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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Arrest Warrant For Sen. Harry Reid!

Sheriffs and Larry Klayman,

The Corporation Governments' Officials should be given this, or make one Official.

This is being placed in Public by one of We The People for Crimes that would happen BY the Corporation Governments which have had NO Jurisdiction since at least 1871, AND for ALL past actions taken with other ranchers in Clarke County, NV!

If ANY actions are Taken against Cliven Bundy, his family, his friends, his supporters, and his cattle ANY time in the Future by ANY Federal, State, or County Government or agency to take back the land for ANY Reason in Direct Violation of Cliven Bundy's Constitutional Rights then this Arrest Warrant will BE ENFORCED!

Arrest Warrant for: Sen. Harry Reid, Rory Reid, President Obama, V.P. Biden, ALL 535 Members of Congress, ALL BLM Officials, Sheriff of Clarke County, NV, Governor of Nevada, ALL Judges, and ALL people that are employees of THE UNITED STATES, INC. including the UNITED STATES Military!

AlexJonesLive on Cattle Roundup

Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch



  1. I am proud of American brothers and sisters who stood up against this injustice, but my thoughts are why just this one? Our duly unelected (stolen election) government officials are doing this all over the country. Are we planning on following them from place to place every time we hear of a constitutional right being violated. News of this kind is never on main stream news. We always have to find out through the back door some way. Why don't we just do what we have to do and arrest the whole damn bunch now and get it over with?

  2. arrest warrant issued by who ? and where can these documents be found

  3. We The People as Individuals CAN Make the Arrest Warrant and it does NOT need to be done thru THE UNITED STATES, INC.!
    If one of the Sheriffs want to make one Official then DO SO!!!

  4. Where the hell are all the oath keepers and so called good military? The whole dam cess pool of traitors in the District of Criminals should be arrested immediately and stop all this treason right down to the local empires we call counties. How many more millions will need to die before we wake up?

  5. Some US employee's are innocent of this travesty. Just arrest those who are directly involved against the Bundy Ranch. Not the people trying to help the Bundys.

  6. While this is going on, the EPA, and gov are trying to change the "Clean Water Act",
    To cover All waters, no matter the size or location.. Please write your Congressman, and the EPA...this is complete control of all U.S. Waters, and must be stopped!