The need for a new way of thinking of how our public officials work for us is necessary.
The Sheeple have been programed to believe that there is no way we can address or correct
the abuses of office and power the government agents, a.k.a. Public Servant, who continues to deny our requests for reasonable service.

There are ways that this problem can and has been corrected in 9 different states and a hundred plus communities in our Nation.
We THE People of Michigan need to investigate and take peaceful reasonable action in conjunction with these other communities.

If this is of interest to you, then it would be good to have as many people in the community to assemble and discuss the
possibilities at having an effect on these outrageous actions that offend and alienate us/We THE People of Michigan.

For more information, call 1-989-450-5522, between 2: PM to 7: PM Monday thruThursday.

Johnny Angel, Grayling Mich.


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Friday, May 11, 2012

21Dec. 2012 Marshall Master's view based on an interpretation of a 2008 crop circle

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21Dec. 2012 Marshall Master's view based on an interpretation of a 2008 crop circle
Posted By: MESETA [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 11-May-2012 18:55:26

this is taken from the note below the vid.
"2012 researcher and author Marshall Masters, offers an in-depth look at the predictions made in a crop circled formation he calls the "2012 Star Map."
Known as Avebury 2008, it tells us that on December 21, 2012, we'll begin to experience the onset of a protracted global event. It will last for years and will include a pole shift, such as the one predicted by Edgar Cayce (& 2 suns in the sky... that might get hot!).
For the readers of Marshall's book, Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift, this video offers an in-depth back story not included in the book."


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  1. source is: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=239468,.....December 21, 2012 - Two Suns in the Sky. Published, 2012-04-21, by yowbooks.http://www.youtube.com/user/yowbooks... /YourOwnWorld-USA..yowusa.com /.. we'll begin to experience the onset of a protracted global catastrophe. **from the 42:18min VID.... http://yowusa.com/videos/yowusa/twosuns/**From:
    http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshall_Masters //
    The Bad News You Expect, and the Good News You Need.In July 2008, a two-stage crop circle larger than three soccer fields, materialized in England, on a farm near Avebury,Wiltshire.Unlike more common symmetrical snowflake formations, this one evidenced a clear and unmistakable message: That in December 2012, we will see the appearance of a celestial harbinger.......Fully coherent and free of exceptions, the Avebuy 2008 formation, is an urgent warning from distant friends, to those who get it and who want to get through it. That is why the first part of this book, "The Bad News," presents a series of more than 50 illustrations to decode this message with easy-to-follow, building-block explana-tions. Intended for the common man, the goal is to empower the reader... This is because those who survive the tribulation, will live to bear witness to the single greatest die-back event in the history of our species.A pole shift as pre-dicated by America's "sleeping prophet," Edgar Cayce(1877-1945)and it could happen as soon as 2013.When it does,it will be a time of testing that favors the meek,over the wealthy and powerful.But not for reasons you might think. http://yowusa.com/catalog/2012px/ctc/index.shtml
    YourOwnWorld-USA..yowusa.com is a link from the video. //http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?_adv_prop=image&fr=aaplw&va=Avebury+2008 **
    Are Governments Suppressing the 23-July-08 Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle in Avebury?YOWUSA.COM, 26-July-08. (good picture)
    http://yowusa.com/et/2008/et-2008-07a/1.shtml //http://marshallmasters.com/html/bio.html**
    MP3 Downloads of Past ...Cut to the Chase Shows...http://yowusa.com/radio/pastshows.shtml** http://yowusa.com/radio/ ***
    http://2012planetx.info/ * http://feeds.feedburner.com/2012AndPlanetXNewsBlog*Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift:
    http://yowusa.com/catalog/2012px/ctc/index.shtml**The Planet X Cover-up in the Mainstream Media,
    Yowusa.com, 18-March-2012, Justin Braithwaite.
    http://marshallmasters.com/html/articles.html ..
    http://marshallmasters.com/html/facts.html ..
    http://marshallmasters.com/html/2suns5years.html **
    http://planetxforecast.com/ .... http://2012planetx.com/ .... http://kolbrin.com/********************
    Marshall Masters - 2012hoax - Debunking the "2012 Doomsday ... **
    www.2012hoax.org/marshall-masters. ....uses false and pseudoscientific claims in his websites and videos.? ///
    http://yowcrooks.wordpress.com/category/marshall-mastersyowusa/ ///