Monday, May 29, 2017

The Muslim Way


  1. The number is 100,000's right?
    We saw video on the internet.
    We saw remnants of a camp that caught fire, on the internet.
    We read about rapes and murders, on the internet.

    The internet, twitter, instagram is exploding every day of tweets and videos of violence
    People can't go anywhere!
    I think of every place I have ever visited and its on the internet because HusainHassan said if we go anywhere they will be there to destroy us!
    Buildings shut down.
    Streets closed
    Power outages

    Oh wait......................
    It hasn't happened yet.
    I am telling you early!
    okay, well it could be true if its on the internet.

    Moral of the story 0 be afraid cause someone told you something to make you be afraid.
    Then you can complain before it happens, and not waste your time waiting - cause its on the internet!

    1. Afraid has nothing to do about it. This is a battle cry for all to hear and prepare. When we hear this news, doesn't matter if it's Paul Revere on a horse or with today's tech, the warning is given and it's our choice if we choose to hear it or not. Those of us who hear the call and take action to prepare will not fall to the invaders feet as groveling slaves afraid to defend our way of life on our land. I personally am ready as well as all my neighbors to do what is necessary! Welcome to the heartland!

    2. Amen Freewill. Only fools would refuse to consider evidence presented as a warning of what is happening and could be happening in the states shortly. Fools always open mouth and insert foot - only this one went further and inserted BOTH feet. If this idiot doesn't trust the internet, then WHY on earth
      is he/she even on it looking at the articles? Go figure.


    It is time for a new crusade to be sure. This needs to be much bigger than a Christian crusade however. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and indigenous tribes around the world must all ally against this common enemy and lethal threat. Islam has declared a Jihad against the entire earth and against all nations, religions and cultures. They have declared this from their own demonic mouths. Islam is now a fourth of the worlds land and population and they fully intend to finish the job. They have invaded Europe in a big way and are invading America as well. In 1970 there were 100,000 Arabs in America. Today there are 10,000,000. They are weaseling into our education, finance and government in every way. Every one of the thousands of Mosques is a Jihad fort of conquest. The Quran is much more than their Bible, it is their ideology constitution and law library of Sharia. They have no intention of blending in with the host cultures and peoples whatsoever. The Quran forbids this. Their own law book declares that we are to be either converted, submitted or killed off (murdered). They are not kidding either. This has been their way and agenda for one thousand four hundred years. Here get some education and have a little research adventure.
    This man, Usama Dakdok from Egypt will lay out the truth without reservation. He is a devout Christian whistleblower doing his best to warn the world of this virulent mortal danger to our lives and cultures. Maybe you can’t handle the horrible truth but we better because we are running out of time very fast.
    In the previous papers I laid out the situation and some strategy for remedy. We need to purge our lands of these people for the most part. There are some of them who are blending well with us and want to enjoy a civilization with peace and harmony. Many have become Christians and fans of common law and democracy. But the rest, the Jihadists need to be expelled back to their homelands at Gods Speed. Everyone will do well to go online and educate themselves about this situation and I am sure most all of you will agree after that. Usama is a good place to start. If you love your children and wish for them to have a free and happy future and inherit the lands of our ancestors who entrusted them to our care, then take the first responsibility of stewardship and intercept and remedy this great danger that faces and threatens us all. Thank you and God bless you and yours. Live long and prosper, be fearless and free.
    In peace and love
    “We can forgive, we never forget, expect us”

  3. Replies
    1. Another fool! WOW! Article hit payday! Bet both negative comments are from jihadis!!!!!!! And trolls!!! Certainly from ignorant ones!

  4. I grew up here in Michigan and turned 18 in 1990. I was a free range child and made my own way at the age of 12. I lived with Pearl Harbor vets and Vietnam vets. I learned what freedom is and what it takes to keep it. Nobody can change that in me and they better fear me if they try! My uncle Don an Engineer in the Marines mounted that big gun on the bow of John F. Kennedy's PT109 boat at Pearl Harbor! And yes he survived the attack on Pearl Harbor as he was in the middle of it! My grandfather a Navy CB was in the Philippines and New Guinea and was with John Wayne (forgot his real name) for some time. I have a friend that did 4 tours in Vietnam as a Green Barret Paratrooper and a gunner on a chopper. All my life they told me stories and I observed their behavior. My uncle Don went ballistic over the Japs when they first came to America to build Mazda cars. I clearly remember his words and attitude. I have had many more friends that were from those wars and they have all been ingrained into me. Though they may have passed away and gone now, their experiences and attitudes live within me.
    As for all these queers that are running around in dresses and lipstick or just trying to have a pud up their butts, They are an abomination and need to be shot! As for these Islam ragheads that are trying to invade my country like Paris and Sweden, I will eliminate each and every one of you that come within range of me! Period! Like I said; welcome to the heartland!