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German Government Slaughter Houses For Children

German Government Caught Running Major Slaughter Houses For Children. Fully Grown Babies Are Cut To Pieces And Kept In Freezers, And The Murderers Are Paid Directly By The German Government

The spirit of Nazism is alive and well and thriving in Nazi Germany even today

October 4, 2017 
Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat

“Let us oppress the poor just man, and not spare the widow, nor honour the ancient grey hairs of the aged. But let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble, is found to be nothing worth.” (Wisdom 2:10-11) 

Wisdom 2 shows us how the evil people of this world, who make war on humanity, speak. The manifestation of this evil is the subject of this article.  

Nazism never died, it only remanifested itself in the guise of 'good' science. As the old saying goes, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” Who are we to say that there will never be a world war again? 

There are scammers who are arguing that the future of war will be “Fourth Generation Warfare,” or the major powers fighting against poorly trained militia men wearing civilian clothes (a manifestation of this is “the War on Terror”). People easily accept this theory because it gives us a sense of comfort to think that all of our future wars will be against poor people wearing Nikes and headscarfs who cannot even use a gun properly, as opposed to fighting against a major power, a Nazi Germany or an imperial Japan, in a world war in which tens of millions will die. 

But these same people believe that Nazism is dead. These think this on account of a mentality that reduces Nazism to just what they see in Holocaust films, with Swastikas and men with SS uniforms. But Nazism is more than just what we see in movies. Nazism is rooted in a concept, a mentality, based on Social Darwinism and an insatiable hatred for Christianity. As long as people believe in evolution, there will always be genocide. 

To believe the idea that Germany will never rise again is to ignore history.  It is to ignore the fact that this nation started two world wars, and that after the Second World War, Nazi scientists who committed the most horrific atrocities of human experimentation took prestigious positions in the Max Planck Institute, one of the most respected scientific institutions in the world, and the scientific wing of the German government today. 

Scientists who took the brains of people exterminated in the Nazi death camps for “research,” were embraced and praised by the Max Planck Institute after the war. This is part 2 of our series on the Max Planck Institute (if you have not read part 1, click here). This is a study revealing the modern day German nazis in lab suits. 







Why is the Max Planck Institute important to know about? Because it is the official scientific wing of the German government, and its atrocities — past and present — reveal that Nazism never left Germany.  In the midst of the delusion that Nazism is dead, diabolical men in lab suits work in the most prestigious scientific institute in Germany under the pay role of the German government, conducting human experiments on unborn children. They experiment on the unborn, in the name of science because that is what they can get away with. If they could experiment on already born people, they, like their predecessors in the Nazi Reich, would not hesitate to do so. That in this institution murdered babies are “researched,” should not surprise us, since Nazi scientists, after World War Two, were once leaders of this very establishment.    

In 1954, the Max Planck Institute for Virus Research was founded by Gerhard Schramm, a loyal Nazi, in Tubingen. In 1936, Schramm became a scientist for the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute (the Max Planck Institute prior to the end of World War Two). In 1933, Schramm joined the SS, and in 1936 he had left the SS for personal reasons. However, in 1937 Schramm became a member of the National Socialist German Labor Party. That a fanatic Nazi, Schramm, founded the Max Planck Institute for Virus Research after the war, is another strong piece of evidence that the spirit of Nazism and eugenics is still alive, residing in the highest echelons of the German government.

One of Schramm’s scientists in the Max Planck Institute was Werner Schaefer. Schaefer was a veterinary officer for the Nazi military in the eastern front. Later on he would work for the Institute for Molecular Biology in the island of Riems, where the Third Reich conducted their research on bioweapons. What is not said a lot is that Dr. Schaefer worked directly under Erich Traub, one of the leading Nazi scientists involved in human experiments, and one who would be praised by the Max Planck Institute even in the year 2017.

The official magazine of the Max Planck Institute, in its 2017 edition, praises Schaefer as an exemplary scientist, and only mentions his work with Traub in passing, and compliments Traub as a medical expert, saying: “After earning his doctorate, he joined the Veterinary Hygiene and Animal Infection Institute under Erich Traub, an expert in foot and mouth disease.”  We took a photo of the page on Schaefer from the 2017 Max Planck magazine:

The Max Planck Institute is here complimenting two Nazi scientists, which reveals the Nazi sentiments within the scientific wing of the current day German government. 

During World War Two, Heinrich Himmler wanted to use bioweapons against the enemies of the Reich. He wanted to unleash rinderpest virus, but his dilemma was that Germany had, in the past, signed an international agreement against the use of this virus. So, rinderpest virus was no where to be found in Western Europe.

Himmler commissioned Erich Traub to obtain the virus. Under the orders of Himmler, Traub travelled to Turkey, and it is there that he got a sample of rinderpest virus and brought it back to Germany where it was first tested on cows. Traub was the lab chief of the Nazi’s leading bio-weapons facility in Reims.

From 1932 until 1938, Traub worked for the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Science in New Jersey (which is interesting, given the Rockefeller family’s reputation to fund and support eugenics). Two American scientists personally worked with Traub. One of them, Dr. Little, described Traub as a “domineering German and a surly type individual with a violent temper.” The other scientist, Dr. John Nelson, said that despite “long training in the care of animals, [Traub] went out of his way to be cruel to animals.” Nelson was very disturbed by this, and said that “any person who is cruel to animals shows little distinction and difference to his treatment of his fellow human beings.” 

Another example is Richard Kuhn, who was a chemist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg, Germany. He was an internationally praised scientist and, regardless of this, at the end of the day he was just an ardent Nazi. In 1938, Kuhn was awarded the Nobel Prize, but he refused to accept it because Hitler told him not to since it was to him a Jewish prize. 

The Dutch physicist, Samuel Goudsmit, who was commissioned by the Americans to investigate Nazi science, said that, “As president of the German Chemical Society, he [Kuhn] had followed the Nazi cult and rites quite faithfully. He never failed to give the Hitler salute when starting his classes and to shout ‘Siegheil’ like a true Nazi leader”.

The average person, seeing his scientific achievements, would think him a man of great innovation. It was not until 2005 that Kuhn’s crimes were revealed. Documents were released showing that in “the spring of 1944 Kuhn asked the secretary-general of the KWS [Kaiser Wilhelm Society, which is today the Max Planck Institute], Ernst Telschow, to support his search for the brains of ‘young and healthy men,’ presumably for nerve gas research.” The Society of German Chemists wrote a statement that “the sources indicate that these brains were most likely taken from execution victims”. 

When the Americans entered Kuhn’s lab, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Medical Research, they found on its walls portraits of Adolf Hitler, and they found waving at its front entrance the flag bearing the Swastika. (See Annie Jacobsen, Operation Paperclip, for an excellent study on the activities of Nazi scientists after WW2)
But although the Swastika left and the portraits of Hitler were removed, the spirit of Nazism still remained alive within the Max Planck Institute. 

The German scientists mentioned and described above were fanatic Nazis and eugenists, involved in horrific atrocities and in the development of bioweapons for the Third Reich. Yet they were allowed to continue their work for the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute which has been, since the end of the war, known as the Max Planck Institute which is the scientific wing of the German government today. These genocidal scientists, even after taking the brains of Holocaust victims and developing horrific bioweapons for the Nazi Reich, would end up after the war taking prominent positions for the Max Planck Society. This is enough to prove that the Nazi spirit still remains in the soul of Germany.

Two major Nazis murderers, Richard Kuhn and Carl Wurster, were both even awarded the Harnack Medal, “the highest honor for special merit in society” by the Max Planck Institute. Way after World War Two, Wurster received the medal in 1970, and Kuhn in 1965, indicating that positive sentiment for Nazi murderers continued on in post war Germany. Here is a photo taken from the official Max Planck Institute website, of the list of the receivers of this reward, and you can see the names, Richard Kuhn and Carl Wurster:

While Kuhn was involved in stealing the brains of people murdered in the Nazi death camps, Wurster was instrumental in the development of Cyclone B, the gas used to exterminate people in the gas chambers. 

Wurster was a director of IG Farben, a major chemical German industry which ran a huge section of the Auschwitz death camp, called Auschwitz III or IG Auschwitz. It was here where IG Farben made genocide into an industry, their Cyclone B gas being used on Jews, Poles and others (gypsies, Christians, political dissidents, handicapped, etc). After the war, Wurster would become chairman for BASF, the largest chemical producer on earth.

That these mass murderers are praised and given positions by the Max Planck Institute exposes already its Nazi ideology. And that the Max Planck Institute is paid by Germany signifies how the Nazi mentality is still lodging in the soul of that nation. People today say that Nazism died after World War Two, but how can we seriously believe that when so many of these Nazi criminals, who profited from and participated in the great atrocity of human experiments, were allowed to thrive after the war? (Many having been brought to the States - Bushes, Morgans and others.)

With so many millions dead on account of Nazi Germany and the war against it, and with so many criminals allowed to go free, its hard to say that the Nazis were truly defeated at all. The right conditions by which to prevent a reinvigoration of Nazism were never really established, as the evil of human experiments are still being done by the Max Planck Society till this day.

One figure that has been extremely active in human experimentation, and who has been heavily involved with the Max Planck Institute, is Pasko Rakic, a Croatian Darwinist who is praised today as a respected scientist. Rakic believes that through experimentation on humans, we can better our understanding of Darwinian evolution.

From 1982 to 1996, Rakic served as a Board Member for the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Rakic has also done work for the Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience in Florida. In September of 2017, Rakic spoke in a conference for the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies in Copenhagan, Denmark. Rakic shared a platform with Svante Paabo and Gilles J Laurent, both major agents of the Max Planck Institute, to discuss “developmental neurobiology, stem cell biology and genetics”. The event’s description begins with a line that signifies the darwinistic ideology of those running the conference, and the scientists attending: “The cerebral cortex is perhaps the crowning achievement of evolution.” 

It has been for the cause of Darwinism that Rakic has conducted his sick experiments. Probably the most graphically described experiment was one written of by Rakic himself. In a 2008 report that he authored, entitled, The radial edifice of cortical architecture: From neuronal silhouettes to genetic engineering, Rakic recounts how he used slices of a brain of an 18 week old human embryo for his ‘study’ on human engineering.

In the same publication he references Richard Sidman, the doctor who provides fetal tissue for the Max Planck Institute (as we showed in part 1 of this series). In Rakic’s own words:
“There are, of course, other great questions, such as origin of universe, but exploring how cerebral cortex develops actually could be accomplished and I was determined to participate in the search.
To begin to find some answers, as part of the work on my doctoral dissertation, I had incubated slices of fresh (postmortem) human fetal cerebral for 24 hours in a tissue culture medium containing 3H-thymidine (Rakic, 1968).
Today, the use of slice preparations is commonplace; but, to my knowledge, this was the first use of slices in developmental neurobiology.
… Combining these two approaches, in forebrain slices from an 18 week old fetus, I found that dividing cells continue to synthesize DNA predominantly near the ventricular surface, even at this late stage of cortical neurogenesis when the cerebral wall is relatively thick and convolutions are becoming prominent (Rakic, 1968; Rakic and Sidman, 1968). ”
Rakic used the body parts of a dismembered unborn baby who was 18 weeks in development. 

Just to give you an idea as to how gruesome this is, here is a photo of the body parts of an aborted 18 week old human embryo:

Rakic even used the fetal tissue as subject for his “art,” painting images of the tissue, as he recounts:
I draw the schema of model of cortical development including transient embryonic layers using India ink, which gave me an opportunity to express my natural inclination and love for the visual art (as a medical student I was publishing cartoons for the Yugoslavian newspapers).
Image taken of the document written by Rakic on his experiments on aborted babies. I underlined the sentences that reveal his evil
This Croatian monster might as well be compared to the UstaĊĦe Nazis who enjoyed sawing Serbs to pieces during the Holocaust.  

On the official site for his laboratory, Rakic Lab, Rakic writes of how he took cells from the brains of aborted babies, specifically from the telensephalon, which is a part of the brain. In the lab’s report, it reads:
“As a second step, dividing cells situated on the surface of the ex vivo human telencephalic vesicle obtained by legal abortion will be transiently transfected with a plasmid expressing fluorescent marker (GFP) under the control of the retroviral promoter. We will make shallow injections under the pial surface and after a brief recovery period, cells will be dissociated, single GFP expressing cells isolated, expanded with appropriate growth factors and then cryopreserved as cell aggregates.”
The lab’s document further states that the brain tissue taken from the babies were provided by the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg, Russia, stating that “the St. Petersburg group has access to fresh embryonic brain tissue from legally performed interruption of pregnancies.” 

The Institute of Experimental Medicine is under the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, or FASO, “a federal executive body responsible for legal regulation and provision of public services in the sphere of activities carried out by subordinate organizations, including those in the field of science, education, health and agriculture, as well as federal property management of organizations subordinate to the Agency.” 

The Institute of Experimental Medicine is, then, distributing fetal tissue under the watch of the Russian State, which means that this evil is being done with the knowledge of the Russian government. 

The experiment done in Rakic’s lab in Croatia involved human embryos taken from Russia’s Institute of Experimental Medicine, and states that a scientist of theirs who brought in the flesh of murdered babies was one “V. Otellin,” or Alexander V. Otellin who currently works as a psychiatrist in South Charleston, West Virginia. In the year 1999, Otellin, alongside another scientist named D. E. Korzhevskii, conducted an experiment for the Department of Morphology in the Institute of Experimental Medicine. In this experiment, done under the guise of studying the brain of a human embryo, Otellin and Korzhevskii used fifteen bodies of children murdered in abortion. 

Their report states:
“The study included 15 human embryos (6 to 9 weeks gestation) obtained after induced abortion under specialized hospital conditions.”


To me this is so sickening, disgusting, horrific and evil - if you want to read the rest of this article you can go to:

This information was published to demonstrate that the Nazi spirit is alive and well today - right here in the united States - as well as Germany, Russia and other nations, and that which was done and is being done today can be done tomorrow and in the days to come.

Now you know.

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