Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pay for your own mistakes

Comment from a faithful reader:

I hope President Trump sees this.

Pay for your own mistakes.  I have enough responsibilities.
No one that has come into this country illegally should be able to receive NESARA funds from America's funds. They can apply for the funds in their parent country.
All those that were allowed into the country and allowed to stay here who are disregarding the laws in place that disqualified them to be here, should not be qualified to receive NESARA funds from America as well.

All in our nation that belong to recognized terrorist groups should not be allowed to receive NESARA funds and to use the money against us.  
All groups that have as part of their stated agenda to bring down or overthrow America and our government should not receive NESARA funds from America. 

We need to stop being responsible for other peoples mistakes in life and let them pay for their own errors in decision making.

Wrong decisions will affect your whole family.

Ken T.

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  1. Not to worry, nobody will be receiving NESARA funds.