Saturday, January 21, 2017

The US Military Just Gave Obama The Most Embarassing Farewell Ever! You Won’t Believe How

Even though Obama thinks incredibly highly of himself, there’s one group of people who unfortunately for Obama and his inflated ego, do not share the same sentiments. After 8 years of treating our military service men and women like complete crap, our military just stuck it to Obama in a huge way, in a public display that left Obama completely embarrassed on Wednesday night.

After hilariously deciding to nominate himself for the prestigious Distinguished Public Service Medal, Obama attended his farewell ceremony at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Virginia on Wednesday, which was supposed to be a highly-celebrated final event honoring him as the military’s Commander-in-Chief.


But as Obama made his way to the podium after accepting his self-appointed award for his “service” to the military, a packed stadium and thunderous applause was quite the opposite scene that greeted him, as he scanned the auditorium with his nose in the air.


Everyone could immediately see the alarm set in on Obama’s face as he looked around the auditorium, only to see rows and rows of empty chairs filling the stadium. Hilariously, the only people even there to hear him drone on about his “accomplishments” were the Soldiers who were actually in the ceremony, and forced to be there as part of their military duties.

After 8 years of committing treason against the American people and getting more of our service men and women killed by continuing to release Muslim terrorists from GITMO, what happened to Obama on Wednesday night couldn’t have been more deserving. Despite how many awards this treasonous ass decides to give himself, to most of our military, he will always be remembered as the leader who did nothing but strengthen our enemies during his entire tenure as president.


  1. Thanks for posting this one! Goodbye pos!

  2. The heading of this site says it all.
    We have been given our truths on a silver platter through no vetting of sources and no access to intel.
    The world has their own idea of what type of job Obama did in office.
    I saw a man who stayed out of the office to limit the things the Deep State could compel him to do.
    The rest of you saw a golfer.
    I saw a man who spent the country into excess immediately, because the plan was to keep us in debt slowly.
    The rest of you saw excessive spending and the country change to a third world nation with no jobs and all the companies leaving.

    Really, this stuff was planned to occur for a longer period of time, and Obama accelerated it.
    When Ron Paul said end the fed, no one heard him, or few paid attention.
    When Obama showed the fed will create money as long as they are asked for it to no end, then they said end the fed, but they didn't see it until Obama showed them.
    We didn't have another national false flag with any infrastructure or building due to the protections of some executive orders, and people who were robbed of their ability to work could eat due to the EBT.
    Obama could not make a business open their doors and hire, but he made sure people were fed.
    There was no government shutdown where employees didn't get paid, and the games congress liked to play, they did not play for 8 years.
    What was needed was done by Executive Order.
    The people on the internet listened and got all worried and lied that Obama would be a dictator.
    Well Trump has all the executive orders he wrote, and Obama is not a dictator, so are you going to get all scared and say the same thing about Trump.

    The problem I see, is like A Few Good Men.
    You can't handle the truth.
    You enjoy running from this side to the other side in your common belief that what you read on the internet is true.

    We may be surprised that all that shunned this man, may find out what he actually did, but I doubt if this information will be revealed in his lifetime.

    Maybe the documents will be released at some future date when people can be safely living somewhere in peace.

    People, for this to be a Christian nation, there is a lot of judging, and that's a deterrent, and then other religions probably figure they can act like Christians (our God or heathen/no God mentality). Christians have wanted non-christians to have no rights, no immunities, and non-christians want christians to have no rights, no immunities.

    If christians god did agree with how they acted, I would definitely fear their god and not want to worship a deity that agreed to and allowed such hatred and judgement, but thank goodness its not the case, and due to that i don't see christians rising like a blessed group who are protected. They appear to be persecuted for a reason, but the same goes for other religions that seem to pretend they have to fight for their god, which if a god needs a man to fight for him, he's not omnipotent or powerful so who really cares that these people run around and talk around about working for their god in their hate.

    If Obama committed treason, I didn't see it, and the military didn't see it, or if they did, the military does not protect for enemies domestic. No one is asking that question? If he committed treason, why didn't the military remove him?

    Maybe you think you know, and don't know.