Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sam Walton, Hillary Clinton, Walmart and the U.S. Government

Sam Walton was NOT the 'good guy' family man that 'they' want you to believe
Clinton's had a close tie with Walton
Hillary was on the Board -  WHY?
Walmart struck a 'deal' with the U.S. Government
Walmart is in the back pocket of the U.S. Gov
cooperating on a variety of issues
Walmart claimed to have financial problems, yet after firing Walmart employees,
Hired 130,000 employees, a small army, to carry out 'plans' 
Various 'terrorist' attacks across the nation were planned to get the American people to cry out for protection and security - biometrics and RFID chipping, cameras to watch you, martial law, roundups, gun confiscation, internet and phone monitoring, creation of ISIS,
building a WALL to keep you in instead of keeping the 'terrorists' OUT - the cry for SECURITY - radical Islamic ties
Part 3 video particularly of interest

Walmart Does NOT Want You To See This Viral video
People targeted!

Walmart Does NOT Want You To See This Viral video
People targeted! (part 2)


Walmart Does NOT Want You To See This Viral video
People targeted! (part 3)

Published on Jun 10, 2017
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  1. Is it Wal-Mart or the sheeple who work there and the almost mindless consumer?

  2. Peas and rice, here we go again-Fear porn- Ain't ever going to happen- The NWO has been derailed for good-

    1. 'fear porn'? Because people care enough to provide information to alert and to warn Americans? Apparently you prefer the bicycle position - head stuck down in the dirt where you can't see or hear - or refuse to consider - while your a*s is up in the air ready to be used as a bicycle rack - more appropriate you are being screwed. So be it. Take your 'fear porn' and shove it up you know where.

  3. Well, that's a nice way to talk to someone speaking their mind-And by the way, Yes, I Do appreciate what people bring here for info- All the deep state wants is to keep everyone in fear, in which, I for one am NOT-And maybe YOU would do well to protect YOUR ass from sucking bog water- How do you like me now? I'm thinking FREE speech isn't allowed here, so, the first amendment doesn't exist here, either? They have been saying this crap about being rounded up since before 2002, and it hasn't happened yet, and never will-15 years of running their beak, and they haven't accomplished a friggin thing- It's all bullshit as far as I'm concerned, and see, that's what they want EVERYONE to believe, and 99% of it comes from the brain dead demoRATS-IF in fact that WAS the truth, we'd all be dead by now-Now, make sure you don't print this-

    1. Free speech? How about stupidity in one's thinking? Look - you have your opinions and others have theirs. Don't go judging the blog because of your own opinions. We can agree on brain dead demo-RATS however. But there are also brain dead republi-CONS as well, and this nation is being continually screwed and destroyed by BOTH and will continue to be unless and until they are permanently removed from their lifetime positions of POWER. Perhaps we should agree to work together to get the removals done? How about Gen Dunford - where the heck is he? He is supposed to be in charge of the removals - arresting and trying and carrying out sentencing of all the congressional and 'government' office TRAITORS?? But it definitely appears that NOTHING IS BEING DONE IN THIS REGARD? It doesn't appear that We the People are any further AHEAD or any closed to our nation 'restored' than the position we were in ten+ years ago? Certainly since 2001 when NESARA was to have been enacted and the people made FREE. Even the RV - WHO THE HECK IS AT THE HELM ALLOWING AND PERHAPS ORCHESTRATING THE CONTINUAL DELAYS, LIES, AND RIDICULOUS EXCUSES BEING PUBLISHED ON WEBSITES LIKE DINAR CHRONICLES BY THOSE WHO CLAIM TO HAVE ALL THE INFO AND TO BE 'IN THE KNOW'? Even currencies are still being made AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE! This was to have been STOPPED SO THERE WOULD BE NO DOUBLE DIPPING? DO YOU PEOPLE NOT 'SEE' THAT WE ARE BEING DUPED BIG TIME??? We are told we need to have projects to 'help humanity' and yet those in control of the release continue to BLOCK THE RELEASE and put out all their LIES?? So where is Dunford in all of this? Is Dunford, too, a traitor working for the cabal? All the gold he was to have brought back to our nation for the Republic? Yet Obama and Paul Ryan were caught at least twice that we know of in recent months IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR ATTEMPTS TO STEAL $1.7 TRILLION FROM THE REPUBLIC TREASURY - which they DID ACCOMPLISH by the way, though it was put out that the monies were 'claw backed'!? People, WHY do you continue to trust those who are showing us that they are NOT to be trusted? CON-gress, even the military? Reports are that the military is ready to pull a coup here in America, and the camps have been fully staffed to receive the people? If that is 'fear porn,' so be it but things happen - or don't happen - because the people are enslaved to those who are manipulating to achieve their agendas. WHAT AGENDA DOES THE PEOPLE HAVE - BESIDES READING THE LIES AND BELIEVING IT DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY, WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK, MONTH AFTER MONTH AFTER MONTH AND YEAR AFTER YEAR? WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT ANYONE IS ACTING ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE? AND WHAT ARE THE PEOPLE DOING TO GET A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER IN THIS NATION? JUST BECAUSE TRUMP WAS PUT IN OFFICE - ONE MAN CANNOT SAVE THE REST OF US. WE MUST CHANGE THE SITUATION OURSELVES.

    2. There is a solution to the mess.. We even have a handbook to be used as a guide! Anna Von Reitz has promoted the handbook! But so few even attempt to get involved!

  4. 5:46 pm-I agree with you on many points that you have stated, however, WHERE is the proof of anyone going to be transported to a fema camp? And who sends this info, and WHERE does he/she find it? Did they investigate to see what it was about, and how true it is? Makes one wonder-And as far as Dunford, look how many other people were threatened by the Clintons, ones that disappeared and others that were stooges under them, and I am believing that Dunford is a distraction, and you are correct in your assumptions about the whereabouts of Dunford, and you may find that Paul Ryan isn't who anyone thinks he is either, and another agent of the cabal, if you will- There are over 2.7 million cadres that are threatening life and liberty on this big ball we're all spinning on, so in order for anything to come to reality, we all must come together to fight for that which rightly belongs to us-AND, if we are to change the situation everyone is in, show me just how to solidify the events that we must pursue, and by the Jesus, I will be there and stand with you- You tell me how, and when-Fair enough?