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Friday, March 14, 2014




Posted by ARCTURIAN on March 14, 2014 at 9:02am

Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 11:24AM    Further to our Notice of Redemptions, the US Treasury, China Treasury, IMF, World Bank and others have, as of yesterday, agreed on the timings of the release of all funds in respect of the historic bond redemptions and the RV of the Dinar and Vietnamese dong.

 The global reset (GR) is directly tied to these events, and because of the proximity of the GR which is scheduled for this month after March 17, 2014, all USD wire transfers and transactions are on hold, inclusive of all Project funding's that were scheduled for this week.

 This decision is based very simply on the advent of the US Treasury Reserve Note (new symbol TRN, or the new US Dollar) which is replacing the USD (the Federal Reserve Note (FRN)). The announcement of the new US TRN and its exchange rate is scheduled for after March 17.

All funds and transfers in USD have been effectively frozen globally for this reason, and the transfers will continue after March 17 in the new US TRNs. All completed transactions, and pending transactions are affected by this decision. No USD money transfers will be allowed at this time until the changeover.

All historic bond transactions, whether straight redemptions or through the private placement programs with the Tier 1 traders, are similarly affected.

 While this news is not the best news for many that were expecting their payments this week, the GR and the payments in the new US dollar were known to be coming this month, and the global freeze on such payments will ultimately be for the benefit of our Humanity when payments are made in the new Basel III compliant currency.

 The GR signals the deployment and implementation of the new financial system that is Basel III compliant, and will be the new standard globally. All delays are temporary at this time.

New pricing for the historic bonds will be posted shortly as the IMF and the Chinese Family are going over these items at the moment.


SD:   It is my understanding that the RV of the Dinar must happen before the GR.  Is that true according to your information?

And... if so, that would leave only today and this weekend as the window for the Dinar RV.


  1. The fact that the N in UTN stands for "NOTE" and they are calling it a "NOTE" doesn't sound like the system (fractional/fiat) has changed since a NOTE is still considered a DEBT Instrument. Is it the same face with a new mask???? HMMMMMMM.......
    And what of the republic, nesara, PP's, collateral accts- where's the news/announcements on that?
    I hope that the can isn't being kicked down the road and that the cabal are not the ones hiding in the shadows, pulling the strings, duping all the desperate and impatient, & waiting to swoop in like the vultures that they have proven to be.
    More info. clarification for better discernment required.

  2. So the World will Allow the Jesuits to STILL be IN Charge of the IMF and CONTROL ALL THE MONEY OF THE WORLD?