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Syrian refugee attacks girls at West Edmonton Mall pool — and CBC treats him as the victim (Full monologue)

We rarely bring my full nightly monologues out from behind the Rebel paywall; that wouldn't be fair to our Premium Members. But this week, many of those subscribers suggested that my comments on what happened at the West Edmonton Mall waterpark should be made available for free.

So here's what I said about one of Justin Trudeau's Syrian refugees on Thursday night — and how the media "reported" on this case of serial sexual assault at one of Canada's most popular family friendly places.
PS: If you believe we need to "pause" the flow of "Syrian refugees" into Canada, please sign our petition at if you haven't already.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Your Copyright, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 32

By Anna Von Reitz

The rats seize upon your given name while you are still a babe in your cradle, and they establish a false copyright on it, claiming that it is the name of a debtor to their corporation.  They then set up an ACCOUNT in your GIVEN NAME to service the debt.  Then throughout your life they have addressed claims against that NAME and they have hired the American Bar Association to operate their corporate tribunals as debt collection agencies under color of law, disguised as American public courts, to collect those debts.

That is the essence of the daily fleecing of America. 

It is a little hard to wrap your head around the first go, so let's examine it step by step and a bit deeper.

A baby--- let's give him the name "Paul Anthony Mitchell" is born in Hennepin County, Minnesota. 

What should happen is that his name should be recorded as a land asset. He comes from the land and returns to the land ---- "For dust thou art, and to dust returneth". 

This is a recording --- not a "registration".  

A recording is a public record of an event or testimony or ownership interest in private property, etc., while a "registration" involves international commerce and involves giving up all or part of your ownership interest in the asset being registered.

Little Paul Anthony Mitchell is the "Holder in Due Course" of the name and estate.  His interest must be recorded by his parents or there is no public record in his favor.  Instead, the local federal franchise "state" doing business in this case as the "State of Minnesota" registers his name instead, and in so doing, makes him a "ward of the state".

Once he is a "ward of the state" he becomes property belonging to the state corporation and not to his parents.  When he comes of age, if he does not correct this "presumed" political status, he remains a "ward of the state" for the rest of his life----and the state "inherits" all the benefit of his name and estate. He remains a chattel property and dependent.

This de facto process of undisclosed enslavement has been used against virtually all Americans and this form of slavery has been continuously practiced by the "United States Government" since the 1860's, first against black people and "rebels" and later against virtually everyone on this continent. 

In promoting this practice the vermin responsible have violated both international law and the actual Constitution we are all owed at birth----and, importantly, they have infringed upon your Common Law Copyright guaranteed by the Copyright Act of 1790. 

The foreign federal franchise "State of Minnesota" has no natural right nor ability to use your given name.  You have not knowingly nor willingly consented to give your name to them for any such purposes as they propose.  So, what to do?

They have set up a collection account under the trademark "PAUL ANTHONY MITCHELL" or, more recently, "PAUL A. MITCHELL"---- these "marks" or "images" or "glossas" are not names; they only appear to be names.  They are actually trademarks that have also been created by the perpetrators of this vast fraud and crimes of personage.

And once again, they are infringing on your trademark as the natural Holder in Due Course of the given name.

How can any of this be legal?

Well, they gave you an insurance indemnity receipt guaranteed by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE that your property would not be harmed or lost.  That insurance indemnity receipt is known as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. 


So how to deal this situation?   Our research thus far indicates that you need to establish by Published Notice and Recording a Common Law Copyright on your own given Name.  This corrects the failure of your parents to do this for you.

You also need to collect at least one, preferably more, Statements of Witnesses, from credible people having first hand knowledge of you and your family, confirming that you are in fact the man or woman whose live birth occurred at such and such a time and place.  These statements must be sworn or affirmed from "without the United States" and further witnessed by a public notary.  

Next, you must give Notice of Fiduciary Relationship (IRS Form 56) to the government officials responsible for the existence of YOUR NAME. 

You return "HIM" via an authenticated Birth Certificate signed over to the Secretary of the Treasury "without recourse" for the benefit of "The United States of America -- Minnesota State" and "surrender" the DEBTOR. 

In this, you are acting as a Bounty Hunter serving the lawful government of your state. 

HE is now imprisoned, legally "dead" and unable to cause any more problems. When the rats start issuing BIRTH CERTIFICATES in the "name of " PAUL A. MITCHELL the same process has to be followed to put HIM out of his misery.

Of course, there will continue to be references made to HIM and ACCOUNTS set up in his NAME, but that is not your concern anymore, is it?  The bills addressed to HIM now go back to the Internal Revenue Service for payment and credit, and it is up to them to establish transparent and user friendly processes to expedite this.

This is not an easy or well-defined process.  In fact, it has been deliberately obscured by those profiting from our ignorance, however, the Internal Revenue Service is the organization responsible for providing you with enforcement and once the Internal Revenue Service has been given proper Notice of the circumstances and your actions to correct, they have proven more than capable and willing to go after the perpetrators of this scheme.

When it ceases to be profitable, it will end. 

Many people feel qualms about "surrendering" the STRAWMAN back to the  Treasury, because they mistakenly feel an attachment to something that appears to be their own NAME. 

In fact, all they are "giving up" is a debt they do not owe and all they are doing is shutting down the mechanisms by which their own copyright and trademarks are being infringed upon and enclosed by foreign and predatory interests. In the process, by returning "HIM" to the Treasury, they also pay off the so-called National Debt and help balance the accounts.

I have often observed that we are owed a National Credit equal to the National Debt--- a credit that is not being applied. When you turn in the STRAWMAN and appoint the Treasury Secretary your Fiduciary, you enable him to offset and apply the credit that is owed.  This is turn reduces the National Debt by an equal amount, refunds the government of your actual state of the Union, and unblocks your own accounts.

Anti-intuitive as it seems, the Treasury Secretary and the Internal Revenue Service are supposed to be your best friends and the means of enforcing your lawful interests.

So if you are sick and tired of "business as usual" in these United States, it is more than past the hour when you must evaluate your actual position with respect to the federal corporations and determine whether you serve the government (that is, function as a "citizen") or wish the government to serve you (that is, claim "state national" political status). 

Realize that some people are obligated to function as citizens by their own choices---- federal civilian and military personnel are all citizens according to occupation, likewise elected officials serving the federal corporations and their state of state franchises.  African Americans were never granted state national status and have to instead claim "equal civil rights".  Likewise, first generation immigrants, political asylum seekers, and people receiving federal welfare benefits are stuck claiming equal civil rights.

In this discussion it is important to note that despite recent federal efforts to "redefine" Social Security payments as "welfare benefits"---- this is not the understanding or representation that the Social Security Administration made at the time you signed up and you need merely object to any such interpretation and require the blackguards to prove that you are NOT retired from any and all federal employment. 

In days to come, our political focus must shift away from such idiocies as transgender public bathrooms to forcing the rats to address the political standing of the American People and the debts owed to us.  There is at present no simple and easy and straight forward method for Americans to record and enforce their interests in their own names and estates. 

The Internal Revenue Service is ready and willing to assist us, if and when we can demonstrate a substantial knowledge of the whole situation and a willingness on our parts to take the actions necessary to prosecute our claims.  

In addition to reiterating and publishing and recording our Common Law Copyright and Trademark interests in our own given names and estates, in addition to re-establishing our true identity via witnesses, and returning the STRAWMAN to the Treasury,  we need to take these issues up with President Trump and the members of "Congress" responsible for the predatory practices of the federal corporations with respect to us----- the people  they are supposed to be serving.

It is more than past time for peace to be declared and for these dishonorable and criminal practices on the part of the federal corporations and their state of state franchises to cease. 
See this article and over 400 others on Anna's website

Assad Says Some Refugees Are Definitely Terrorists in Yahoo News Interview - Backs up Trump's Travel Ban!

Trump Begins Pedophile Roundup, Sandusky's Son Arrested On Sex Charges

California Alert 2: Is the Oroville Dam A False Flag Operation? FEDS Ign...

Happy Valentine's Day!


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Here is the WHOLE STORY on the Oroville dam situation in precious few words.

There is rain in the forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and the following Tuesday. If anyone is confident enough that the dam won't fail, I encourage them to find a dry spot on the hill below the emergency spillway, pitch a tent, and have a bar-b-q camp out. Yes. That.
There is a dam failure that shows on the $50 bill if you fold it right. This could be it, Oroville, being the tallest dam in the country could DEFINITELY BE IT.

HEADS UP: RABBIT HOLE SENT THE FOLLOWING, AND THE $50 DAM BREAK DOES INDEED LOOK A LOT LIKE OROVILLE! Look at the trees on the side, and compare it to Oroville!

Shocking Emergency Spillway runoff at Lake Oroville Dam 2/12/2017

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Swearing-In Ceremony of the Secretary of Treasury - This is what we have been waiting for!

Benjamin Fulford Report: "Internal Power Struggles" -- February 13, 2017

Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Message from Benjamin Fulford

US and China are both busy with internal power struggles so the world will have to wait

Posted by benjamin
February 13, 2017

Full Report

There are intense power struggles taking place in the United States and China these days meaning that big new initiatives for the planet as a whole will have to wait until the dust settles in both countries, Chinese and American sources say.

The struggle in the United States is, to simplify things somewhat, between the deep state faction behind Trump and the remnants of the Bush/Clinton deep state apparatus. In China, three main factions are duking it out as part of an elaborate power dance that will produce a new central government line up sometime around the end of March.

When these power struggles are over, then we can expect major reforms of the Federal Reserve Board, the United Nations, the IMF, the EU etc. to begin in earnest.

Let us start with the US power struggle, which has intensified now that Jeff Sessions has been formally appointed Attorney General. Immediately following his appointment Trump issued an executive order that “re-focuses the Federal Government’s energy and resources on dismantling transnational criminal organizations, such as drug cartels.” As a Pentagon official described it “Trump declared war on the Bushes and Mexican drug cartels.”

Furthermore, in a sign the anti-drug cowboys in the military and US agencies are finally getting the message that force alone will not stop illegal drug use, Pentagon officials are saying Trump may decide legalize and regulate narcotics. This would help bring the roughly $2 trillion annual illegal drug business into the tax paying mainstream and reduce drug related death. If done properly, the massive pharmaceutical industry could be brought on board as long as they were given a role. That should be easy to do since already around 30% of drugs prescribed by doctors are opium based. The drug companies could add a whole new menu of goodies doctors could offer patients if they could start making medicines based on the other major narcotics.

Doing this would also devastate the US private prison slave industry by releasing half of the 9.5 million Americans who are either in jail or on parole.

It would also radically lower crime rates. Ask the Swiss, who experienced an 80% drop in crimes committed by junkies immediately after they started letting doctors administer heroin to addicts. Most of the junkies were also able to eventually kick their addictions.

Since 90% of the world’s heroin is produced in Afghanistan, legalization and regulation of its opium crop would most likely lead to peace in that country.

The Trump administration is also talking about stopping CIA drug shipments that go via US military bases. In Japan, for example, the Yokota airbase has long been a central distribution hub for North Korean amphetamines, according to senior Japanese gangsters. Shutting that trade down or else legalizing it would help clean up the Japanese political system big time. The same is true with the heroin trade going via other big US Airforce bases such as Incirlink in Turkey and Ramstein in Germany.

With so much money and power at stake though, you can be sure though that the Bush faction is not going down without a fight. The entire ISIS/Mossad/Bush CIA/Nazi (Khazarian mafia Nazi faction) nexus is on the warpath and the fact that prominent ISIS linked criminals like Senator John McCain have not been arrested yet shows the power struggle is not nearly over. The Khazarian Nazis have been blackmailing the Pentagon White Hats with

threats of nuclear terror, sabotage, scalar weapons etc. It is a good bet the ongoing disaster at the Oroville Dam in Northern California was an act of sabotage by the Nazi faction aimed at sending a message to the Trump regime.

There is also large scale cyberwarfare going on. For example, Donald Trump’s Twitter page was replaced on my computer with a page filled heavy duty attack messages against Trump.

The Federal Judiciary is also heavily loaded with anti-Trump people. Here is what the Pentagon source had to say about that: “After liberal activist judges ignored the law and usurped power to block Trump’s Muslim ban to stop ISIS infiltration, the federal judiciary may be purged all the way to the Supreme Court.” That is not going to be an easy thing to pull off.

The hardest power struggle of all, though, will be over control of the Federal Reserve Board. On that front, the announced resignation last week of two top Fed officials, Board of Governors member Daniel Tarullo and top Fed lawyer Scott Alvarez means that, when combined with existing vacancies Trump will be filling, the Trump regime can now take effective control of the Fed. The last President to pull off a feat like that and not get assassinated was Andrew Jackson but Trump has the backing of the US military so he might just pull it off.

Since the globally traded US dollars have been shifted now towards a system centered on China, it increases the chances that the US will be issuing treasury dollars separate from international dollars, possibly within a few months. This will also, as mentioned at the top of the article, mean a total revamp of the international financial and political architecture. However, this will have to wait until the power struggles in the US and China are completed.

In a sign that Trump is willing to listen to delegate power and listen to good advice, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has made some good moves. For one thing Trump has been convinced to go back to the one China policy and stop provoking China. Tillerson is also “busy ridding the State Department of Neocons as well as Israeli and Muslim agents.” As a result nasty thugs like Richard Armitage, Victoria Nuland and Elliot Abrams have lost their power to wreak havoc in different parts of the world.

The Japanese government has been thrown into considerable turmoil by the loss of power of their traditional bosses like Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg and Bush agent Richard Armitage. That is why they sent Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a big delegation on a major brown-nosing visit to the Trump regime last week. Abe looted the Japanese national pension fund to buy favour with Trump, much to the consternation of many in Japan. This is how Abe was able to promise to finance the construction of a fast train service linking Washington DC and New York.

Overall, though, the Japanese establishment was reassured to find out that Japan/US relations during the Trump regime will be left to the professional bureaucrats and experts. The biggest change is that the Japanese were told the US had discontinued its policy of preventing Japan from having close relations with Russia. The Japanese were also told there would be less US interference in domestic Japanese politics, such as the murdering of disobedient Prime Ministers, from now on. That is because the US wants to keep Japan on its side as it negotiates world changes with China.

Which brings us to the power struggle in China. The Chinese government is preparing for a once in 5 years power change that will mean 5 of the 7 standing members of the politburo will be stepping down. The battle is over who will replace them and who will be crowned as successor to President Xi Jinping.

Chinese government sources say the process is a complicated and time consuming one that involves lots of consultations with very old retired top former officials. There are three main factions involved in this conflict. One is the faction behind Xi Jinping, which one might call the Northern faction. The other is the China Youth League faction that put former President Hu Jintao into the top office. This group is strongest in the South of China, the area around Guangdong and Hong Kong. Then there is the Shanghai faction that also has deep roots in Taiwan and is headed by Jiang Zemin.

In the last power struggle, the Shanghai faction sided with Xi Jinping’s faction to unseat Hu Jintao. The result was that Hu’s choice of successor, Li Keqiang, ended up with the number 2 spot.

However, Xi Jinping, once he assumed power, used a massive anti-corruption campaign as an excuse to decimate the ranks of both Hu’s and Jiang’s factions. That is why, if you were a betting type of person, you might bet that Hu and Jiang’s factions might decide to team up against Xi this time around.

However, the consensus so far is that China’s elders will emphasize continuity and stability of government so Xi will remain in power for another 5 year term and Li will also stay on as number two. Nonetheless, it is still all bets off over who will be the designated successor and who will fill the vacant politburo seats. In any case, China will be largely looking inward until this transition is over.

That is why the next big moves on a global level will probably be seen in March and not during this month.

On a final note, we are hearing that, behind the scenes, the Chinese and Americans are cooperating in the fight against the Nazi faction of the Khazarian mafia.

MINNESOTA: MOB OF SOMALIS RAGE Through Upscale Neighborhood Threatening To “Kidnap” And “Rape” Homeowners

Of course, you won’t see this story on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or any of the other liberal news stations. Because gangs of Muslim refugees threatening innocent people inside their homes isn’t news, but House Democrat losers staying up all night and noshing on take-out in phony gun-control publicity stunt was on the news 24-7.

A mob of up to 30 young Somali men paraded through one of Minneapolis’ more upscale neighborhoods last week, yelling disparaging comments and threats against homeowners.

A female resident of the neighborhood, obviously shaken in a TV interview, related how she was screamed at by a Somali man who threatened to kidnap and rape her.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

Somalis living in Minneapolis are almost all Sunni Muslims, and residents of the Lake Calhoun area say this isn’t the first time a group of Somali men has made an intimidating march through their neighborhood, which is filled with million-dollar homes.

No hate-crime charges are apparently being considered by either the Minnesota authorities or the Obama Justice Department headed by Loretta Lynch.


Police were called to the scene on June 28 about 9:30 a.m. and are investigating the incident as a potential case of terroristic threats. No arrests have been made, and the Minneapolis media appear to be largely uninterested in reporting on the mob threats.

According to a Minneapolis police report, between 20 and 30 young Somali men showed up in front of a woman’s house about 9:30 in the morning and started shouting insults. “The comments turned to threats,” the report said.
Watch local TV report of horrific threats made by a mob of young Somali men in Minneapolis:

Monday, February 13, 2017

"A Never-Happened-Before Event": As Oroville Dam Drains, A Problem Remains

As discussed previously, the biggest priority for California officials tasked with restoring the damaged Oroville Dam as they race against a coming Wednesday storm, is to plug the hole in the damaged spillway while draining as much water as possible ahead of the coming rainfall.
The good news, as the chart below shows, is how the water level at the Oroville reservoir has been declining over the last 24 hours. According to a spokesman for the Department of Water Resources water is pouring down the facility's damaged main spillway at a rate of about 100,000 cubic feet per second, or more than twice the rate as water flowing into it. By 10 a.m., the lake's water level was 4 feet lower than the emergency spillway, which suffered damage during its first ever water release over the weekend. Officials added that the water level of Lake Oroville has been steadily dropping at a rate of roughly 3 to 4 inches per hour.
A subsequent tweet by the California Office of Emergency Services updated that as of 12:30pm Pacific, the lake level had declined to 6 feet below the damaged emergency spillway.
Workers with the CA Department of Water Resources are scrambling to reduce the lake's overall water level to 50 feet below the emergency spillway elevation of 901 feet. That mission has taken on added urgency ahead of the previously reported heavy rains expected later in the week. According to a subsequent tweet by the California DWR, the dam is now releasing over 110,000 cubic feet per second from the main Oroville Spillway, with the lake level dropping around 8' per day.
The current flows from the dam can be seen in the tweet below:
Asked about the outflow, authorities admitted their confusion: "It's hard to look at a crystal ball and predict how it's going to evolve," said Kevin Lawson of Cal Fire. The flow into the lake is roughly 37,000 cubic feet per second, so they're shedding a net 60,000 or so cubic feet per second.  They're hoping to drop 8 feet per day.
It's unclear if they'll hit the target of lowering the lake by 50 feet before the next rain hits. But they're expecting a smaller level of precipitation at a cooler temperature, so it may not run into the lake as quickly, giving them more time.
"We're going to deal with that as it comes in," said acting state Department of Water Resources Director Bill Croyle.
There were also questions about problems with the emergency spillway, which began eroding instead of serving its function.
"I'm not sure anything went wrong," Croyle said. "This was a new, never-happened-before event."
* * *
Earlier in the day, California authorities released various photos showing the situation at the Oroville Dam as of noon Pacific time. As noted, water levels at the reservoir have receded, and the damaged emergency spillway is no longer receiving water. But the damaged main spillway is still going strong, as the photos below show. The photos also show the erosion along the emergency spillway.
While the lack of deterioration is good news, the LA Times has released the following map showing the areas which are still at risk of flooding near Lake Oroville.

And in addition to the threat of the upcoming rains, a residual risk with the emergency spillway is that the erosion from the overflowing water may erode the earth by the dam, destabilizing the structure. According to AP, the erosion at the head of the emergency spillway threatens to undermine the concrete wall and allow large, uncontrolled releases of water from Lake Oroville. Those flows could overwhelm the Feather River and other downstream waterways and levees and flood towns in three counties.
Department engineer and spokesman Kevin Dossey told the Sacramento Bee the emergency spillway was rated to handle 250,000 cubic feet per second, but it began to show weakness Sunday after flows peaked at 12,600 cubic feet per second.

The aerial photo above of the emergency spillway at Lake Oroville shows signs of major damage.

Meanwhile, perhaps because the worst possible outcome has failed to materialize, local officials have been forced to defend the order to evacuate nearly 200,000 people in the affected areas. The Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea on Monday defended his decision a day earlier calling for evacuations of more than 100,000 residents down river from the Oroville Dam after concerns that a spillway could fail and unleash a 30-foot tall wall of water on the region.
“I recognize and absolutely appreciate the frustration people who were evacuated must feel,” Honea said at a press conference. “It wasn’t a decision I made lightly.”
The calls for cities and towns downriver from Lake Oroville to evacuate were unexpected and triggered panic Sunday evening. Some people abandoned their cars on the highway and left with the clothes on their back after the Department of Water Resources announced that an emergency spillway would fail within the hour.
Honea shot down rumors the evacuation could end Monday afternoon. They're working on a "repopulation" plan but there's no timeline. "Getting those people home is important to me. But I have to be able to sleep at night knowing they're back in that area," he said.  His department had to move 500 inmates from Butte to Alameda County jail during the evacuation. They're being held there for the time being.
This means that the over 188,000 residents of Yuba, Sutter and Butte counties who were ordered to leave their homes, are now in limbo and may not be able to return until the barrier at the nation's tallest dam is repaired, according to Sheriff Honea. He did not say how long the fixes could take and offered no timetable for lifting the evacuation order. It also remains unclear what the current status of the plan to drop loads of rock on the eroded spillway at Oroville using helicopters.
Meanwhile, recalling the evacuation, local resident Nancy Borsdorf described a scene of chaos on her way out, including drivers abandoning cars as they ran out of gas. "People were just panicking," said Borsdorf, who was at a shelter Monday in Chico.
"We've always loved and trusted our dam," she said, having lived in Oroville for 13 years. "I'm really hopeful Oroville wasn't flooded."
Asked if the spillway was supposed to handle far more water, the acting head of California's water agency said he was "not sure anything went wrong" on the damaged spillway according to AP. Bill Croyle said sometimes low-flow water can be high energy and cause more damage than expected. His comments came after officials assured residents for days that the damage was nothing to be concerned, then ordered everyone to get out in an hour.
The water level in the lake rose significantly in recent weeks after storms dumped rain and snow across California, particularly in northern parts of the state. The high water forced the use of the dam's emergency spillway, or overflow, for the first time in the dam's nearly 50-year history on Saturday. 
The sudden evacuation panicked residents, who scrambled to get their belongings into cars and then grew angry as they sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic hours after the order was given. Raj Gill, managing a Shell station where anxious motorists got gas and snacks, said his boss told him to close the station and flee himself. But he stayed open to feed a steady line of customers.
"You can't even move," he said. "I'm trying to get out of here too. I'm worried about the flooding. I've seen the pictures — that's a lot of water."
"It was so scary. It was like a bad movie, everyone was panicking and driving crazy. It was really scary," said Maribel Cervantes, 35, of Yuba City. Cervantes threw some clothes in a hamper and joined throngs of evacuees fleeing Yuba City late Saturday. She said she's worried about getting back to work as a nursing assistant, but she still has deep concerns about potential flooding.
"How can they assure us that it's safe?" she asked. "How can we be 100 percent sure when one minute they're saying the spillway was about to collapse?"
Raul Nava, 29, waited until about midnight to leave his home in Yuba City. "We're scared about flooding, our house is right next to the levees," he said. "We just packed food, water, you know the basics, and headed out."
Nava said he and his wife and his dad first tried to get in to an evacuation center in Colusa but were turned away. It took them five hours to reach the shelter in Woodland, he said. With him he brought his two pit bulls, and 10 pit bull puppies. "We're ready to go home," he said.
Merida Lozano, 40, of also of Yuba City, said she too left in a hurry Saturday afternoon. She and her four kids got to the emergency shelter at the Yolo County Fairgrounds around 1 a.m. after being turned away from several area hotels that were full, she said. "We had no clue what was going on until about 4, when we heard about the evacuation orders," Lozano said. "The roads were empty and all of the sudden there were cars everywhere. My emotions are all over the least we made it here with the kids." Lozano said her sister stayed behind in Yuba City.
"We're just waiting to go home right now," she said. "I hope they learn from this and reinforce the spillway so that we aren't in this position if this were to ever happen again."
A Red Cross spokeswoman said more than 500 people showed up at an evacuation center in Chico, California. The shelter ran out of blankets and cots, and a tractor-trailer with 1,000 more cots was stuck in the gridlock of traffic fleeing the potential flooding Sunday night, Red Cross shelter manager Pam Deditch said. A California Highway Patrol spokesman said two planes would fly Monday to help with traffic control and possible search-and-rescue missions.
Other shelters have been reporting they are now full.
While some shelter sites were at capacity, people were still trickling in to the Yolo County Fairgrounds Monday morning. The parking lot was about half full, and deliveries of cots and water were still coming in. Yolo County health officials, law enforcement and mental health experts were on site to assist.
To manage the chaotic exodus and ensure evacuated towns do not become targets for looting or other criminal activity, at least 250 California law enforcement officers were posted near the dam and along evacuation routes. 
This afternoon Oroville vice mayor Janet Goodson, who is marooned in Red Bluff after evacuating Sunday night, said she respects and understands the sheriff's call for continued evacuations, and says that safety is the foremost issue, but she said she also feels frustrated.
"To be honest with you, there is a degree of frustration," she said quoted by the SacBee. Asked whether it was a mistake not to have done more to improve the spillway earlier, she said she prefers to look forward.
"We are where we are," she said. "We can learn from mistakes, things we failed to recognize. We have to move forward in a collaborative fashion and make sure this does not happen in the future. This is a learning experience for us."
* * *
The California National Guard notified all its 23,000 soldiers and airmen to be ready to deploy, the first time an alert for the entire California National Guard had been issued since the 1992 riots in Los Angeles. So far their services have not been needed and the only incident to date came after Oroville police said they made one arrest and have identified a second suspect in connection with two looting crimes that occurred Sunday night.
Suspects smashed windows at a Dollar General and a liquor store, stealing alcohol and food. "Is it looting? That (term) probably does apply. We're just calling it burglary," Police spokesman Joe Deal said.
Otherwise, there have been few calls for service and few problems in town since the Sunday night evacuation call. Deal said 25 officers are on patrol, focused on residential areas and low-lying areas near the river. Oroville police are being supplemented by officers from the Orland police department, the CHP, and the sheriff's department. Most calls Monday have been from people asking police to check on the welfare of relatives or friends.
* * *
But the biggest criticism facing officials is that the sudden decision Sunday to evacuate tens of thousands of people was a departure from earlier assurances, when officials had stressed the Oroville Dam itself was structurally sound. Unexpected erosion chewed through the main spillway during heavy rain earlier this week, sending chunks of concrete flying and creating a 200-foot-long, 30-foot-deep hole that continues growing.
Officials are most concerned about the dam's emergency, earthen spillway that began taking on water after water was diverted from the main concrete spillway because of the damage. Engineers do not know what caused the cave-in. Chris Orrock, a Department of Water Resources spokesman, said it appears the dam's main spillway has stopped crumbling even though it is being used for water releases.
The lake is a central piece of California's government-run water delivery network, supplying water for the state's Central Valley agricultural heartland and homes and businesses in Southern California.

Obama “Shadow Gov’t” Targeting Trump

BREAKING:  NY  Post  BOMBSHELL…  Obama  “Shadow  Gov’t”  Targeting  Trump

It would appear that former President Barack Obama won’t follow in the footsteps of presidents before him and fade out of the limelight. It’s a nice fantasy nice, but one that isn’t happening.

Far from it.

According to The New York Post columnist Paul Sperry, Obama has an “army of agitators” who intend to fight President Donald Trump at every turn. 

Moreover, Obama will command this army of more than 30,000 from a location less than two miles from the White House.

Not only has Obama set up a command post in Washington, but he reportedly has 250 offices across the country occupied by activists ready to give Trump a battle at every opportunity.

The former president is working behind the scenes to establish what would essentially be a shadow government to protect his pathetic legacy and sabotage Trump’s “America First” agenda.

This little-known army is “well-funded” and recruitment is strong with many “young liberal activists” eager to climb on board and start making trouble for Trump.

The organization’s website boasts that it is “committed to finding and training the next generation of great progressive organizers.”  (Remember Hitler's brownshirts?)

Obama has proven yet again how shameless he can be. The people spoke in the election and told the Democrats just what they didn’t want — which was an extension of him and his policies that do nothing but hurt Americans, our freedom and our safety.

While news about Obama’s secret army is brazen, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Obama indicated after the election that he wouldn’t be going away, but his reasons for drumming up a force of agitators against Trump only reinforces what a classless, sore loser he is.

Obama’s able to organize such a movement through a network of liberal nonprofits led by Organizing for Action.  The organization’s website boasts that it is “committed to finding and training the next generation of great progressive organizers.” (What? MORE commies and Nazis?)

Obama has proven yet again how shameless he can be. The people spoke in the election and told the Democrats just what they didn’t want — which was an extension of him and his policies that do nothing but hurt Americans, our freedom and our safety.

While news about Obama’s secret army is brazen, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Obama indicated after the election that he wouldn’t be going away, but his reasons for drumming up a force of agitators against Trump only reinforces what a classless, sore loser he is.

This country doesn’t need more of Obama. It needs him to go away — for good.




Trollage of Infowars will not be entertained here in any way shape matter or form, they are the good guys, END OF DISCUSSION. Ok this is what happened, and my request for others to take care of it worked. Last year, Icann had a rule of having a working phone contact for a web site. We used Claudia's phone number (if I remember right). Well, Claudia dropped that cell phone in the toilet, and it ate the phone and the sim. MEDIA MATTERS, OR SOMEONE ELSE SIMILAR LOOKING FOR WAYS TO SHUT THIS SITE DOWN CHECKED THROUGH THE DATA, FOUND OUT THE PHONE NUMBER DID NOT WORK, AND FILED A COMPLAINT. The only reason why this web site stayed visible to many people is because I have configured it to be very robust and continue working even after takedown attempts. It is a long story, with lots of secrets, but even my web host is completely unaware of how this site can stay up even after ICANN shut it down (and they did at 8:30 this morning, CST. I just received confirmation from the web host). So everyone out there just got to see how well the "contingency plans" they paid for a few months ago worked. Pretty good I'd say, that money did not go in the trash! There were tons of ways out there to get here that people would not even know worked in the background, including a defacto DNS server I have that handled some of the requests. Three different servers kicked in and contributed to keeping this site online, and the one where it is actually hosted was only partially affected simply because of how it is set up. No secrets given, because though they would help people I can't say any of what I did because it will enable the closing off of those methods.
The proof the contingency plans worked is in the fact the message got to Infowars, they took care of it, and even during the emergency I estimate 30 - 50 percent of access attempts were successfully denied by ICANN. However, if someone set a goal of destroying this web site they could probably study and study and chip away the barricades. That's the last thing I would want, and it was a good thing Infowars took care of this and denied the attackers an opportunity to study and figure out why this site still mostly worked.


The last thing I need is a creeping problem getting worse and worse. Technically it is "my fault" because I did not think of updating the contact info for this site after Claudia ruined her phone that was associated with it. But it would never have been an issue if someone did not make it one. I was going to take care of this tonight via friends in the U.S. because I figured the not working phone number was exploited but Infowars handled it first. Thanks!


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ANONYMOUS SENT:Jim I can say with honesty, the best evidence you have had to the truth was your Fox link with Carl Cameron on the covering of Isrealhell on the 911 situation, Can I recommend leaving this link permanently accessible at the top of you web page. Its the key to the lock on us. My response: HERE IT IS.

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 Many people can still hit this site, and many people cannot. I am going to try to focus on Oroville because it is an imminent danger. There is a dam failure that shows on the $50 bill if you fold it right. This could be it, Oroville, being the tallest dam in the country could DEFINITELY BE IT.

HEADS UP: RABBIT HOLE SENT THE FOLLOWING, AND THE $50 DAM BREAK DOES INDEED LOOK A LOT LIKE OROVILLE! Look at the trees on the side, and compare it to Oroville!

Much awaited Oroville updates

Aside from handling the attacks on this site this morning, I have spent a fair amount of time getting rock solid info on the Oroville situation which seems to be difficult to do. 1. They cannot get trucks into the emergency spillway area to repair it, because the road is gone. See this:

2. There is a huge ravine that may look small in the photos, but it is very large that has eaten its way to within about 10 feet of the emergency spillway. It is at least as deep as the hole in the road photo above, which also looks insignificant in wide area photos because this disaster is so big it cannot be shown in a photo.
They are trying to fill the holes with helicopters, but I do not believe that will work with holes that big. If the dam overtops the emergency spillway again, it will fail, period. The only way they would have a chance is if they could get a huge line of cement trucks in there, and they clearly cannot because the road is gone. And how many truckloads of cement would it take to patch even the first hole, which cut the road in half, and is washed out for at least a thousand feet with similar ravines and erosion? That is not even the big hole in the photo above, it is only the one that starts the cut in the road.
3. The main spillway continues to get eaten. In my opinion they are not letting enough water out of it. They need to simply let it rip at the full 250,000 cfs it is rated for and hold onto their pants and pray the whole mountain does not give out, or that the entire spillway system including the gates is not ripped out from it after being so badly damaged. What else can they do? Clearly, the emergency spillway is death upon next use, so they had better do everything possible to avoid using it.
4. Every other dam in California's system is filled to capacity, and spring runoff has not even started. Levee failures are already happening due to all the dams at high outflow and the fact that communists in California's government gave $25 billion to illegals, while they let California's water infrastructure rot with far less than $1 billion. Good solid snowflake logic there. And the "snowflakes" in the mountains are going to do a nice job of re-enforcing the outcome of that logic this spring.

MY CONCLUSION: Lake Tulare, an enormous 600 square mile inland sea that was once in the San Joaquin valley is coming back this year, and the city of Tulare is GONE.

Oroville alone would fill lake Tulare, but is not well positioned to do it. It will take other problems to cause that, which will probably happen.


Joy Villa, a singer I have never heard of, wore a Trump Make America Great Again dress at the Grammys. Within hours, her album sales exploded by 18,106,633%. Ok, I hate it when people state percents, because it makes it look like more than it is. So let me say that with real numbers: After Joy wore the MAGA dress, her album sales increased by 181,066.33 TIMES. So if she sold six albums yesterday, today she sold over a million. Her album, "I Make the Static" was number 2,300 on the charts, which means with normal sales she probably had 100 a day. It is now #1. It is on Amazon HERE
By the way California spent $25 billion on entitlements for illegals last year, and only budgeted $730 million for water infrastructure. I don't think that is what caused Oroville to fail, but it really is something to consider . . . . . .


There will be no more updates tonight because I have to get some sleep. Listen to the emergency personnel, this emergency is no hoax.

UPDATE: By opening the primary spillway to 115,000 cfs they drained the top foot and a half off the reservoir quickly and dropped the lake level to below the emergency spillway level. However, so much erosion happened that they don't know how far below that they need to go to get the water to stop flowing around the emergency spillway through an erosion breach. THEY HAVE NOT GIVEN THE ALL CLEAR, but it might be getting better, my guess.

They decided to sacrifice what's left of the main spillway to stop a catastrophic failure elsewhere. That won't last, more rain is coming and record snow is there to melt.

There were a few readers who said I reported about the dam too much. I kept on it, because I strongly believe the spillway failure was sabotage. And I did not think they would sabotage the spillway unless they had run endless 3d modeling proving an absolute failure would result. I was confident this failure was the end result of careful modeling and sabotage to make it happen, but did not say it because it sounded too "out there".

And now, TOO BAD, I'D RATHER BE WRONG but now the emergency spillway is failing also, because it is just too much water to run over a damaged dam. I believe communists in California's government blew the primary spillway up with explosives. After that, nature would finish the catastrophe. And I believe they carefully planned this out fully, complete with ground penetrating radar scans to prove there would be a horrible end result. That is the type of people that are running California now, I would not put this one inch past them. Whatever happens now all depends upon how strong the rock in the mountain is that all of this water is going to flow over if the emergency spillway does give out completely. Hopefully we will only lose the top 50 feet of water, and not all 770 feet of it. The dam report will be updated regularly in the embedded window.



They are trying to patch a breach that happened to the side of the emergency spillway with rocks and sand bags dropped from helicopters. They also alleviated the pressure by opening up the main spillway a lot more than they wanted to. Time will tell if this works, but the problem is, more rains are on the way in a few days, and it is going to be difficult to drain the dam down far enough for this, to prevent overtopping of the emergency spillway again if they manage to get this latest breach stopped. And then there is that snowpack . . . . .
My guess is that they will probably save it tonight, and lose it later. They simply can't handle what is coming when the main spillway has to operate at it's full capacity of 250,000 cfs to get rid of it and maybe even that would not handle it.

All oroville dam reports below this point have been superseded by the emergency failure report above, yes, they lost it but not catastrophically yet and are trying to get it back by dropping rocks and sand bags from helicopters.

Oroville update

I spent a couple hours going over videos, comments, and pictures with regard to Oroville dam. From what I can see, the hillside below the emergency spillway is better material than what the main spillway went over. However, there are some minor indicators that the emergency spillway has issues. I don't know how significant they will end up being, but it appears there might be minor erosion happening on the face. And so far, the depth of the water going over it is only about 1 foot 4 inches. If the inflows become significant, I would guess it could have a wall of water 6 feet high going over it. That will be an entirely new ball game. All the maintenance records on the dam show that the spillway was in perfect condition. Since the initial rupture video shows concrete flying high in the air, I still think the spillway was blown up or sabotaged. This dam has had recent outflows through that spillway of 170, 000 cfs (double Niagra Falls) without issue. For it to self destruct with only 60-70, 000 is a serious reach, I do not believe this was any sort of mishap. Obviously I have no proof of explosives destroying the spillway, or of intentional digging under it by a sabotage crew happened, but can say that is a perfectly rational explanation. Even the engineers are wondering how this happened. That means a LOT.
I have my doubts that this will end well, but also have a fair amount of hope that it will. But this year outflows are likely to reach 300, 000 cfs and with no control over what is going on, well, what can be said? Can the mountain side handle 3-4X Niagra falls? Your guess is as good as mine.
Ultimately it will all depend on how well the materials around the emergency spillway hold up, and how well the spillway itself holds up.

Whale beachings

9th Circuit Court considering hearing immigration ban block again

President Trump did not request this. The 9th circuit court did. The first hearing was done with only 3 judges. The court is considering doing the hearing again with 11 judges. Why would they do that? Because they know they broke the law, and want to avoid being broken up. Breaking up the 9th circuit court is the only way to handle them obstructing justice, when the law so clearly states Trump had the power to do the travel ban. WHAT'S WORSE? They want Trump to file for them so they can run it again! If Trump is smart, he'll tell them to stuff it and simply take the court apart.
The MSM is doing backflips to try to say it is a new executive order the are going to hear. But I have been over a few reports, and in the second half, they all say the 9th circuit court wants to re-hear the ORIGINAL executive order with 11 judges, not a new one. And the only way they'd be considering that is if they knew their butts were on a hot plate.

Oroville dam within 1/4 inch of overflowing over emergency spillway

The emergency spillway is a concrete wall that simply drops the water onto the mountainside. If it works without ripping the mountain back, that's great, but there is significant reason to believe it won't go so well. All the maintenance paperwork was submitted for the main spillway, and all of it shows the spillway was in perfect condition. The spillway gets regular inspection, and all reports said it was in perfect shape. I still say the most probable scenario was that it was intentionally sabotaged or bombed. If they can produce the paperwork to show it was in perfect condition, and all the photos out there indicate that, then what else is there to conclude?
They have a serious problem - the erosion is so extreme now that they had to reduce flows over the main spillway because it was going to eat the mountain all the way back to the power lines (these are in the pictures, they are the super huge ones) and make the power lines fall. The original breach was nowhere near those power lines, but running the destroyed spillway caused the water to eat the mountain back so far they were worried about the power lines falling. That is hundreds of feet of erosion.
Hey jim, do you know anything about what causes whales to beach themselves? A mass beaching of 300 whales just happened in NZ, and i found some information saying whale beachings are indicative of a major earthquake or changes in the earth's magnetic field...your thoughts please
My response: The biggest cause of whale beachings that I know of is high powered navy sonar that is searching for submarines. High powered Navy sonar is so loud it can be heard by whales for a thousand miles. When it is close enough it hurts them badly. And they often beach because of it. Whales will beach themselves any time they think they are sick enough or have enough of a problem to harm other whales. Mass beachings happen when large numbers of whales get extremely upset about something, enough to make them think they have a problem with themselves. So whatever that would be, outside of navy sonar it is anyone's guess.

Trump has backed the one China policy

When Trump first took office, he offered support to Taiwan as an individual nation. China sees Taiwan as a renegade province. Previous administrations have honored China's claims to Taiwan by dealing with Taiwan only through China. When Trump gave Taiwan special attention in the first days of his presidency, it angered China badly. Today, in a call with President Xi, Trump backed off on supporting Taiwan as an independent nation and supported the one China policy. I say that was a GOOD MOVE, if Trump wants to "Make America Great Again" there is absolutely no reason to anger China. It is going to be rough enough going as it is with the new position on trade. By backing the one China policy, Trump has greatly reduced the chance of war with China, which is the last thing he needs. Let China be China, and stick to MAGA. That boy learns quick.

Trump said no to Eliot Abrams

That's good news, we don't need a POS war hawk swamp supported big media loved globalist back stabber like that running the state department. We don't need another Clinton clone in office anywhere. The state department, in my opinion, got so corrupted under Clinton, Bush, and Obama that it needs a purge all the way down to the lowest employees. Not just stopping with ambassadors. Trump has already done a significant purge, but it won't do a whole lot of good if he puts crap right back in.

Oroville update:

The water is now 4.5 feet from the top of the emergency spillway. They are using the damaged spillway as much as possible. One reader asked why you can't see the rebar My guess is that the cameras can't resolve it because the scene is too big. If there is none, that would be quite a shock.

Betsy DeVos got attacked

This is pretty much a non story but I will mention it because it is making the rounds. Leftists at a school in DC attempted to prevent her from entering an event at the school. She managed to get to a door that was not blocked, and spoke at the event. That pretty much sums it up.

Lots of messages about Kristol

Both sides of the fence. I am on the side of : If he in any way said whites should be replaced by immigrants, he's toast and belongs in the grave. Period. End of discussion.

Preliminary impeachment filed against Trump

Yep, they did it. The basis for impeachment proceedings is that Trump owns businesses, and there is a conflict of interest. The chances of this working are probably nil, but it is still important to at least say someone had the audacity to do it.

OROVILLE DAM IS PROBABLY DOOMED UPDATE: Maybe not if they accept the complete death of the normal spillway.

UPDATE: They are going to just open up the damaged spillway and let it rip. That would be a good move as far as I see it, because it will put the worst erosion more than a thousand feet away from the top, rather than risk whatever happens if they use the overflow and put the erosion right at the top.

New damage proves probable doom

This photo to the left shows the damaged after they did a small release to see how the damage would progress if they tried to use the spillway. As you can see, it is total doom, because it is working its way up the dam rather than down it. The next photo down is making the rounds, claiming it was a maintenance issue. Though that might be possible, I still think it is improbable and that what has happened is the result of sabotage. This doom photo to the left here shows it has progressed up the dam to where the maintenance trucks are in the photo below. The trucks in the maintenance photo could have been there for any reason. And IF they are at the point of the original failure (that is hard to determine but I don't think so) all it proves is that the democrats who have been destroying California for decades now chose to neglect things rather than repair them, and it is still their fault. This happened after Arnold was out, but I don't think he'd have done anything either because he's a worthless pocket stuffer as bad as any democrat.
What we are seeing at Oroville is cold hard proof that environmentalists, democrats, all of what has been running America lately have real consequences in the real world and it really does not matter how much they can spew about how great they are when we can look at the results right here. There is an extremely high chance of total catastrophe now. I was totally depressed last night over this, because there is true impending doom that would have NEVER happened in Trump's America and there is nothing at all that can be done about it now, we just have to watch whatever happens unfold.

Improbable explanation photo for dam failure making the rounds

I seriously doubt it!

There is a 2013 photo of maintenance crews with their trucks on the spillway making the rounds, and the claim is that they knew the dam had a problem and did nothing. I doubt it. Obviously if they can just drive their trucks on the spillway this is normal maintenance and from what I can find of this photo, the trucks are not even where the failure actually happened, they are higher up on the spillway. The photo is cropped in a way that makes it impossible with the different perspectives to see where the trucks actually are on the dam. You can't just take a random photo and then make a claim like this, but this will probably still go viral. My take is that this dam was sabotaged by communists in California's government to cause the current problem, and maintenance had nothing to do with it. And if I am wrong about that, it was still Communists anyway, who probably made a stupid environmental excuse for doing nothing while they stuffed their paychecks with the money that should have gone to maintenance because they hated America and wanted it to fail. I doubt it, but if it was maintenance related the story would be that.
And lots of people I can only call idiots are saying the dam failed because it was old. That's a load of BUNK, this type of infrastructure is designed to last 500 years or more, this dam was NEW. Mexico is absolutely loaded with dams that were built at the time of Cortez and age has not made a difference, they are fine. Their biggest problem is reduced capacity due to sedimentation.

Nuclear plant explosion in France

There was no explosion at a nuclear power facility in France and that is why I did not mention it. The reports should have all said "Explosion near nuclear facility in France". All the reports mention there was an explosion but I did not see one that mentioned exactly what exploded. Most likely it was a transformer or something else of the sort. But it happened outside of any nuclear area so I did not bother with it.

The Oroville dam will probably overtop by tomorrow at noon. If not then, shortly after. Then it will finally be big news, when it is TOO LATE. Just the way the scamming MSM and other assorted communists would want it.

UPDATE: THEY ARE HATCHING THE LIE THAT THEY RAN TOO MUCH WATER THROUGH IT AND BLEW IT UP THAT WAY. That is a lie. They peaked at 70,000 CFS and I have re-confirmed that it was designed for 250,000 CFS. My (unproven) explosives theory stands stronger now, because why would they lie like that? If the destruction was not intentional they'd have instead said, "we were only running it at 28 percent capacity, and it gave out". Now they are inventing stories to explain how on earth it got destroyed and that is very suspicious.

I did a capture of Wikipedia because it matched what I already said. Don't let the trolls fool you, WHY ON EARTH would they lie about this now? GOOD QUESTION. Surprise: I wanted a second source to post here about the spillway capacity in case Wikipedia got expunged. But there are countless reports about this that are years old, and they all say 250,000. So don't fall for the lie when it gets spewed about them "blowing it up" with 70,000. Oh, yes, they probably did "blow it up", with the water as a coincidence.


He just came right out and said it. And he was worried about getting caught on video saying it. Well, he did get caught on video saying it, and of course, Youtube jammed the video so it cannot be viewed. If anyone has this video, SEND IT. He's obviously now finished. And Youtube should be finished for blocking this truth from widespread views. Kristol said that white America had become lazy, so they should be thrown away and have immigrants work instead. PROBLEM: White America built the greatest country on earth. You don't do that by being lazy. Immigrants do not work as hard or as well as white America because it is too hard, and wherever they come from has either no work schedule or a relaxed schedule. Additionally, no pool of immigrants is anywhere near as educated as the baby boomers or GenX. That matters. Even Mexico has relaxed work schedules. They do not work in Mexico as hard as white America works in America. That said, Mexicans don't have to work as much because the Mexican government is not screwing them at every turn. Maybe Kristol should suggest similar treatment of Americans. Oh, he hates Trump because Trump is going to do that! Kristol is just a white race hater and that is all. He can't possibly be that stupid on this topic.

Trump presented his tax plan

No taxes on singles making up to 25,000, married couples making up to 50,000, no death tax, and no tax rate anywhere above 25 percent. Loopholes completely ripped out for corporations, they will pay now. Sounds good. Awaiting details.

Brexit passed Parlaiment.

I don't know enough about British government to know what happens next, but the margin it passed by was ENORMOUS. 3:1 (approximately). It looks like the British government is not going to walk on the people after all. This is euro DOOM to the max.

Department of education to be disbanded in 2018

REP Massey Thomas submitted a bill (H.R. 899) to abolish the department of education. This is to happen in December of 2018. DeVos will clean up the mess, and then it will likely be put in a trash bag and thown on the curb. does not have the text of the bill posted at the time of this writing, but when it is posted it will be HERE

Melania won her defamation lawsuit

Even the scamming Politico had to be honest about this. She sued the Daily Mail and blogger Webster Tarpley for calling her a high end escort and other defaming comments that were pure fiction. The court threw out her case against tthe Daily Mail, saying it was out of the court's jurisdiction. But they let the lawsuit against Tarpley proceed, and she won. Sorry about the link to Politico, but their report is complete. You can tell they hated to say this!

Nothing changed at Fukushima

The only difference between this week and last week is that this week the mainstream discovered just how bad it really is. This is something I have covered for YEARS. And they still are not saying how bad it really is. I am not going to bother with this topic right now because I have already said it all and more multiple times, and Oriville dam is a lot more important for America.

A dam in Nevada just broke

The twentyone mile reservoir in Elko county Nevada broke. It is not nearly as bad as the Oroville dam but it should be mentioned. This will result in flooded roads and little more.

Trump knocked down by courts

The swamp monster lives in the court system. I will not say justice system. The courts violated the law, and for some reason are protected. This needs to be priority number one on Trump's short list.

The Oroville dam is going to overflow and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Right now the inflow is 180,000 cfs and they can only get rid of at most 30,000 cfs. The conditions at the dam were greatly worsened by increased rains. I still believe the spillway was destroyed with explosives to prevent a controlled release. If the spillway was not damaged, it would handle the current inflow without incident. However, now they are going to have to let the water flow over the mountain that forms part of the dam, and that has never been done before. If the mountain cannot take the beating, it is going to be GAME OVER. At the current inflow rates, once the dam overtops the mountain will have to take, at this time, the full fury of the entire Niagra falls, TIMES TWO, and worse, Niagra falls only has a drop of a little more than 200 feet. This water will do a drop of 900 feet. It is going to be epic, even if it does not end up being an epic disaster.
There is nothing they can do to stop this, because with the spillway as damaged as it is, there will be little difference between letting the dam overflow and trying to use the spillway which is effectively destroyed.
The silence of the government is deafening. They are still telling the public not to worry. I believe that is negligent to the point of criminal. At the current rate of rising water, the dam will overtop tomorrow. If you live downstream it would be a very good idea to pack the car and take a week end vacation.

Target stocks down $10 billion since bathroom policy

Many of you may remember when Target changed its bathroom policy about a year ago. This change in policy let a man use the woman's restroom if he claimed to be a transgender and at least half dressed like a woman. Well, it backfired on Target. Target has been forced to discontinue expansion efforts after its stock value fell by $18, which was a 25 percent decrease.

TARGET IS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF LIBERAL TRASH. THE BOYCOTT IS WORKING. KEEP AT IT, AND WIPE THEM OUT. They can't take much more of this. As much as Wal Mart should not be an option, it is a FAR better option than Target, which is a self declared enemy of values and common sense.

Breitbart had a great write up on this, SEE THIS.

Some of my readers are saying I have understated the capacity of Oroville dam.

My calculations are accurate, and are based on the acre feet the dam is stated to be capable of holding. It may be the tallest dam in America, but what it will actually hold is completely dependent upon the terrain behind it. It is not the highest capacity dam, it is the tallest dam. Even still, 4.8 estimated cubic kilometers at overtopping level is a lot.

Why is it important that Jeff Sessions was sworn in?

Because Jeff Sessions is not a traitor to the United States, and Jeff Sessions has the ability to destroy corrupt judges. Jeff Sessions has the ability to launch prosecutions and drain the swamp. Sessions will destroy the corrupt judge that defied Trump's immigration ban because the judge clearly went against the laws of the United States. Here is the text of the law the judge violated in clear insubordination to the President: 8 U.S. Code § 1182 - Inadmissible aliens - (this code was written before Trump took office, so he's totally in the clear on this) (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. Whenever the Attorney General finds that a commercial airline has failed to comply with regulations of the Attorney General relating to requirements of airlines for the detection of fraudulent documents used by passengers traveling to the United States (including the training of personnel in such detection), the Attorney General may suspend the entry of some or all aliens transported to the United States by such airline.
The judge that blocked Trump's order, which was clearly a legitimate order that was based on this pre-existing code, is going to be in DEEP DOO DOO now that Sessions is sworn in.

A final summary of the Oroville dam situation


The engineers are totally confused at what happened, and are saying they can't explain it because "it was not supposed to do that". That is engineering lingo for "there is something seriously unexplained here". Yeah, like 2,000 pounds of high explosives. They probably will not be able to make the mental leap to that conclusion however, because, you know, the brain wash.
A giant dam in Northern California (the largest dam in the United States) suffered a major failure in its spillway when it was operating at 28 percent output capacity. Forget what others are saying about how "huge" the outflow was because the outflow from this particular dam is always huge. Some say it was at 60,000 cfs when it failed, others say it was at 70,000 CFS when it failed, but when it can handle 250,000 cfs that's just a trickle no matter how huge it looks on camera.
I strongly suspect it was destroyed by a bomb by communists and subversives in California's government. I find it extremely odd that this enormous water resource has been crippled right when it could save California agriculture after an extended and proven fabricated drought, which absent the draining of the dams on purpose would have meant nothing. It is proven that the dams were drained in the name of giving tons of water to a fictitious fish called the "delta smelt", which was an invasive species dropped in the Sacramento River delta by settlers 100 years ago. It does not belong there anyway, so saying it is endangered is pure fiction, and nothing but an excuse to destroy California. A textbook communist tactic.
Due to the well proven fact that California has been over-run by subversives who fully intend to destroy America, I believe it is perfectly rational to state a high but unprovable probability that the destruction of the spillway at the Oroville dam was done with explosives. "Made In America" does not fail at 28 percent capacity, "made in America" fails at 300 percent capacity, when this dam was built America usually overbuilt everything by that much. It is irrational to the fringe of lunacy to think that there would be any reason at all, other than intentional sabotage and destruction for this to have happened.
Now the dam is filling at a record rate, and over the last two days has used 230,000 acre feet of it's 500,000 acre feet remaining reserve. My estimate, probably bang on. And the snow runoff season has not even started, with record snowpack. The dam cannot release enough water through the power station to get rid of the water that is coming in, the spillway is needed for this. They can either use the spillway and destroy it entirely, or allow the water to flow over the top of the natural part of the dam (which has trees, roads, it is just basically a mountain) and hope to God the natural materials can handle having that much water running over them. At this time, "that much" is equal to the flow over Niagra Falls. When the spring runoff hits, it will probably be more than that.
My big worry is that even if the natural mountain can handle that, that there are probably additional explosives embedded, that will be set off once enough water is flowing to obscure the blasts. Granted, this dam is in a remote region but it is designed to hold 4.3 cubic kilometers "business as usual" and will be holding (by my estimate) 4.8 cubic kilometers of water when it over tops. That is a recipe for a serious disaster.
To sum it up: There is a very tense situation developing in Northern California that could result in absolute catastrophe. There is nothing the engineers can do, because the hole is 30 feet deep, 100 feet across and 200 feet tall. This will be impossible to fill in only two days, which is approximately how long it will take for the dam to hit 100 percent and start flowing over. I believe it was done intentionally, with explosives but have no proof other than common sense. And even if the dam does fail, I do not believe communists in California's government will turn on the pumps in the delta to give any of the huge burst of water to California growers because they want California agriculture destroyed, that fact is plain as day from past actions alone. When the government becomes your enemy, and wants your nation destroyed (which clearly, clearly is true of California now) this type of thing will become the status quo.


UPDATE: Engineers were sent to the spillway to assess it. There is probably nothing they can do unless a national effort involving every aircraft available bombs the hole with cement to fill it before the dam overtops. This probably won't be done. They cannot explain how the hole got there to begin with and are only guessing. They might just open the spillway and accept it being destroyed. I think that would be safer than letting the water flow over the top of the dam. Everything is very risky when there is almost 800 feet of water pressure being held back. Absolutely anything can happen.


This means Pizzagate will finally be prosecuted, and Hillary is going to jail. It means a whole lot more. This is what was needed to FINALLY drain the swamp. It means the people who wrecked the dam in California are probably going to jail. MAGA!


I have no proof of this yet, but the videos of the failure show chunks of concrete flying high in the air when this failure happened. Add to this a huge crater at the failure site, and the cold hard fact that the dam was discharging water at only 28 percent of capacity when this happened and outright sabotage starts to look very plausible. And there are other questions: This is the tallest dam in America that is about to be overtopped by floodwaters. This is IMMINENT, and now they can't get rid of the water. Yet the state says no one needs to worry??!!?? This all adds up to the dam being wrecked on purpose, to invite a spectacular disaster. This report is getting widespread attention and I think I should tone it down a bit, but COME ON NOW, something is fishy here and I really do think this is an attack on America's infrastructure by hardline communists in California's government that want nothing other than for America to be destroyed. That this is happening just as California agriculture has a chance after a totally fake drought/water crisis the same communists caused is just too fishy to ignore.
Be aware that they are comparing the output of this dam to Niagra falls, and how much water was coming out - that it matched Niagra Falls. That sounds impressive, but this dam is designed to be able to output 2.5x as much as what goes over Niagra falls when Niagra falls is at absolute max. So the comparisons are a ruse that sounds good, but NOT IN THE CONTEXT OF THIS MASSIVE PIECE OF INFRASTRUCTURE.
This happens to be an absolutely giant dam, with absolutely awesome output capacity. 28 percent of that capacity will look like a LOT.


Whatever happens to this dam is going to depend upon what the base under the spillway is made of. If it is predominantly solid granite, a complete failure might not do a lot. But if it is any sort of aggregate it is going to be GAME OVER.


This dam is 50 feet taller than the Hoover dam.

The communists in California's legislature set this disaster up and are ignoring it on purpose. WHY??!!??


Anonymous sent: Isn't the dam system a federally funded project? Why can't the feds step in and do something about this? I have been on lake Oroville many times and you cannot get a proper perspective of the size of the lake with pictures. It is huge! If they do nothing and it breaks the death toll will be unimaginable. There are a lot of homes that will simply be swept away. To let that happen knowing it is a possibility should make the government guilty of pre-meditated murder! It is absolutely insane that there is not even a sign of anything in that picture that shows they have even looked at it! Not even a "Do Not Cross" tape around it. Clearly a case of mismanagement at the very least! Un-f**king believable!"
My response: If Trump is kept in the dark about this long enough, the disaster will happen and then you can bet they will try to use this as grounds for impeachment all the while Trump had nothing to do with it. That is how the left in this country operates. The camera angles used to photograph this crisis are borderline criminal. It is all camera tricks to make people think this is just a small project, when in fact it is the tallest dam in America with 2.5X the controlled output capacity of Niagra Falls at peak flow. They make the damaged spillway look like a small rain gutter in the pictures! And the floodwaters are going to overtop the dam in less than 5 days without the spillway working. Ignoring this is CRIMINAL!.
I have searched for pictures that show how huge the dam is, and there is nothing that can show it because the dam is so huge that by the time the dam is in the picture, anything people normally recognize is too small to see. Cars, people, houses, all become either indistinguishable or invisible entirely.

To be clear about Arnold Schwarzeneggar for the dam report:

Arnold was the governor of California until 2011, and he let subversives destroy California agriculture and get away with the delta smelt water shortage fakery until he left the governorship, and at that time the water scam was well into three years. He is either a foreign enemy on American soil or a complete idiot only able to act a script. Being from Austria he should never have been allowed a government position, let alone be governor of California. Just because he acted Terminator really well means nothing, I don't own a terminator movie that has him in it and never will. Boycott.

The bottom line is that the dam failure in California was probably done intentionally via sabotage and intentional mismanagement, to finalize the destruction of California agriculture. And even if the dam breaks you can bet that evil powers will do everything they can to divert even that flood away from growers, and if they do a controlled drain of the dam for repairs, the growers will not get a single drop.

Publicity trolls are trying to cover up the fact it was probably sabotage by comparing the dam's output at failure to Niagra falls. FACT: Despite having almost as much outflow as Niagra falls when it failed, IT WAS ONLY AT 28 PERCENT RATED MAXIMUM FLOW. The dam was built to absolutely dwarf the flow over Niagra falls. Failure with an outflow that was so much less than it was designed for is far more than improbable. California authorities are saying there is no danger to the dam or to the public. This is a LIE. They just want people to sit on their butts until disaster strikes and at current inflow rates that will happen in less than 5 days. Maybe the dam itself won't fail, but the mountain to the side of the dam, where the spillway is located, sure as hell will. Why the word play? Ask your local California communist.


Time for a little biased reporting. I am just going to say it as I see it.

California's Lake Oroville dam, 770 foot tall earthen dam, the tallest earthen dam in the world and the tallest dam of any type the United States has suffered a major failure in the spillway. I am certain this will not be fixed because communists who run California will not even try to fix it and would rather see a disaster that helps them destroy California agriculture despite the recent massive rains. What better excuse than this to just drain the dam ON PURPOSE, IF the dam even survives the spring runoff? Years prior to this current crisis, Arnold Schwarzenneger, who said he's better than Trump, made damn good and sure the dams were drained ON PURPOSE during his governorship in the name of the "delta Smelt" simply because he's not from America, and has socialist/"progressive" roots. He could have stopped that and DID NOT. All the proof in the world of this is clearly featured in an article linked on the right hand side of this page - The End of the California Orange. That governorship ended in 2011, well into the fake drought. He can't be President and should never have been allowed to be governor of any state. And there is absolutely no reason to believe for a minute the current government of California is any better.
Why am I being so harsh? BECAUSE I KNOW DAMN WELL THEY ARE JUST GOING TO LET THE DAM FAIL, WHEN THEY SHOULD BE STAGING AN EMERGENCY OPERATION WITH EVERY HELICOPTER IN THE COUNTRY DROPPING CONCRETE IN TO FILL THE HOLE RIGHT NOW. They won't because they hate the American people and want that dam system destroyed. Their behavior with the fake drought and draining the dams on purpose prior to this proves it. If that dam is not repaired, it will overtop within a week and then, because it is an earthen dam, it will be GAME OVER.
Right now the dam is at 82 percent capacity. If it is not repaired before the spring runoff, which it cannot possibly hold and has to simply let go of and should be releasing now in preparation of more, it absolutely will fail and folks, it is ENORMOUS.

This dam is rated to hold 4.3 CUBIC kilometers of water and will overtop with 4.8. That is cubic kilometers, not square kilometers.

This situation is so dire that if the government of California was not the enemy of the United States, AND the people of California, this dam would be under emergency repair RIGHT NOW. The fact that it is just sitting there with this gaping hole with nothing being done is cold hard proof that the people running California are a clear and present enemy of the United States.

Ok, I jumped the gun and said they'd do NOTHING. But I am right, just watch. Because if they did not want this dam destroyed, they would never have let the damage progress as far as it did before shutting it off and if I could hedge my bets, I'd bet on "they damaged this dam before the geo-engineered storms hit to make sure this problem would happen on cue."

Come on now, can you believe this sh*t after they already, provably tried to destroy California agriculture by draining the dams before this? While the dams were drained, I'd bet they undermined that spillway and damaged it on purpose so when water hit it this would happen. This dam failed with only 28 percent of it's rated maximum out flow. "Made in the USA" simply does not do that sh*t absent sabotage. Ok, HERE ARE THE FINAL DETAILS: The spillway is designed for 250,000 cfs and failed with only 70,000. That screams SABOTAGE. The hole dimensions are 80 feet X 200 feet. This will not be repaired. It is going to be another smelt party.

Trump's travel ban goes in front of 3 judges today

6PM EST. It is important to note that Trump's travel ban is 100 percent backed by laws that have been on the book since the 1950's. This is not Trump's brainchild. If the judges do not re-enstate the ban, it will mean that rather than having a democratic republic, America will have rule by judges. Technically no judge can stop the travel ban, and for doing so they can be impeached because it is insubordination. However, absent impeachment their rulings will stand and impeachments are hard to accomplish. HOWEVER, Trump can, with the stroke of a pen, cut their funding. Absent funding, they can't run a court room, get paid, NADA. So even though their ruling will remain standing, it will be their last ruling. That is the only real weapon Trump has. Lets hope he uses it if obstruction via the judge becomes the status quo.
Anyway, the story is that she chose Bahrain because that country would not extradite her. IMPORTANT: Tabloid or not, this is in print now and the Globe could not publish this without facing a defamation suit if it was not true. Then again, it is the globe. Take your pick.

Child smuggling: This is a true statement

I saw this happen myself, this reader could be on to something

Glenn Beck is no angel. Anonymous sent: Glenn Beck tweeted his tweet about 2 hours before the police action in Haiti. Jumping the gun like that could have ruined the police action, and I wonder if he was warning people. I don't trust Glenn Beck. Why would Glenn Beck go to Haiti of all places to hand out Christmas gifts to children? Why not give to kids in USA or East BFE? I suspect that Beck is tied in somehow to the crooks who have been working Haiti over.
My response: I would not be one bit surprised. However, the bust happened. Glenn Beck attacked this web site directly two years ago. Either that was brilliant help or he is evil. Considering what he did during the presidential race, I'd have to say he is evil.
At any rate, here is the tweet, in case people missed it. He sent this out during the super bowl:

This did become reality, it ended up being true.


Yesterday Mex media did two important Trump broadcasts that I am sure are in the U.S. but I can't find them anywhere. The first one was a psychiatrist they had on who said Trump is mentally ill, and that the psychiatric community was going to try to get him impeached on those grounds. Considering the fraud they are running with antidepressants I would not put that type of action past them.
The second one was how the border wall was going to split up indian tribes and encroach on their native heritage. They did a huge long piece on this and bashed trump into the gutter with it. This is a common Communist tactic: Invent a victim and use that victim to front an agenda. FACT: There is no cross border Indian reservation and no cross border tribe. THE BORDER IS THE BORDER, PERIOD. But I am sure the snowflakes will fall for that crap. And they can't blame the U.S. for the fact that there is a border, because Mexico has one too!
Anonymous sent:
Americans who supported Trump would like to see justice, a rare commodity in the US of A. They want to see Hillary and crew convicted (including Obama) first. Then they want Neocons and 911 perps convicted. There are strong sympathies for whistle blowers who helped shut down Hillary, and that helped expose spying on US citizens. American liberty has bottomed out while corruption has peaked. These patriots stood up for the truth, and yes even Manning did in the outing of US military war crimes. He erred in other ways, they say, but should be given credit for the good.
When the White House condemns him, they are confirming to the world that war crimes and torture are approved American Policies going forward, rather than hidden past mistakes to be corrected. America's name is mud for supporting terrorists and the world is watching Trump, hoping for a return to Christian - based laws and morals. American criticism of Russia from such a poor US reputation is fooling no one. Russia has set a high standard of justice in international relations over the past decade, and most Western Russophobia has been just that and unjustified. NATO tried to start a World War with Russia, and would have but for a patient peaceful Putin."
My response: Trump. Learning. Curve. Let's hope he learns a lot before he gets a polonium sandwich. He's probably stupid about that, to his own peril. He's no doubt honest, so lets hope for that learning curve to be as sharp as possible. Trump is not going to smash innocents or spark wars if his learning curve is adequate. He has made the mistake of putting a lot of trust in evil people. The only hope is a steep learning curve. He is definitely brilliant and hard to fool, so we do have a decent chance.


Remember the post yesterday that Glenn Beck put up about a bust of child smugglers in the Caribbean? WELL, as it turns out, it was real and it happened in Haiti, and there is a very good chance Hillary Clinton is involved. So without further comment I am going to post my original report on this topic:

Originally posted on Nov 18 2016

Monica Petersen, a woman who according to her friends who are searching for answers, was investigating the Clinton foundation for child trafficking and was found dead from "suicide" in Haiti

I thought this had to be hoax news. But it turned out to be true when the foundation Monica worked for held funeral services in Haiti. Monica Petersen had a friend named Bella Robinson who has confirmed that Monica was investigating child trafficking under front cover of a "gold mine" in Haiti that was affiliated with Hillary's brother. Monica was a truther, who wrote this blog post. I have confirmed that Monica was working undercover for the Human Trafficking Center, which investigates child thefts and that the Clintons really were likely to have been running a child trafficking ring under the cover of a false front gold mine in Haiti.
The Child Trafficking Center has now held a quiet funeral ceremony for Monica in Haiti. At the time of this post, Monica's family has not been able to get any details about what happened leading up to this, but Bella claims to have information and is refusing to give the details on how Monica "committed suicide" saying instead that "it is inappropriate to post it" and to message her. So we have a key source of info who probably voted for Clinton that just can't get a grip on the fact that if this is real she had better blow it open now, or she's going to be dead too.

OK, so now we have the bust of a child peddling ring in Haiti of all places. Interesting to say the least. There was another report I did on that mine and I might dig that up, but for now, let's do a little recap on another topic:

Podesta brothers near perfect match for police sketch of child snatchers

Police sketches are created with software that is fed descriptions from witnesses of what people looked like. This most certainly nails the Podesta brothers as child snatchers as accurately as could ever be done with a "no original photo" render of what people looked like.

Now that some new info is coming out, I am going to run with these photos, which I have had for a while.

Ok, so why would I post this? Because in a report farther down this page I discussed the death of Monica Petersen, who was investigating a child snatching ring being run under the cover of a fake gold mine in Haiti by Hillary Clinton's brothers, and Monica got arkancided last week. It is now fully confirmed that Monica was investigating Hillary's family in Haiti and was onto something, most likely linking to Comet Pizza, Hillary Clinton, the Podesta brothers, and DEFINITELY child smuggling conducted by Hillary's family all together in one neat little package, and then she died. She was in her 20's. It is suspected that she tied it all together, but did not live to tell about it. The agency she worked for confirmed she operated under cover and had conducted a two year investigation, got onto something big, and died. They confirmed it during a memorial service during a live stream from Haiti on Friday.
I finally posted the Podesta brothers police sketch photo (I have had it for a while) because now it appears that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal the day a little girl named Madeline McCann went missing while on vacation from Britain in 2003, and were confirmed to have been within a mile of that disappearance which is to this day unsolved. With the Podesta E-mails being what triggered the entire pizza gate pedophile bust, Hillary's brothers running a child smuggling ring in Haiti with the subsequent death of the investigator that was onto it, the Podesta brothers obviously being featured in a police sketch of a child disappearance in Portugal on the day they were there, well, things are starting to unravel. Hillary herself said that "if Trump gets elected we're all going to jail," and it appears there might be significant substance to that statement.
I will get to more details tomorrow, I am still waiting for things to develop on this. I am being extremely cautious with this, because I know there are many people working overtime to feed disinfo into the alt media. However, what I have written so far is 100 percent confirmed and I held off until I hit "critical data mass" to call it real.
People are having a hard time believing that the entire DNC is a band of pedophiles (with plenty on the Republican side as well) so that is stifling the spread of relevant information. But to those who can't believe it, all I can say is if it is true of the upper leadership of Britain, and people in the French government have written books about it, well, why not in America also?

OK, so now the hens have come home to roost, and the first big bust happened, in of all places, HAITI. The story goes that the bust went down at a hotel in haiti, and ALL 31 OF THESE KIDS WERE LOCKED IN A SINGLE HOTEL ROOM. SEE THIS

A reader in Ukraine says there is heavy fighting there

Jim..want to let you know that heavy fighting is going on in Eastern Ukraine. The military and jews around TRUMP want to instigate war In Ukraine and blame it on Russia. Here is one letter I received from someone in Ukraine. That's just terrible. My mother was forced to go to Kharkov. She fled as a refugee. In Donetsk, is now a big crisis. Donetsk and near town came under fire. My mother was very afraid. She went with the other refugees. I'm shocked. I'm terrified. Very scary. Why is this all happening !!! What is wrong with this world ?? People are mad. There's a lot of dead civilians. The news does not talk about it. But it is so." My response: Posted. Can't comment further due to lack of additional info.


People are writing me saying the statement by Fox TV saying Patriots win with touchdown was a statement of overtime rules, not an announcement that would happen. Ok, I'll go with that as a legitimate rebuff and pull that particular report. If anyone can clearly provide evidence I probably got something wrong, I will always retract a report. In this case, I'll have to side with that explanation because it is by far most probably correct and I thank my readers for pointing that out. From the messages coming in, people are predominantly in belief that it was rigged, but all agree that was just a statement of rules by Fox, and not an early posting of who won.

I am going to drop a few unanswered comments in here, because people seem to be really interested.

Hi Jim:I've discussed this topic ad naseum on an obscure forum about sports and the rigging. I'm glad you took that post down, but it doesn't mean it's inaccurate that a fix is in somehow. I believe in especially, the NFL and NBA they aren't "rigged" or scripted per se, but they are heavily outcome engineered through the officiating. The players themselves aren't following a "script" or intentionally tilting games because that is too obvious to pick out and the point shaving scandals always get exposed. However, the game can be tilted heavily to derive a desired outcome or point spread for that matter relatively easily and insidiously through the officiating. In the NFL in particular, one could call a penalty for something on just about every play to either call back a big play or set up a team to keep the momentum.
The players themselves are blind to this, and granted they aren't considered the brightest people on the planet, but you can't get them to perform how they do on a plan and rehearsed platform like WWE. They need to buy into the illusion or you'd never get those dogs to run, it's like Greyhound racing as soon as the dog figures out the rabbit isn't real, they never race again. The same must hold true for a misclebhead busting his IT every day to get better, and thats not just about the money.
Vegas has way too much influence in these leagues and I don't believe odds makers can be as good as they are, and sonvlose on so many games if there isn't table tipping going on from the officiating crew. I always found it curious howbin the NFL The referees are always non-NFL employees. Again, it doesn't need to be the entire officiating crew in on it, you really only need one on the field to tip a game, or chances in a game to one side over the other.
And it doesn't need to be every game every week, but there are likely a couple each week that are outcome engineered. Most of the games don't matter on the grander scale, but first and foremost one must consider and remember that all of these leagues are an entertainment made for television event. There's way too much money involved to leave everything up to chance. I always marvel at the number of perpetually bad franchises that seem to get "rewarded" with a Super bowl appearance within a handful of years after getting a new publicly funded stadium.
There's no way an NFL game can be scripted and rigged that requires everyone to be in on it, but it's easy enough to tilt toward the money for a few referees on only a handful of key plays which can certainly tilt the outcome.
I forget the number, but remember a disproportionate percentage of owners are Jewish---and they are in it for one reason alone---it's all about the shekeles, and they don't need to be honest about the game of here's a buck to be made in the end (and who is the biggest money guy in Vegas? S. Adel$on--Jew.)
-Gin" ___________________________
"Anyone who thinks that game was not rigged is a mentally ill buffoon. Go read up on the supreme court ruling by the jets fan Carl Mayer. It was ruled that the game is not a legitimate competition and is actually entertainment. As long as you see a show put forth in front of you it does not matter in what way the show is controlled. This is legally settled and anyone who thinks otherwise is mentally ill"
"It didn't sound like a 'statement of rules' but then again it would be most difficult to rig such a game. There are too many variables, too many players, too great a time-span. It's not like WWF crap. It would probably be the most difficult sport to rig in terms of being to say beforehand exactly how the win was going to occur."
Yeah, that's my last football game. I was laughing and yelling FK YOU REFS! after the first half Referee-driven Pats advance down the field that ended in a touchdown interception for the Falcons. Three times in a row on 3rd and 9 or more, the Falcons secondary were called for very dubious holding calls, it was the only thing that kept the Pats alive. Once I saw that happen, I knew the refs were going to be pulling for the patriots with as much force as they could muster and still give some veneer of legitimacy to what they were doing.
Basically what we wind up seeing is the refs attack a defense until they are TOO careful about getting close to the receivers, and....there you have it, that tiny window of opportunity, and that's all someone as good as Brady needs to put the ball in there. The stops the Falcons made in the first half were amazing and only happened because they were all over the receivers and gave them no space. Space that the refs wound up giving them.
Missed offensive holding in OT that helped put the patriots close, once I saw that...I just shut the TV...the refs did their job for the betting tables once again. I'm so done watching NFL, I just cant stand the game rigging. Hockey is the only sport that's free of referee screwing."
StuporBowel : Yep. About halfway through the second quarter I KNEW that NE was going to "miraculously" come roaring back and win -- either in the final seconds or in overtime. That's how they keep people glued to their screens (Maximum audience numbers in highest arousal state maximum commercial views and effectiveness as sales/persuasion tools). Same with the Steelers-Patriots playoff game.
The Steeler game plan, on defense especially (only rush four, drop linebackers into coverage, give receivers big cushions, no checks at the line, zone coverage) was DESIGNED TO GIVE THE GAME TO NE. No fear of contradiction on this because they've done it every time but one and last every time but one to them. People in Pgh. are beyond disgusted and recognize it for what it is -- adopting the strategy that ALWAYS FAILS and hoping this time will be different (as if the coaches/owner don't know better). Same on offense : futility by design. Except fans attribute it to insanity/stupidity. But that's changing . . .Keep fighting the good fight :)"

Robot storm on the horizon

Robots so cheap and effective they can now replace workers even in low paying China

A chinese factory replaced 90 percent of its 650 employees with robots, saw an 80 percent reduction in defects and a 250 percent increase in productivity. That's doom. Inexpensive circuit assembling robots have been around for over a decade. However, they can only make one circuit (that they were programmed for) and work in two dimensions. Actually assembling complete products from those circuits is a much more difficult three dimensional task, and it appears inexpensive robots can do that part of the job now also. We all knew it was coming. SEE THIS
Jobs robots won't do any time soon: Construction, plumbing, electrician, electronic troubleshooting and repair, political commentary that is actually honest, tree trimming, landscaping, etc. Jobs that will bite the dust quickly: Factory, food prep, sales. Next on the list will be family doctors, lawyers, etc. The last to go will be the trades, because those need a combination of intelligence and mobility that no robot anywhere has yet. Contrary to what the report says, brick masons are not going to be replaced by robots. YES, there is such a thing as a brick laying robot already, but it can only do straight runs and can't deal with problems. I'd like to see one try to lay a brick fence across uneven terrain. Not happening any time soon.
The robot revolution is definitely, however, going to make it "necessary" from an elite standpoint to kill of most of the population. There won't be a way for people to make it. If they can't make an income because robots took it from them, they won't even be able to pay property tax on property they own, let alone maintain a house that has been paid off or pay for heat and electricity, and yes, there are the laws against gardening in most areas now. It should be pretty easy to see the light. If people do not rebel against unjust laws that make self sustainability impossible in urban areas, and soon, there will soon be serious hell to pay for practically everyone.

Trump's Muslim ban was probably three dimensional chess

Judge who stopped travel ban firmly shot down today, travel ban to almost definitely be reinstated shortly UPDATE: THIS IS HEADED TO THE SUPREME COURT NOW. So those who claimed I posted this as "fake news" need to wait for the outcome on that! If there is any honesty at all in the liberal justices, Trump's order will stand because the law clearly states it should.

Even I missed the chess game. I had to see the result to realize what he did. By putting in the Muslim ban, President Trump was only testing the water, to see who would stop it. Now, today, the Justice Department argued that Robart's restraining order violates the separation of powers, encroaches on the president's constitutional and legal authority in the areas of foreign affairs, national security, and immigration. The justice department demolished Judge Robart's block on the ban, and has affirmatively stated that Trump had the power to do it all along. This still has to go to final trial, but it looks like Trump has this one cinched. What did this do? It reminded everyone that the president does indeed have the power to rule from the oval office and deport 8 million illegal Mexicans. Even I did not know the president could do that, now EVERYONE knows, and Trump has all the momentum in the world he needs to do exactly what he said he'd do in his campaign. And he was brilliant about it when he used the terror meme against those who created the terror meme, to get the job done. It might be hard to argue that Jose is a threat, and that would invoke sympathy. However, due to all the false flag terror that has been done there is a lot less sympathy to so-called "terrorists" (they are not, we all know who did 911) but the point is moot - it was still a tool Trump could use to set the stage for more.
Now that President Trump has cleared the air, and everyone has been fully reminded that the deportations are completely legal and not even by his own law or decree it is going to be a lot harder for anyone in the power structure to resist his order even via the sympathy route, and the sanctuary cities are going to fall much much easier. I am sure Trump knew that the Muslims really were no threat, and the ban was simply a well calculated way to get the job done.
It blindsided even me. I did not see this coming.

Super Bowl

I did not watch the super bowl because the pre-game was such a turn off and I don't watch football anyway. Pre game: Only black players honored, (and honored huge) whites need not apply, then a sister act, then an idiot singing the national anthem in a way that just grated me. Did not watch the coin toss. I heard Kia had a great ad that bashed liberals, and Audi and a lumber company need to be boycotted. So GO KIA I guess. Long warranty (the longest there is), decent for the first few years, reliable for more than that, so probably OK if they don't openly hate white males. Maybe I will look at a Kia if I manage to get ads on this site. The old Fiat is OK though, decent car. Trump accurately predicted the win. Seemingly Alex had the results early. OPINION: It is as fake as the wwf, all a show. The WWF has some of the world's best athletes do amazing stage acts and it is all scripted, yet they really do get body slammed. The kids love it. NFL is probably the same now.
Boxing and baseball are probably the only two real sports left in the U.S., and I can't stand boxing, it makes me cringe. The NFL players are ALL so solidly pro that you could take the two worst teams, play them off together and it could be staged but it would be convincing. Just look how the NBA did basketball at the Olympics - they SMASHED the Olympics and made the other Olympic players look absolutely stupid. That is what America's professional players are like, they are WAY beyond Olympic. They can fake it like the WWF and no one would ever know. That is to their credit I guess.
Ball games scripted? My opinion: Yes, absolutely. Does it matter? I don't really care because I know they are nothing but a distraction staged by the elite, to get people to care about a ball game rather than what the government is doing. That is far worse than a scripted outcome.

PIZZA GATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spanish Fukushima report

Mous3000 sent: A good moment to republish Fuku Report in Spanish?Desastre nuclear de Fukushima I y II PDF- Periodismo de Investigacion Fukushima Daiichi Genshiryoku Hatsudensho jiko) 74 pgs. profusamente ilustradasttps://!gVZUEISB!2vhlx-XoQb_p2T9mOX4REMVLRbRBE-Zrz6tYud-TXJ4
Desastre nuclear de Fukushima III PDF 64 pgs profusamente!FcJURSwK!aa8kBCPO1UcAkVpfFKJQfg5Fu6YEn64bcCJXRGO-eQA Saludos Cordiales, mous3000" My response: Glad to know that is still out there, thanks!

A random quote from Wayne's book "They Live Among Us"

There is a reason why I put an ad for Wayne's books on this web site. And it is because they are pure gold. The following is a quote from Wayne's book "They Live Among Us" which is an expose' on the Jews.

Ford's Peace Ship

In 1916 Ford led a mission in an attempt to stop the slaughter of World War I. He assembled a collection of about 170 clergymen, writers, politicians, pacifists, and businessmen, chartered a Norwegian ocean liner, the Oscar II and sailed for Europe (Sweden and Netherlands) to meet with peace activists in hopes of inspiring the neutral powers to mediate a peace treaty. Five years later, in an interview with a New York Timesreporter on Christmas day, 1921, Ford provided some insight into the reason his peace efforts failed to have any effect on stopping the war, and why this mission has long been referred to as "ill-fated," without any details as to why. "It was the Jews themselves who convinced me of the direct relationship between the international Jew and war. In fact, they went out of their way to convince me. On the peace ship were two very prominent Jews. We had not been at sea 200 miles before they began telling me of the power of the Jewish race, of how they controlled the world through their control of gold, and that the Jew and no one but the Jew could end the war. I was reluctant to believe it but they went into detail to convince me of the means by which the Jews controlled the war, how they had the money, how they had cornered all the basic materials needed to fight the war and all that, and they talked so long and so well that they convinced me. They said, and they believed, that the Jews started the war, that they would continue it as long as they wished, and that until the Jew stopped the war it could not be stopped. I was so disgusted I would have liked to turn the ship back."
Ford returned to America somewhat discouraged but wiser, and had made up his mind to do all in his power to expose these evil Jews and their designs.

Taking on the Jews

Ford believed that if this menace was exposed to the light of day, responsible and moral Jews would cast out this cancerous group from their midst. This proved to be a false assumption. He was surprised by the abuse he received from most of his Jewish friends and business associates, as only a few remained cordial after he took this stand. They were more supportive of their evil leaders than he had supposed. Ford began his crusade by hiring the best private investigators he could find, and he dispatched agents to foreign countries to dig up certain facts. He then attempted to place full-page articles regarding his discoveries in the newspapers, but the papers (owned or controlled by Jews) refused to do business with him. He determined that if the "kept press" would not tell the truth on what he termed, "The Jewish Question," then it was his duty to his God and his country to do it himself.

You can visit Wayne's web site HERE.

Counterintelligence against President Trump

There are many trolls who have done all they can to get people to go against Trump because of his stand on Israel, or a Jew boy, or by calling him a neocon. However, all of these points Trolls are pushing as FACT are nothing but BULLSHIT. FACT: Trump has a few things to learn about moles in his cabinet. However, he's learning at warp speed and they are getting contained or biting the dust quickly. As a result, he went from being pro-settlement to blocking new settlements in only his first two weeks. That was so fast in the political world it has to have Israel doing back flips.
Trump has quickly learned the neocon game. Anonymous sent this: "Trump just said to Bill O'Reilly that we are as bad as the Russians when it comes to killing people. He just declared war on the neo-cons who want war. You can see this preview of Bill O's Super Bowl interview with Trump on O'Reilly's Twitter it's going to be a great interview we now have a President that wants to avoid World War 3"
Can it get any better than that? One thing with Trump is that you can fool ANYONE with B.S. for a short while, but people like Trump get over it quickly. No, there probably will not be war with Iran. I knew this from the beginning about Trump in a gut sense - that even if he did get manipulated he'd figure it out so fast that there would be no war, and no substantial implementation of any policy that was rooted in fakery and deception.
Trump became a billionaire while not being an insider and with no protective glass in the snake pit. Even McCain said in a live broadcast "He's not an insider, he's not one of us". What does that mean? It means he got his wealth because he's not stupid, rather than having it handed to him on a silver platter in exchange for endless corruption, and that he cannot be tricked and manipulated.
Trump is indeed surrounded by Jews right now. They are a substantial portion of his cabinet. But this is merely a case of Jews being persuasive and able to worm their way into anything, and their desire to keep their enemy close. Trump won't be stupid with that either, and the shakedown will progress at a rapid pace. Pence seems like he ended up being a great non Jewish choice. ONE WORD OF CAUTION: He'd better not go to dinner at the Kushner's after they make a trip to Israel. Ivanka was really stupid with that choice, but she was just a young girl and Trump let her have her freedom. Hopefully the learning curve will be steep there also or a polonium sandwich may be on the way. You can safely bet Kushner is going to use family pressure to manipulate Trump to the max and that if he does get poisoned, Kushner will probably be the delivery boy. We'll see how well that works as time goes on.
So when you see a post about "how Trump is a neocon" or "How Trump is a zionist" or how he is surrounded by Jews so "that proves he's not one of us", CONSIDER MEDIA MATTERS AND THEIR AGENDA. Trollage is king, and they sit on a throne of manipulations and lies. It is their goal to discredit Trump by making people believe he is more of the same. Don't fall for it, because when reality has played out, they have been wrong every time. Trump has not simply pushed the same agenda we have been force fed for the past few decades but they would sure like you to think that.


Anonymous sent: Progressives. Code for 'Communists'. We think you'll fall for a Jedi mind trick, thinking we are 'progressive', moving forward with 'progress'. I mean, who in their right mind would oppose progress, right? You're not anti-progress, are you? We're not Communists, we're Progressives. So much kinder, gentler, and common-sense!
Truth is anything we decide to push. Pure lies and propaganda, but since it comes from us, it's...well...wait for it...Truth. The only truth you will be allowed to accept, is our agenda. "Fake news." Propaganda. Misinformation. Anything you share that disagrees with our agenda (of lies and propaganda) is Extremist. Anyone who disagrees with us, Right-wing, alt-right, normal people, like you, who oppose our communist takeover of America is violent. Racist. Sexist. - Slander terms we use to discredit any dissenters, hoping you'll run away scared, publicly shamed.
'Russian election interference'. Never mind Hillary or Podesta's crimes! We're pissed the Russians leaked their emails. That's 'interfering'. How dare they tell the truth! Besides, calling it 'election interference' sounds hacking and vote-flipping, and misleads you away from the real issue of 'they told the truth about our criminals'.
Here are their Communist agenda points:
Gun violence and public safety (take your guns, render you defenseless) LGBT equality (token victim class(es) #1, easy sell through 'empowerment' into recruits for our army. Also, where's the Q? As in LGBTQ. Did one of the token victims just look TOO bad, and turning real Americans off to your agenda?)- Reproductive health, Reproductive freedom, Women's health (code for: abortion, vaccines, Planned Parenthood) - Worker's rights (communists, unite! Pseudo-victim class) - Gender equality (women, token victim class #2, more easy sell through 'empowerment' into recruits for our army) - Climate and energy (carbon tax, used to control and enslave) - Climate change (climate is always changing! Now if we can just blame you and extract a 'carbon tax') - Treatment of immigrants and people of color (token victim classes #3 and #4) - Economic policy ('War on Cash'...aka tracking you, stealing your savings, and leaving you no options. Plus we love our globalist banker masters, and must convince you how great they are)"
My response: That pretty much sums it up. That needs to be read more than once to really get it, but it is ALL THERE. America was at one time great. Any "progress" away from great is progress in the wrong direction. Yes, mountaineer Joe fell off a cliff and made "progress" towards the rocks below. That is the kind of progress they brought!


The MP3 link has been fixed, my error.

I have noticed numerous reports of people hearing a constant loud high pitched noise all of a sudden. And it happened to me too.

Yesterday it flipped on like a switch. And it was VERY loud. The stereo was on, and I thought the amplifier had a feedback malfunction and was blowing the tweeters (amplifiers with problems can self oscillate at a high frequency and blow the tweeters). Anyway, I thought there would be fire coming out of them by the time I got to it to turn it off because it was so loud. And when I did, the high frequency noise kept going. So it obviously was not the stereo. It happened in both ears at once, at the same loudness. A while ago I posted what this sounds like when it happens. And many people have heard the exact same thing. That means this has to be externally caused. Amplitude modulated microwave transmissions (like what a cell phone uses) can cause this. If you have frequent ringing in your ears and it sounds like this: beamed.mp3, you are probably being messed with. The modulation you hear in the tone is what is used to modify your mood. It is subtle, and is supposed to affect your subconscious.
Anyway, they really cranked this up lately, probably to fill an agenda.
Judgedredd sent: From Judgedredd:
Hi James, That tinnitus noise you talked about? Well, it has been hitting me very hard for the last few months. Its so loud now that it intrudes into life very noticeably. Its is a constant high pitched noise. But I still get a lot of stuff done!! Like the Trump letter and the US Notice which I don't think you know about. That was done just prior to the election and is found here: There are three different versions. The original was faxed, emailed and tweeted to ALL those listed in the section where I name names (including all the senators and congressmen). Took me over two days but it was fun! I now have to do a final Notice, but am waiting a few more weeks for the worms to reveal themselves more. Since you have reposted this data about the tinnitus it has made me realize where this is coming from. I had forgotten. Just makes me more determined to keep on going!!!! Thanks for that."
My response: I had read online in numerous places that people were getting hit with this, and when it hit me and sounded so loud I thought the stereo screwed up, so loud it was absolutely drilling into my head, well, that was just too obvious. And it was then time for a recap on this topic. Some people have said that when they play the MP3 (which is a synthesized sound I created with the wave editor Audacity that approximates what people hear) that it will alleviate their problem for a short time. Evidently having a similar sound get heard for real interferes with whatever they are beaming.

Why am I ignoring the 540 sv/h Fukushima story!!??!!

SHORT ANSWER: Because I reported that in 2011, and it took this long for scam media to catch up! Anonymous sent: Why in the world are you not commenting on the latest Fukushima reactor stories? They are going viral all over the place and the supposed foremost expert is silent? Wtf."
My response: Because the "foremost expert" said all this on day one. The "foremost expert" got the endorsement of the engineer who designed reactor 3. Yes, I did consult him for two hours before actually publishing. He said I nailed it, but could not agree Israel would do it. FACT: If you use a computer virus to put the reactors at full output while all the valves in the system are jammed shut, the only result will be massive explosions and total melt downs. SAID IT DAY ONE. That is what is going on out there. 540 sv/h? PEH, it is in the thousands. They just did not see that part of it yet. Just wait.
Reactor 3 was the only operating reactor that could not be driven to destruction. That is why Magna BSP put the nuke camera inside the containment, so they could simply blow it to the sky rather than force it to explode. Reactor 4 was completely decomissioned without any core in it at all, yet it exploded anyway because it also had a nuke. If you can't understand why a nuke would not do more than we saw, you don't understand how strongly both the inner and outer containments were. Only a nuke would blow them as bad as reactors 3 and 4 were. OLD STORY, read the fukushima report that is prominently posted at the top of this page. The hydrogen gas stories are nothing but lies to fool tech illiterates when they ask "why did the containments blow up".
Days later, the virus made it into reactors 5 and 6 (which were at idle the whole time), but the Japs were onto it by then and stopped those two reactors from exploding by disconnecting the valves from the SCADA controllers and manually opening them, and also the control rod section. The original story line had all six reactors exploding.
There was no way any reactor could have exploded from a loss of generators. All the valves, unless electricity is present to force them shut, automatically function without electricity when pressures exceed 1050 PSI, and release the pressure, and allow water flow, pumps or not. Heat differentials would cause the water to flow like a percolator. If it gets too bad, there were boron tanks to destroy the reactors with and even the valves on those were jammed shut by the virus, so they could not activate and destroy the chain reactions and shut everything down that way. Fuku was SAFE SAFE SAFE until 12 scamming kikes entered the facility under a security contract and set it up for disaster. OLD STORY, read the Fuku report!
There is a reason why this web site has been blacklisted ever since the Fuku report, because if that ever hits mainstream or even Trump's desk and Trump has an ounce of technical wit it will be GAME OVER for Israel.
And it was all a setup. TRUMP: IF YOU READ THIS, GO THROUGH THE DAMAGE REPORTS IN JAPAN. THERE WAS NO SIGNIFICANT EARTH QUAKE. There is not one damage report from Japan of any consequence that was not tsunami related. The tsunami was triggered by nuclear weapons placed in the Japan trench. Why? Because Japan said no to a "banker bailout" that was in no way owed. After the tsunami and Fukushima, Japan made a 160,000,000,000,000 yen payout to the world bank to "end world poverty". It put the nation in debt. This is all expunged now, you will have to find it in print. The payout was due to a blackmail threat of having more nuclear facilities explode.
It all shows just how huge the shadow government is now. We are all watching a showdown between Trump and the shadow government. And God only knows who will win. Every day is a good time to pray, and that is an understatement.




THANKS MRFUSION (at he handled this. Thanks a bunch!

Someone is obviously pissed, because they are writing stuff claiming to be me, that is calling for killing of federal judges and other government officials. This post here, to the left, which was posted to purports to be quoting me. PROBLEM: I never wrote that. This is written in a style that is not even mine. And this is precisely the type of thing David Brock said he'd do to destroy people who support Trump. Obviously he calls it telling the "truth" but we all know what that means. It is highly probable that one of David Brock's organizations did this after I posted the enormous bust of their plans to destroy Trump and wipe out alt media.

I am now going to ask Rumormillnews to ban your contributor "infoeditor" who posted this. He has never posted anything from this site that I have seen, and obviously knows this is crap, and probably wrote it himself. UPDATE: GOOGLE HAS CONFIRMED THAT THE ONLY PLACE THIS TEXT EXISTS IS AT RUMORMILLNEWS, WHICH PROVES INFOEDITOR WAS THE SOURCE. BAN HIM.


You did a fine job of writing a strategy to destroy alt media and destroy Trump, and I am sure you are proud of it. In honor of your hard work, I solemnly swear to make it as accessible as possible, in better and better ways as time goes on. NOW HERE: PDF download (compliments of JudgeDredd with his web site) HA, Judge Dread, how fitting! UPDATE: THE LINK IS BLOCKED ALREADY, IF IT DOES NOT WORK COPY AND PASTE THIS:
and I am going to sit down right now, DAVID, and get those five pages I missed posted for people who have trouble with PDFs and will also insert jump points so people don't have to arrow their way through 50 pages one page at a time or scroll a huge PDF. This will be followed by "jump by topic" so people can admire you that much more. THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION DAVID, you can call yourself my mentor!

To view the page by page version as it is now, CLICK HERE


The Johnson amendment prevented pastors from talking politics, and how to swing politically to stop the destruction of America. The Johnson amendment is the amendment that stopped churches from aligning behind a political candidate. And it is a relatively new amendment (from the 1950's which saw America quickly decline into a moral cesspool. We really did need the pastors involved in politics. Trump has vowed to completely destroy this amendment, and quite frankly if you want to make America great again and destroy the democrat communists there could not possibly be a better thing that could be done. This move by Trump is pure Make America Great Again GOLD. Yes, I'd take a pastor over Hillary ANY DAY.
The only down side is that the churches have been so badly damaged that it won't have the impact it would have had 20 years ago. But it is still going to be a HUGE impact.
I have seen numerous comments around the web that every day of Trump is like receiving a new gift. Well, I'd have to agree, and this one was a BIG one.
Trump is also ditching "too big to fail", in fact, that might already be ditched. And web rumor has it that he's going to unload on Clinton, and try to lock her up. And he's turned against the Israeli settlements and has gone to a two state solution, because he learns quick. He's doing AWESOME, what more can I say? Things are moving so fast I can't keep up with it all. MAGA ALL THE WAY!
JERUSALEM POST: TRUMP IS COMMITTED TO A TWO STATE SOLUTION Media Matters is most likely working overtime to undermine Trump by getting people to think Trump is in bed with the Jews. I have always said that is not the case, and this proves it!


Dear David Brock: You can go **ck yourself, I don't need to make a billion to have a mission.

While converting it to easy access book form, occasionally I would take a look at a page. THIS DOCUMENT IS TERRIFYING. I am absolutely stunned to see what is in it.

This document outlines a perfect strategy for destroying alt media that will probably work. It also outlines a complete strategy for the impeachment of President Trump, that will probably work. THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL, PEOPLE ON OUR SIDE NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND USE THIS AS A GUIDE BOOK FOR FIGHTING BACK. If we do not do what is in this document in return, to counter it, we probably will be destroyed. This link will land you on page 4, which is the first meaningful page. GET STARTED UPDATE: THEY HAVE SOMEHOW JAMMED THE LINK. IT DOES WORK. IF IT IS JAMMED, COPY AND PASTE THIS: I noticed a couple days ago that somehow someone is causing links to not work on this web site. That could only be accomplished via AI interference (or something of the sort)


UPDATE: Gateway Pundit says this is fake. He's credible, so consider that. I removed it because I do not have time to confirm it true or false right now.

Gun recommendations

A reader wanted that posted again. In short, here they are: If you have never shot a gun before, my recommended place to get started is with 1.Rifle: The semi automatic Marlin .22 long with tube feed. Those are spectacular for starting out, dirt cheap, accurate, trouble free and also lethal enough if it is all you have. And: Any inexpensive .380 hand gun that has a barrel longer than 3.5 inches. The large size will make it more effective, more accurate, and easier to shoot overall and they can be DIRT CHEAP, I am talking $100 or so and be perfectly fine. The .380 round, when in a large hand gun is super mild and won't intimidate a beginning shooter, yet is strong enough to be useful and the round is DIRT CHEAP.
So those are two super cheap perfectly usable guns that a beginner can start with, and get very proficient with, without breaking the bank, in addition to be truly useful. Under no circumstances should any beginner get a .22 hand gun or any rifle that can only handle .22 short, because those are USELESS. You might as well start out with something that will actually be powerful enough to be useful when it can be done just as easily and will be perceptibly the same when shooting.

Someone got ahold of the entire David Brock strategy against Donald Trump, scanned it page by page, and posted it to ScribD. I figured it would be gone before morning, so I have it now, converted to smaller file sizes and will post it tomorrow. It will take a lot of work to get it posted. It is NAAAAAAASTY and shows just how delusional and evil the left is. It is clearly marked private and confidential, and is probably more damaging than the Podesta mails. I am seeing double at 1 AM and need to go to bed, capturing it all in Jpeg and converting it to GIF to save bandwidth when people view it was a huge job. I will try to get it done tomorrow morning. MY OBSERVATION: This was probably nailed by an Oathkeeper (as spoken of in the next report), the fact this hit the public clearly and succinctly shows it is the DEMOCRATS who have moles, clearly, CLEARLY, this will be a document of death for them if the greater public discovers it.

It looks like We, the People, have our own FBI that is being run by the Oath Keepers. This is totally new to me, and is obvious front page news