Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Whistleblower Exposed Obama And Comey


Former FBI Director Jim Comey has quickly become a media favorite - imagine that!

Reporters are building him up as the 21st century version of ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ to turn him into the foil to take down Donald Trump for good.

But Comey has his own skeletons in the closet and they are just now coming to light.

Comey has not been anywhere near the “Mr. Clean” his new-found allies in the pres have made him out to be.

In fact, he has his own abuses of power he has tried to cover up.

Dennis Montgomery is a NSA whistleblower who has accused Comey and other officials of covering up the government violating the civil liberties of all Americans.

Montgomery was a federal contractor who walked off the job with 600 million pages of documents on 47 hard drives.

He took action after the officials refused to give him the time of day when he reported the massive constitutional violations that were routinely occurring.

Circa reports:
“The suit, filed late Monday night by Dennis Montgomery, was assigned to the same federal judge who has already ruled that some of the NSA’s collection of data on Americans violates the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, setting up an intriguing legal proceeding in the nation’s capital this summer.
Montgomery says the evidence he gave to the FBI chronicle the warrantless collection of phone, financial and personal data and the unmasking of identities in spy data about millions of Americans. 
This domestic surveillance was all being done on computers supplied by the FBI,” Montgomery told Circa in an interview. “So these super computers, which are FBI computers, the CIA is using them to do domestic surveillance.”
Documents obtained by Circa outside of the lawsuit show that the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington in 2015 approved a grant of limited immunity for Montgomery so he could explain how he managed to walk out of his contract and the buildings he worked in with the classified material. “
The Obama administration and the intelligence community are already in hot water over abusing their surveillance powers.

In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed the Obama administration’s illegal domestic spying program where the NSA was collecting the electronic communications of every American.

To top it off, in April, a FISA court judge rebuked the Obama administration for ignoring the legal safeguards in place to protect American citizens from surveillance.

So there is a clear pattern of flagrant disregard for Americans’ Constitutional right to be free from illegal search and seizure.

So far, this growing scandal has elicited a yawn from the so-called “mainstream media.”

But as the evidence piles up, the level of wrongdoing committed by the Obama administration is reaching heights which are getting harder to ignore.


  1. The plot thickens and the hits just keep on comin... Hollywierd couldn't write a better script.

  2. All the dirt comes out in the wash. The truth shall be made known. The liars will trip themselves up.