running to be US president—and that Comey said he wasn’t going to have the FBI interfere with.

To “placate/subdue” FBI Agent In Charge William Sweeny Jr. after he had stopped his criminal investigation into the Clinton’s last July (2016) FBI Director Comey elevated him to be the Assistant Director In Charge of the New York Field Office but, shortly after President Trump was sworn into office, Sweeny Jr. approached then US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara to reopen the Clinton investigation which Bharara refused to do and led to Trump firing him on 11 March.

With Bharara now gone, President Trump elevated Joon H. Kim to be the acting US Attorney and work with Sweeny Jr. on the Clinton investigation, and whose first targets for prosecution were Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin but that FBI Director Comey attempted to derail on 3 May when he testified before the US Congress that Abedin was not criminally charged even though she sent classified emails to her husband and that led President Trump to firing him 6 days later on 9 May

Central to FBI Director Comey’s protection scheme to keep the Clinton’s and their criminal associates from being prosecuted was his bizarre legal theory that “intent” first had to be established before anyone could be prosecuted but who was directly opposed by now acting US Attorney Joon H. Kim who, in prosecuting some of America’s most notorious mafia and Asian gangs, stated that “intent” didn’t matter in criminal prosecutions, only if a crime had been committed.

Important to note about Joon H. Kim, too, is that he is well known in the Kremlin for his work on behalf of Russia when he was a top lawyer for the international law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton and, though based in New York City, this organization of some of the top attorneys in the world has been named 8 times as the “Russian Law Firm of the Year, most especially when Kim and his international arbitration legal team successfully protected the Federation (between 2010-2013) from a French lawsuit seeking damages for unpaid bonds issued over 100 years ago.

To how Joon H. Kim was picked by President Trump to lead the prosecution of the Clinton’s and their criminal associates was accomplished through negotiations between Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton managing partner Michael A. Gerstenzang and one of his most powerful clients named Henry Kravis who, as a co-founder of the American multi-national private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), was interviewed by President Trump to be his US Secretary of the Treasury.
With some quarters in America praising President Trump’s actions in keeping criminals such as the Clinton’s from taking over the presidency, this nations mainstream “fake news” propaganda media, nevertheless, continues trying to hide the Clinton’s assassination murder of Seth Rich for his leaking tens-of-thousands of Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton emails to Wikileaks and that led  foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to compare the US media to those of Soviet communist times by his stating:

I some times get the impression that many U.S. media outlets work according to a principle which was common in the Soviet Union. Back then, people used to joke that the newspaper Pravda [Truth] had no truth in it, and the Izvestia [News] paper has no news in it. I get the impression that many U.S. media operate in the same way.”