Saturday, June 3, 2017

The TRUTH About 'Refugees'

EXPOSED: 'Refugee' Hoax BUSTED When Trump Fan Noticed
1 Little Detail!  Did You Catch It?

The TRICKS and LIES of the MEDIA

Fake news is being called out.
We will not be lied to any more.

Paul Joseph Watson released the full version of a photo depicting Muslim 'refugees' “drowning” as they attempt to cross over into Europe.

The cropped version of the picture is being used to generate sympathy for Muslim 'refugees'.

In the top right corner you can clearly see a man standing up-right in the knee deep water that the refugees are pretending to drown in.

This is how the mainstream media lie to us. They take a picture or video and modify it to change the meaning of the image to suit the narrative of the liberal 'elite'.

In this case the mainstream media cropped a photo to remove the man standing in shallow water. In the new context the Muslim 'refugees' appear to be drowning helplessly at sea!!!

In another water related lie from over a decade ago an NBC reporter pretended to struggle in deep water after a storm. On the Today Show the reporter was paddling a canoe in the “raging flood” waters when two men walk behind her!!!!

Today Show Canoe
NBC Today Show correspondant pretends to row a canoe in deep water during a storm, but it is only 6 inches deep. Funny

The men pass by in waders and boots revealing that the NBC reporter is paddling around in ankle deep water. The reporter, Michelle Kosinski, was rewarded for her 'stellar reporting' and is now a Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for CNN!!!

This is how the media controls the message we receive. There is no grand conspiracy where reporters are told to cover stories in a certain way for the powers-that-be. Instead, news executives seek out talent who are willing to go along with the narrative. If you prove your willingness to lie for the narrative you are promoted. The journalists who have integrity do not get far.

In another more recent example of fake-news manipulation occurred after the death of Sylville Smith which prompted riots in Baltimore.

Sylville’s sister made a impassioned plea to a crowd gathered around her. CNN reported that she condemned the rioting. They quoted the sister saying, “Don’t bring that violence here” while ignoring the follow statement “take that shit to the suburbs.”

"Burn Down White Suburbs"
Milwaukee Rioters Told by Sister of Dead Thug Sylville Smith  

Utilizing some tricky editing, CNN was able to completely alter the meaning of the statement to garner sympathy for the Black Lives Matters protesters who were rioting in Baltimore.

The media is attempting to control the way we think by only exposing half of every story. We need to continue to expose the media lies and reclaim the truth.

The Truth About 'Refugees'

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