Sunday, May 6, 2012

Drake Distinguishes “Fake” from “Real” NESARA

Drake Distinguishes “Fake” from “Real” NESARA

According to Russ Michael, Drake, in this two-hour interview, which I admit I won’t have time to listen to, distinguishes the “real” NESARA from the “fake” NESARA. That would be a welcome development.  Russ says:

Wowee! Listen to the “breaking news.”  DRAKE in a 2-hour interview yesterday – May 3rd…!! SUPER!!
Drake also speaks about the real and unreal NESARA…and says the real one is much greater than we canimagine…
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  1. Thank you for posting. If one digs deep on nesara, you will find some real good info. on the topic and you will find that yes, there were 2. It has been noted that the real nesara has been added to over the years, to benefit all even more so. I have heard that once it is finally announced that it may not even go by that name.

    Heck, I dont care what they call it, as long as they call it! The things Drake has mentioned is very nesara -like! What do you folks think? Have a great day everyone :)

  2. I continue to have the hope that all the good things will come to be and peace and prosperity will be ours. I look forward to a day when compassion and empathy rule our world and everyone is happy and cared for.

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    ****Blogger: User Profile: Russ Michael. About me; Gender: Male: Location: Klam, Austria: Introduction: Author of the blockbuster best-seller, Finding Your Soulmate, ***** ....2008.......*************** ...... ///Russ Michael: Daily Schedule of Collective Visualizations ... channel for “Messages from Michael,” has suggested that we as a world coordinate our visualizing efforts daily. ... ... .... ///************.........and................ .... Free Thinking Radio...for more...**..........and.........********** Kauilapele says:Drake, Bill Wood and Company on Wolf Spirit Radio 5-3-12…MP3s. Posted on May 4. Drake is interviewed by Bill Wood on the Freedom Reigns Show, at Wolf Spirit Radio. This was another revealing show, much information reiterated, and some new information as well. A couple of highlights from my end, are outlined below. Pt. 2, 0:10. If some are not arrested that we expect to be, they may be moles. We may not know the whole picture. Some are in the “bad guy” camp, and playing their game, to help expose them. Pt. 3, 1:32. Good things to come from the arrests, exposure of new technology. Pt. 4, 1:00. Drake discusses a few more details about NESARA. NESARA was real. But had to be modified, because it was “all locked up”, according to Drake.//
    MP3s Links (click to listen in a new tab or window; right-click and Save-As to download) Part 1 (30 min., 5 MB) / Part 2 (30 min., 5 MB) / Part 3 (30 min., 5 MB)/ Part 4 (24 min., 4 MB)/ Complete show (114 min., 20 MB)*** ..then... ...starts at 1:20....//*********** ****** Mass Arrests–New information with Bill Wood and Eva Moore 5-6-12… VIDEOS. Posted on May 6, 2012. Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) to Oliver T, who alerted me to these videos in the comments on the last post. I started listening to part 1 as I was driving back from (you guessed it) Java on the Rock. All I could say was, “Wow!!!”
    This validates what many of us have got about President “O” and what he is doing, and what he has been up against (you may want to see this recent post as well). But there is even more than that in here, so I would say, check out part 1, and then follow your Higher “Innards” Guidance whether to listen to more.***** **** ...for more./////...also: