Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gary Larrabee: India tries the Gates on genocide charges

This information is 'old' in that it comes from months ago I believe.  Have had reported to us that the trial in India found both Gates - Bill and Melissa - QUILTY - and they were hung by the neck without delay.  Africa also could and should have placed the Gates on trial. Have had personal accounts of Gates white vans being seen throughout Africa and the people, now aware of what happens to those who get the needle, run in all directions to hide from them.  Believe nothing was mentioned by the media about either of these nations here in the states.  The 'current' Gates that have been pictured in the US media are clones.  Can't let the truth out here - would affect Microsoft profits you know.  Too bad Americans did not wake up to their evil much earlier and boycott Microsoft in the first place. Then allot of that money used for lab rat experiments on humanity may not have taken place.  Below is Larrabee's report - don't know who gave him the info but whoever did was a 'day late and a dollar short' and most likely got their information via rumor!

Bill Gates faces trial in India
Testing Tribal Children with Vaccines
July 30 2017

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  1. It's true they're both dead. It's a good thing too - they were both child torturers and murderers.

    Hillary Clinton is also dead - died last year in 2016. That's why there's no prosecution - you can't prosecute somebody who's dead. It's true the Wasserman-Shultz Awan brothers investigation is leading to the top of the DNC and you want to think they're trading her immunity for Hillary's dirt but the truth is they're using it to try to find out who is behind the curtain because it isn't Hillary Clinton. She dropped dead last year.