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One Pissed Off American

Good Morning Pissed Off Americans

Yes, it’s high time this RV shit finally takes place. We are F***ing tired of this game back and forth because “O Factor” is not happy because he is not getting enough money. Oh boo hoo to you A**hole.

Most of you peeps probably don’t know this, our Military, those hairy legged skirt wearing girly boys, cannot operate as a unit in Washington DC. Did you know that! Why you ask, here is why, when congress of the past set aside land from Maryland and Virginia to form District of Columbia it was created as another country. And when the d***heads in 1871 created the “Act of 1871” it gave this geographical area called DC a false constitution which is to ignore our organic constitution. Go F***ing figure! F***ing lawyers again!!!

So if the hairy legged skirt wearing girly boys tried anything in DC, it’s an act of WAR. Ain’t that F***ing funny to you! So go home “O Factor” b***er and let us American’s run our own place. So you Girly Boys are you going to get off your cushion seats in that odd number building and do something??

Oh hell, why don’t we get together as you know “We The People” thing and do a grand jury. Yea, and say things in that grand jury like the law passed by old congress in 1871 was illegal and not valid due to fact that the south walking out of congress broke the contract. Lincoln was not president any more when that happened. He had no power. Sh**, my educated friend showed me, that the Constitution is a contract between States & Federal. The only one’s who could pull Congress back together is the states executive. So any think after South walked out is “void ab initio", blows me away, or another way of saying it "to be treated as invalid from the outset".

And that bast**** Lincoln, who monkey butt, floppy ears likes, usurped his authority and also caused the South to attack the north with the first false flag. Lincoln shut off the sea port in the south causing the South to attack a fort. That Bast****! And F***ing Lincoln wrote the first Executive Order to do that. What!!!! My friend is smart. Come to understand, that he could write the Executive Order because the law of the land was now under Military Rule. Sometime in 1863 they came out with government running rules that usurped the Constitution in Lieber Code. Named after some military general I guess. Whatever!

So how do we get this sh** cancelled, hmm, my friend said we need a “Cease War Peace Treaty” between the south and north. This would stop this Lieber crap. No more Wars, novel idea. He pointed out that every Actor President would come on TV and declare some “War on DRUG’s”, “War on blah, blah blah”. He said it had a frequency of every 2 years. I asked why, to “RENEW” since if we did not have a war every 2 years, they would have to stop Lieber sh**. Wow, so how did this a**hole get around this one, he wrote an executive order with renewal. Da**it! This sh** is getting old, you know,

Personally, we don’t need this crap. And I thought “We The People” per the Declaration of Independence tells us we are the Government and we allow some portion of our authority to PUBLIC servants to manage the day to day work. Notice the word servants. Who are the servants, oh, those who are elected or appointed in PUBLIC eye view. Oh, shit, you tell me they ain’t Royalty. They damn sure think they are and we are to bow to them.

At work, I know “johnny” did not do his job so they fired him. OK, we can fire all of the Federal executive, legislative, judicial people because they have not followed the oath – duty of their office and they plain F***ed us for years. And I since we are considered to be a PRIVATE Nation, you know, not traded on Wall Street, we can fire the D***heads because they are D***heads. Private owners can release people because they can or need to. We certainly need to since they ran us into the financial ground with this alone. And monkey butt, floppy ears has been the worst.

Did you know that the new USA currency was to be publically released in paper form on Monday of this week. The rumor, some bullsh** around monkey butt stopped this from release. Ok, move forward assw*pes and move this into public. They – the F***ing Cabal seems to tie everything up to stop the release of wealth to the people. You get my drift.

We need the RV thing done. I need a new truck. Mommy needs a new pair of boots. We need that Lieber code to stop, so we need to have that “Cease to War Peace Treaty” between North & South. Sh**, I’m up here in North, I’ll sign, you Southern’ s ready to sign. We need those hairy legged skirt wearing girly boys to pick up those Federal folks for derelict of duty and F***ing us for years. We living in our states can run things with those hairly legged folks until we’s be ready to put some real folks into those jobs not credential-less and lawyers. Those folks in states with borders, shit, shut them down. You got illegals, shit, send them back. My mommy was American before she birthed me, so you not American, you and baby can go back where you came from. War, you want pissed of Americans on your door steps? If you do, you are dumber than me.

Well, lets get this shit a rolling, I got to get back to hunting here shortly, you smart people, talk to my friend Bob, he’s got this shit down pat and wants us, American’s to get a new suit, clean shave, ours shoes shined and health both physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

One Pissed Off American, signing off for now. Remember, You too believe the same way, just scared to say or do, so lets change this together!



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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Posted By: Seawitch [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 2-May-2012 18:15:46

“He now possesses the potential powers of a dictator. The order is a direct assault on individual liberties, private property rights and the rule of law. It is blatantly unconstitutional. The executive branch is arrogating responsibilities precluded by the Constitution without even asking the permission of Congress. The order gives Mr. Obama a blank check to erect a centralized authoritarian state.” [END OF SNIP]
Martial Law Executive Order by Obama
Obama Has Signed ANOTHER Martial Law Executive Order — Click below to DEMAND Congress STOP Obama’s “Emergency Powers” Executive Order:
ALERT: Obama’s preparations to institute MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA are coming together quickly — he has now signed ANOTHER “Executive Order”, this time to take control of America’s domestic natural gas production!
It’s getting WORSE — we MUST STOP HIM NOW!
As columnist Mac Slavo reports:
“While Americans focused their attention on the Colombian controversy involving U.S. Secret Service agents, prostitutes and excessive drinking, President Obama quietly signed his latest Presidential Executive Order.
The Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources Executive Order seeks to create what amounts to a Presidential super committee that will oversee the regulation and development of the ‘unconventional’ natural gas industry for the purpose of ensuring a long-term natural gas supply for the United States, as well as to do so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.”
So now, by Presidential decree alone, the federal government can now “coordinate action” through thirteen core federal agencies against any domestic natural gas production facility — all according to standards determined to be “appropriate” not by law, but because of political agenda.
Moreover, because a key stated purpose of this latest Executive Order is to “ensure long-term supplies,” Barack Obama’s new decree gives the federal government the ability to shut down gas production operations as THEY see fit, which can lead directly to government price fixing and centralized control of an essential natural energy resource.
While Obama’s Executive Order aims to curtail some of the practices of the hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” industry, it further expands government control over our lives through more centralization of power and bureaucracy.
THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE. As experts start to dig deeper into Barack Hussein Obama’s recently-signed Executive Order, for so-called “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” they are reporting just how bad this really is: OBAMA IS PREPARING TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA.
As detailed in this report from the Canada Free Press:
Under this order the heads of these cabinet level positions; Agriculture, Energy, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Defense and Commerce can take food, livestock, fertilizer, farm equipment, all forms of energy, water resources, all forms of civil transportation (meaning any vehicles, boats, planes), and any other materials, including construction materials from wherever they are available. This is probably why the government has been visiting farms with GPS devices, so they know exactly where to go when they turn this one on.
Specifically, the government is allowed to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate. They decide what necessary or appropriate means.
We’re not alone in reporting this. It’s starting to be reported in more and more media sources:
The latest report comes from the Russia Times:
“As folks headed out to happy hour last Friday evening, President Obama signed an executive order that could potentially give him the power to institute martial law in the United States in times of peace or during a national threat… Many Americans were shocked to find out that this order gives the president practically unlimited power over US citizens and their property. All in the name of national security of course.”
IT’S TRUE! As we alerted you earlier, Barack Hussein Obama has just signed a Presidential Executive Order, which would give him the powers of a DICTATOR — whenever HE thinks it’s “necessary” to institute MARTIAL LAW!


  1. Country has been under Martial Law since Abe Lincoln declared it and never lifted!!!

  2. So why wasn't this done 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks ago, and now still nothing really has changed except for the day gets closer of the Mass Arrests?
    Maybe it's time for the Drake crowd take action against a few groups: Congress, The U.S. Supreme Court, and the White House, as well as the United Nations.
    With the vast Military in these few controlled locations there won't be much to do by anyone else to go out of control without being collected later.
    Obama has JUST MADE a THREAT to the American People and this MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!!

  3. Now is a great time to be in the gun business because every American should be buying one.

    Actually there is nothing to worry about because no one will follow any of his orders.

  4. There are more hunters with guns ready and loaded than our Military if it comes to a revolution. I am not fearful anymore, the hunters will have our backs. thats why he wants to pass gun control laws.

  5. These are the actions of a desperate man. Ignore them as they don't apply to us now. His days in office are coming quickly to an end so just hang on folks and don't do anything stupid.

  6. Can't believe that SOME people are still living in FEAR...With all that's been going on?????????????? thats POSITIVE?????

    1. Don't be too hard on others, not everyone can accept the new reality coming and who are we to judge them because of it. All are doing the best they can with what they can understand and accept. All of us have been taught to conceptionalize reality in a certain way. Ascension is not and will not be against anyone's will. Those who want it will have it,those who don't will be respected for their choice. The Creator loves all unconditionally regardless of whether one chooses to ascend or not. However, all will be brought to full consciousness with a level playing field of understanding and can choose to live in fear or not. For many, clarity of understanding will release them from fear.

  7. ....part1/2.....“Let Us ALL Serve the Light”, by KP/Kauilapele/, and “Periodic Reminder that President Obama Serves the Light”, by Steve Beckow.Posted on May 5, 2012 . Kauilapele says: ''I saw this article by Steve today, and felt very strongly moved to post this, now. This may be my only post for today. First, coffee… Excellent! (“Peruviopian” (Peruvian + Ethiopian)…
    ** ** There sometimes seem to be few who look at this particular person (“O”) with anything but contempt and doubt and scorn, and whatever dark-intended words they can come up with. If anyone has any problems with posts that view Obama in a positive (for the “good” of the world) Light, you’ may want to skip this one.I will not look at anything in this short intro to Steve’s article, except what presents itself to me, from the Light. As far as this introduction is concerned, there are no politics, or agendas, or anything like that. Remember from yesterday’s post with Drake and Bill Wood, I wrote about what Bill and Drake said, “Pt. 2, 0:10. If some are not arrested that we expect to be, they may be moles. We may not know the whole picture. Some are in the “bad guy” camp and playing their [the “bad guy's”] game to help expose them.” And I will assure you, working in the position of “President of the United States” is indeed being right in the middle of the “‘bad guy’ camp” (and btw, this whole “good”, “bad”, description words are only part of the duality view; guaranteed many who have been called “bad” are as much a part of the Light show as are those called “good”). As I view all of this, the Light is “winning”. It has to. It is “winning” because we are, each one of us, operating more and more from our Light selves, and from an awareness that we each are Light beings. More and more are learning to view everything from their Light selves, their Energy selves, with their Light Eyes and Light Ears and Light Senses all turned “on”, and attuned to the messages they receive from the Light (Higher Senses). And this message here is coming via my Light(Higher)senses.The one who is currently playing the role as President, living in the White House, is one who was chosen eons ago, and trained for eons, to come into that role, at exactly this time. No one else could do that job. Whether the physical body was born here, or born there, or traveled to Mars, or to Venus, or to Andromeda, matters not. This being was placed here, by choice, to do this job: to initiate the final steps that bring this entire planet out of the darkness of duality, and into the freedom of the Light. That’s what I am doing. And that is what he is doing.

  8. ...part2...... Periodic Reminder that President Obama Serves the Light.May 5, 2012, by Steve Beckow.Folks, the following story appears on NESARA News, which I’d like to comment on and set the record straight. [KP note: recall that NesaraNews posts articles from all sides of the fence,.... left, right, up, down]————————————————————————— Martial Law Executive Order by Obama [from NesaraNews] /////// It’s sad that even lightworkers are ill-informed of the President’s knowledge and intentions. As if it were not enough that the Right has agreed to do everything possible to misrepresent the President and block any initiatives that he might bring forward or get behind, we too flood the Internet with allegations against him. It really does fall to us to set the record straight.I invite people to read news of President Obama’s actions at this time from a knowing that (1) the President is in contact with the galactics, (2) he supports Disclosure, (3) he knows about Ascension, and (4) many of his actions at this moment are not aimed at “the people” but at the cabal. Let me support some of these contentions.....(...)....understand that his manoeuvering at this time, is probably being done in consultation with the Company of Light, and is designed to bring the curtain down on the Illuminati.Of course we won’t know till later exactly what his plan is or why he does what he does. But he doesn’t serve the dark. He serves the Light.