Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kent Dunn: In 7 Days To January 14, Choice of Choosing Ends! All Humans Divide to Light or Darkness!

Kent Dunn: In 7 Days To January 14, Choice of Choosing Ends! All Humans Divide to Light or Darkness!


  1. As if some of the people who are just plain mean to strangers, can change their stripes in seven days.
    The time has long past to grow spiritually into who we have become.
    Some people harbor such anger at the mention of Ch tr's or Mon to, or ill ati, or vacc ations that they can't see beyond the experience of life whether you protect a right at all cost, or give it to another and let them have control.

    I look at the trees and birds and wildlife.
    I'm looking for extra eyes, or fanged teeth or mutulations from life's goings on, and I don't see it.
    I saw more plant and tree destruction in the rains after corexit in the Gulf than I see from planes in the sky.
    I know there are two life forms on this planet, and I can't help but wonder if the activity is to the detriment of one over the other.
    How can someone demand all life have a right to be born and live here, and some life needs to die due to the choices they make for association or religion or lifestyle.

    This confuses me. Either allow them to perish before they get here, or allow them to live here unimpaired in their existence once they arrive here.

    That's all life, the real aliens and not just people that cross a border.

    If you are pro-life, then when do you choose who lives?

  2. Ain't buying it.
    Creator does not communicate like that.
    You are either with us or against us! That's what George Bush said.
    That's what they guy said in Star Wars Attack of the Clones.
    Just like there is two Gods,
    God in Genesis 1, and Lord God in Genesis two,
    and two Christs, Christ descendant from Adam and Eve of Lord God, or the Anti Christ from wherever.

    This guy is talking about 'a Creator', but not the One Infinite Creator, who would never tell us, 'here, you have free will'.
    I don't like how you are dealing with free will, I'm taking it back.

    No way.
    The One Infinite Creator would know all possibilities of everyone using their free will, and have a plan for how to let them live out their karma, even if it's to come back an live in a land that is destitue and void of plant and water and is full of suffering for all the people and hours of suffering that was created while they worked for the IRS or as a soul-die-r or in any other oppressive form as a law-yur or judge.

    1. Correction: That was Revenge of the sith.

  3. It's is written That No One Knows The Day or The Hour that He Comes-Kent Dunn is a "False Prophet" & all The Info. That you Have Been Given Poor O Gary has Been "FALSE"-Thought Paul Ryan was Going To Be President-What Happen THERE & So On? Kent It Talks about People Like You In The Bible & It Not Good-Maybe Like a Child of Satan?

  4. Kent Dunn well Be Going Into Hiding on The 15th or the 16th-Hopefully He'll Wake Up & Smell The Roses& come Back to Reality & Get off The Drugs

  5. Well, the good news is that he gave a date. So I guess you can pretty much put this down as BS. This won't be any more accurate than a message I heard from him a couple of days ago that said Trump's electoral vote conformation would not go well and Trump would not be confirmed as the next president of USA, INC.

  6. This is the end?

  7. Kent Dunn if enjoying his little moment of fame. He now claims he's a Pleidien. I've been researching for a long time & he just regurgitates others Intel & speaks like he knows it all even though he's rarely right. I'm embarrassed for him!

  8. Kent Dunn is a FALSE PROFIT ! Don't listen to this guy ! I think Gary knows better than this.

    1. No, Gary doesn't know better. He is buying the BS hook, line and sinker. He's hooked on Bible dis-information.

  9. Do not believe in false prophets, remember all of this:
    You're talking about a corporation. The whole Federal Government is a criminal corporation.

    You are either inside of it and a part of its illegitimacy; and thus will receive its wrath.

    Or you are outside of it entirely and are truly the fact that every single facet of the "government" institution is not only a lie. It is a criminal fraud designed to destroy.

    Only one of these will benefit you.

  10. When Kent Dunn said Jesus was here on earth with the Galactics, it reminded me about what Jesus said in Matthew 24:26-27. Read it and that should answer any questions that you may have about Kent Dunn being a false prophet. Kent Dunn is out of his mind folks.

    Always look to the Bible for the answers.
    Jackie Blue

  11. GOD does not speak with words. Likely it is the person's altered ego or his own self speaking. God, the Source, may 'speak' thru visions - using pictures as language.


  12. Mr. Dunn works for the enemy not God. The true Creator knows the end from the beginning. Nothing takes him by surprise or causes Him to "react". He executes his plan, in his way, as he has shared with us in Scripture. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He cannot lie. He has given us free will and it is ours till the end of the millenium, at the very least. The man relating these things to us is in grave danger for he is succumbing to the devious ways of the enemies of the new age movement. You do not need new directives from new prophets that are agents of Satan. You need to know better the words and meaning of the "old prophets" of God that have directed us to following our Saviour as the only means of getting home. Beware. The enemies work for one known as the father of liars.

  13. Kent said Jesus is here with Megatron, is this not the fallen archangel that allegedly influenced Santana to corrupt young people with music?