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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Sun Is not what we have been told

The Sun Is not what we have been told 
This will Blow Your Mind

Published on Jan 7, 2017
The liars, murderers, and thieves of NASA


  1. If we make it to the next 7 years when this guy predicts chaos' ill be amazed!

  2. The earth is flat and we did not wobble. See gyroscope experiment and flat earth. Absolute proof we do not live on a round moving ball.
    End of story. All else is hoooey.

    1. When you are in space looking back to Earth, why does it look perfectly round? If you were in a ship or car and you got to the edge, how would you get back to your starting point? Turn around and drive or fly back across the flat plain? And if you wanted to know what is on the other side of this flat pancake, how would you find out? And if you were in a boat or ship, and you got to the 'edge', what would happen then? Would your boat just FALL OFF this pancake? Oh my g-d - this is what the 'education' system in this nation has come to? A bunch of ignorant gullible believe anything idiots? Be sure you have a looooong cord attached to you because you might 'fall off' and THEN what would you do? And WHERE would you be going to?

    2. Some folks must be smokin' some really good stuff!

  3. Does this mean that we have to take the globe off my desk and stomp on it to see what is on the other side?

  4. Seems to me like 'Purple "Diesel'has been at play for a long time-{ A very strong and hallucinatory drug here in Florida}-