Sunday, December 14, 2014

One Pissed off American

One Pissed off American … OK, enough is enough!  Come on, people!!!

Christmas is coming, I don't know about you all, but I got folks that
would love extra few hundred / thousand(s) of bucks right now, not
presents, just living and eating.  Maybe some warmer clothing.  Just
saying to me, oh some Banker bitch is on vacation and we cannot see
some funds until next year, this shit ain’t flying.  My people are civilians and military getting screwed.

Enough is enough don’t you think?

The wicked witch is DEAD!  The house fallen on the wicked witch.  You get it, US Corp is corporate paperwork is was not renewed, the
managing body over the US Corp out of Porta Rico has not renewed
either. The money flow keeping them alive has been cut off from Saudi, Japan, etc.  The Cabal types are powerless at this time. OK, now what?

I laughed when I heard US House had a budget proposed for 1.1T.  You
all remember, the Royals are giving 1T to all governments.  And these
US House is spending more than given, ain’t that cute, and it ain’t a
whole year just until Sept, hmmm fiscal Year maybe!

The Federal Reverse has no money, cannot print more money. The world should have moved to Basel III, Gold backed currency. At least the boards has said this ... If I remembers correctly, Iraq RV'd Oct 31st
... and the world has been waiting on TRN's. Go Figure! This was set
to go May 2014 of this year also ... waiting on TRN's.

Suddenly we  get a flurry of board announcements that everyone was
in DC, blah, blah, blah, and new updates to treaty to allow exchanges
in other currencies other than TRN's.  What I can't figure, its
supposedly live "Digital TRN's" world. OK, mark my account as gold backed and let’s go!

U see Madam WU, General Lee, Prince William of England on our lands,
signing stuff, releasing stuff.  Hell, let’s just say it, Atlanta,
General 64 / studely / Wells Fargo Group now, got money, so why we wait?

Just because “O Factor” is doing his job to STOP, STOP, STOP because I can ... who cares, leave them behind.  We the people can move forward, a General Ham?  Let the bacon roll!! It’s been said that “O Factor” did not believe the world would move forward so he just ignoring them as usual.

You image, when he is standing at the pearly gates, the long list of
contracts he signed and reneged on ... and how many times he used
double talk to resign those same contracts for more money ... Not me!

What I really don’t get, there is no government, a corporation cannot
be government representing people.  A corporation is a fictional entity, made up of Executives, Board of Control, Stock holders, Employees who are considered to be slaves ... they pay you want they feel your worth, they allow you to take vacation when they approve and limit how long and call you on vacation to do your work just because.

Shit I was taught that a government is a body politic, go figure!
One that is both personally and publically responsible for their
actions.  You know bonded public servant, not insured public servant,
big difference.  Bonded means you got skin in the game where insurance says you have no personal skin in game.  Ain’t that nice, ... show me your bond?  All public and judicial folks got to have a bond?? go figure.

Hairy Legs, where are YOU!!! Your called to duty ... remove those
actors from our public servant offices ... and put them into FEMA camps ... good place for them until their trials ...

Suddenly, back channel fishing noise said the world served the Supreme Court, who is corporation also, with papers that US Corp
signed to work with the world, Supreme Court then ordered US Corp, you know the dead company and US Treasury, a dead company, to release the TRN's and the RV ... Ya, Ya,. You expect them to do the release, shit you more stupid than me. So what the hell will happen at 11:59 pm Thursday?

Oh, those Supreme Court judges got fancy, if anyone person impacts
and prevents TRN announcement and release of world wide RV, they are to be arrested and detained.  Great, I'm from Missouri, so, show me!

Funny part, my friend who retired military, worked high places, with
those security badges, called me and said they saw on CNN last night
that “o Factor”, "All the Joint chiefs" - you know, the hairy legged, skirt wearing, sissy boys, members of congress and whole bunch of
panicking people ... drama queens, what is up?  My friend continued to say, they are all sequestered ...hmmm, why isolated, waiting.

And this just don’t figure, what is Operation Noble Eagle? Something about lots of military flat foots, ground pounders types in DC ... Not
those brassy ones.

Have you been watching the west coast weather & east coast weather, shit,  its like a weather war going on ... hmmm, most of the largest cities in US are on both coast lines, getting hit hard from weird
storms.  Distractors maybe?, it keeps people in their homes, Hmmm, just gots to wonder?

Oh, back to those hairy legged, skirt wearing, sissy boys who work in
that funny sided building, did you know that when girly boy Dempsey
exited West point, sense he is known as a ground pounder, was offered a chance to join the secrete sociality call Knights of Malta, hmmm, he did.  Sonofabitch. He became a member of elite group who swore an oath to protect the Pope.  What! Crap, he is a Vassal of the pope or papacy. Shit, duel loyalty – traitor in my book! My military buds, said all those medals on his chest are politically received, not from seeing action, he never was there, he ran, just like a sissy boy does!

And I always wondered how much money Dempsey got in that Vatican Bank account which is added to every year of office he holds as Joint
Chief.  Foreign bank, rumored money placed there by Bush Sr aka Pappy (just a little MK Ultra/Monarch mind control meme), kinda sounds like bribes . Why should either one be walking around in public, if you or me did that, wee’s be in jail. It just don’t work for me!

You know, military types, Jag, you got to investigate these types of
allegations (big words) ... HMMM. What about a brig for dumbsters!

Hey Pope dude, you’re not out of this, these corporate shits is your
fault since it comes from Vatican papal law anyways.  You need set
your foot down and stop these thieves.  And what is up with the White
Pope, Gray Pope and Black Pope?  Gosh dam, I thought I was watching
that movie with the little guys with hairy feet, au, Gandolf the Gray,
Dark Lord Sauron = Black Pope who is located at funny sided building,
Saruman the White, shit, we watching the hobbit and lord of the rings, in real life.

Ok, I hope U readers see my points, lots of you out there just hate
the USA, I get it, but what you hate is the “Leadership”, but stop!
Its more than just US Corp, it’s the Crown aka Rothschild banking /
banker, its Vatican who allowed them to carry out this crap / it’s the
UN who signs off on assassinations along with the Queen of England, so if you’re going to hate, hate that.

Stop hating the American people, remember, we are the victims here,
we been screwed when they change the Constitution back in early 1800's by adding Federal Districts, then Lincoln, the first False Flag
president that turned the families of the North against the families
of the South which still has not been healed.

Don’t forget the act of 1871 which the attorneys again, BAR attorneys,
those British Accredited Register, foreign citizens, changed the laws
to favor them and their kind against the people who are the ones that really matter.

So this Christmas, if I had a chance to talked with God, Jesus, Asian
Royal Family member in charge Grand Father (dude on the boards),
Leaders of the World, I would say, stop hating American's, we are
victims just as you guys, Arrest all those who call themselves US leaders, try them for crimes against humanity & USA citizens.  We need to freed from these Nazi, Sociopaths, criminal psychopaths,
greedy-addicted-controlling nut jobs that thinks everything belongs to them!

Don't you think our military, active, real leaders would shut this down. I guess they are sissy boys.  So you out there, we need you to join us and stop this disgusting acts against all of us, and that means you too.

Don’t give them any more time to wiggle out of stuff, that all you do
is give them more time.  Stop it, they lie, cheat, steal, deceive, confuse, distract while they steal your babies, money, lives, land,
resources, etc. because they feel the law never applies to them.

So, you Supreme courts, World Courts, you got reinforcement?  Use it
to arrest ... You JAG core, use your talents to stop this and issue military warrants and have Provo Marshall take them down ... Agencies, do your job and stop them.  And Military leadership at the funny sided building, you suck.

Because, I don’t want this country to be a third world country, you crazies. I don’t want to lose my friends and family.  I really don’t want the show "Dude, your screwed" TV show to be our reality.  How
much longer do we have to stay as SLAVES to these thugs.

All the years we sent men and women to fight for your lands, we shed
blood for your protection, we took in your people, feed them, gave them shelter, sent them aid,  and said, we got your back, YOU ALL ARE TURNING YOURS BACK AT US.

Yes, I am pissed, Yes, I am tired of the same old shit, Yes, I want change in this country – for the better – true freedom. Hell, that word, Un-a-lien-able rights!  I want Jeremiah 29:11 from NIV, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." and in Hebrew “Shalom” and in Islamic, Asalaam Alaikum - "Peace be onto you."

I want our people around the world Fed, Clothed, Health, Free of Worry, working toward common good.  We will get there without the evil ones.

What are You going to do about it? It is time for We the People to win! To all my friends around the world – we stand in one voice, it is time to rid us of this evil on planet earth.

God, your people request freedom from evil!

One Pissed Off America, signing off for now.  Remember, You too believe the same way, just too scared to say or do anything, time buck

up and man up, so lets change this together!

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