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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oakie Oilman - Is He a Bush/Cheney disinfo agent?

I have been reading the Oakie Oilman RV predictions and proclamations with great amusement.

HE HAS NOT BEEN RIGHT YET!  And how many times has he called the RV? I ran out of fingers ---- LOL! Some people just want the attention, ego maniacs with a strong wish of adulation.


We have known for some time that the Real Oakie Oil Man is allegedly a  direct cousin to Cheney. He receives most of his intel and direction allegedly from the Bush/Cheney's camp. And we all Know For A Fact that the Bush/Cheney camp biggest purpose is serve Disinfo To The People.


To get us frustrated and disheartened. We is being led like donkeys by tidbits of carrots - but they never give us the carrot. Good intel crap as we say!

The Dinar RV is tied in with the Global Settlements, Prosperity Programs and the GOLD backed Treasury. This WILL bankrupt the Federal Reserve bankers and that is why Bush/Cheney camp are throwing in all these road blocks and disinfo.

Now remember when Oakie Oilman was given the authority to announce the RV. Now where did that authority come from? Then he disappears --- yea right!  Give us a break!!!!

Per the rumors on the street.

It is alleged that the lastest coup for him is the revealing of Wells Fargo status and RV Rate on the internet. THIS IS ILLEGAL INSIDER TRADING INFO and a normal citizen would be arrested on this. Fortunately Oakie Oilman has 'connections'!

It is also alleged the Chinese (Who control WF) were livid. And they paused the RV process because of this.

It is also alleged that Oakie Oilman's actions caused a delay in the Currency RV process,  ---- Geeee he is doing what the Bush/Cheney camp assigned him to do!

Oakie - wonder how many silver doubloons you have been paid by Bush/Cheney Camp for all this?

I am disappointed that the other Dinar Intel Gurus are allowing this character to play his game!

John MacHaffie  ---- HIS humble servant
Telling it like it is!


  1. Seriously?? We've been seeing rates and dates for over 2 years now and suddenly it's 'insider trading' and 'someone' is livid - really?

    This reads like lamestream news to me - pitting one group against another while all the while hiding the truth. Now we have dinar guru against dinar guru hoping the masses follow along and start to eat their leaders.

    From where I sit it all unfolded perfectly ... have the usual guy 'call it' once again then all the rest of the guru's will (like clockwork) call him out, that should keep the 'story' going for yet another week. All theatrics for the masses. And, make no mistake, someone, somewhere profited from the theatrics!

    John, I hope you'll decide to step above the nonsense.

    1. I have and I will step above it. I am motivated towards helping others, not lying to them.

    2. Dinarians,

      Maybe this will be awesome news that was shared with me, and if you haven't gotten it, here it is:

      Is the US Congress credible enough for you?


    3. This kinda makes sense to me now John. I do remember some while back in the chat room he was asked about the relationship with Bush/Cheney?? Don't remember but it was about a year ago and I think there was also reference to a picture around the internet where he was standing right behind Bush/Cheney at a speech. Don't recall exactly but what you are saying would really explain why he keeps calling it week after week. Thanks for the information. I know you are trying to help because I know you are a "good guy". Just by what you have posted in the past years and your neutrality and integrity through the years. I know we can all be fooled once or twice and that's only human to make a an error in judgement, but not often are people fooled over and over unless they are really "lost or naive".

  2. Bravo John! Thank you for posting this. I have often wondered exactly how Okie is benefiting from all of his shenanigans and how much he was pulling in from Dinar sales referrals and lay aways.

    Seems to me that ALL the dinar sites are linked to Dinar dealers or directly own the dealership they are promoting. Why else have "Guru's" who constantly promote this week, Mon, Tues, Thursday, and for sure by Sunday? We justify the rediculousness of this idea by saying that it is not legal for them to do so, yet this has been going on consistently every week for almost a year.

    I know that research has been done and several have posted on the forums who owns what. There are a few who I believe to be honest and invested in providing correct and literate information. Med, mailman, and 8ball appear to be legitimate intel providers. The others? Not so sure about their agenda.

    Thanks for posting this John. Your blog just gets better everyday.

    1. I think one of the ways they have fooled dinarians to no end is all the hogwash about how Okie is such a devout Christian and so on and so forth. Trying to portray him as "god" believer and that he's only trying to help! I'm not so sure any more.

  3. Finally, Good on ya for posting this. There is of course more to the story but your getting there at least. This stupid its coming its coming (for years now) was beginning to grind my gear and its about time the sheep wake up.. Even if its to another mirror for now.

  4. Think, he goes by the name Okie Oilman.. oilman as in works in the oil fields? or could it be owner? Yes, the bush's are directly tied to oil too right? Makes sense to me especially if he is related to George Bush. I have seen ponzi schemes online proclaiming wealth for the investors and every time they dangle the carrot. Frequently giving reports of something major happening soon but it never happened also there would also be the idea of bringing help to those in need in the world too. When I would read these things I was reminded of those and no one ever got rich from any of them although some did make much more than they invested during the time they were promoting to suck in more suckers..They had to make it look good so they needed to pay out to some! More convincing that way! a few made a little money but those who were not savvy in the game lost their investments.

  5. Good post but whoever wrote this needs to go back to school and learn grammar. The sentence beginning with We is..........how could you be so dumb?

    It's a known fact that the Bush cabal gets a percentage of dinar's sold so do you think we will ever see an RV? If you were in their shoes would you give up the percentage income? Not going to happen until people quit buying dinar...........

  6. John, have to disagree with you on this one. No one person can bring the RV to a halt as it is a total Global Reset situation. It makes no sense to say that China halted this because of one man's statement. China wants this more than we do, they want their money to be paid back from this US! The process has just not been completed yet for the Global Reset, so people that are just looking for this RV and not on a broader horizon, tend to look to place blame on someone. Of course the PTB could be holding up the whole reset to hold on to power a bit longer, but the world governemnts will not put up with that much longer.
    Yes, I have listened to many different Guru's that quickly showed their true colors and the money grubers that they are, selling health care, trust funds, receiving % of Dinars sold, selling instant text alerts. Their supposed intel calls turned into nothing but "sales calls". It disgusts me!
    There is one thing that a Guru reported that caught my attention. This is the first time I heard anyone mention a "Pentagon Source", which said this will be over Monday. Basically I figure that will be when major players that could be holding this up, would be gathered at the Nato summit. Maybe they can take them down all at once.


    2. their world is about to CRASH...do not underestimate what they will or will not do....remember this as the days come closer for you have not heard the last of their sorry tales that will spin out of control as they BEG for forgiveness!
      GAME OVER and TYVM john for posting this at this 11th hour!

      Historian speaks out - GET TEAM CC

      Historian speaks out about "intel" givers causing this RV to be delayed. Start listening at 70 min mark. She is excellent.


  7. Okie seems like an old geezer who gets his facts wrong, frequently. I don't think anybody is stupid enough to follow him and buy or sell dinar based on his posts. Now are people stupid enough to do what guru's like Med, Doc, Randy Koonce and Kaerponi say? Yeah, they are.

    Plus, all the way through your article you misspelled "Okie".

    1. Oh really --- must be another person! Mistaken identity perhaps.

    2. you are splitting hairs....okie has always been spelled many different ways? who cares!

      LOOK @ the FACTS re. his associates (friends of a feather FLOCK together)!?!?!?!

      STOP BEING SO NAIVE....that is exactly what they are betting on....the sheeple following their mouth-piece, again - again - again....DRAMA at its finest!

  8. Just ignore HIM, I DO! He probably does work for the cabal leaders, he's definitley messed with a lot of of minds and broke many spirits! Sounds like evil to me!

  9. http://dinaroutcast.forumotion.com/t7924p250-world-economy-part-2rumors

  10. I, for one, am sick to death of Okie's drama... He has lost all credibility in my opinion and I take what he says with the proverbial 'grain of salt'.

    His claims that he has been 100% accurate, just 'ahead of the game' is pure bunk... nobody can corroborate anything he has 'called' in the past... and we surely have not seen anything accurate coming from him in months.

    Anybody who is that close to Cheney is suspect... Bush, Cheney and all the rest of them deserve a dark spot in hell.

  11. Really, does this guy really have this much influence within the community??? I always thought he was considered the Jester with the reoccurring juggling acts...

    True Economics & mechanics of agency involvement paints the realistic picture. The more strategic partners involved/contracted with Iraq dictates a majority level of control and its outcome... They will have value to their currency soon, yet depending what hand is forced to play first may allow us to benefit.

    There have never been any true articulately detailed policy or in depth financial history attached to most of Intel's insight, just headlines. Yet always "get ready somethings different today" mentalities. (lead by faith scenarios)

    Bottom line is Iraq requires USD to function, so how ever you market this under the sheets is working and with USA political mechanisms allowing us to purchase in the first place. Great that our government allows us to take the risk of suppling US currency
    to Iraq as needed and our potential for gains and US stimulation resulting in foreign reserves. How could OUR government allow this not to happen when it seems like their design? Politics, Globalization & radical times of change and recovery should provide plausible indication. We are truly on a risk investment from our position & hope for the best... The only other risk is the GOI & the people conforming into complete westernized rehabilitation in a record time... at our expectations. Pretty sure they've been kicked out of the car & everyone else is driving!
    Its still their car.

  12. Hello John,

    I have been reading your blog for about a year. I like the way you produce such a high volume of unfiltered info. I understand the current world situation in comprehensive detail and am invested in the future beyond IQD.
    Okie says the same kind of BS over and over, misrepresents the results, and then plays the victim when people question or criticize him. Okie has marginalized himself and probably is only concerned about his decreasing effectiveness to misinform.
    I have noticed a virtual flood of conflicting information in the last few weeks. I take this as a sign of desperation on the part of the Cabal, and am encouraged by this. If we could get the well meaning followers/posters of IQD info, to step out of the forest and realize that their narrow focus plays into the disinformation campaign of the Cabal, and refocus on the IQD within the complete context of a world that is nearing the end of an almost 50 year silent war, then we could deal a significant intelligence blow to the people who are on the losing end of this war.
    Respectfully, Craig R

  13. How on earth could an RV 'intel' guru's statements possibly delay the RV of over 100 currencies worldwide? Or the reading on conf calls of boring articles on Iraq, one after another about Irag's economy, politics, et al which have NOTHING to do with the RV? How is it possible that one nation, Iraq (controlled totally by the cabal located in the district of criminals in Wash DC) could hold up the worldwide RV of well over 100 other nations? Just because we have some pretty misinformed/uninformed self-appointed RV 'gurus' providing religiously all their always incorrect 'intel' doesn't mean that their subject matter is anywhere near or on target to the TRUTH of what is going on behind the scenes, folks. Doesn't it make sense that when the same 'intel sources' provide the same incorrect info time and time again that perhaps we are being purposely led off track to cover up the TRUTH? Sniff around DC! There's a more than 100% possibility that something really important, enough to hold up an RV for over 100 nations worldwide, may be in process right here on US soil. Makes more sense to me than reading worthless articles and spreading the exact same false 'intel' over and over and over again. Now WBO would be so arrogant, self-centered and selfish enough to want to postpone an RV affecting over 100 nations worldwide solely to benefit HIMSELF while the rest of the world suffers for it?

  14. The post said something about Chinese being involved with Wells Fargo.......I read in the paper or heard on one of the news channels that they are buying half of Bank of America. Are you sure it is WF instead of BOA?

    Some of the BOA's in Texas are not cashing dinar. Herad that straight from BOA.

    1. Any information about whether or not banks are "cashing dinar" is completely moot until after the RV. That is the only time we will get a straight story.

    2. Chinese have controlling interest in Wells Fargo and also BOA.

  15. Either Okie (short for Oklahoma, by the way... not related to a tree) is a well-intentioned, if not a little naive, gentle men with connections, who is a little over-zealous to get us some behind-the-scenes info, or he is a Bush crony who is really good at pretending to be a Christian. IF you've been around long enough, you've heard him on various conference calls, including prayer meetings, and would discern that he is not the latter - he is not a crook. Naive and over-zealous? Probably. A crook and a disinfo agent? Nah.

    This is not "insider trading", by the way - it's simply speculation on a currency change in value... not regulated by the SEC. It's simply a currency speculation. We can guess wrong or we can guess right. I believe we have guessed right.

      He put out advance info on the Dinar and WF before it gone live. Do your homework!