Tuesday, January 10, 2017

'Legacy' of outgoing traitor - a parting shot at our 1st Amendment

Obama’s New Law Tramples Every American’s 1st Amendment Rights

In George Orwell’s classic book “1982,” Big Brother, another word for the government, has the ability to monitor and track just about everyone. It also had the ability to swoop in and remove someone who might say or even write something against the government.

This book has long been something that anti- establishment and anti-government people have pointed to as where our current government is headed.

With what Obama just did we, as a country, are one step closer to living out the events of Orwell’s novel.

In a Friday Night secret signing, Obama signed into law something called the “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act.” Now, the term “Foreign Propaganda” is tossed in here to fight off foreign fake news. After all, according to the liberals, Russia hacked the Presidential Election (despite the fact that nobody anywhere has released any sort of proof behind this. It’s most likely that Democrats and the left leaning main stream media was caught supporting Hillary and needed to quickly counter the Trump win).

The bigger issue with this is the “Disinformation” aspect. Essentially, the government can shut down anything it states is “disinformation.” AKA, anything that does not align with what it states and thinks. There is nothing wrong with questioning authority in order to find out the truth. But now, it is potentially against the law.

Obama signed this new law right before Christmas so it would be swept under the rug.  

Find out more about exactly how this may ultimately destroy every American’s 1st Amendment Rights by watching the video.

 Obama's Last Bill Just Ended America 
Donald Trump Can't Stop It ??!! 

This is WORSE than what everyone feared Obama would do!  
You better get ready because the world is following suit. 


The united States needs to take back its original Republic government and Constitution
The united States needs to resign from the NWO / NATO/ United Nations
The united States needs to give official notice to the UN to remove itself from our land
The united States needs to bring its military HOME to guard our homeland
The united States needs to arrest all traitors and prosecute accordingly ASAP.
replacing with the election of, by and for the people of the Republic
The 'laws' of the crime syndicate apply solely to the crime syndicate and NOT to the people
Any and all EOs of the clown presidents can and should be removed, as well as all


  1. Yep hard to believe the muslim who stole the white house is going out solving all the countries problems. Nope hes a doushe i guess it takes 8 years of getting sodomised before a nation realizes its getting ass fucked. wow and i live around these folks. Sucks for me,,,

  2. You forget, Obama may have signed it, but who in Congress voted for it?