Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obama’s America Is Ripe For The Slaughter

Obama’s America Is Ripe For The Slaughter
Written on Friday, December 20, 2013 by Janna Brock
President Obama is reminiscent of the spoiled Babylonian King Belshazzar in the book of Daniel. America is the Babylonian Empire, oblivious to the threat of invasion and slaughter. In Daniel Chapter Five, Belshazzar is feasting, reveling in his glory. Then out of nowhere, a hand appears and a strange message is written on a wall. Belshazzar cannot interpret the message and summons Daniel, since he is the only one who can decipher it.
The handwriting on the wall said, “You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.” The message also predicted the Babylonian kingdom would fall to the hands of the Persians and the Medes. That very night, King Belshazzar was killed and Babylon conquered. The party was over, amidst the mirage of splendor and grandeur. This is 2013 America. A country surrounded by her enemies, both from within and abroad, and a tyrant playing President in the White House. Obama’s destiny is to destroy this country and he is succeeding. The writing is on the wall, but is anyone listening?
It might take a slaughter to get people to wake up to the fact that America as we know it is gone. Though still seemingly functional structurally, the country is a wreck. America is more vulnerable than ever. Comfort breed complacency. When the people only care about satisfying their own needs, the truth becomes secondary. America has become a land where “self” is the only thing that matters, not sacrifice.
The United States has sold out her most trusted ally, Israel, in a treachery that would make Shakespeare shudder. Putting a knife to Israel’s back, the Obama Administration embraced Islam. Opening dialogue with the rogue nation of Iran, securing them a right to nuclear weapons, puts the very livelihood of Israel in peril, not to mention the United States. But not only did the Obama Administration guarantee Iran a bomb, they did so while thumbing their nose at Israel. The Iranians would not hesitate to launch a nuclear weapon at the United States. With Russia’s help, the regime could have a bomb in no time. Then America, like Babylon, will be captured and decimated in one night.
Obama is willingly and openly aiding our sworn enemies, funding al-Qaeda in Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In an outrageous move, he sent $1.6 billion in aid to Pakistan, a known Taliban hotspot. His foreign policy actions have been foolish to the point of sheer recklessness. It is as if he is desperately trying to sink this ship that is America and have her go down by the head. If America was the Titanic, the ship would have split in half by now.
Domestically, the United States is imploding. As if the country wasn’t ripe for the slaughter from a foreign enemy, an equally savvy enemy lurks within. Obamacare is a disaster of epic proportions. But it was an orchestrated disaster, one that was well choreographed. As Ted Cruz wrote in a op-ed for USA Today on December 11th, “President Obama promised that if this law was passed, you could keep your plan, you could keep your doctors, and your premiums would go down. Each of those promises has proved false.”
Yes, Obamacare is a nightmare that most people are just waking up to. But the other side of it is far more sinister. The truth is that this debacle is a distraction. What is really happening is everyone is turning on each other, and the GOP is about to rip itself limb from limb. There is no one to save this country from the slaughter. No super politician will rise up to rescue America from the slovenly, depraved ashes of Obama. While he poses for “selfies” with other pompous politicians, he further proves that we the people are the foolish ones. The ones who let our guard down and invited a self-indulgent, self-appointed “king” into the White House to ruin us.
He ignited the fuse for implosion. Establishment Republicans have declared war on the Tea Party conservatives. GOP Representative Peter King from
New York told Politico on December 16th that his Political Action Committee (PAC) is,a vehicle that will enable me to go around the country to try to find like-minded Republicans who do not support a government shutdown, who do not support Ted Cruz’s whole idea of a government shutdown, of Rand Paul being isolationist.” Peter King, along with others including John McCain and Mitch McConnell, have openly waged war with the very people in their own party, guaranteeing a split.
The truth of the matter is American conservatism is dying, and the worst part is that those who have been elected as “Conservatives,” are working to see it expire. While Obama sows discord at every turn, those who should know better are also ripping at each other’s throats. Obama aims to tear America down. He helped water the seeds of strife that were already there from the beginning of his Presidency, ensuring the House of Cards would collapse on itself.
At every vantage point, Obama’s America is hopelessly vulnerable. One semi-able predator could come in and bring this country, teetering on a house built upon shifting sand, crashing to the ground. America is ripe for the slaughter, having squandered everything that was bought with blood, sweat, and tears. A foreign enemy could easily come in and knock out our lights with a nuclear bomb, or something smaller. A flicker would ignite mass chaos.
What happened to bring this country to the point of slaughter? Fatness, laziness, and apathy. Americans have indulged their appetites for immorality, and we’ve turned our backs on God. We invited the enemy in, courted him, and befriended him. Now he will kill us. President Obama represents everything that is corrupt and vile. But we the people are a reflection of our leaders. In 2013, Obama’s America is ripe for the slaughter, just like the opulent civilizations of the past. History will repeat itself and it will surely be brutal.



  1. Israel is the enemy. So is obozo. I read no further than you claiming Israel is our friend.

  2. hahahahahaha....your presidents.... yes your presidents plural, have been doing this to america for a long time, wake up for goodness sakes, trying to blame something that has taken decades to ochestrate, on one man, is childishness