Saturday, August 5, 2017

What is happening to our Science?

OPAWhat is the world coming too?

Have you seen the latest study by UCLA … “Fido And Fluffy Are Ruining The Environment, UCLA Study Says - America's beloved dogs and cats play a significant role in causing global warming, according to a new study by UCLA.”

What? Our scientists are falling apart!  More bad science. Oh my god, now the great Professor & staff at UCLA wants us to eat less meat, wants to feed our animals whom are natural meat eaters less meat for more greens – plant based diet.  Because of Cat’s and Dog’s they are claiming they produce CO2 equivalent to trash production of Massachusetts.  BS!

What are we really talking about here – if you own an animal, they want you to pay a CO2 tax?

For those who do not understand the importance of CO2 in our environment, its simple. Plants, Trees, Plankton, Rain Forest, etc. takes CO2 into their system where its process by photosynthesis which then releases O2 aka oxygen for us and the planet to breath and use. 

Once again, global warming, since my family has scientist, which all say BS!  Hell, if you look at Volcanic activity is up, Solar mini’s are occurring with our SUN for the next ten years – projected, this redneck thinks the great UCLA is full of salubrious defecation of feces!

One Pissed Off American


  1. So ...Islam is rising in our country... Muslims think Dogs are dirty... or have some type of a 'PHOBIA' ... let's call it 'dogaphobic' or animalaphobic. Is this new attack on our pets due to SHARIA being introduced through back channels... under the guise of other faux science crap?
    The people really need to start seeking TRUTH and stop swallowing the lies that are continuously being pumped out of these propaganda institutions... CIA Director "We'll know we completed our mission when everything the American people believe are lies!! (Paraphrased). Millennials are completely 'brain-controlled' now to the point most do not even know what sex they are... complete confusion and the result of these lies... mental illness. We are created with Almighty God's TRUTH written in our hearts and minds and when these truths are denied in young children it confuses them and causes mental illness... emotional instablity ... some can rise above it if they have a solid home environment anchored in TRUTH... others cannot because this confusion is reinforced in the HOME... or worse yet CHURCH!
    We are being conquered through our own foolish ignorance of NOT KNOWING and ADHERING to the WORD of Almighty God... 'Absolute Truth'.

    Final note: We have many third world cultures in our country now ...many of which Eat this new faux science serves more purposes than just the most obvious. Where is the outcry of the PETA people... ah... that's right their standing in line with all the other globalist shills to draw their paycheck to push the agenda the globalist want... think about it people... seek TRUTH in all things.

  2. I may be putting my foot into it... I live with an assorted mix of FOUR fierce Alaskan, Siberian Huskies and Malamuts. These are such noble adult beings and I respect these souls very much. I can honestly confirm that they are not the cause of global warming as they observe extreme economic sense in all that they consume and produce and above all it is patently obvious. However the fossil fuel guys have some explaining to do with their adamant and continuous suppression of cosmic intelligence and free energy that also flows from it.

    The source of all unnatural thought and planetary BS for profit is presently to be found occupying the navel of earth (Jerusalem - Israel & some other connected European & East European Continental energetic centres) by vis-à-vis parasitic cabalistic khazarian zionists = pharisees & sanhedrin. By merely suggesting the absurd notion of taxing the owners of pets for contributing to CO2 levels you have gone too far, too far! and shows your total lack of scientific understanding of how our planet operates.

    With reference to the first paragraph hands off the animals and pets you mafia banksters khazarian zionist parasites!

  3. Since NASA has reported that CO2 cools our planet, it would then mean we should push other countries to have more pets as well.

    Oh waite, we are needing more co2 for plant and more food production.

    Oh waite, if we are killing other animals to feed our pets then those animals won't be eating, farting, and emitting co2 so maybe we have a net gain here or loss of co2 since cows and sheep are bigger.

    Oh waite, the planet has been cooling off over the past 18 years according to the real numbers and that is why they are calling it climate change now.

    Oh waite, weather has been changing back and forth since weather has been recorded.

    Oh waite, that would mean maybe the CO2 is cooling us to much and we need to cut it after all.

    Oh waite, it has been discovered that the government has gone back and lowered high temperatures to make it look like it is getting wormer.

    Oh waite, it turns out that when trees get older they put out more CO2 and less oxygen so lets cut down all the old trees.

    Oh waite, if we do that lumber prices could go down because of inventory and maybe put the lumber business out of business.

    Oh waite, so then we would be loosing all of our forest.

    Oh waite, it turns out we plant 6 trees for everyone we cut down.

    Oh waite, seem like things were going just fine until Al Gore came along with his fraud scream to make a fortune off of this non-global warming global warming.

    Oh waite, just put Al Gore in prison for life for the fraud and fleecing of the public and that my friends could solve our non-global warming global warming. Ken T.