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Channel Panel with God, Ashtar and St. Germain with transcript notes - 3-12-14

Channel Panel with God, Ashtar and St. Germain with transcript notes - 3-12-14

Channel Panel with God, Ashtar and St. Germain


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Channel Panel Call 12-Mar-2014 - Transcript courtesy of Adept1
Welcome, this is Anne Dehart in Southern AZ, for our Wednesday night gathering.  I see that the lines are already overflowing!  We are gathering with Dr. Kathryn E May with Mother/Father God and guests – probably St Germain, who never goes far from his beloved Lady Portia.  The other guests we don’t know about yet.
Dr. Kathryn May is a clinical psychologist in the New York area;  when younger, she realized she had extra gifts that nobody understood, but now she uses them to help usher in the Golden Age.  Her website is;  her book of the same name has been described as “a manual of ascension”.  Kathryn has been traveling, most recently to Atlanta, and now she is working from her home, which is much easier for you.
Kathryn:  Anne has a wonderful website as well, called, where she posts updates and breaking news, and other channelings.  There is also information about how to order laminine and soul seed that we’ve been hearing so much about.
We are back home in NY and Noeve is excited to be in school with other kids.  Our next adventure is in Puerto Rico.  That will be posted soon on the website as soon as Anne has time.  She’s been putting in all-nighters for a while now, so please do NOT post anything on the website tonight.  We do have the Facebook page:  HealingforAscensionTour, and that’s where to find the latest dates and times.  We’ll be in Puerto Rico on 27-March, I’ll be giving presentations over the weekend, and then we will stay for a week to teach visual centering, and the Lady Portia, God and Guests presentations in the evening, and also some healing sessions.  That will be fun;  I’m looking forward to it.  We will have helpers:  Maire Monet and Claudio Alvarez (our Spanish translator) will both translate for me.  That will be a new endeavor;  we haven’t tried that before. I speak some Spanish but not enough to do a presentation, so it will be a challenge and quite fun.
After that we may go to Florida.  The best way is for people to host us so we don’t have to deal with hotels and rental cars.  It’s much easier if we can stay with folks, and much more fun for us.  We have other places on the agenda we haven’t been to yet…
Anne:  Have you found a place to stay in Puerto Rico where you and Gabriella and Noeve can stay together, maybe on the beach?  Has that materialized?
Kathryn:  Nothing final as yet.  The conference is in San Juan, and we’ll be near there.  There will be two other lightworkers with us:  Tall Mark and Meg in Atlanta.  She is a wonderful organizer, put together the Atlanta meetings within two days and it went like clockwork!  She is now working with us.  Mark is a wonderful healer, and he and I just fall into step. We’re working out a new version of the visual centering classes where he can also use his healing powers.  In Atlanta, we found that people had incredible shifts.  They walked in looking like themselves and walked out looking like new people.  The combination was so powerful!  And Mark is the incarnation of Maitreya, and you can see that he is powerful.  We just hugged each other with mutual love the minute we met. WE just hit it off immediately and later we were told that he is Maitreya, which he was not aware of.  In Eastern teachings, Maitreya is known as the ‘future Buddha’.  He is well-known in Hinduism and Buddism, and he is associated with Quan Yin – not her twin flame but a colleague.  And he will be working with us in Puerto Rico;  we’re putting that together at the end of the month.  It’s easy to do:  miracles happen and everything slips into place as it was meant to be.  We are manifesting it.
Now, tonight… I was asking who would be with us tonight, and got a whoosh of excitement.  Ashtar will be here to follow up on the message he gave me the other night that knocked our socks off, and about what is developing as a result of that.  We will also hear about passengers from Flight 370, where they are and how they’re doing. I bet that Father God wants to make a comment about that, too.  I think Ashtar’s going to give us an explanation of how they planned this and what’s behind it, and St Germain wants to come tonight, too.  It’s really exciting;  there is so much going on. 
St Germain came to me on Monday before I heard from Ashtar, and I felt the excitement as he said, “We are making fabulous progress on NESARA.” Then I talked to Ashtar and he told me about the cigar-shaped UFO, the “weapon”, the Sky Dreadnought (dread-not)… <laughter> We are going to hear more about that.  The information is posted on the Facebook page, and along with that is some very relevant information:  there was a radar clip someone got hold of, and you see flight 370 flying north across Malaysia.  It gets just to the northeast shore and it starts to waver to one side and then the other, then back again.  Meanwhile, there are two planes on the radar;  they come across the screen, and one goes off out of sight, but the other suddenly speeds up to 4-5 times the speed of the other airplanes, and then it suddenly stops and stands still.  This is not the way our airplanes move, but do you hear anyone talking about this, in the media?  They don’t know what to do with such a hot potato! 
Maybe the plane turned around and went somewhere else, but if you look at the radar, it’s obvious that this plane wavered, stopped and the plane vanished off the radar.  Then the airliner vanishes, seconds later.  So we posted that on the Facebook page.  

Anne:  It’s also posted on Hollow Earth Network and, with Ashtar’s signature picture, so it’s going worldwide through our network, too.
Kathryn:  Well, I sent it out to about 4,500 people and it’s posted on the Facebook page;  some of those might overlap.
Anne:  Other light-workers are sending it out to their groups as well… Father God told me once that we are reaching millions of people.  We just don’t realize the extent.
Kathryn:  Well, I got an email immediately after it happened, asking if I knew what happened to the plane, and a few minutes after that Ashtar spoke to me, saying that first the families will find out what happened. Once the families know, Ashtar will have something to day about that.
Anne:  I was speaking to Athena on the phone, and she said, “Oh, here’s a message from Kathryn” and there was your message.  Well, Athena is Ashtar’s twin flame, and that is what she was getting ready to tell me!  So I had it on both ears at the same time.
Kathryn:  I hoped that she would confirm that.   Things are really beginning to cook. This plan that they dreamed up is both clever and hilarious!  Some will say, “Oh, that’s not nice to play tricks” but how on earth are you going to beat the cabal apart from being more clever, faster on your feet, and come up with these amazing intrigues to put them back on their heels.  
Anne:  That Turner Radio Network thing has gone viral on its own;  I’ve seen it several places on the internet, for other sources that are not from light-workers.  I’m glad that Ashtar said it was a playful thing and acknowledged the authorship of it, because it lifts the responsibility from those who were passing it around. And it’s not Ted Turner’s network!  It’s from Turner Radio Network, an obsolete name that was used at one time.  Ted Turner is Turner Broadcasting, and the name Ted never appears.  I put quotes around ‘Turner’ so that it does not reflect back on Ted.
Kathryn:  I wonder… I’m sure they did that purpose too, to get people’s attention.  He’s been an activist all his life!  Maybe he’d like to step up.  I’m sure he’s heard of it by now.
Anne:  You may have a new guest next week, if Ted contacts us!  May he will;  maybe he’d like to put out some of this information.  This is his opportunity to raise his flag…
Kathryn:  Ashtar is really excited;  he wants to come and talk to us.  Let’s let him have his say!
Ashtar:  Yes, it is I, Ashtar!  Kathryn noticed I was champing at the bit to talk to all of you.  We are all whooping and hollering on the ship – this was quite a coup!  First, I want to let everybody know that the passengers on flight 370 are absolutely delighted spending time in Hollow Earth.  And when they come back, they will have quite a story to tell.  They will be interviewed on television, and stations all over will want to find out where they were and how it happened.  In case the cigar-shaped UFO that is now assigned to hover over every conflict on the planet, in case that hasn’t made enough impact, when the people come back from Hollow Earth they are going to give everyone an earful.  They now know all about our galactic plans, and how eager we are to put an end to war.  They were more than happy about the idea that they will be the poster children for peace on earth.  They have asked us to please use them as “hostage” to create leverage, to insist that governments all over the world must not only turn over all their WMD, but also agree to enacting NESARA law around the world in every country. 
Now this may take a little arm-twisting and negotiations, and we’ve had to wait for a few days while the thousands of people, ships, helicopters, etc., from 12 or 14 different countries, scour the ocean looking for evidence that they crashed – which of course they won’t find.  They picked up a few plastic bottles or something, and thought that this might be evidence.  Of course there is no evidence because there was no plane crash.  We scooped up the airplane, as we have done before, took it to Hollow Earth, and all are safe and sound.  It is a shame that the families are suffering, and that we wish we could to put an end to quickly.  If any of you know anyone in Malaysia or China, if you know any of the families, please get the information to them:  the families are safe and sound in the loving hands of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL).  They are being wined and dined (although we don’t drink wine but have better replacements);  they are being well cared for and they are having the time of their lives.  And, you know, none of them have ridden on a pterodactyl! 
There is more excitement and I will give you another bit of information.  Many had their cell phones with them, and we also have their luggage, with their adaptors, and such.  We are able to tap into the networks, so eventually they will be able to send messages to their loved ones.   First, though, these crews who are SURE they will find some evidence, must finish scouring the entire Asian continent.  There are stories about “maybe the airline turned around and went back across Malaysia” but of course they didn’t.  It’s very obvious on the radar that our ships were just off the coast, anticipating… We did actually choose this airliner itself because of the group of passengers who were there.  When we captured the airliner, we were very careful.  There was no harm to the airliner or the passengers or crew.  They hardly felt a bump.  We can catch and carry a large airliner with no problems;  our ships are enormous.  We were disguised are airplanes in shape as we flew across Malaysia to position ourselves closely enough to capture the plane.  It vanishes suddenly from the radar.  You have seen it;  they have seen it.  Those radar pictures have been suppressed but thanks to the internet you all have it now.  Many have posted it;  so many have it now that they cannot suppress it.  There is the proof. 
Yes, we need another name for our ships besides UFO. We are not ‘unidentified’;  we are flying objects, I suppose, but we do need another term.  How about federation ships?  We are no longer from outer space, we are right here in your atmosphere, although we did originate from all over the universe.  Let me tell you our plan.  We are going to use the cigar-shaped ships, the one that was over the Ukraine that was filmed and posted everywhere, too.  There will be better films to come.  Of course, there are trouble spots in the world that are not easy for our light-workers to reach, or for film crews, either.  Syrian, Somalia, there are no more American reporters there.  You will notice that anywhere a conflict kicks up, you will be seeing this ship, and people will start to associate any sort of war-mongering, any conflict and/or withdrawal of troops with the appearance of our ships.  Already Putin is taking his troops back to their barracks – a wise decision on his part.  And now, if necessary, we will begin lasering a few tanks or weapons – never when there is anyone around, of course.  There are many storage areas out in the open, and we can just melt a few tanks or weapons, and see if that hits the news.
There are a few pictures on the Internet showing that we have already destroyed underground storage facilities that were holding weapons of types that you might not even be aware of.  They are defunct now, but you don’t see that on the television news, do you?  It’s interesting how they can suppress this.  You would think it would it would be big news if a 600’ storage place holding all kinds of weapons has been eliminated.  You would think that if several have been destroyed this would draw the attention of local news.  It did create quite a flash!  They managed to suppress that, too, and it give you an idea of who controls the media.  Of course we will put a stop to that.  We had to work around it… you liked our clever use of the old Turner Network, and it seems a nice way to begin.  As I mentioned in the message to Kathryn the other night, it was sort of an elbow in the ribs to Ted Turner, hoping he would sign up and help us get the word out.  But as you said, there is information on his desk, or those of the people on the ground.
Let’s see, where will I pick up to let you in on more of our information. Many will have read our message and I want to fill you in a bit.  There is of course a large connection between the cigar-shaped ship and flight 370 and the introduction of the NESARA law, which will shift the entire planet to a new way of governing.  We are so excited, we are beside ourselves at this opportunity.  WE had to take it into our hands because of the new blackout.  We aren’t ready to take over all the stations as we promised;  that is coming, though. 
We wanted to do this a bit more gradually.  The capture of the flight, the announcement of the UFO, and its capabilities… you know that this story has been handed up the line and that there are now any number of military leaders having apoplexy at having been boxed into a corner. What can they do now?  Do they dare ignore it?  They’ll try to do that for a little while.  Do they dare ignore an airliner that disappeared so close together – is there a connection, they are asking.  Well, of course there is!  Now some of them are getting our infamous description of the awesome weaponry that is available on this ship.  Of course, we will never use our beams to wipe out whole countries and repopulate them – of course this is nonsense, but it does sound pretty frightening, doesn’t it, especially to the cabal because that is exactly what they would like to be able to do.  You bet they are jealous!  And they appreciate the power and the absolute control that is possible when you have such technology.   That’s the way their minds work here on planet earth because everyone’s thinking has been contaminated by the cabal, their paranoia and the dark way they operate, and the constant control and who is going to control what? 
We do not see ourselves as controlling anyone.  We offer our strength, the technology we have developed over millions of years, and we offer it for your protection, well-being and the good of all.  We offer to help you gain your freedom. WE are delighted to do this finally for the inhabitants of planet earth.  We do this by agreement with Prime Creator and the various Councils that have consulted about these things for centuries now.  We have finally been given the green light to help out. 
As you can tell, we have used restraint.  Our help has been subtle and suggestive, but not in anyone’s face up until now.  It’s time to make it more obvious, and I can tell you we had a very good time writing that piece, creating it to show the world what an awesome ship we have and what it’s capable of, and how they’d better listen up because now all those puny little weapons even the secret governments of the United States and those European families with their strangle hold on the planet for centuries… you can bet they were experiencing shock and awe, because nothing they produced comes even close to what we have and what we take for granted because we’ve had this technology for eons – long enough to know you cannot keep peace by making war.   We have no intention of intervening in a war;  we have never done that on planet earth.  We do not intervene in your wars, or bless one side or the other.  We do show ourselves to remind people what they are doing is dangerous and unacceptable.
We have a program now that any time there is a ‘duck-duck’ on the planet, it does leak out that people are seeing the cigar-shaped UFO. Now there will be websites about this UFO, getting out the information, and eventually everyone will know about it.  In the next phase, we are looking to create an environment in which we will contact all the leaders of all the countries and let them know (especially the ones with citizens on the plane) that we are open to negotiating with them, and that the passengers will be freed when they have signed the NESARA law in their country. As soon as this gets out, that will be the next challenge.  We’ll need some help with that. As soon as the world understands that the ‘hostages’ will not be returned until the law has been signed into effect, people will begin to hustle.  They will fall all over themselves to negotiate… or drag their feet… or agree but not actually sign it.  We know all their tricks and we will be putting on the pressure.  Of course we are not holding the passengers against their will, and if they want to go home, we will send them.  But many are determined to stick it out until the last paper is signed because they are delighted to be the ones who will bring about world peace. They are now the diplomats or representatives of their countries, and if we don’t get some action you’ll be hearing from some of them. They are out-spoken, they are well-spoken, they are dedicated, and they really understand the importance of this project.  It is an exciting time!   It is a very exciting time!  There are many levers to pull and negotiations to be arranged, and there are delicate ways of approaching this, so we don’t expect any of you to go off half-****ed and start talking about this in hysterical terms.  We are proceeding carefully, with respect to all concerned.  There will be no real threats but as you can tell, the letter we wrote carries an implied threat.  We are telling the world that we will no longer permit the destructiveness and bad behavior that has been the norm.
That’s my update for all of you.  I hope you understand.  I will repeat as many times as necessary:  we do this for the good of all, for the entire planet, and we do this with love in our hearts, for we are your brothers and sisters.  We hold you as precious in our hearts.  We know you have suffered, and we wish to help you put an end to it.  Do not think that I am saying to you that we are going to take over. It is not so.  We are not taking over anything or anyone.  We have offered our help and at any time should the passengers decide they don’t want to be involved in this, they will be taken home… but we are not going to advertise this.
The world does not understand how we operate;  many of you do not understand, because in our negotiations is the depth of love, respect and concern for all involved.  We do not make war or create division.  This is why we have taken this type of diplomatic action. We do not take sides, we simply try to arrange things so that no one is hurt.  Even the dark ones who created the problems will be given the chance to come forward and ask for help.  We will gladly give it.  We have no intention of creating dissension.  Think deeply about what we have told you and you will see how carefully thought out this is.  We have created an opportunity for people to come forward, be courageous, carry the light and join with us.  We offer our help with an invitation to join us, and of course that means the ultimate invitation to for people on the surface to join the Galactic Federation of Light.  You have not been member until now;  the planet was under the control of the cabal, and we do not permit such in the Federation.  Now blessed mother Earth will be given the opportunity to join us at last.  Of course Hollow Earth and Inner Earth are already members, and now you will finally be able to join us.
So look into your hearts when you read these messages and try to understand what we are  doing.  Do not assume this is a lie or a trick.  No!  You know that any game has strategy, and you have seen a bit of strategy on our parts, that’s all. If you were a football coach, you will teach them some intricate plays, and that’s what we have been doing.  We are on the side of Light, and our intentions are to bring you the peace and love we experience in the higher dimensions.  We wish you well, and love and happiness and joy.  We are here to stand by your side, and bring you the glorious paradise that has been promised. You have made this possible!  Do not find yourself spreading around the internet, “Oh, this a lie;  it can’t be true, because I cannot believe it!”  Why can’t it be true?  Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  It has taken a long time but we are building momentum, all of us together – not just those of us in the higher realms or on the ships, but all of us together are building momentum.  You can feel it happening.  We have crossed the line.  There will be no more nuclear warfare, destruction of planet earth or need to rescue everyone on the planet because they are in danger.  The plan has changed!  There will be no Armageddon;  it’s going to be brighter and more fun every day. 
So I come to reassure and encourage you, to cheer you up and help you change that direction that says “Oh, this doesn’t match with what someone said over here and therefore it must be lies!”  Don’t be silly.  People see this from different perspectives.  Look for the light and the successes;  look for the real change that is happening, because it is happening everywhere. Notice the disasters are waning.  Yes, you still see some vapors in the sky, but those are simply leftovers.  People think they are creating illness and control but it’s not working. There will not be a plague;  we will not permit nuclear war.  You are working with us;  together we are creating this.  Watch, listen, be aware, and put your shoulder to the wheel.  Be part of the solution, as you say!  Be part of the hope, not the one who say “I’m a skeptic, and I’m going to disprove everything criminal Ashtar says, and these horrid people who say there’s a whole through the middle of the earth!” 
Ignore those people.  Don’t read that stuff. Listen to your heart.  Let yourself be uplifted.  It is all happening!  Unfortunately, you don’t have a media to tell you about it.  There is no media that will tell you about the news, so don’t count on that.  There are sources on the internet, and these channelings;  listen carefully.  Along with the words, we send you vibrations to help you lift yourselves.  This is all about Ascension, dear ones.  It is all about raising your vibration, and if you tearing down someone else, you are not raising your own vibration. Join in uplifting yourselves;  leave behind fear and the suspicions that cause you to doubt anything that sounds good.  That’s not skepticism, that’s just close-mindedness.  Look into your heart and question:  “Am I just despairing and being negative because I’ve experienced that before?”  Well, it’s understandable if you’ve been disappointed or had a hard life.  I assure you, we are working hard on your behalf, and our beloved St Germain, who has been much maligned lately, has been working day and night to help.  We have to have fast footwork to keep ahead of the cabal;  that has been our goal, our challenge and our triumph.  
It would have been nice if it could all have happened on 21. December, 2012.  Not everything happened that day, but that was the beginning of the watershed. It has been gaining momentum ever since, this wonderful ride that will conclude in your Ascension.  That’s not an ending, but the beginning of a whole new life.  I hope I have encouraged and reassured you;  all is well, progress is being made, surprises are around the corner, and if you have an open mind and a sense of humor, you will delighted with what we have in store.  Be ready laugh, cheer, celebrate and dance in the streets.  There are wonderful things coming. Open your hearts and minds, and don’t try to figure it out according to anything you have experienced before.  It’s going to be fare more interesting, complex and wonderful than you can imagine!  I will now let my brother St Germain speak with you, and Father God as well.  Mother God has turned it over to ‘the guys’ for tonight.  There are masters here with us, and the feminine power is ascending, and we rely on the women to bring messages through to those on the ground.  We have such an effective powerful team, and all of you are part of it. Salut, everyone;  it is I, Ashtar.
Anne:  Just what we needed to hear!  Thank you, Ashtar, keep us posted on your games;  we love to hear about them.  We may want to hear from Zaraya/Zorrra first, to give Kathryn’s voice a rest.
Zaraya:  How are you?
Anne:  We’re pretty high, and having fun with this.  Ashtar said that Zorra wants to speak on the call, too.
Zaraya:  Probably after St Germain…?
Kathryn:  I’m ready;  I’ll just move over.  We can both fit in together;  we’ve practiced that. You know we hear about projects like the Jesus Project where there are multiple souls involved.  I think it’s a much more common experience than we realize, that we are able to share our bodies with someone, a soul, who is not in a body at the moment.  They can come and inhabit, so I was practicing with St Germain last night, and I felt my hands were bigger than they were before.  We used to practice where I would say “You move my arms” and my arms would levitate.  You can share your body if you trust and know and you share your body, especially with your twin flame.
We were practicing last night, where he was working with my brain, how it works. He was moving into areas of my brain and we hadn’t tried that before.  It’s more complex than moving a hand.  I think that I’ll let him work with that, what we were working on last night, and see if that helps to give more freedom for him to speak in his own idiom.  We agree on everything anyway… I have never heard him say anything I disagree with.  But we’ll see if that makes it easier for him to come through.
Anne:  It seems that he is already coming through, but you’re talking about him having more presence as opposed to him coming in over your shoulder as you’ve said before?
Kathryn:  Yeah, or it’s like I move aside and then feel his presence on the left.  When he speaks, the feeling is that I’m not in control of what’s being said.  I don’t understand how it works exactly.  We’ll see if experimenting with my brain makes any changes in this regard.
Anne:  there is always an expansion of practices, always more to be had…
St G:  Greetings, beloved Anne, Lady Nada.  It is I, St Germain.  Yes, we have been experimenting and I am very comfortable today.  I am very excited also;  Ashtar has been giving you a bit of an overview of what’s going on.  It’s exciting, isn’t it! Our dear brother Ashtar is finally able to show his brilliance.  None of us are military, exactly, but Ashtar is known as the Supreme Commander and this is where his special intelligence and humor came into paly.  What a design this is.  There are generals on earth who would be envious of his strategic abilities.  Of course, we never do anything alone.  We don’t ‘have any generals in higher dimensions;  every project is a group project, and that makes it more interesting and fun.  We did have quite a laugh as we helped him write his piece about the ‘sky dreadnought’, Ashtar’s name for his ship, or rather the Sirian ship.  That is quite a clever moniker for that ship, don’t you think?  It’s supposed to sound fearsome, but he explained the play on words:  dread-not.  Dread not, folks;  we are not planning that resembles what the cabal does.  We just like to outmaneuver them.  It is fund seeing the toy soldiers dashing about trying to figure out what to do.  They are learning lessons.  Everyone here has learned that lesson:  arrogance leads to nothing good.  It puts you in the position of hurting others, doing senseless and insensitive things.  This is not what we do.  It is possible to out-maneuver them because we would never use tactics of alienating or destroying another person or causing them pain or heartache needlessly.  We don’t do that;  we never try to take control of anyone.  And for this reason, we win friends everywhere.  We create networks.  We have people joining with us because they will never be asked to do something they regret. Imagine a life in which you never have to do anything you regret... this is our motto and our way.  We do not do things in such a way that when the end becomes clear, we can say that it was difficult and we had to do some hard things, but in the end everyone benefits.  Most of you don’t dwell in the higher dimensions, so you have only your experience to go by;  we understand that. 
We know you’ve been disappointed that these things that have been happening, like the RV dragging on, but we know that in the end you will be delighted!  We can see that ahead.  We can see that the outcome will be so brilliant and wonderful that you will say to yourselves, “Why was I complaining when it was only getting better and better?”  Yes, there were some shenanigans with the cabal, but that is not the reason for the delays.  They occurred to protect you and make sure that when your blessings come you will enjoy them and not be robbed. How awful and disappointing would it be if you were given these wonderful blessings and then the banks kept them for themselves. They could have done that, you know.  And they were trying to do that!  “Oh, well, we have no record of the five million you deposited here, sorry.  Take it to the courts.” And then they would pay the judge two million to know nothing about it.  That’s what was in the pot;  this is what they were stirring up, to steal your money.  We would not have stood for that.  Every time they came up with some new trick to rob you, like an NDA that said “if you talk about any of this, we have license to take away all your money”… well how do you think that would have been used?  There would have been chaos!  And if even one person had been robbed, that would have ruined everything.  We could not allow that, so there was a delay.  And you know how clever they are, there were lawyers everywhere, working on new strategies, new tricks.  Of course, we were trying to convince those in charge that they should back off.  Each time we thought we accomplished that, someone would create a contract or way of creating a financial instrument based on 35 pages of intricacies that would have ultimately robbed you.  That’s what was in the works, and we were trying to prevent.
So when the GCR is finally instituted, and it will be soon, and when your RV of your currencies here, the ones you will be able to cash in and receive your blessings, when it does happen, it will be simply, exquisitely joyful.  You will not have to worry about half of it being taken in taxes, as was considered a few months ago.  If your rates are not as high as you hoped, that’s not a bad thing.  The rates are lower because there have been so many taking part in this program.  As light-workers, you can enjoy sharing these blessings.  Can you resent that?  Can you possibly think that is a bad thing, that you are not getting quite as much because so many light-workers are also getting the blessings of wealth?  Those are the friends, loved ones and family members who have finally awakened. They will be sharing the wealth, and the more of you are creating this abundance the farther your reach and the safer it will be for all of you.
I can assure you, you will not need to squirrel your money away in trust for grandchildren who have not been born yet.  There will be such abundance in the coming years and months that there will be no need to for foundations, trusts, annuities and savings accounts that will come due in ten years.  Don’t bother. 
This is about NOW.  Now is the time to share, not to create a foundation and gather a board and spend a year planning what you might with the money.  Do it now!  Yes, you can create programs, because some things take a while to come to fruition.  I’m not discouraging that.  I certainly know that! It has been a while;  I started this work, the day-to-day work, of creating prosperity funds, and finding the people to administer them… it has been hundreds of years, without a break. Now, all of this is coming to the wonderful finale, and here we are, with you, close beside you, talking with you all week long… we hope that you enjoy our communications, and understand our intentions.  We have not tried to drag you along, trick you or lie to you.  No one has lied to you!  We do our best to create with you.  When we say YES, it is done, it is done.  This is how we create.  You have been taught about manifesting. You must say “It is done” and then it is done. So say it with me now, all of you:  IT IS DONE!  Our abundance is here!  We are celebrating our new Golden Age together! 
And this how it is done.  It is not a mystery.  We have not been teasing you or lying to you… of course we haven’t!  We have been encouraging you, telling you what the difficulties were all along.  Of course we haven’t laid it all out, that would have taken a map the size of the globe and million hours to describe some of it.  We tried to give you the tone, and described what we are overseeing.  You are the boots on the ground.  I talk to you through my twin flame as many of the Masters do, friends and familiar colleagues.  We love to talk with you, and you are creating it.  We give suggestions, help, emotional support and love.  We nourish you with our love, and when you open your hearts, you become brilliantly effective, powerful and able to make this happen.  It is you;  we cannot do it ourselves. You have no idea how powerful you are in an human body, when you combine your mind and heart, you ARE the creator race.  You are masters.  Stand up on your hind legs, and join with me. I never want to hear anyone say again “when are they going to do this?”   I turn back and say “When are YOU going to do this?! 
You cannot do this alone and we cannot do it alone either.  We are in this together.  Never imagine that it’s anything but that.  We are a team!  We are all masters;  use your mastery and vision.  Use your creativity to manifest what you want.  This is the path to Ascension and also to great happiness. If you don’t like how long it’s taking, speed it up! Join with us, and now, let’s do it together. I am going to count from three to one, and say “It is DONE!”  When we do that, I want you to envision all your favorite images of what prosperity will mean.  Giving our money on the street corner?  Giving checks so your grandchildren can go to college?  Helping your children find a beautiful place to raise their children?  Helping your neighbors, an elderly person who wants to live in a protected community?  Helping mothers to find care for their children and themselves?  Helping the children buy a bicycle, buy books?  Sending children to school with a good lunch?  Do something that will raise a person’s spirits and speed them on their way.  Think not about the color car you want to buy for yourself – well, you can do that briefly.  What matters is not what you do for yourself, although it’s good to lift your own heart, too. When you celebrate your blessings, know that this is not about the money.  It’s about camaraderie, triumph and freedom.  If you have been enslaved by financial systems, then we must help you free yourself by doing something that simply overwhelms the financial system. 
Now you know that the Federal Reserve Bank is going out of business.  It’s hardly made the news apart from announcements that the Chinese may buy the FR, in order to bury it.  The Federal Reserve Bank doesn’t really exist apart from the privileges it allowed the people in charge.  Once it is dissolved, there are not privileges or money, there is no real power except for what was given to it and to the families that owned the bank. It was just a scam.  So what they would be buying is the name, and they would get rid of it.  If that is the only way to get rid of it, they will agree to do that, and they will use prosperity funds to do so.
Do we turn over the money to the cabal?  Of course not.  We do have our way.  We are arranging behind the scenes to create a NESARA world. You heard Ashtar talk about the leverage we are creating.  Well, some of you might say “how distasteful to use people to extract promises.” How else will you convince leaders of countries who are smug in their power and think they control everything.  What kind of uprising will occur if the president of that country decides that he is not going to repatriate his own citizens?  How long will he stay in power?  We have to play their game, but we do it with love, and love will triumph.  The love of those passengers on flight 370, they will never forget this adventure.  The families who welcome them back, their hearts will swell with love and pride when their family members come home and bring peace to Mother Earth.  Would you not sacrifice a week or two of absence from your loved ones, even the fear that they might be gone, would you not be willing to suffer that if you knew your beloved would be bringing home peace to your country and to your world.  I don’t know of any families who would deny that;  I don’t know of any mothers who would not be proud beyond anything they felt before to know that their child would be the one to bring such wonderful news or create such change by their own loving actions. 
Think of it!  I have heard many say “I wish I’d been on that airplane!”  yes, indeed.  It will be a magnificent time ahead.  Now, I’m sure there are many questions that people have, and I know Father God would like to fill in.  I will step aside, and let’s hear from the others.  Namaste, all.  I am your St Germain.
Anne:  Namaste, St Germain.  Thank you!  What a saga we’re witnessing, in real living color! WE are the privileged ones to know the inside story, and to watch it play out…  I can open up Father God’s line, and also open people for questions.  What would you prefer?
Kathryn:  I bet Father God has some inside information about those passengers. Let’s ask him!
Zorra:  Indeed, beloved Masters!  And how be you? 
What has been said has been quite interesting and informative. Concerning the craft on the radar before changing shape, it was a disk shape before, and then to blend in it took on the appearance of another jet.  Anyway, what transpired there was that before the take off of the Malaysian aircraft, there was maintenance that was not well done on the aircraft.  It took off and when it got over the coastline it experienced hydraulic failure. It banked to the left and to the right, and it had difficulty with its flaps. It gained altitude, contrary to the direction of where it was wanting to go. As it started gaining altitude, the flaps were fixed in a position to raise the craft.  If it had continued, it would have taken a quick journey into the stratosphere and into space.  It would have not reached that altitude because it would have been destroyed.  Ashtar dispatched the craft to intercept, which it did.  It suspended it in mid-air and that was perplexing to the air traffic controllers, seeing this craft at 30,000 feet.
Anyway, when the ship was suspended, they boarded the aircraft and gave the opportunity for people to make a decision.  One was to make the transition to 5th dimension, and the other was to go on board the aeroship that has suspended the ship.  Many decided to go on board the Ashtar vessel and they were granted that opportunity.  The others that chose to transition were allowed to remain on the aircraft, which took a nosedive directly into the ocean. 
Kathryn:  They found no wreckage;  was that on purpose?
Zorra:  Indeed.  That is what transpired. The people who went aboard the Ashtar vessel were quite happy.  They were with their star brothers and sisters, and overjoyed at their union.  The ones who went down with the aircraft are in full 5th dimensional bodies already.
Anne: It’s hard to believe they chose that.
Zorra:  They did, by oversoul contract.
Anne:  How many, Father God?
Zorra:  The aircraft was a full flight, and 75% are aboard the Ashtar ships, and 25% are in full 5th dimensional bodies now.
Kathryn:  Thank you for that information. There were 200 or so people on the flight.
Zorra:  The one called the Dreadnought, they tried to describe that as a US military weapons system.  If it had been a US military aircraft, would it not have been instantly shot at?  Think of that.  So what took place before it appeared was a transmission to the Russian Air Command from the ship.  It called and let them know what was about to transpire, so they knew far ahead what was about to happen. Therefore, they did not dispatch any fighters or any missiles because they knew the mission of the vessel.  They knew it was not American, nor theirs;  they knew it was from the Ashtar Command.  That is why it was not shot at.
However, what also transpired was a show of force, in a sense. As the ship appeared over the Ukraine area, a pulse was sent forth that shut down all missile firing mechanisms and all electrical capabilities for the firing of such missiles, so they were powerless.  On top of that, the weapons of the soldiers on the ground refused to fire – such as pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, etc.  This was to show them that they were not in control.  That’s why they backed off so quickly;  they wanted not part of the vessel above their heads. 
That was a Sirian vessel, and it also had Arcturians and Pleieadians in it, in observations.  Similar vessels are also healing vessels. They are similar in structure, and near in description to the cigar-shaped craft.  Each is well over 3,000’ in length.  The Arcturians are prepared to make their landings.  You will see more ships like that in your skies, over many cities and countries and less populated areas.  You will see more of these as the hours and days pass.  This is just the beginning of what you will see.  Here in Nevada, Q and Z were out on the patio watching a Southwest jet fly over.  Z said that the altitude was the altitude of the  ships that start showing themselves.  They will be quite distinguishable and describable, and many will hover in locations that allow them to be photographed as well.  Many more sightings will transpire in the days to come, more and more. 
Concerning the revaluation of currencies, there is a little more to add. The Chinese are backing the Vietnamese dong and the Zimbabwe dollar.  The reason is that Zimbabwe has mines for gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies.  All of them are being worked by Chinese workers. Now, being they are backing the currency, then the currency is being backed with gold and precious metals and such.  Another misconception about the Zim:  saying that they are losing six zeros is a false statement.  They are taking NONE from it.  A hundred trillion note is a hundred trillion note.
Once it is fully authorized, the RV shall be in the higher brackets.  The dinar shall be between $32 and $38, with 38 being the China rate and 36 being the US high rate, and the lower rate being the  32. They have not determined which shall be the final rate, but they are negotiating it. 
Kathryn:  Is there enough money in the world to pay off the people who have invested?
Zorra: You must understand that when people do their exchanges, the money goes into the banks, and they are not going to pay out millions or billions of dollars.  It will be the same as usual:  they can take out small amounts and the rest will remain within the accounts.  So, it doesn’t matter what amount it is, because it will still be your money, and that money will be in an account.  You will still be able to purchase whatever you need to purpose, and invest in whatever you want to invest in, and there will be no fear of debt because all debts will be abolished.
Kathryn:  And that’s when the NESARA law will be enacted?
Zorra:  Indeed.  Now, the dong rates are being negotiated, and they will be somewhere between 6 and 15 dollars.  But it has not been negotiated as to how it will be.  That is being discussed between the US and China;  they are negotiating at this moment.
Kathryn:  I got the impression that St Germain might be preparing us that this would not be as high as we had hoped…
Zorra:  It will not be astronomical, that is true.  I will tell you this:  Prime Creator, myself and Mother God, we are not going to give you a sapling;  we are giving you the forest.  Do you understand this? 
Kathryn:  I certainly understand.  A forest is complete.
Zorra:  Indeed.  It is complete.  WE are not going to give you a portion of a blessing;  we are giving you an entire blessing.  If that equates into millions, then so it shall be.  If it is billions, as for some, then it shall be.  Understand that these great things you are receiving are for the purpose of eliminating poverty on your planet!  It is not for your own gain.  It is not for you to become a Donald Trump!  It is for you, as light-workers, to help those who are less fortunate than your selves, for those who did not know of your blessings, for those in dire straits.  Also, there are people in debt to the banks and such because of mortgages.  That is just another control issue or control factor.  So we are taking that control factor away.  So they cannot use that as leverage to impoverish more people.  Debt is a no-thing, anyway.  It is a way whereby the cabal can control you, and that control is being taken away as well. There shall be no more mortgages;  the homes you own, you will own.  The homes you will buy, you will own, without mortgages.  You will have more than enough to buy the dream home of your choice.
That is for everyone!  Also, when money is no longer needed, you can barter and trade and that will be the norm.  There shall be no more need for money.  When I say this next thing, many will start digging a hole to get to hollow earth (especially miners), because in hollow earth, a gold nugget is the size of a boulder.  This gold has no meaning or value to us.  It is very pretty and it adorns the landscape, or the aeroships, if you can imagine a gold flying saucer.  Many on the surface value gold as money, but it is a gift of Mother Gaia to you. Anyone is privileged to have it and do what they wish with it.  However, in hollow earth, there is more gold than in all of the surface of the world.  But gold has no value, but on the surface it does.  It does have healing properties because of the high frequency.  Some have gold headbands or medallions, and they are quite powerful.   They give off a higher frequency or vibrations, and gold does have healing properties.  Gold can be used for healing and that is much better than using it for trade.
I have said enough;  I shall step aside and let your questions ensure, because there are many.
Kathryn:  Yes, and we are running out of time again.  Thank you, Father God, we have a lot to look forward to.
Zorra:  Indeed you do, so start looking at the skies again.
Kathryn:  We will, although it has been rather cloudy here.
Zorra:  They can always appear below the clouds…
Anne: We have only have people waiting for 24 minutes, one at 26 minutes at the bottom.  We will start there.  I will open the line:  area code 416.  Who are you?
Caller:  My name is Mirea from Toronto.  I notice everyone channels English people.  I am Muslim, and nobody channels Mohamed or Moses or other people.
Kathryn:  I think they probably do, but they wouldn’t be published in English-speaking sites.  Are there no sites in Arabic?  I know there are people who channel Quan Yin. 
Caller:  I understand. But there is no language in higher levels… no English, no Arabic, no nothing.
Kathryn:  It’s just because this is the audience here, but I’m sure there are people in other countries who are channeling.
Caller:  I’m just being funny.  Father God, I love the way he expresses… I just wondered.
Kathryn:  I do remember a message where St Germain talks about being there with his brother, Mohamed.  Maybe I should ask.
Anne:  They were all in the ship together:  Buddha, Mohamed… they were all chatting together.
Kathryn:  Maybe I should ask and see if Mohamed would like to come through.
Caller:  That was just a question I always have in my mind.
Anne:  We only have 17 minutes left, though, Kathryn. 
Kathryn:  I meant another time.  There’s not really time today;  I want to give him his due.
Anne:  I’m going to go ahead and close this line.
Zorra:  Anne, in this short time you have left, let people know about the soul seed for Kathryn’s site. 
Anne: I’m busy working on it, and building the same very expensive site as for Zaraya.  In the meantime there are calls that I have to facilitate and write up, and I also got to Tucson every week.  I’m almost ready and then we will be announcing that Kathryn will have a link offering the soul seed and the laminine, the same as Zaraya does;  there will be a section called Health Programs. That is there on Zaraya’s site already, so people can look and satisfy themselves.  No one is trying to convince anyone of anything. We’ve laid to out for you, and when you are satisfied you can place your order.  It will be similar on Kathryn’s site, and her link is on the Hollow Earth Network site, with her picture.  That’s all set up  and soon it will be on Kathryn’s site as well.  Just give Anne a little time…
**** End of Transcription ****


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