Saturday, June 10, 2017


From a friend.

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

Today was probably a turning point
They will never impeach Trump. Comey's testimony backfired so badly it in fact served as a well targeted weapon against the Democrats

Trump-Russia collusion bit the dust today.There will be fallout for the democrats.

The democrats, Clinton, the NWO has now arrived at only one possible final answer: To kill Trump. Truly, they thought they had it and

Comey was nothing but a bumbling nitwit that blew it for everyone. Not that he could have made it work when there was NOTHING on

Trump in any way whatsoever, but he certainly should have at least looked better than he did. He looked like he was assigned to be the

FBI director as some sort of honorary role, and not anything that would actually do a job. He was a national disgrace.

It looks like Comey's testimony is going to backfire. 
What if Trump was playing multiple dimension chess by keeping Comey as long as he did? Comey destroyed himself today. Today it was

confirmed that Trump did not interfere with anything and is guilty of nothing and that Hillary is well protected. It was confirmed

(after Comey said he met with Obama twice, ) that he in fact met with Obama many times. It is confirmed that Comey had a hatred for


Comey basically completely fell apart. He hit several conflicts in his words that proves he lied all the way through the testimony. If Trump

wanted late-in-the-game ammo to use at the best possible time, Comey just handed it to him. Additionally, it is now confirmed that Trump

was never under investigation over Russia, and that the media lied about every single bit of it. House Democrats have begun drafting

articles of impeachment for Trump, and made it formal a day before Comey's testimony. No doubt they were expecting to get what they

needed during that testimony.

And they got NOTHING but a Trump check mate. I am actually stunned by how miraculously badly this went for the enemies of Trump,

rather than make Trump look bad, Comey's testimony bolstered Trump strongly. Trump is not going to get impeached, he's going nowhere

but back to the white house amidst a shower of shrieks from wild political monkeys. END

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