Sunday, October 8, 2017

Please get this to Pres. Trump if you are able. Let's stop a war.

Please get this to President Trump if you are able. Let's stop a war.

In dealing with North Korea, it might help to just tell him (President Trump) the truth. This would also give him a face saving position.

Let him know that the reason we have invaded a number of  countries in the past including Syria is that they possess Star Gates. We had reason to believe they would be used by unfriendly aliens from other worlds. These countries would not give us full control and that was absolutely necessary as those countries didn't have the weapons systems to hold their own against them.

In the future we expect a war with these alien beings and we will need all the fire power the world can muster but it will be much better if we control the Star Gates. They would then be limited to space ships which will be a battle separate from the Star Gates. That is what our Star Wars systems are all about, advanced weapons system to protect the planet.

With our alien back engineered weapons that are so very destructive, we could hold our own.

We have no interest in North Korea as you (North Korea) have no Star Gates.

Maybe we should talk about a treaty with North Korea and the US and finalize our previous war. If we had wanted to attack you (North Korea), we would have done so within the past over 60 years since we fought in the fifties.

It might also help if China and Russia both would confirm the information above to North Korea in knowing that Russia is in battles now with the small Greys in Siberia that has advanced weapons being used on both sides.   
Ken T.


  1. call the et's what they are.... the fallen ones and maybe i will listen to this.

    1. Yes there is the fallen ones and then there are all of the others.

  2. This post can mean
    All men are not created equal, so the poster needs someone who is 'more equal' than he is, to reach Trump.

    Or All men are created equal and he wants someone else to do what he could do, but 'governed' people always remain in control and complain about it, because they are afraid to stand up and be 'men who are equal'; and take their women and children to the same state of victimization, choosing to be led, and complaining about being led.

    Or there are on men, and then there is no all men are created equal, because there are no men.

    And, the only reason to vote is to be represented.
    If one voted for Trump, then they voted for his representation.
    To ask someone who did not vote for him to give him a message, would not happen.
    To vote for him and not be able to give him a message, should (but it doesn't) make one wonder why they vote in the first place.

    This entire group of adults are really easily led.
    There is no need to build a fence to keep them in, but they will beg for a fence to be kept in as cattle.

    As soon as an invading force shows up, they'll have sea to shining sea and fences keeping them in and none will escape.

    They also every 4 years will vote their selves into a system of control, where that system will refuse to employ them, protect their right to property, protect their right to life, protect their right to peaceful enjoyment, protect their right to pursuit of happiness.

    That system will make it cheap for them to put t.v.s in their home that are told to them to be smart, and the t.v. listens to them, but they complain about surveilance on US Citizens and have one of those devices that * * * * they bought * * * * * and put in their home, watching them through their devices.

    They love rumors, and if they hear it from what they consider a reliable source, maybe someone with 1 million listeners, or 3 million subscribers, then that's a legitimate source in their acceptance.

    They never really know anything because they never witnessed it, but they want to take up other's people's time with what they heard, and have other people jump into action about it.

    If someone heard something about them and jumped into action without due process, a trial by jury, a warrant to seize, they would call foul.

    I observe that the majority are controlled.
    It used to be disclosed that the system would determine how many people they control in an area in many ways, one is to give a poll to see how many agree. To see how many clicked to see the results first and then decided to agree or disagree based on what they saw other people do, and if it's a product on the shelves, they put out a commercial and within a specific period of time, that product is purchased.

    They know before you know.

    I go to the store, there are three registers open, and there is a line as the second register. And these 'supposed people' just stand there in line.

    Then a cashier will say, 'I can take someone over here' and then they move.

    It's as if their program does not have all scenarios and they are taught to take commands from 'authority'. Hey if you ain't doing nothing wrong, you obey any order, right?

    I observe, and I see what others don't see, and the ones who could see are following the ones that can't see, and that let me see the 'blind leading the blind'.

    I ain't passing no notes to anyone about anything. I'm just along for the ride.