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Gun Silencer Bill Is Officially Dead

Paul Ryan: Gun Silencer Bill Is Officially Dead

October 3, 2017
Dawn Luger
The Daily Sheeple

For those hunters looking for a little more length to their leash, Paul Ryan says ‘nay.’ The gun silencer bill, which was scheduled to be voted on later this week, is now dead.

The NRA and GOP-backed bill would ease up on restrictions on silencers, but the shooting in Las Vegas has ground its progress to a screeching halt. At first, it appeared that the House was not going to delay the vote on this bill, but Paul Ryan says otherwise. The bill has been shelved.
House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday said Republicans have no scheduled plan to vote on a bill that would ease rules on gun silencers, in the wake of the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.
Reports had suggested the House could vote on the National Rifle Association-backed legislation, known as the SHARE Act, soon.
“That bill is not scheduled now,” Ryan told reporters. “I don’t know when it’s going to be scheduled.” -CNBC
This bill was probably doomed from the beginning. Its first round of voting was delayed after the shooting of House Majority WHIP Steve Scalise. Coincidence?
Remember the last time that this law’s vote was delayed? SHTFPlan remembers. It was after the shooting of representative Steve Scalise while practicing baseball back in June. But that’s all just a coincidence, right?
The vote was postponed until early September. It passed out of House Committee on Natural Resources on a party-line vote of 22-13 on September 13 and it is expected to see a similar result when put up for a vote in the full House. Democrats in the Senate, however, are expected to block the measure; and they now have a crisis to exploit in order to do so. –SHTFPlan
The SHARE Act would be a bill that would help hunters. It includes provisions to ease restrictions on buying silencers and makes it harder for regulators to classify some types of ammunition as “armor-piercing.” Gun control advocates have opposed the bill while gun rights advocates see it as a slightly longer leash and an easing up on continually tightening regulations.

Many, included last year’s Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, have taken to social media to oppose not only the SHARE Act, but demand even more government control on guns.

Many believe that the task of passing gun control could be an uphill battle in a Republican-led government, even though gun control support always climbs after a mass shooting. But so do stocks in the firearm industry
Only time will tell how much this government will get away with.

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1 comment:

  1. I see in Congress they are voting as to allow us to have silencers or not. The Bill Of Rights says we can have them so any law saying we can't is unconstitutional. If criminals wanted silencers no law will stop them from having one. Laws only effect the law biding citizen.

    What is very revealing is that the shooters picked Los Vegas. So why is that? Vegas is a place where people come from all over the world and most can not carry a firearm on their airplane. That means most of the people there are unarmed and defenseless.

    You can bet if many of the victims had had a firearm, there would have been some shooting back.

    If this had happened in a Nev. city with mostly Nev. citizens there surly would have people there that were armed and people would have been returning fire.

    If you want to optimize your safety then carry a firearm if you are able and get training as to how to use it to your fullest advantage. Always be careful when you can't have your firearm with you.

    This world has changed and is not as safe as it once was but I'm confident that with new leadership in America now that it will start getting better. Ken T.