Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cut the BS and get to ACTION - TRUMP!

OPA - Aug 2nd, Cut the BS and get to Action

Dear Trump,
You’re a man of action, supposedly.
Well, here is your people that you say you care about and fighting for, direction for YOU:

Get this RV done, so we get off of Federal Reverse Notes and onto US Treasury dollars - USN / TRN’s aka gold backed currency.

Get the restored Republic funded so we can move to the rule of law and back into Natural Law some call it Common Law and using the organic Constitution – Bill of Rights as our form of Government once again.

Arrest all those bastards from past Presidents 41-44, Congress & Senate, Justices, their leaders like Soro's, Rockerfelder, Rothschild, .. who have been keeping the slave system alive for past hundred plus years!

So, all this talk about draining the swamp is no more than a FART passing by, a MAN WHO CALLS FOR ACTION LIKE YOURSELF, JUST DO IT!

We don’t care if you got to kick the shit out of Chinese Government, the Elders, the Royals, Congress, Senate, Republicans, Democrats or even your staff; the Americans who knows what this will do for our Country are saying to you, GET THIS DONE, TODAY!

No more dam meetings, its all talk, no action! Talk is not doing, its just talk! 
And maybe, when this is done, we - American's - will call you a GREAT President; right now, your words are falling on deaf ears and it ain’t worth a pile of good shit for any garden!
One Pissed Of American -


  1. "We don’t care if you got to kick the shit out....the Elders..."
    what kind of post is this ?
    if you suggest he should go behind their backs you are really not a dime better than the cabal stooges

    1. According to our sources, the Elders have been working on this for years. They are continually being insulted and challenged. Latest report is that if this continues - meaning from right now - they have the right and may well STOP the whole thing and wait for another year - or years. Anyone can take insults and constant pressure for only so long and then finally get 'enough' - just like we Americans do. We have gone this far and this long without money - we can wait another few days.

  2. Freewill, you have your freewill to feel as you choose. That applies to all life on this planet. Violence, anger, negative energies will not satisfy the will you wish for. We have become a people of the "I want it right now" generation. Time,patience, understanding, sending and receiving unconditional love all are part of this construct of service to self that has controlled us for eons. Focus on those positive energies that can bring into this world that which we need in a way we need with service to others in your heart. Radiate truth and light, and send love. You shall receive much more in return.

    1. JD, These are not my views. I just posted this from another publisher on
      The light will always triumph over the darkness.

    2. Another 'publisher' on Nesara news? We only know of Olive Oyl, Popeye and YOU! So who is the 'other publisher'?

    3. 'Freewill" - are you referring to Hoyer - one pissed off american?!!

  3. OPA - As for the RV - it is done and has been underway for a while now. WHO or what are your sources??? You should know exactly what is going on right now! You need to sit back, relax and let things proceed as they are right now. THEN YOU can get YOUR exchange done. Everyone will get their turn at it - even you! Have a nice day.

  4. President Trump has done more to HELP THIS COUNTRY and its people than any other former 'president'. He has proven his love for the country and his desire to help the people despite whatever ‘deal’ was supposedly struck for him to take on the position. What a disrespectful manner of approaching the president. Remember, no ‘president’ has the final say so about anything. There are those ABOVE their position that call the shots. He does what he is told – period. Remember that before you hurl your insults. Grow up! You need to take a good hard look at an earlier post on this blog: