Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Obama Entitlements are Strangling the Labor Force


Professor Peter Morici
University of Maryland
Is it the same old story in Washington? The previously vigorous movement to throw out Obamacare has gotten watered down and watered down until (as Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky spells out in this clip) now, what lawmakers have left is the opposite of what they set out to achieve in the beginning — a pork-laden giveaway that only increases government spending, rather than lowering it.

 Senator Rand Paul Reacts to
Obamacare Repeal Failing in the Senate

As Economics Professor Peter Morici of the University of Maryland relates in this all-too-accurate clip, the effort to reform taxes won’t be effective unless health care costs (Obamacare specifically) can be reined in.

And as Morici spells out, there are several specific culprits that should justifiably be targeted with Obamacare overhaul but, as Paul confirms, Congress appears to lack the backbone to make the changes that would be necessary to reform Obamacare the way conservatives would like to see it altered (if it can’t be repealed in its entirety).

Democrats, in particular, are whining about who would lose their entitlements — but, as Morici says, some of them deserve to.

If Republicans can’t get their act together on health care, their prospects for re-election in 2018 could be highly endangered. And that’s to say nothing of what President Trump will have to say about tax reform once health care is wrapped up.

Watch as Professor Morici gives us the inside scoop on what’s really going on in Washington, and how Obama-era regulations are still holding us back.

 Obama entitlements are strangling
 labor force participation

 The middle class is absolutely dissolving


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