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Due to Alabama Election fraud

A Democrat installed
4D chess in play

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Obama unleashes 3,853 regs

Obama  unleashes  3,853  regs,  18  for  every  law,  record  97,110  pages  of  red  tape


  1. That's okay; Trump's got a nice big eraser.

  2. Obama lies like a Bush, a Clinton, Lynch, Comney, and nearly everyone in this corrupted govnt.... https://www.sott.net/article/338239-Former-UK-Ambassador-Obamas-lying-about-Russian-hackers-is-leaving-office-in-a-storm-of-deceit

  3. All moot after his sorry ass is gone

  4. Someone just 'off' the 'fatherless' child of satan....And be done with it-Kill them all, let GOD sort them out, IF he has the time....

  5. When are we going to wake up to the reality that all these laws and regulations only pertain to the US Citizen? For those of you who think this question has no dots to connect to, go do the research to the true meaning of US Citizen. We have all been bullshitted, lied to, deceived and shafted all of our lives and all by design of course. The more I learn the more I realize how little I really know and wow. We must be living in the Twilight Zone

  6. This VERY troubled multiple cloned manchurian candidate just can't seem to let go now that his 'time is up'. He wants to 'leave a legacy'? Of WHAT pray tell? Of being the WORST 'president' this nation has ever had the bad luck to behold in a public office? He and his Muslim Brotherhood 'administration' should ALL be arrested, tried and hung for TREASON, and January 1st is NOT soon enough. His fu*kI*g ass should be hanging from the nearest light pole and VERY SOON after year end. Everything he has done and is known for is traitorous, and every nation and its leaders on this planet laugh at him. WHY America allowed this as*ho*e to remain in 'office' is a question that bears serious analysis. What is wrong with Americans that they would allow him to continue his traitorous acts - for 8 long years? Same for the Clintons. We can only work TOGETHER toward the restoration of this ONCE great nation, putting aside our differences and working to unite and restore our nation, our freedoms, our Constitution, and our Republic government. Let us NEVER again allow such a mistake as these past years for we will NEVER recover if we do.

    1. Because He's a "NIGGER" Not a Black Man That Has a Heart & a Soul-He's is the Biggest Disgrace To The Blacks Race in History-A Child Of Satan-A Destroyer of Morals & Life