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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The new global gold-backed financial system is now actively supported by 140 nations and opposed by only 28.


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The new global gold-backed financial system is now actively supported by 140 nations and opposed by only 28. BRICS vs G5. Game over. Monaco Colloquium Group wins.
China, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa and 135 other countries are now set-up to run the new asset-backed global financial system, and ditch the Old West's fiat-paper banking casino. Only the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and the G5's shrinking group of slave states are holding out against the benevolent reforms.

The G5 slave states include certain Middle Eastern oil monarchies run by fake Muslims for the Sabbatean (Satanist) Nazi continuum. The Sabbatean bankers are slowly and irreversibly losing control of their three independent city states: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City.

The Sabbateans, closely associated with the Rothschild reptilian bloodline, emerged into view through the machinations of Sabbatai Zanth (Sabbatai Zevi 1626–1676) and his cabal in the seventeenth century. Zanth, a Jewish fake, was a self-proclaimed Jewish messiah who, for reasons of personal and operational expediency, converted to Islam while establishing his group in Ottoman Turkey.

Now, in 2012, the leading state sponsors of international terrorism are: (1) Israel, (2) Iran, (3) US.

More about the Monaco Colloquium can be found here.


  1. Hope eternal is rising its mighty head for all to see . . .
    Wouldn't it be swell for the stage to be set, by perhaps Pres. O because what appears to be is not always the case!!!!! :-), to allow the global financial/political elite who have participated in 'wrong doing in so, so many sectors' of our Western societies, to be brought to justice?????

    Let's envision this happening NOW, NOW, NOW. And a plan is in place and we are part of it. We can imagine this happening, our world turning to honest and healthy functions everywhere. Let it be, it is and so be it. We can do this! We are the creators of our own realities, let's create wildly for the good NOW, NOW, NOW.
    Two things:
    1. go to YouTube, search: Bill Wood and Eva Moore with Lisa Harrison, NEW INTERVIEW - MUST LISTEN

    2. go to: http://www.blogstalkradio.com, search: Drake Updates NOW, today, May 16, 2012

  2. I have been doing this envisioning all day so far and yes, that is what needs to be done. Picture in your minds eye that it is done, say over and over that the arrests and what you want is done. I too will be watching the new bill wood and drake update.

    Caught the one with wolf spirit radio last night and david wilcock`s new one, coast to coast, very good stuff! Thank you for the links YouMa. :) The NEW timeline is already set and it is the good one! Nothing can change that now. Think positive people, a lot of negativity floating around out there, it is up to you to change that, do you get it??

    1. My reply to Anonymous: here is a flyer I made up and am passing out to people: feel free to duplicate it. Anything we can do to spread optimism and encouragement, for people to stand tall and spread good, we should do this. Here is the flyer:

      Changes for the better in our country/world are coming, be hopeful - Arrests in government & financial sectors
      are planned. Evidence & documentation to convict the accused of high crimes has been gathered. A group in the U. S. Pentagon, Federal Marshalls, & local Sheriff personnel will carry out this Plan. Notification papers establishing sovereignty (from U.S.A. Corp.) 4 American citizens have been filed with the World Court in the Hague. Obama may surprise the world for the good, pay close attention. Commercial Liens filed against the Federal Reserve banks, nationally & internationally and the trillion dollar law suit filed by Neil Keenan & Keith Scott regarding the ‘collateral accounts’. Fair elections 4 honest people will follow. This will be covered by fair reporting in the media. New developments encourage us to take back our country/lives from corruption, and live in freedom as stated in the Declaration of Independence & founding documents. Be involved at the local level, engage in sustainable living practices, be friends with your neighbors, shop locally, elect honest people, & treat everyone as you wish to be treated. *There is plenty of dis-information to be wary of* Stay calm, these changes are 4 the good. As much as possible, focus on what you appreciate and what you desire for the good of all. Support your neighbors and local law enforcement. This transition period will be followed with many opportunities to co-create with our communities the kind of good lives we want to live. Have extra food, gas in your car, cash on hand. There is an entire new financial structure in place already, waiting to come online. Be calm, patient, choose positive & uplifting thoughts/feelings & be helpful to everyone. Please get this Information out to everyone you know and meet. Mainstream media will report this WHEN the arrests happen. Thank You
      http://www.youtube.com - Put in search box: Mass Arrest Warrants-David Wilcock & Winston Shrout-Commercial Liens Against Central Banks Explained
      http://www.youtube.com - Put in search box: Bill Wood & Eva Moore with Lisa Harrison, posted 5/16/12 (Information about Obama)
      http://www.divinecosmos.com - David Wilcock website has detailed information about the background to current financial tyranny
      http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com - Regular updates from many sources; use your own discretion & pay close attention to your intuition
      http://www.freedomreigns.us - County Localization Project – creating healthy communities; check for upcoming radio shows re: Drake
      http://www.blogtalkradio.com - Updates with Drake and Freedom Reigns (type in search box: Drake updates) Revised 5/16/12
      By the way, as we see what we desire, the desired outcome, as already having been accomplished -- it is so. We totally need to FEEL the essence of this in the core of our being. Go for it!