God Sends Tornado(s) To District of Criminals, Chops down Babylon's Tree

If you want to find the information previously on the header, it is here, for a couple days while God smashes on Babylon the Great, dividing God's Lambs from Satan's Goats, dividing the nations from each other which were secretly bound together into ONE World Government, called, THE NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, and thus God is dividing the Wheat from the Tares, because it is HARVEST TIME.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

To The People of the World ---- From Anonymous 8

To The People of the World,

+ + + + + + I am seriously thinking about giving this to the editor here and having a long talk with him about what is going on. Maybe then this show will get done and over with so that we can put our planet, Mother Gaia, back to the beauty she has always been.  Willful Murder of the people of the world starving to death for those so-called elites just doesn't cut it anymore. The Sovereignty of the Nations doesn't mean a hill of beans to them and they continue to murder people all over the world for their ill-gotten gains.  People still call Obama the president and he is not..Our Supreme Court on December 16th, 2011 has called him a USURPER!!! That was verified already.  The NESARA Act should have already been done with the exception of BUSH JR. stealing the first and second deposit for the people for his GREED. This has continued and the bottom line on their AGENDA is DEPOPULATION. Our Military,  People of the World, our children and grand-children don't deserve any of what these evil so-called elites are dishing out !!!  They call us useless eaters and COLLATERAL DAMAGE !!! Think about this, they never had their own money and they have been stealing ours for a very, very long time. Our TAX MONEY goes to the LIZARD QUEEN ELIZABETH AND THE BLACK POPE. How many people have been murdered, not because they knew those taxes on the people were voluntary, and illegal to force on the people,  and they had no right to enforce but because they knew. The peoples' money is what is supporting the bad guys and they use it to murder the people and lie to cover it up.

Obama is the CEO OF THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION AND NOTHING MORE. All of what he does is NULL AND VOID TO THE PEOPLE. IT CONCERNS THE CORPORATION ONLY !!!!!  All who are complicent with Obama should already be in jail, charged and proseecuted for Treason. Espionage, mass murder, crimes against humanity and then some. Oh, I apologize, I forgot about the clones for all of them, including Obama and Hillary Clinton, and others. They need to be de-activated right now.

We the People of the World are adults and WE CAN HANDLE THIS !! Those who can not handle it will have plenty of help to help them deal with whatever comes along for them.

While the People have done our part and dealt nicely, they are still out murdering for their gain and don't care.  It's past time to take care of all problems with them starting with them going to jail and being prosecuted. Criminals don't deserve any better than that.

The People all over the World need to WAKE UP NOW so that we can get on with the lives we were meant to have many, many years ago.

Main points applied to all governments in this transition.
1 – Forgives all credit card debts , mortgages, and other bank debt due to illegal banking practices so as to governmental activities.
2 – Abole the income tax and raises the basic renda .
3 – Abole tax collection by the current system .
4 – a food and medicine will not have taxes , as well as second-hand goods , such as houses.
5 – Increase benefits for retirees.
6 – Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.
Sets 7- Election of the President and Congress within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement .
The interim government will cancel all laws of “National Emergency ” and we retract to the original Constitutional Law .
8- Monitors elections and prevents illegal activities of selected groups around the electoral process.
9- Create a new transitional currency , the ” rainbow dollar ” . Implemented a new system of Treasury Bank , in line with the Constitution and releases huge amounts of money for humanitarian purposes .
10 – Allows the publication of 6,000 patents suppressed technologies , which have been far from the public, under the guise of national security , including free energy devices , anti – gravity , and machines healing through sound .
It will be presented for signature by all the representatives of all the countries in the UN Charter – and will be enacted immediately. We anticipate that President Barack Obama will be the first author on the paper.
Planetary Celebration of Peace, for each person on the planet is declared , regardless of race , religion or nationality , which is characterized by a Lunar cycle of song, dance and performances in public, in every village , town and city of Earth. All expenses must be borne by the funds that would have been allocated to military expenditures.
In all military personnel , will be paid full salary for three months after all the weapons and uniforms are returned , and return to rebuild their own families and communities.
After that, no fees for any individual or nation will be allowed for any military activity or equipment whatsoever. This will free the organs of government to use its resources to infrastructure, water and sanitation , sustainable agriculture as well as educational and social programs to improve the conditions of life for all people.
The inhabitants of planet Earth will also enjoy the release of existing and wonderful technology that will soon spread around the world and began to flourish freedom , good times , free energy, and prosperity of mankind.
The distribution of wealth will be conducted in a fair , fast and easy. There will be no queues , no waiting , but if a lot of transparency .
All that corruption has robbed people will be returning to their rightful owners. All the function of banks will be remodeled so that they can serve their customers , and not benefit from it unilaterally .
Peace Plan

This view is known as Plan Change Peace Thirteen Moon Calendar . The initial phase to implement the peace plan was called the Great Calendar Change of 2004. The purpose of the Great Calendar Change of 2004 was to announce to the world that the new schedule has been established and is now a community of a new world is forming around it. The purpose of this community of the new world – the Planet Art Network – is to establish a new time of peace to replace the wartime. To promote and support every detail of this peace plan and powerful social reorganization is the heart of the activities of the Foundation for the Law of Time around the world.
Calendar … Sincronario 13 Moon 28-day Peace: Didactic Material – Planet Art Network – ?

All this began as a movement of farmers in the United States, which were being systematically robbed by the banks.
That movement was gaining form , and by uniting farmers , after years of fighting in court, have had their rights fully recognized .
They have locked hard battles , especially against the vow of silence that has always been treated that subject.
Deleted files , comings and goings in dead ends , where farmers clashed against the barriers of corruption and attempt to keep intact the privileges of banking.
Farmers allied with a group of American military , already looking for a way to assert again the pristine Constitution of the United States of America.
They knew that she was being raped and secluded life of Americans . And wanted back.
All this resulted in a tangle of lawsuits , where the truth gradually became present .
Under strict secrets summary , a mountain of information and endless pursuits for farmers and their lawyers, on the date of 9 March 2000, NESARA was imposed as a law, and is in full force today.
The judges and the legal team recognized how evil farmers and corrupt that the federal government had become and to counteract this they added some provisions in the agreement to regain the U.S. government under control:
a. First, farmers should charge in a legal currency backed by gold and silver as the constitution dictates .
This would eliminate inflation and the ups and downs of economic cycles created by the Federal Reserve System .
b . Secondly , they would be forced to return the common law, according to which, if you have not committed any damages or injury , then there is no violation of law .
This would eliminate millions of laws that are used to control the masses and protect corrupt politicians .
c . Finally, the IRS would have to be dismantled and replaced by a national tax system . This is the basis of the NESARA law.
It will be the first domino falls , carrying all others, as the announcement of the existence of life beyond Earth ‘s borders .
And that will allow galactic culture can perform with confidence , the first contact and the transfer of technology, needed to raise society to a galactic society category of right. Basically you will be taught how to keep your home clean , Earth.
Renewable energies are also on the agenda. And as the OPEC cartel will cease to exist .
Fossil fuels will no longer be used . They will be replaced by alternative sources of clean and non-polluting energy . This will completely change the life in that beautiful blue planet.
Get ready for the new and open yourself to receive from now on , the rewards of their efforts.

Anonymous 8